April 21, 2009

Stanton Town Hall

31186 40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Attending: Board Chair, Vince Cockriel; Vice Chair, Bob Benson; Supervisor, John Miller; Treasurer, Ken Ebert; Deputy Clerk, Betts Top.


Vince Cockriel called meeting to order at 7 pm.

Pledge of allegiance was recited.

Vince Cockriel called to reveal any conflicts of interest.

None were heard.


Approval of Agenda:

Addition of New Planning Commission member under New Business

Addition of turn around on 4th Avenue under Road Report

Move Old Business after Building Permits this evening

Bob Benson made motion to accept agenda with additions

John Miller seconded the motion. Motion passed 3/0


Approval of March 17, 2009 Minutes:

Changes: typo on page 4 of lost to list, bids to quotes on page 4, change have to ask on page 4

Bob Benson made motion to accept minutes with changes

John Miller seconded the motion. Motion passed 3/0.


Building Permits:

1.Jeff Lee – 5 acres building site in Sections 17 and 8

   Original permit date 08-19-2008; Permit renewed 01-20-2009 with an expiration of 08-19-2009

   Change in original plans – distance from eastern border changed from 139’ to 110’

   Planning Commission approved changed & forwarded to board at 04-14-2009 meeting.

   Bob Benson made motion to accept change.

   Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3/0.

2. Bob Schlekewy of Cannon Falls Sportsman’s Club

   County made project cost prohibitive at this time.

   Bob Benson made motion to refund permit money.

   John Miller seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3/0

   Clerk directed to put in next months claims.


Old Business:

1.  Letter to City of Cannon Falls

     -Vince Cockriel read letter addressed to Aaron Reeves, City Administrator of Cannon Falls

     -reference sunset date for Stanton Township Orderly Annexation Agreement

     -Letter now Exhibit A

     -Letter signed by Vince Cockriel, Board Chair

     -Copies sent to Stanton Township Legal and Keith Smiley, Cannon Township Board Chair


Bob Benson made recommendation to pass this letter on the City Administrator of Cannon Falls

John Miller seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3/0


Public to Speak:

1.Jim Heiman of Randolph/Hampton Fire Department – not present


Treasurer’s Report:

Ken Ebert reported:





Current Investments

$     49,426.58




$    157,097.00



$      26,444.19


Ending Balance

$    142,183.58

Cash Available


Bob Benson made motion to accept treasurer’s report.

John Miller seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3/0.


Clerk’s Report:

Betts Top, Deputy Clerk reported:

1. Commercial Account Menards

    -Maintenance requested possibility of opening an Menards account to utilize when unable

      to obtain necessary items in town

    -free delivery and 2% rebates offered with commercial accounts

    -discussion ensued on spending limits and supervisors approvals


    Bob Benson made motion to apply for a Menards account for maintenance.  One (1)

      Supervisors approval necessary for purchases under $150 and full board action for purchases

      exceeding $150.

    John Miller seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3/0.

2. IT/Webpage

    -Clerk voiced concern over future need for technology assistance for webpage and computer


    -Vince Cockriel stated that Dave Garner would be the logical person to ask for help due to

      Dave’s experience.


    Dave Garner is audience and state he would be willing to be the contact person and would

     help “pro bono”.

    Dave Garner questioned ability to access building and requested a key.


    Vince Cockriel made motion that Dave Garner be the township technology back-up person and

     township will issue him a key.

    Bob Benson seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3/0.

3.  Complaint Old Town Hall

     Sheriff was called to old town hall due to a nearby resident stating

       that Wm Nelson was on township property behind the salt shed clearing out trees.

     Sheriff told Nelson to stay off property period.

     Supervisor, John Miller visited old town hall site just prior to Sheriff arriving and another

       nearby resident unhappy with pieces of tar paper tearing off sides of old town hall and debris

       all over their yard.



     Bob Benson recommended John Krantz putting up a NO TRESPASSING sign up at the old

       town hall.

     John Krantz also directed to take off lose pieces of tar paper and collect in bag to dispose of

       at the GHC clean-up day by Vince Cockriel.

4. Old Car Abandoned by Sandstrom Property

    -car actually on state property

    -Vince Cockriel requested clerk to contact the state and let t hem know that an abandoned 

      car is on their property and Stanton Township would like it removed.


Road Report:

John Krantz reported:

1.  Oxford Mill Road

     -discussion brought forward from the planning commission meeting

     -felt that Oxford Mill Rd is actually a residential area as many people walking,

         people with pets, and children

     -road should be posted at lower speed

     -half dozen or more cars have rolled on this road over the past 1-2 years due to speed

     -John Krantz spoke with GHC sheriff and sheriff told him that as long as driving 55 mph or

        under nothing could be done regarding teens driving fast.  If however, Stanton posts at

        lower speeds (e.g.: 35 mph) sheriff’s department will stand behind township and


     -Planning Commission felt reducing speed a good idea


     -John Miller stated that he thought State of Minnesota had to approve this sort of thing first.

     -Vince Cockriel stated that only the county engineer had to recommend it

     -Vince Cockriel also stated that Oxford Mill Road is way overused for the design an

         width of the road and the usual condition of the road.


     -Bob Benson shared information regarding a possible grant as there is money available

         through the stimulus plan due to construction of the Highway 19/52 bridge.

     -Clerk to check to see if some of the grant money can go to Oxford Mill Road

     -Bob Benson stated that maybe the state could recommend this road to be posted

          at 35 mph at the same time.

     -Bob Benson said to have clerk contact the project manager of the 19/52 bridge

         and see if state could do an inspection or study of OMR for speed and shoulders.

     -Recommendation will be given.


    State: “As a result of the state’s 19/52 bridge repair and closure…Oxford Mill Road

    will experience even more traffic…”












2. Spring Road Inspection

     A- Culverts

        -42nd by cemetery (by Tate’s)


        -325th Daniels/Robinsons

        -Oxford Mill Ditch

        -turn around in Penfield


         Discussed having a backhoe come in on Oxford Mill curve and remove the fill

          That has filled in the ditches.  Need a culvert there, also be Pernick’s (by power line)


         John Krantz directed to check the culvert by Daniels/Robinsons as it is stopped up

         Cannot find one end.  How far does the open end go? 

         Bob Benson suggested of more than ½ way full replace it or find a way to clean it out.

         John Krantz directed to have Mark Henry in for this and at the same time check the Oxford

            Mill project.


         Vince Cockriel stated to have Mark Henry check out the culvert on 42nd by the cemetery

              Also (by Tate’s)

         Mark Henry to give estimates.


         John Krantz stated that reflectors are needed.

         Dave Garner stated that the last order was when Colleen was clerk and that they

              Came from Dakota County.  Cost was about $10 each.


         John Krantz to get inventory so that clerk can look into getting more reflectors.


     B-Black Top Patches

       -Sciota, 55th, Oxford Mill

       -Billy Robinson, local person, can do the work

       -clerk to call for quotes


    C-Old Mill Fence

      10-12 foot guardrail on each side of the road of the old mill

       Believe R & B Construction did the guardrail in the past by the Boy Scout Camp

       Have clerk verify company and have them come out and give quote.


     D-Gravel by Penfield Turn Around

       John Krantz to put a 8 or 10 inch(or large as can get) PVC in and to dig it out

         on the way to pick up mower at Countryside.


3. Heavy Loads

1-     Boy Scouts

Bob Benson stated that loads were over 80,000 pounds

Clerk directed to send a bill to the BSA for gravel due to over load limits and damage

   to roads.

          Gravel needed to bring road back to shape.

          Bill for gravel loads and grading.

     2- Ravoula -

          Clerk directed to send similar letter to Kurt Ravoula due to his logging operation

         -310th and 23rd

          Spring load limits are known.

          Bob Benson was directed by the sheriff to invoice the land owner


4. Noxious Week Inspection

    MAT calendar notes weed inspection in southern Minnesota should begin May 12th

    Clerk asked:  “Do we do this?  Which weeds?”

    Board directed clerk to contact MAT and find out which/what is required.

    Board Chair, Vince Cockriel, is a certified weed inspector and he can do whatever

      is required for the township.


5- Zeigler Invoice for Repair

     Agenda item due to John Miller questioning payment of Zeigler invoice due to Zeigler

         going through entire grader and fixing it just last year and then it broke down.

     John Krantz gave the analogy that this is like fixing brakes and then having a problem

        with the engine.

     Vince Cockriel recommended paying the invoice as billed.


6- Ditch Mower and Trimming Equipment

    $2500 per week with free delivery

    40 hour week

    Extended arm up to 16 feet; can even go vertical

    Diamond Mowers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Concern that all 40 hours get used when township has it

    John Miller wanted to know who is responsible if it breaks down?

    John Krantz to check into this


     Bob Benson made motion to set up rental agreement with Diamond Mower as long as they are  

        standing behind the mower and the tractor, then a time and date can be set.

    Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

    Motion passed 3/0


7- Grader School

     John Krantz to attend grader school MN LTAP (University of Minnesota Center for

         Transportation Studies)

     Cost is $250.00.  Letter is the invoice.

     Full week of school and 1 day on the grader in township



    Ken asked if another “Dead End” sign be put in Penfield prior to closing of 19/52 bridge

      so non-local traffic does not try to go through that area.

    John Krantz said that he would go through the signs at the old townhall to find one

    John Krantz also said that a street sign was needed by Billy Robinson’s.  If we have one

      Use it or otherwise order it.


9- Old Townhall

     John Miller asked John Krantz to remove tar paper off the old townhall

     Bob Benson suggested putting tar paper in plastic bags and then take it to the

        County recycling day coming up.


10- Sign Reflectivity

      2012 sign reflectivity inventory needed

      Someone over 60 years old in SUV or pick-up required.     

      Non-funded. Mandated.

      Dave Garner officially turned this over to the board.


Reports of Meetings Attended:

Bob Benson-

   Highway 19/52 Bridge

       -ramps to remain open

       - u-turn by the Cannon River

   County 24/19 Interchange

   GHC Association of Townships Land Use – 3/22

   Board of Appeals/Equalization

   Road Inspection


John Miller-

   GHC Association of Townships

    Road Inspection

    Board of Appeals/Equalization


Vince Cockriel-

   GHC Association of Townships – 4/23

   GHC Meeting – 4/8

   Road Inspection

   EDA – 4/13

   Board of Appeals/Equalization


Paul Schluter-

   Park Board Meeting

     -want trail from Cannon Falls to Lake Byllesby

     -City of Cannon Falls want to use some of Goudy’s property for softball fields

     -City possibly wants to purchase some of Stanton’s land


New Business:

1. Septic Compliance Inspectors

    Environmental Health Department gave Bob Benson a list of GHC approved septic


    Clerk to file for future reference for Stanton residents.

2. Rock Quotes

a-      Kielmeyer Construction of Nerstrand

$6.50 per ton quarry   $8.70 per ton delivered

b-     Castle Rock of Randolph

$8.40 per ton delivered


    8 letters for quotes were sent out.





John Miller voiced concern over the amount of clay in last years rock.  Stated that  after a rain

   the sides of the road are sloppey.

Bob Benson stated that most people liked the gravel from last year.

Vince Cockriel stated that he wonders if part of the sliminess that John Miller mentions

   isn’t the (magnesium) chloride.

John Krantz state that he noticed with last years rock that there was NOT as much grave

    in the ditches.


Bob Benson made motion to accept Castle Rock quote for $8.40 per ton delivered.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Discussion noted:  John Miller stated that he will vote for this rock this year, but he wants a sample to test for clay.

Motion passed 3/0


3. Chloride Quotes

     a- Ferrel Gas of Hastings

          73 cents per gallon of Magnesium Chloride

     b- Dustcoating, Inc.

          69 cents per gallon of Magnesium Chloride


Stanton has 27 miles of gravel roads.

Fifteen foot width to be applied versus 18 foot last year

Last year 63,855 gallons used, anticipate only about 30,000 gallons this year

Thought is that quantity applied decreases each year.

Currently starting 2nd year of a 3 year commitment/investment on our roads.

See a $10-12,000 decrease per  year.


Bob Benson made a motion to accept DCI quote for 69 cents per gallon.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


4-Vacancy Planning Commission

    -Planning Commission nominated Cheryle Peters at last meeting

    -Cheryle Peters accepted nomination


Bob Benson made motion to appoint Cheryle Peters to Planning Commission

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


5 – EDA Meetings

      -meetings at 7 AM first week of the month

      - Vince Cockriel will no longer attend EDA meetings to save on Stanton’s budget 


Upcoming Meetings:

Vince Cockriel – none



Bob Benson made motion to open mail.  Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0.


1.GHC Department of Public Works

    -recommend clerk contact GHC as no roads are affected by this

2. GHC DE-icing- no need

3.Electric rates increasing across state

4. Structural Buildings – file for future maintenance building



Bob Benson made motion to pay claims

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Bob Benson made motion to adjourn meeting

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Meeting adjourned at  9:26   PM



Respectfully submitted,

Laura Pederson





Stanton Township Clerk