2009 Stanton Township Annual Meeting

31186 40th Avenue Way

Cannon Falls, MN 55009



The meeting was called to order by Clerk Laura Pederson at 8:15 PM. (note:  24 persons signed the attendance roster.)


Pledge of Allegiance was recited


The clerk called for nominations for moderator for the evenings meeting.


Dave Garner nominated Mark Dubbels

Ken Ebert seconded the motion

Motion passed.


Minutes of 2008 Annual Meeting


Clerk Laura Pederson read the minutes from the previous Annual 2008 Meeting

She stood corrected when she stated in error 2009 instead of 2008

Mark called for a motion to approve the minutes


Jack Schlichting made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected.

Chuck Rademacher seconded the motion

Motion passed


Mark asked ““Do I hear a motion to suspend reading of the details of Checks and Deposits?”


Vince Cockriel made a motion to suspend

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed – 1 nay heard


2008 Treasurer’s Report


The clerk read aloud from the treasurer’s report Total Dollars by Fund and 2009 Budget/Levy


Total Dollars by Fund






$  64,978.28

$             .00

$  64,978.28

Road & Bridge

$  42,545.73

$  49,426.58

$  91,972.31


$  14,968.23

$   25,379.11         

$  40,347.34



$               .00


General Obligation Bond

$ 11,140.51

$               .00



$    1,947.14

$               .00

$  11,140.51


$ 135,579.89

$   74,805.69

$ 210,385.58



2008 Budget/Levy






$    75,000

$    85,000     *

Road & Bridge

$  100,000

$    89,000     *


$    30,000

$      9,000     *


$         000      

$            0


$  205,000

$ 183,000

* when reporting the Levy to the county they want it divided only between these 3 categories.  The county does not acknowledge other funds that townships have, so those funds

are included within the 3 major Funds.




2009 Approved Levy





$ 80,000

Road & Bridge



 $ 9,000


$ 15,000





Moderator Mark Dubbels opened the floor for discussion of Treasurer’s Report submitted by Kenneth Ebert.


Question from floor regarding disbursement category labeled “Other General Government” for $22,110.75


Treasurer Ebert replied this category included payments for the legal posting in the Beacon, postage, travel, mileage, internet, phone, fuel, PERA, office supplies, parts & equipment, other expenses, etc.


Concern voiced that in 2007 there was a high “miscellaneous” dollars spent and now it has moved to another miscellaneous type category.  One-third (1/3) of General Budget dollars under a non-specific category is relatively high.


Request that costs be broken down further.


Discussion ensued regarding payroll and necessary privacy issues.

Floor stated that the public has a right to know gross income figures, not specific deductions,


Specific questions from floor regarding payments to specific vendors and what they entailed.


It was noted that taxpayers are entitled to know where every penny is spent.


Jack Schlichting made a motion to have miscellaneous expense category further broken down and to have full disclosure of all monies disbursed.

Mark Dubbels seconded the motion.

Motion passed.  No nays heard.


Let it be further noted that Annual Treasurer’s Report needs to have pages numbered to ease in use.


Dave Garner made motion to accept 2008 Treasurer’s Report

Joe Vandenheuvel seconded the motion.

Motion passed.  No nays heard.


Questions: Interaction Between Board and Citizens*

Chair Dave Garner came forward to clarify and to answer questions on anything:

*new agenda item this year


1-Dust Contol/Rock

   -it was decided in 2008 to cover all gravel roads with chloride

   -when Stanton went out for rock bids a  new quarry, Castle Rock outside Randolph,

     came is substantially lower.  Since rock price was low and chloride going onto all roads, more

     rock was put down than planned (about $29,000) and anyplace that was questionable more

     rock was put down.

   -new rock has more clay and binders and this roads harder

   -estimated dust control was $30K, but came in at $45K

   -It will be less in coming years and starting to see results already,  Fewer pot holes and overall

     better shape along with less dust.

   -$21,000 spent to repair grader this year also


2-Fire Fund

   -Randolph figures cost based on 50% value of the township period.

   -Vince Cockriel reiterated that Randolph Fire had been asked if township housing values were

     going then cost would go down?  Stated “no”, then  percent would just go up.

                                    2008- $26,000

                                    2020- $30,059


3-$12,000 Legal Fees

    -some Penfield fees in this figure which were reimbursed by Penfield.

    -Also includes: annexation guidance and any other legal advice for the year.


$- $43,000 Personnel

   -cost to run the township


 **Public forum began.  Open to any/all questions which Chair Dave Garner and Supervisor

       Vince Cockriel fielded:


Question from Steven Emery:  “Why was chloride put on the road by Dave McKeag’s in November?”

Answer:  Dave KcKeag requested this service and paid for it.  It was applied at the same time chloride was put on the roads by the Tree Farm, which they have applied and paid for annually.



Steven Emery also voiced that the roads are not being graded from the first of May until late in the fall. Discussion ensued that all roads were graded in late June/early July before chloride was even put on.


Supervisor Vince Cockriel stated that if a resident has an issue regarding pot holes on a particular road they are to contact the township so that a grader can be sent out to rectify the issue.


Further discussion regarding past practices of only doing chloride in front of driveways, need for chloride on heavily used roads, and general safety.


Chair Dave Garner shared that he had learned at the annual training conferences and also from other townships that chloride benefits are seen and costs drop between 2-3 years of application.


Jack Schlichting voiced that township is really in a 2-3 year commitment to chloriding all the roads or township would be walking away from a $45,000 investment.  Schlichting would also like to see a cost justification statement during or at the end of the 2-3  years.



-Doug Duncan stated he had lived in the township 35 years and this past year he ahs seen the single biggest improvement in the quality of life he has ever seen.  In the past he was “smothered” in dust.

-Lee Daniels agreed that chloride is making a difference especially at the intersections. He also noted that he noticed the entire township actually graded all at once which hasn’t happened in a long time.

-Betts Top stated that she has lived here 25 years and Oxford Mill is much better this year.  March road conditions versus other springs is much improved.


John Krantz suggested that in the future chloride trucks using 12 foot boom versus 18 foot booms so that loss at side of road less and a 33% decrease in cost.


Discussion over recent snow storm and resulting poor road conditions on Oxford Mill Rd.



Reminder that Stanton does not plow until 3 inches of snow and then there is a set plow route that is followed. 

If road is icy or needs sanding call the clerk so that the road crew can be dispatched.


Question:  Dean Johnson asked if there is money to get branches cut back that are in the right-of-way?


Yes.  John Krantz shared that Stanton has the possibility of sharing a chopper with Castle Rock Township and then all the roads could be done and cut back all the way.  Legally the township can only take up to a 6” tree even if in the right-of-way unless owner gives approval.


Discussion regarding townships responsibility of clearing brush and possibility of landowners clearing their own brush by choice.


Chair Dave Garner thus stated township has no objection to land owners cleaning own brush if they so choose.

Many items found dumped in ditches.  There is a large fine ($700) if caught dumping.



-information was shared by Vince Cockriel


Vince shared that Stanton Township is currently in a 3-way discussion with Cannon Falls Township and the City of Cannon Falls on an orderly annexation agreement.  21 days left on said agreement and there are still issues to be worked out.


Joe Vandenheuvel voiced support of the Board’s decision to put a sunset on the agreement of March 31,2009 and after that time the agreement would be void and annexation would be hostile and adversarial.


Moderator Mark Dubbels recognized Vince Cockriel and Joe Vandenheuvel for all their hard work in the meetings for more than the past year on this agreement.  Applause.


Other Issues Affecting Township:

Highway 19 Bridge – bridge to be closed over highway 52 on Highway 19 summer 2009.  Expect even more traffic on Oxford Mill Road.  Some ideas presented to negate some of the non-local traffic.


Highway52/24 – Paul Schluter Stanton representative


CapX2020 Powerline – Paul Schluter Stanton representative

-Stanton joined in agreement with Warsaw Township to discourage route along Highway 56

-Many proposed routes run through Stanton Township



Moderator Mark Dubbels thanked Paul Schluter for being Stanton’s representative for all these meetings.


Joe Vandenheuvel thought addition of :Questions: Interaction between Board & Citizen’s” a good idea and would like to see it on agenda in 2010.


Proposed Levy – 2010 - Board Chair


The 2010 Levy was being proposed at $218,000.00 (no increases, the same amount as 2009)


That would break down as:

        General Fund                $   75,000.00

        Road and Bridge              $ 100,000.00

        Fire Fund                         $    30,000.00

        Building Fund                $   13,000.00


Attempting to build up a building fund so that ultimately the equipment shed, fuel tanks, and sand/salt shed can be moved to current site.

Estimated cost about $100,000, but looking 5+ years forward.

Timeline dependent on State mandates for salt run-off control area and such.


Discussion regarding start of building committee should time line be accelerated by State..

Joe Vandenheuvel made motion to approve proposed levy at $218,000.00

Mark Dubbels seconded the motion.

Motion passed.  No nays heard.


Selection of official newspaper

Joe Vandenheuvel made motion was for the Cannon Falls Beacon

Jack Schlichting seconded motion

Motion passed

Selection of official posting place

Jack Schlichting made motion for Stanton Town Hall

Joe Vandenheuvel seconded motion

Motion passed

Selection of date, time, place of 2010 Annual Meeting

Vince Cockriel made motion for the 2nd Tuesday in March 2010 (March 9th) at the Stanton Town Hall at 8:15 PM

Jack Schlichting seconded motion

Motion passed


Call for Election Results

79 votes cast with 5 Absentee totaling 84 Total Ballots


John Miller - 46

Dave Garner- 38



Ken Ebert – 74

Write Ins – Elmer Fudd - 1, John Miller - 1, Colleen Thompson - 1, Don Benson - 1, Sherry Vandenheuvel – 1, Joyce Moorhouse - 1


Mark Dubbles thanked Dave Garner for his years of  service and dedication to Stanton Township.


Old Business

-all covered-


New Business

A.     Dean Albers, Goodhue County Sheriff – unable to attend due to death of deputy

B.     Cannon River STEM School – Laura Geisler – presented information regarding start up of new charter school to be located in Northfield or Faribault.

C.  Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley – Mark Dubbels read letter stating that an anonymous donation was made in the name of Stanton township for $250.

C.     Randolph Area Historical Society –donation request

A representative, sitting in for Larry Lee, came forward requesting a donation. 

Joe Vandenheuvel made a motion to donate $400.00 to the Randolph Area Historical Society

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed






Dave Garner made a motion to adjourn

Joe Vandenheuvel seconded the motion.

Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 10:16 PM


Board of Canvas Meeting immediately follows. 

(Note: This is considered a paid board meeting.



Approved 03-09-2010  __________________________________  

                                                                                                            Stanton Township Clerk