Clerk Colleen Thompson called the meeting to order at 8:10 p.m.  Other Board members present included Treasurer Rob Tate and Supervisors Allard Moorhouse, Robert Benson and David W. McKeag.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Wendell Maltby made a motion to nominate Joe Vandenheuvel as moderator.  Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.  Al Moorhouse moved that nominations cease and a unanimous vote be cast for Joe Vandenheuvel. Motion carried.


The minutes of the March 12, 2002 Annual Township Meeting were read by Clerk Thompson.  Bob Benson made a motion to accept the report with corrections.  Paul Schluter seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 


Rob Tate read the Treasurer Report.  Current assets are, checking account $59,124.18.  Savings account $101,530.05 for a total of checking and savings of $160,654.23.  Other assets are two CD’s at White Rock State Bank totaling $107,755.90 and two CD’s at First National Bank of Cannon Falls, one for $57,783.69 and one for $50,000.00.  Miscellaneous income for the year totaled $174.025.82.  State income was just over $20,000.00.  Expenses for the year totaled $166,931.00 for a net income of $7,094.59. 


Rob reported that all but $500.00 of the 324th Street assessment originating in 1994 for $50,000.00 of improvements has been paid.  A property located in Woodland Heights also carries an unpaid assessment of $6,355.20 that will be paid when the property is sold or developed.  Bob Benson made a motion to accept the report as read.  Greg Magnuson seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Wendell Maltby questioned why not include real estate owned by the township as an asset, stating that it was appraised at $40,000.00.  Rob stated it could be included.


Rob spoke about the proposed budget.  He stated the surplus is due to the change in the way the State now distributes state income.


Rob made the following assumptions.  We will receive approximately $18,000.00 from the State.  We will receive approximately $113,000.00 from the County and we will receive approximately $143,000.00 in income.  Using $156,000.00 in expenses we would run at a deficit of $1,300.00.  Rob stated he saw no need to levy additional funds.


Allard Moorhouse stated we have the option to recess the annual meeting until July or August for the purpose of seeing what money we will receive from the State and County and then set our levy.  Al Moorhouse made a motion to accept the proposed budget report, seconded by Paul Schluter.  Motion carried.


Wendell Maltby made a motion to add real estate value of township properties to the assets listed

in the treasurer report.  Greg Magnuson seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Greg Magnuson made a motion to accept the proposed budget as given by Rob Tate and to accept the levy making no changes from the previous year.  Last years levy being – General and Fire Fund $50,000 and the Road and Bridge Fund $85,000, for a total levy of $135,000.  The motion was seconded by Steve Emery and carried.


Allard Moorhouse gave an abbreviated road report. (Portions inserted by the Clerk from information taken from minutes of the Annual Road Trip). Second life tar was put on 23rd Ave Way and also 330th Street from Hwy 56 past Willard Emery.  Eight miles of road rock and culvert put in on 25th Ave.  Bargen Inc. did asphalt rubber crack repair on Oxford Mill Road, Cherry Lane and Wildwood Road and 325th Street off County Road 24 Blvd. Crushed rock was put on Sciota Trail, east of Hwy. 56.  20th Ave Way on the east/west section in front of homes.  23rd Ave Way from the corner of Sciota Trail to the public access.  310th St., from Moorhouse driveway to Hwy. 19.  30th Ave. to 325th Street.  40th Ave. to 322nd St., Warsaw Trail, from Hwy. #24 to Mike Niebur’s driveway.  25th Ave. Way and 330th St., from Dick Daniels, around corner and up around hill on 330th.  Holes in Oxford Mill Road were patched.  Signs were placed in Woodland Heights.


Al stated Arnie Raavola would be our new road grader operator.  Bob stated he had a problem with that as a motion was made at the February 18, 2003 Town Board Meeting to contact Monte Otterness asking him to submit further information for the purpose of hiring him for the road maintenance position.  No action was taken.


Greg Magnuson made a motion seconded by Mark Dubbels to accept the road report as read, the motion carried.


Wendell Maltby made a motion, seconded by Greg Magnuson that the Cannon Falls Beacon be the official township paper.  Motion carried.


Bob Benson made a motion, seconded by Allard Moorhouse that the box in front of the town hall building be the official posting place of all notices.  Motion carried.


Bob Benson made a motion seconded by Greg Magnuson that the date, site and time of the 2004 annual meeting is to be March 9, 2004, starting at 8:10 p.m.  Motion carried.   


Moderator Joe Vandenheuvel announced the election results. There was a total of 139 votes cast.

For the office of Supervisor, David Garner received 109 votes.  Allard Moorhouse – 29 votes.  No one ran for the office of Treasurer.  Write in votes were cast for the following persons.  Rob Tate – 31, Harley Foster – 25, Karen Slininger – 5, Paul Schluter – 3, Mike Daniels – 2, Cris Sirinek – 2, Ken Ebert – 1, Joyce Moorhouse – 1, Jan Rechtzigel – 1, Allard Moorhouse – 1. 


Rob Tate did not accept the position.  The Board of Supervisors will fill the position by

appointment.  A special election for the position of treasurer will be held during the March 2004 Township Election to fill out the two- year term.


Wendell Maltby made a motion of thanks to Rob Tate expressing words of appreciation for the great job he has done.  Dave Garner seconded the motion.  Carried.


Dick Daniels has retired.  A motion was made by Al Moorhouse expressing thanks for his service of 30 some years of service to the township in the position of road maintenance.  The motion was seconded by Greg Magnuson and carried.


There was no old business discussed.


Colleen read a letter received from the Goodhue County Historical Society requesting fund donations to aid in the cost of preserving past records / materials some of which are Stanton Township records.  No action was taken.


Bud Gustafson, representing the Randolph Historical Society gave an overview of their progress in the purchase of the Randolph Methodist Church building to house artifacts, pictures and the history of Randolph and the surrounding area including Stanton. Bud asked for the donation of old pictures.  New members are welcome. Bud asked the township to donate $400.00 annually.  Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to make a $400.00 annual contribution to the Randolph Area Historical Society to help preserve Stanton history.  Greg Dubbels seconded the motion.  Before the motion was acted on Greg Magnuson amended the motion to make a $400.00 contribution this year and to look into future donations yearly.  Al Moorhouse seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Rosie Schluter spoke about the new web site for Stanton Township.  The web site address is www.stantontownship.org the new email address for Stanton is clerk@stantontownship.org.


Maggie McMahon representing Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley spoke about the not for profit shelter stating they have been in the Cannon Falls area for 25 years.  They are a board of three volunteers working in partnership with Mike Peterson for housing of the animals.  Ms. McMahon reported they have placed 100% of “placeable” animals.  She reported that expenses are up by 34% and funds from the city and townships have diminished by 50%.  Twenty cats and one dog were picked up in Stanton Township.


Rosie Schluter asked why only $200.00 dollars was given to Pet Adoption last year when a $450.00 donation has been voted on at the last annual meeting.  It was explained that the Board acts on motions made at the annual meeting during regular monthly meetings and the motion made at an annual meeting is only a directive that the Board may or may not act on.  In this case the Board lowered the amount to be donated to $200.00.


Joyce Moorhouse asked if they had a financial report that the Town Board could review.


Maggie stated they do, also that they can be found on the web at a site called petfinders.com and also that they will be offering a low cost spay / neuter program in the future.


A discussion about what is a feral cat took place.  Maggie stated a feral cat is a wild animal and cannot be tamed.  These animals cannot be live trapped during the winter months.  Ten feral cats were released last year.


Dean Johnson made a motion to make a $500.00 fee for service payment to Pet Adoption of Cannon Falls.  Wendell Maltby seconded the motion stating, “ it is a darn good investment, animal control would cost more”.  A vote was taken by a show of hands.  In favor – 11,

opposed – 13.  Motion failed.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to make a fee for service payment to Pet Adoption in the amount of $200.00 with Pet Adoption submitting a financial statement before payment is made.  Al Moorhouse seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Greg Magnuson, and Joe Vandenheuvel  voted no.


Joe Vandenheuvel spoke about the rise in break-ins in Stanton Township, many taking place during daylight hours.  Joe said a Deputy Tim would be willing to meet with a group of residents about setting up neighborhood watches.


Greg Magnuson made a motion, seconded by Dave Garner to adjourn.  Motion carried.