MEETING November 18, 2008

Stanton Town Hall

31186 40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Attending:  Board Chair Dave Garner, Vice Chair Vince Cockriel, Bob Benson, Treasurer Ken Ebert, Clerk Laura Pederson


Dave Garner called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Dave Garner called to reveal any conflicts of interest.

None were heard.


Approval of Agenda:

Goodhue County Sheriff in attendance and added to agenda.

Laura Geissler, representative of Cannon River STEM School, added to agenda.

Bob Benson made motion to accept the agenda as amended.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0.


Approval of October 21, 2008 Minutes:

Bob Benson made motion to accept minutes as written.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0.


Building Permits:



Dean V. Alders, Goodhue County Sheriff

Sheriff Alders stated his visit was intended to introduce himself, answer any questions, respond to any comments, and share information regarding things the Sheriff’s Department is doing.

1-     Bill Nelson & Property-  This is a zoning issue. Concerns can be sent to Lisa Hanei

        or to the County Commissioner.

2-     Monthly Reports Sent to Townships-  General information on service calls to township area

3-     Oxford Mill Rd and Hwy 19 – Enforcement stepped up periodically on Hwy 19 and Oxford Mill.  Sheriff has also let Highway Patrol become aware of this area.  Citations have been written.

4-     Diversion Program – The sheriff stated that if a citation is issued for less than 15 mph over the posted speed; the motorist can pay $75 to attend a 2-hour remedial driving class.  The ticket does not then go on the drivers record.  This can be done 1X per year as long as there are no other moving violations.  The monies collected go to enforcement equipment, such as radar trailers.

5-     Copper Thievery – Copper thievery has decreased as the price of copper has gone down.  Stanton had some issues with irrigation equipment.

6-     Citizens Academy

Starts in March; an 8-week course

Everyone is invited

Purpose is to learn about all aspects of the sheriff’s department: patrol, jail, investigative division, SWAT team, etc. and to see how $8.5 million budget is spent

Will be posted in the newspaper and on the GHC website.


    7- Operation <Wonder>-

       New program designed to put a bracelet on adults with Alzheimers and autistic children to help

        track them should they wander.

       Program starting in GHC in cooperation with service groups and state programs.

       Batteries in bracelets need to be changed every few months and officers to assist.

   **Dave Garner invited Dean Alders to address the township regarding these programs at the Annual 

       Meeting, the 2nd Tuesday in March.

8-     Training of New Patrol Officers

Vince Cockriel commented on need to educate new officers regarding the need to pay attention to those on horseback on the sides of the roads and to always give them a wide margin when passing whether on a call or just cruising.  Horses can move laterally in just a second or two.

Sheriff Dean alders appreciated the information and will share this feedback with the training staff.

9-     County Park

Quieter now

10-  Cliffs at the Boy Scout Camp

Usually youth from the metro area.  Receive $75.00 civil trespass tickets.


Cannon River STEM School

-Representative Laura Geissler reported that the school will not be locating at Maltby Nature Preserve

    this fall due to a big change in the economic climate at Maltbys.

-Charter school currently looking in Northfield, Dundas, or Cannon Falls for temporary and/or long term


Treasurer’s Report

Ken Ebert reported:





Current Investments

$     74,668.90    

Fire Fund   & Road/Bridge 

(Fire matures 11-16-08)                                     


$      36,941.75



$    108,448.35


Ending Balance

$      86,216.49



Fire Fund matures 11-16-2008.  New fire bill usually comes due in February.  Will renew for 3 months.

$6910.00 prepaid Penfield; $17,055.05 in Penfield Account


Bob Benson made motion to accept treasurer’s report

Vince Cockriel  seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Clerks Report

Laura Pederson reported:

1.  Election

     -Clerk reported election day went very smoothly

     -high voter turn out (about 83%)

     -736 voters registered when poles opened at 7 AM; 73 new registrations (all had appropriate ID);

       668 total voters in Stanton Township

     -Tapes were posted on door after the election




2. Planning Commission Minutes/Recommendations


     -Conditional use permit was given at the county level

     -complaints on the late hours of operation, trucks rate of speed on the road with the school buses

        (safety issue), trucks braking coming down the hill early in the morning.

     -Board would like to see a copy of the conditional use permit from the county to see if the quarry is

         in compliance.  Township can be more restrictive than the county if need be.

3. Zoning Permit Expired - Scott

    -County left message that they had noticed that the Scott permit at the township was expired

    -Bob Benson stated that Scott still planning on building.  Issues with builder.

4. Road Complaints

    -complaints coming in daily

    -received a thank you after Oxford Mill was graded

    -Dan Benham and Tom Kurtz working on grading the roads

    -John Miller noted that brush has become overgrown on Deerwood Trail (John Krantz in audience

       thus notified)


Road Report

John Krantz reported:

  1. Mower in to Countryside for estimate due to oil leak.  John Krantz to collect data prior to next meeting.
  2. Plow Truck Ready to go.  DOT done and service completed.  Interior fans installed to keep interior windows clean.
  3. Grader School application sent in.
  4. Share Brush Equipment with Castle Rock Township.  Castle Rock will be renting a vertical boom in the spring that can square off road.  Will stay in communication with Mark Henry.
  5. Rock Reclaimer.  Currently located in Northfield Township.  Note that Stanton owns 1/3 of it.
  6. Chloride to be put on Sciota Trail, 3rd Street, and also 330th Street after the grading completed and prior to Thanksgiving.  Tree Farm to be invoiced for all but 330th.


Reports of Meetings Attended

Public Informational Future Land Use Meeting- October 28, 2008 (All supervisors attended)

Township Fire Meeting – October 30, 2008  (Dave Garner and Bob Benson)

Future Land Use Meeting – November 13, 2008 (Vince Cockriel)

Meeting Hwy 24/52 – cancelled, next meeting December (Paul Schluter)

CapX2020 – next meeting December (Public Welcome) – want to move west of Highway 52


Old Business

1.Penfield-pair of letters presented.

a-      Legal correspondence to Troy Gilchrist from Grannis-Hague (Ryan Round’s lawyer) stating that he will not contest further.

b-     Response from Kennedy-Graven putting the record straight that everything was done by the 

      book by the township.

2. William Nelson

     Addressed board to give letter from “Hvistendahl, Moersch, and Dorsey, P.A.” stating records of Don

     Starr, Architect are in their possession and location of William Nelson’s report are being investigated 


      -these records/report must be located prior to zoning certificates being discussed for Mr. Nelson’s


New Business

1.  Future Land Use

     -Vince Cockriel shared the draft of the “Joint Resolution Establishing an Orderly Annexation

       Between the City of Cannon Falls, Stanton Township, and Cannon Falls Township”

     -draft has a few minor changes since public hearing

     -permission requested to send the draft to township lawyer (Troy Gilchrist)

     -Keith Smiley from Cannon Falls Township sending draft to their lawyer also (Peter Tiede)

     -both lawyers to work together to meet the best interests of both townships

     -11 months of work on this draft to date

     -tentative aggressive schedule set:

          December 3 – next meeting (if lawyers have okayed the draft)

          December 4 – City Council Meeting in Cannon Falls

          December 16 – Stanton Town Board Meeting

          December 18 – Full Joint Board Meeting of all 3 entities to ratify this resolution


      Dave Garner requested a public hearing just for the residents of Stanton so that they can have input

          on the final resolution.  This would be above and beyond the public hearing that was already held.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to hold a Public Hearing for Stanton citizens on the final legalized draft

   of the “Joint Resolution for Orderly Annexation” during the Planning Commission meeting on

   December 9, 2008, at 7:30 pm.

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Clerk to publish and post meeting notification.


2. New Stanton Township Ordinance

    Joe Vandenheuvel, Planning Commission Chair, reported:

    -Planning Commission getting close to being completed

    -Question:  Should there be a joint meeting between the Planning Commission and the Township

         Board prior to the Public Hearing for the ordinance?

    -Township Board to join Planning Commission during a Planning Commission meeting

    -Township Board would like a legal review prior to a Public Hearing


3.  Annual MAT Conference

     November 20-22, 2008 in Alexandria. 


Upcoming Meetings

Conference and Future Land Use already noted.



Bob Benson made motion to distribute mail

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0



Bob Benson made motion to pay claims

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Additional claims need to be paid (MAT Conference fee and a missed election judge)

Dave Garner made motion to pay additional claims

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Dave Garner made motion to adjourn the meeting

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Meeting adjourned at 8:46 pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Laura Pederson





Stanton Township Clerk