David Garner called the Stanton Town Board Meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Others present included Supervisors, Robert Benson, Treasurer Kenneth Ebert and Deputy Clerk Joyce Moorhouse. Supervisor Heather Sharp and Clerk Colleen Thompson were not present.

The Pledge of allegiance was recited.

The chairman called for conflicts of interest. Dave Garner said the issue with G. Grieger may be a conflict of interest for him, depending on the request to be heard.

The minutes were reviewed of the October 18, 2005 meeting. Bob Benson made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected (noted on Oct. 18 minutes to check Joe or Joyce the longest planning commission member); seconded by Dave Garner. Passed

Ken Ebert gave the Treasurer’s Report. Investments in Building Fund $164,449.21; Road and Bridge Fund $126,128.50; with the interest the total current investments are $288,577.71. Cash receipts all funds for October were $5,630.88 and cash disbursed all funds were $5,925.15 plus outstanding checks of $945.92 gives us per bank statement a balance of $116,098.82.

Bob Benson made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Dave Garner seconded the motion.


Bruce Wiese representing Syngenta Seeds, Inc., 317 330th Street, Stanton, MN 55018 appeared before the township board for his Conditional Uses Permit. Dave Garner stated that basically no objections at all at the public hearing. The “only condition would be, if the business plan changes, must notify the township“.

Dave Garner made the motion to grant the Conditional Use Permit with the notification clause. Bob Benson seconded the motion. Passed

Bruce Wiese said he would see to it the Business Office Managers know about the conditions of the Conditional Use Permit. In case he is not always with the company.

New Business:


Old Business:

Town Hall land was discussed.

Dave Garner talked to Larry Lee to know the value of land and have one of two appraisers value the land to insure the Township is paying market value of the land. Dave was in favor of the township paying for the appraisal.

Bob Benson moved to approve the paying for the appraisal.

Dave Garner seconded the motion. Passed


no meetings were attended

Regular Town Meeting, November 15, 2005 (continued)

Signs: The Posting Box, Benson stated he has not had time to put it up. He will try and get it up.

Jim Burkhart, Attorney for Gordon Grieger presented a petition for the Grieger’s property was presented to the board. He stated that in Nov of 1963 the owners to the south (Howard and Eva Garner) deeded to the Augustine's the alley. There was no record of this deed. Grieger property is not saleable as it is. Jim Burkhart requested a time and date for a public hearing to settle the issue. Jim gave paperwork for moving forward with the issue.

Dave Garner set the 3rd Tuesday of next month, December 20th, 2005 at 7:30 PM at the Phillipo Boy Scout Camp for the Public Hearing.

Dave G. informed Mr. Grieger and his attorney the fee would be $150 payable before the public hearing starts. The township clerk, Colleen Thompson will post and publish the hearing information and notify adjacent residents.

James Burkhart stated, “All we have to do is show up and pay the $150 fee.”

The supervisors agreed. Bob B. stating it is up to the township board to close public roads when needed.

Dan Millard Report:

Dan gave the board his report that he had been out today. But, it was raining so it was to wet; he has a half a day to get the twp. done.

Chloride was put down on 2nd Ave. and Sciota Trail . Colleen has ordered the sand & salt for us.

Time logs were given to Dan Millard. his cell number is________________ not to be published.

and his home number is _______________. He will be putting on the wing on plow and the grader.

Colleen, for 2nd Ave. and Sciota to pay PQT Comp. The motion was made by Bob Benson and seconded by Dave Garner. Passed

Dave Garner noted the reminder of the special assessment due Dec. 1st. Stating there is none which was noted by the board.

Dave Garner noted that Goodhue County acknowledged the training of election judges by the Auditor’s Office. Colleen Thompson and Marilyn Hines received credit for one hour each of training.

Motion to review the Mail was seconded and passed.

1. The county public works must be notified by November 30th on:

Motion by Bob Benson stated the township go with the county on seal coating of 59th street and check on paving the short strip at the end of 59th or _____Ave. which is only 100 yards.

Dave Garner seconded the motion. Motion passed.

2. Dave Garner noted Stanton Township - 2004, the Cannon Falls Fire Dept. made nine (9) calls. One of those being a car fire. Cannon Valley Fire Association 11-1-05 Report.

3. Dave Garner noted Public Hearings at the County per notices were reviewed. Stanton Supervisors could not attend due to public Land Use Planning meeting held here November 1st.

Regular Town Board Meeting, November 15, 2005 (continued)

4. Dave Garner read that Minn. Ass. of Townships Agency showed a decrease in workman’s Comp Premiums of $178.00.

5. The board reviewed the City of Cannon Falls Fire Department Report.

6. Jack Schlicting’s bill for chloride was received as was the check from him. The supervisors present stated the township does not pay private bills. Board denied payment of the bill and requested the clerk take care of this.

Motion to Pay Bills:

Robert Benson made the motion to pay the bills. David Garner seconded the motion. Motion was passed.


A discussion to move the township election to the fall was held.

Garner stated possibility to move elections to the fall. Starting the fall of 2006 all have to be handicapped accessible. To move election to the fall, the issue would have to be put on the ballot for the Election in March. Garner also noted the terms would change to four year terms.

Dave Garner read aloud the resolution.

Stating it is optional not required to make the change.

Benson made a motion to table the issue till after convention and bring up at the next meeting or a special meeting if the deadline falls before the next meeting.

Garner seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Garner called for any other business.

Land Use Plan. Mtg. was discussed. The public comment was heard from 75 attending. Dave Garner will check to see if a Land Use Plan is required out of the 7 Co. Area.

Bob Benson made the motion to adjourn. Dave Garner seconded. Motion carried at 8:40 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,


Joyce Moorhouse

Deputy Township Clerk