2008 Stanton Township Annual Meeting

31186 40th Avenue Way

Cannon Falls, MN 55009



The meeting was called to order by Clerk Betts Top at 8:10 PM. (note:  31 persons signed the attendance roster.)


Pledge of Allegiance was recited


The clerk called for nominations for moderator for the evenings meeting.


Dave Garner nominated Mark Dubbels

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed


Mark read the agenda for the evening


Minutes of 2007 Annual Meeting


Clerk Top read the minutes from the previous Annual 2007 Meeting

She noted that the last sentence should have said “Adjourned” instead of “Recessed”

Mark called for a motion to approve the minutes


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected.

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed


Mark asked ““Do I hear a motion to suspend reading of the details of Checks and Deposits?”


Dave Garner made a motion to suspend

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed


2007 Treasurer’s Report – ( approve report needs a motion)


The clerk read aloud from the treasurer’s report Total Dollars by Fund and 2008 Budget/Levy


Total Dollars by Fund






$  46,559.91

$             .00

$  46,559.91

Road & Bridge

$  46,435.84

$  71,890.14

$ 118,325.98


$  57,177.10

$             .00

$  57,177.10


$   3,551.51

$             .00

$   3,551.51


$ 153,724.36

$  71,890.14

$ 335,614.50




2008 Budget/Levy






$   75,000.00

$  85,000.00            *

Road & Bridge

$ 100,000.00

$  89,000.00            *


$   30,000.00

$   9,000.00             *


$              .00

$            .00


$ 205,000.00

$ 183,000.00

* when reporting the Levy to the county they want it divided only between these 3 categories.  The county does not acknowledge other funds that townships have, so those funds

are included within the 3 major Funds.


Discussion ensued regarding figures from the 2007 minutes and the 2008 Treasurer’s report.  (see * above)  It was decided to use the figures from 2007 Annual Meeting.


2007 Proposed Budget







Road & Bridge










Vince Cockriel made a motion to amend the treasurer’s report to reflect the figures of the 2007 Annual Meeting Minutes.

Paul Schluter seconded the motion

Motion passed


Mark noted there was a request to move the Road Report up the agenda to the Chloride Proposal.


Road Report and Chloride All Roads Proposal


Chair Joyce Moorehouse came forward to speak about Roads and Chloride.

Joyce reported the following was done in the previous year:

            1 on 35th Avenue

            1 on Stanton Trail

            1 on 310th Street over Prairie Creek at a cost of $4,950.00

1 on 310th Street by the waterway at the Boy Scout Camp entrance at a cost of



Joyce reported in 2008 the board proposed to cover all the rock roads with chloride.  Due to dry weather the chloride was not applied (in 2007) until June 20th and 21st.  Smaller areas were done on the 29th.

She stated the levy was being increased in order to put chloride on to all the roads.

The Board asking for another $22,000.00 for the additional amount needed.


It was requested that next year total road improvements could be broken down for the audience to see exactly where the money went.


Dave Garner said in the past few years they had seen good improvements on the roads that had been chlorided 2 years in a row.  Savings would soon show regarding using less time, energy,  maintenance, and less gravel needed.


Joyce said she wanted to speak about 59th Avenue.  (note: a map was displayed of the area on the overhead projector)


Joyce explained the residents of that area (now called Penfield) had come to the board with a petition to have their dirt roads paved.  The area first had to become a subdivision to set up boundaries.

A public hearing took place with the townships attorney present.  It was at that time a resolution for (the Penfield) subdivision had passed.  January 10, 2008 a special meeting was held for the (Penfield) residents to decide how the cost would be shared.  Now the board was working with the county to let the contract for the paving project.  The county estimated the cost of the paving project would be $75,000.00, plus administrative costs.  The bids were due in soon.  The residents of the area had a right to refuse the bid.  Other costs would include black dirt where needed, a culvert, and some rock and these would be township costs. To cover the entire (dust producing) roads in that area, 59th Avenue needed to be extended.   She had just received an official survey of the area.  Our attorney advised us according to state statute the best way to extend 59th Avenue as a township road was to do it at the annual meeting.  This table top survey would be a step in getting 59th Avenue recorded at the county, as most of Stanton’s roads were not recorded due to the great expense involved.

Joyce asked the electorates present to vote on this change for 59th Avenue.  If passed tonight then at the next town board meeting a resolution would be passed to make 59th a township road all the way back to the Sandstrom property.  This ¼ mile increase would be added to our road total and the county would increase our current allotment of gas tax funds from that addition.  This year Stanton had received over $13,000.00 in gas taxes from the county.

Joyce requested a motion be made to authorize the changes on 59th Ave.


Discussion ensued regarding 59th Avenue Way, it’s previous boundaries and current proposed boundary.  Also discussed was payment of the paving project.  Easements, eminent domain and dedicated roads were discussed.  The amount of dust which came from 59th Avenue was brought to the public’s attention.  It was noted all parties (living) on the road would be sharing and paying for the paving. 


Someone asked how much was Sandstrom paying on the 59th Avenue paving project.

Joyce said it was 20%.


State Statute 164.07 was the process the board was advised to follow according to the township’s attorney’s advice.  As the next step the board would have a public hearing.  Tonight the electors just needed to authorize the board to proceed with the process. 


Joe Vandenheuvel made a motion to have the board act upon the advice of their attorney and follow that direction.


Mark reiterated that they were going for “dedication” regarding 59th Avenue.


Joyce added that there were more than just the 3 landowners, (St. Paul’s, Rounds and Sandstrom’s) there were 5 or 6 landowners involved.  She said to keep costs down the residents would be allowed to pay over a period of 5 years.


The motion was restated by Mark:  “ I make a motion to authorize the Town Board to undertake the procedure under Minnesota Statute Section 164.07 to alter 59th Avenue Way by fully extending it to the north to the southern line of the Sandstrom property.”


Jack Schlichting seconded the motion

Motion passed 35 yea / 2 nay


Joe Vandenheuvel wanted to make a motion that if any of the property owners did not want to sign off on this (59th Ave extension) that the township would drop the entire thing.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion. 

Motion passed (no nay’s were heard)


Proposed Levy – 2009 - Board Chair


Board Chair Joyce Moorhouse came forward. 

Joyce explained the proposed Levy.  An overhead PowerPoint file was displayed for the audience.  An increase of $35,000.00 was being proposed. 

Some of that increase would be needed to chloride all the gravel roads.  It would save on maintenance and would increase safety on those roads also because of the lack of dust.

There was also a bridge replacement on 325th Street scheduled for 2011.  Our share (payment) on that bridge could be from 20-30,000.00 dollars.  There was also the Highway 52 project which might not happen until 2015, it depended upon how funds became available, but it would affect Stanton Township roads.

The proposed levy was:


The 2009 Levy was being proposed at $218,000.00 (the 2008 Levy was $183,000.00)


That would break down as:

        General Fund                   $   80,000.00

        Road and Bridge              $ 114,000.00

        Fire Fund                         $     9,000.00

        Building Fund                   $   15,000.00


Discussion ensued regarding:  past levy’s, increased expenses, cost of living expenses, increased traffic on township roads, keeping the levy the same as the previous year, borrowing money as needed, taking care of asbestos problems at the old town hall, taking care of township equipment by building a new shed, creating a new salt storage area as the State would probably require it very soon, replenishing funds for payment of the new town hall construction costs, and possibly tabling the levy until September 2008.


Heather Sharp presented a document showing Project Summary and Estimated Property Taxes.

(note: this document is recorded as Exhibit A.)


Joyce noted that taxes would be collected for this proposed levy in 2010.  She said the Fire Fund alone for Cannon Falls Fire Department was going to go up 7% each year for the next 5 years.


Discussion ensued regarding having the Levy decided at a later time, pros and cons of doing it in the late summer or fall, the possibility of a smaller number of people turning out later and deciding vs. the larger group deciding who were present at tonight’s meeting. 


John Miller made a motion to set the levy next August at the regular board meeting


Discussion ensued regarding rules and costs of recessing the Annual Meeting.


Joe Vandenheuvel seconded John Millers motion.


John Miller rescinded his motion


John Miller made a motion to set the levy at $183,000.00, using the same figures for the funds of 2008.

Heather Sharp seconded the motion


Discussion ensued about expenses of bridges, fire funds raising annually, and cost of living increases annually.


Mark asked how many years in reserve did we have in the Fire Fund?

Ken answered about a year.


Mark called for a vote

Motion did not pass   8 ayes / 19 nays



Allen Johanningsmeier made a motion to accept the proposed 2009 Levy

Jim Pagel seconded the motion


Mark called for discussion.


Discussion ensued recommending holding $4,000 out of the $10,000.00 increase for getting rid of the asbestos at the old town hall.

Dave Garner reminded everyone that only the board had the authority to make that decision.

Mark called for a vote

Motion passed 19 aye / 9 nay


A request was made for the board members to present some sort of comparison report on expenses of roads to show how chloride was working out and other road and bridge projects.


Joyce reported we did use less rock in 2007 than we did in 2006, but it would take some years to see total results.


Heather Sharp made a motion to have an independent audit of the township done.

The motion was seconded

Motion did not pass – majority of nays were heard.


Selection of Date and Time of  “New Town Hall Open House”


Joe Vandenheuvel made a motion to have the open house the 3rd Saturday in June (June 21st) 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed


Selection of official newspaper

Motion was made for the Cannon Falls Beacon

Motion was seconded

Motion passed

Selection of official posting place

Motion was made for Stanton Town Hall

Motion was seconded

Motion was passed

Selection of date, time, place of 2009 Annual Meeting

Motion was made for the 2nd Tuesday in March 2008 at the Stanton Town Hall at 8:10 PM

Motion seconded

Motion passed


Call for Election Results


Bob Benson - 59

Joyce Moorhouse - 43



Laura Pederson – 85

Write Ins - Colleen Thompson – 3, Dave McKeag - 2, Betts Top - 1, Cheryle Peters - 1, Sherry Vandenheuvel – 1

Total Ballots – 102

Mark thanked Joyce Moorhouse for her service, dedication and years on the Planning Commission and as Chair of the Town Board. 


Old Business

A.     Old Town Hall – Asbestos Report and Removal costs

From previous discussion the census was to urge the town board to allocate asbestos monies.


Mark asked the audience to report to him or the town board any information about grant monies available.


New Business

A.     Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley – donation request Kate Johanningsmeier

Allen came forward to speak for Kate, as she was ill.  Allen presented a report (clerk marked the report Exhibit B) and read information regarding causes of bird deaths and how feral cats and many other causes were compared in the statistics.

Cannon Valley tried to take feral cats (after neutering) to farms where they were requested.


Discussion ensued regarding cat reproduction, cat population, other bird predators and bird population in the area.


A motion was made to donate $250.00 to the Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley

Dave Garner seconded the motion

A recount was requested

Motion passed 13 yea / 11 nay


B.     Randolph Area Historical Society –donation request

A representative, sitting in for Bud Gustafson, came forward requesting a donation. 

Joe Vandenheuvel made a motion to donate $500.00 to the Randolph Area Historical Society

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed


C.     Goodhue County Historical Society – donation request

No representative was present in the audience.

D.     Citizen Input and Discussion

Rosie Schluter spoke about the high power tension lines that were being proposed in our area and she presented a map showing location of the lines for future reference. (the clerk would mark it Exhibit C.)


Another resident requested possible Noise Enforcement or Reduction signs be put up in noisy areas.  He sited Hwy 19 and Hwy 56 areas as examples.  The village of Stanton could use some also.



Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to adjourn

Joe Vandenheuvel seconded the motion.

Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 10:55 PM


Board of Canvas Meeting immediately follows. 

(Note: This is considered a paid board meeting.