Stanton Town Hall

31186 40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Board Chair, Joyce Moorhouse, called the meeting to order.  Others present included Vice Chair Dave Garner, Supervisor Vince Cockriel, Clerk Elizabeth (Betts) Top and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Joyce called to reveal any conflict of interest.


None were heard.


Approval of Agenda


Vince Cockriel made a motion to approve the Agenda

Dave Garner seconded it

Motion passed 3/0


Minutes from the Board of Canvass  3-13-07 for approval


Dave felt it should contain the total number of ballots.


The clerk said she didn’t know, she would have to look it up.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to table the Board of Canvass minutes until they were corrected.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Passed 3/0


Board Minutes of  3-20-07 for approval


Joyce called for any additions or corrections.


Dave said he had some:

Page 6.   beneath where it says “Bob thanked her”  it should be inserted “End of Clerks Report”.

Page 10 beneath Pet Adoption…the letter the clerk read should be inserted.

Page 12 next to “Ken gave an example”…change “$190 to $245” to “$145 to $290.

Page 13 Under “Bob said he would donate” add the sentence:  “Dave also donated his pay from the Board of Canvass meeting.”

Page 13 beneath where it said “Dave said the total…” insert the sentence:

“The claim or actual money spent will be reduced by donations from Joyce, Betts, Bob and Dave. 


Under Upcoming Meetings Dave asked that the following be added:


On the 29th of March- County Staff Planning Commission meeting in Red Wing, also Cannon Falls Get-To-Gether at City Hall, and the Goodhue County Township Association meeting in Zumbrota.


Dave Garner made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Passed 3/0


Treasurer’s Report


Ken announced that the w2nd key for the Township safe deposit box was needed.  If any one could remember where in the past it was kept, he would appreciate that information.


Ken continued with Current Investments at $64,474.47.

Disbursements  $16,492.27

Receipts $329.76


Dave made a motion to approve the treasurers Report

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Building Permits

  1. Wendy Carroll of 32740 Stanton Trail, Cannon Falls, MN came forward. 

Ms Carroll told the board that she had been in discussion with Randy Rechtzigel regarding renting a building he is finishing up and she had drawings of that building .


She showed the drawings to the board members.


Wendy said she was hoping the board would still give her the October 1st to get moved.  Right now she was leaning toward renting.


Joyce asked if she had any rental agreement with him.


Wendy said no.  Randy was not ready at this time.


Dave asked where the building was located.


Wendy said it was the old building down and behind Rapp’s Oil.


Dave asked if she was going to take the whole building or just part of it.


Wendy said they did discuss if there was another tenant how it would be split.

Dave said she was a little bit behind on the schedule and she should have had a purchase or rental agreement by the beginning of this month. 


Wendy said she realized she was behind but her taxes were still in extension.  There was also another building being built by Mr. Rechtzigel that is down by Grandpa’s Garage. 


Vince asked when would that be available.


Wendy said in a couple of months. 


Joyce asked if she had a written agreement.


Wendy said no. 


Joyce asked if she had been in contact with the county.


Wendy said yes. The county had told her just to keep in contact with them and let them know how she was proceeding.  She had spoken with Kristi at the county.


Joyce said we would like to see an agreement in writing .


Wendy said he (Mr. Rechtzigel) said the township could call him if we wanted to.


Vince asked what point in time did Wendy think she would get a written purchase agreement for one of the buildings or rental agreement.


  Wendy said she would try to get a rental agreement, but he still has some things to work out yet. Wendy said she can only say that by October first she will be out of there.  One of the buildings he said he wouldn’t sell, but the other one he is thinking about leasing it with option to buy.  She is leaning toward leasing the one building with option to buy.


Joyce said so once you got moved you would stay there.


Wendy said right. 


 Dave said he thought Wendy was showing good faith and she was moving forward.  He wanted to recommend that we take no action and that we ask her to come back monthly and keep us informed. As long as we saw progress we would just remember that the October deadline was a hard deadline.  He recommended that we table any action and ask her to come back. 


Joyce said she would like to see a letter of intent and come back monthly, and decide on which of the two buildings she wanted.  By July or August you should have a hard agreement with him at that time. 


Dave Garner made a motion to do no action and that Wendy would come back next month for an update. 

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Wendy was instructed to bring back a letter of intent next month when she attended the May board meeting and give them an update. 


2.                  Holden’s Seeds.  Scott Bergemann of Holden’s Seeds , 2440 Hwy 19 Blvd, Stanton, MN came forward.  He was requesting a permit for additions and changes to add on to the present buildings. 


Scott passed out folders containing plans for the building changes and new construction which would happen.  Scott explained each page as the supervisors looked on.


Dave Garner made a motion to grant a zoning permit to Holden’s Seeds

Vince seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Scott asked if it was alright to bring in the check later and pickup the signed permit then.


The board told him it was OK.


The cost was $1,299.00 for the permit and the construction cost was $1,209,000.00


3. Scott Gustafson of 2500, 330th Street, Dennison, MN came forward requesting a permit to build a machine shed.  Size of 60 x 96 feet.  He said he would meet the 100 foot setback.  Cost would be $36,000.00.  Parcel size 12 acres.


Dave Garner made a motion to approve zoning for Scott and the shed.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed  3/0


4. Chris and Julie Phelps of 30737 Hwy 19 Blvd, Cannon Falls, MN requesting remodeling of 3 bedrooms in their house.  Chris presented pages of existing area and pages of changes planned.  Cost $18,000


Dave Garner made a motion to sign a permit at no cost with “No Zoning Required” notation on the permit form.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


John Pernic was called forward.

He was not present at that time.




5. Steve Emery  - 1634 330th St.  Dennison, MN came forward.  He owns a 160 acre farm.  He was trying to isolate 2 acres of that land to put it into his sons name, Craig Emery so he could get it homesteaded for himself.  Due to a new homesteading law Steve said he could only have his name on one piece of property.  The county told him they would need 100 foot setbacks and he could only make 10 foot setbacks between buildings.  He said he would need a variance due to the property lines.  He would like the board to sign off on a form he brought from the county.  He said eventually the property will be surveyed.


Dave said in order to do that you have to meet our setbacks.  He asked Steve if he knew what the distance was to his property line.


Steve asked from the house.


Dave said yes


Steve said they were not really changing names, he and his dad were just signing off of the land early.


Dave said if you are going to take a piece of property and make it a sellable lot, then that piece of land would have it’s own deed and then you have to meet our setbacks to do that.

He said he thought that was what the county was looking at too.


Steve agreed that’s the reason with the county.


Joyce asked if they had to get this into his name, so that it could get homesteaded?


Steve said yes, only his name can be on that house, not mine too.


Joyce clarified what Steve had was 10 foot setbacks and he needed 100 foot setbacks and therefore he needed a variance.


Steve asked if he needed a variance here (in Stanton) too?


Joyce said yes, you need a variance.


Dave said first what we need is for you (Steve) to figure out where the proposed property line is going to be, and then what would be the setbacks from the building site to the proposed line.  If that meets our zoning, then there would be no variance required. 


Joyce pointed out that it already said it was 10 foot setbacks.


Steve said he just came to have the township sign a paper from the County saying Stanton did not have a problem with what Steve proposed to do.


Dave said in order for us to agree with that (the County paper) then Steve had to meet our zoning.  


Steve said he did not want to spend the money to get the land (2 acres) surveyed because he wanted to make sure he could separate the two acres first.


Joyce said Steve really needed to have the survey.  When steve had the survey he would have the exact feet.  She said Steve needed to take that to the Planning Commission first and have them make a recommendation and then have a public hearing. Joyce asked Steve if he had a survey now.


Steve said no.  Steve wanted to know if the setbacks would be agreeable to Stanton if he went and took measurements, and came up with the lines before he would have to spend all the money for other things.


Dave said we can tell you if it’s going to meet setbacks and whether he will need a variance or not, but Steve needed to come in with drawings and show where his proposed lines would be and show the setbacks.  It needed to be drawn out on a piece of paper


Steve asked what Stanton’s setbacks were.


Dave asked if Steve was A-1


Steve said yes.


Joyce asked if the purpose was to split this property for the 3 people living on it so that  each could have their own property and then they could get it homesteaded?


Steve said Yes.  He wanted to know if he came back with measurements from building to house, and put a property line in there, would that be accurate enough for the township?


Dave said he thought it would be accurate enough to hold a public hearing and get a variance.  Also before we actually issued the variance here he would have to have the survey done.


Steve asked if there had to be a variance when nothing was being built.


Dave said yes, because he (Steve) was creating a new parcel.


Joyce called on Mark Dubbels (from the Planning Commission) to speak.


Mark Dubbels said Steve wasn’t selling anything, all the adjacent land was owned by him.


Dave said when he gets done he’ll have a marketable title. 


Joyce said the land would have separate owners.




Mark continued saying basically all Steve was asking for was homestead rights.  Did that even fall under township governments?   He didn’t believe it did. 


Dave said he still maintained that once you draw your property line then you’re creating a new parcel of land.


Steve said the land had been in his family for 150 years, and now they had changed the law and said he had created a hardship, when actually it was them that created the hardship for him.


Joyce said that hardship will go into the variance and will be something in his favor.  


Vince asked Steve if the county had asked him to contact  us (Stanton Township)


Steve answered the county told him before they can approve any subdivision of his property they needed Stanton’s signature.  So he had the papers with him to come before the board and have them sign them. 


Joyce asked to see the paperwork from the county and requested the clerk to make a copy of the papers. 


Discussion ensued regarding what was needed, a need for public hearing, or variance.


Mark Dubbels spoke asking if there was any way it could be signed off because he was grand fathered in?  Mr. Emery was not asking for building, it was something, which had been imposed on him by the Minnesota legislature, and he was not changing the physical aspect of his property at all.   


Discussion ensued regarding splitting up the land, buildings close to future property lines,

And the fact that no buildings were being built.

Joyce reviewed the paperwork from the county with the board and audience members.

It contained basic information such as name, address, phone, parcel # 41-033-0500, What the request was for:   “requesting 10 foot rear yard setback and 10 foot side yard setback.” And the following 5 questions.

  1. Was a public hearing necessary for the request?  2. Were there any concerns about the request raised by the board/public at your meeting?  3. Was the request officially approved/denied?  4. Does the township support the request?  5. Did the township place any provisions, or modify the request?  Beneath that was an area for Township official signature the township name and the date.


Joyce  asked the other supervisors what they thought after the reading of the request.


Dave said he still maintained the same views, that we had to have a variance.  In his opinion Steve still had to meet all the requirements for us before we could sign that off.

Dave said our setbacks were 100 feet just like the county’s.

Joyce called on Joe Vandenheuvel, a planning commission member, from the audience who wanted to speak.


Joe Vandenheuvel spoke he believed that anyone wanting to sell land could do so inside their current, legal setbacks.  He felt it was OK for the Board to sign off on the papers to the county.  There was nothing in our Ordinance or Zoning which prevented splitting off some acreage, selling it inside their setbacks the way Steve Emery wanted to do.  He added he understood what Dave was saying and that part he wouldn’t even pretend to understand how that could possibly affect us if 10 years down the road it gets sold.


Mark added that variances, setbacks, zoning permits are when someone is building something.  Nothing was being built. 


Joyce stated that if the son wanted to build something, like a garage, after he is the owner of the land then he would have to obtain a variance at that time.  She said she felt the Planning Commission people (Joe Vandenheuvel and Mark Dubbels) were correct in just signing it off.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to sign off on the Goodhue County forms.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.


Discussion ensued


Dave stated that we might be leaving ourselves open for problems in the future and he would like to get it resolved now.  He understood what Steve wanted to do. 

He said if we put any conditions on the forms then it has to be turned into a public hearing. 


Joyce asked, reading the form, if there were any concerns about the request raised by the board.  Future use?


Dave reiterated that if we put conditions on it then it would require a public hearing.

We can’t arbitrarily put conditions on things without going through the process. 


Joyce called for any further discussion or explanation. 

Joyce read from the form aloud:  “Were there any concerns about the request raised by the board/public at your meeting?”  Did we want to fill in that line on the form?


Dave said if you do that then you are putting conditions on it and he felt that required a public hearing. We can’t arbitrarily put conditions on things without going through the process.


Joyce asked Dave  if there were any further explanations, or explain to her so that she could understand his reservation.


Dave said he had already stated his reservations.


Joyce read from the form “1. Was a public hearing necessary for the request?”

Should the answer there be “No”



Joyce called for a vote to approve signing the document from the county.

2 Ayes were here

1 nay – from Dave Garner


Joyce reminded Steve he needed to have the land surveyed.


Dave asked Betts if she understood the issues that were being looked at?


Betts said vaguely


Dave asked Betts if she felt she had enough information to talk to MAT and get their legal opinion, if we might have any further liabilities, what we should be doing in this case? 


Betts said he had a 160 acre parcel and wanted to take 2 acres and put it in his sons name.


Dave said he wanted her to call MAT and get their legal opinion, if there were any liability concerns, and to find out what we should have done and what we have to do in the future.  2 acres do not meet current setbacks to the buildings.


Joyce said we need to know when there’s a split like this if there’s an action other than approving it that we need to do


Dave asked should there have been a variance process?


Clerk Report


Betts reported she had our legal records transferred from Tom Scott’s office over to Troy Gilchrist’s office.


Next she reported on writing a draft letter to Brody Skahen regarding the building going on and had quoted the Ordinance.


Dave asked that the topic be moved later down the agenda.


Betts reported next that the county sealcoat bid came in.  John Schueller went over and looked at Sciota trail, he said he didn’t see a problem adding it on to our list.  The cost would be about $15,000.00 for that section.  He said it would be a lot cheaper if we took out the cold patch there.  The other areas for handicapped parking in the town hall parking lot and the area on 323rd street will come to about $15,000.00 plus 8% for county costs. 


Dave said he thought the county would just put down another sealcoat again. 


Discussion ensued about the difference between sealcoat and overlay (Bituminous). 


The clerk was instructed to find out the correct terminology for Sciota trail from the county.


Dave said he had a problem with them (the county) only putting down 1 ½ inches on Sciota Trail. 


Joyce said she didn’t think they agreed to do an overlay on Sciota trail.


Dave said no, they wanted a sealcoat on it.  Close the cracks so it doesn’t break up any more.  He said he was not comfortable with 1 ½ inches, to him that was an overlay.

Dave felt we could not get a sealcoat for $15,000.00.  Dave added he would like his definition of sealcoat , not an overlay. 


Betts was asked to get more specific facts from the county on Sciota Trail.

What are the specs.  What would be the time frame for the work.


Dave said the idea is to have the liquid sprayed on the road and fill in the cracks so the area doesn’t break up.  To do that it shouldn’t cost 15,000.00.  Requesting a seal coat, which amounts to an oil overlay and sand or pea-gravel or blue chip on top.  We were not requesting an inch and a half overlay. 


Betts said she would call John Schueller.


Next item Betts wanted to request permission to publish the chloride ad in the Beacon. 

She wanted to publish for 2 weeks, charging $45.00 for additional footage.  Deadline would be May 25th.


Dave requested that we put this after we talk about the chloride bids so that we can look at the fee for the chloride  bids before we approve the ad.


Joyce asked the clerk to move the discussion down below Chloride Bids on the agenda.



End of Clerk’s Report



Road Report



Dan and Tom came forward.


Discussion ensued regarding grading.


Tom talked about getting the cutting edge on the blade of the road grader. 


Dan presented facts and figures about possibly purchasing new bits and who could do it and which way would be least expensive.  He felt we would need about 20 bits.


Joyce asked what the total be for that.


Dan told her the highest one was 72 dollars, but he wouldn’t know for sure until he actually went in. 


Tom said probably $1,200 to $1,400. 


Vince made a motion to purchase cutting bits for the road grader.

Dave seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


The road Inspection trip was discussed.  It was decided Tom and the Supervisors and the clerk would meet at the town hall at noon on Tuesday April 24th.


Joyce mentioned a reclaimer that Stanton shared with another township. 


The clerk said she would check in past minutes, 4-5 years, to see if she could find it.

She could also contact Bob Benson as he would know where it was.


Well and Irrigation Information


Betts reported at the Planning Commission meeting it was reported that someone was putting in a well and irrigation system very close to the road.


Dave interjected it was 40 feet from the center of the road.


Betts continued stating that she found in our ordinance an irrigation plan has to be submitted and reviewed by the board.


Joyce read:

An irrigation plan must be submitted for review by the Town Board for any irrigation system.  The purpose of the Planning Commission review is to ensure that the irrigation system will not cause negative impacts on town roads.  The irrigation plan must include a sketch plan on an aerial photo showing the relevant land, but at a minimum showing:


1.      The well location

2.      Topography in 10-foot contours, minimum

3.      Surrounding roads

4.      Drainage arrows


Joyce said she believed it was Doug Felton’s land.


The clerk was advised to contact Mr. Felton and advise him he needed to bring an Irrigation/Well Plan before the Planning Commission as per our Ordinance to be approved.


Tom and Dan left as this time.


Meetings Attended


Dave reported he attended the County Planning on March 29th with their staff and learned about what they do.  He stopped by the Cannon Falls Get-Together, there was no agenda just talking.  From there he went down to the Zumbrota meeting which was a lot more beneficial .  Talked to the county down there about other townships and had a discussion with Lisa Hanni about what the county is doing with different properties here and how to approach them.  He was also at the Highway 52 meeting on the 21st.


Vince reported he was at the Cannon Falls Get-together on the 29th.  He also went to a Highway 52 meeting on the 21st. 


Joyce reported she was at the Highway 52 meeting on the 21st.  She also attended the Planning and Zoning Workshop in Red Wing, and on the 29th she attended the meeting at the Stone Mill by Cannon Falls mayor, or Get-Together.


Old Business


Town Hall Rental Agreement


Discussion ensued regarding the MAT rental agreement vs. the one Ken drew up.

Rental fees and deposit due were discussed, fees for residents vs. non residents, liquor vs. no liquor, possible wear and tear on the building, lavatory use for large groups, renters must come before the board, having a retainer for damages, profit rental vs. non-profit group fees. 


Joyce felt it was best to adopt the MAT policy as it covered more things.


Retainer/Damage Deposit=$100.00

Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to have rental for no-profit groups to be free,  residents to be $35.00 and non residents to be $75.00 per day. 

Vince seconded the motion




Dave asked how a non-profit group would be defined.

Joyce said to be a non-profit group you have to be registered with the State.


Motion passed  2/1

Dave Garner voted Nay


Dave brought up when the rental application had to be presented to the Board.


Discussion ensued about which policy to use, MAT or our own policy.

It was decided to all work off the MAT agreement.


It was decided that the renter must come before the board for approval.


Dave asked about alcohol being allowed.


Joyce felt alcohol should be eliminated from the contract.


Vince suggested only allowing alcohol after they came before the board, so they could see how alcohol would be used and how much.


Joyce said the applicant may have to show proof of insurance.


It was decided to cross off the 14 days notice.


Dave mentioned there was another “14 day” statement on page two to be removed.


The board went through the MAT policy and made changes for the clerk to update to make it our own rental policy.


It was decided the Rental Hours would be set for start and finish when the renters came before the board.


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the rental agreement from MAT, with the appropriate blanks filled out such as Stanton’s name and address.

Vince  Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Flag Pole


Joyce did research on flag poles and reported to the board various prices from 600 to 800 dollars for a 20 foot pole. 


Vince felt 30 feet would be a better height. 


Discussion ensued about different heights.


Dave said he was learning toward a 30 foot one.


Vince felt commercial was what was needed.  He said he would look into getting a commercial pole.




Dave requested the levy be put on the agenda.  He wanted to be more prepared this next time with presenting the Levy, having the treasurer more involved, what was being asked for and why.  He would like to have what our levy was for the past years , how we were going to handle the $25,000.00 oversight.  We needed to ask permission to raise the levy

but not raise the levy.  This is all for the September meeting. 


Dave stated the 2007 Levy was set $25,000.00 too high.  This money is getting put aside into a special account which we were not touching.  The 2008 Levy which we will be set in September.  At that time we will reduce our Levy request by $25,000.00 because we already got that in for the 2007 Levy.  Then in 2009 we could add it back in if we so choose. 


It was decided to review the $90,000.00 proposed increase so that it could be presented to the residents. 


Dave wanted us to schedule in some time in our upcoming meetings to work on our presentation. 


Joyce stated the levy for 2006 was $135,000.00, and for 2007 it should have been $157,000.00.


Dave wanted Ken to get the figures put together so that it would be clear.  He proposed having a firm date to have all the information.


Ken said he could have the figures for the next meeting.


Dave wanted a firm date to look at the Levy.


Joyce said we could do it at the next meeting.


Ken said it was important to know the difference between the Budget and the Levy.


Dave asked Ken if he would be ready to have a frank discussion on the levy next month, including all history. 


Ken said he could give the history. 


Joyce asked if he could explain the difference between Budget and Levy.


Ken said yes,


Dave then proposed that it be put on the next months (May) Agenda.


New Business


Petition for Vacation of Cartway


Gregory Griffin came forward representing Greater SW Holdings LLC. Greg gave his address as 810 Burr Oak Avenue, Chatfield, MN 55923


The supervisors reviewed the petition for Vacation of Cartway.


Greg explained the cartway was necessary in the past because there were different owners and it wasn’t a landlock.  Now they had purchased all the land parcels around the cartway and they would like to get rid of it.  The cartway he added was not down the property line. 


Joyce asked it there was a legal survey to show that.


Greg said he could get one.


Dave said a public hearing is required for this.  At the public hearing we can find about any property owners objections or anything else.


Dave Garner made a motion to have a public hearing for Vacation of Cartway on May 8,2007 at 7:30 PM at the Planning Commission meeting. 

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion


Discussion ensued.


Vince asked if they had made contact with the neighboring landowner.


Greg said they figured that would be done at the public hearing. 


Vince asked Greg what was the benefit/decrement to the cartway being there.


Greg said it is not necessary anymore, they were trying to clean up the property so that they would own the whole thing.  They didn’t need a cartway there. 


Dave pointed out that according to the description from the county it did say it is all on their land.   Also it shows on the drawing from the county.


Vince felt it was important that the property owners to the east be served notice.


Joyce Moorhouse asked all those in favor of having a Public Hearing for Vacation of this Cartway say Aye

3 Ayes were heard.

Motion passed  3/0


Greg paid the treasurer a check for $175.00 for the Public Hearing fee.


Dave said he wanted to mention that Dan Lee had stopped by and told Dave he was renting the land from Larry Lee, over on Oxford Mill, for the next 3 years on both sides of Sciota trail.  He wanted to put a field road in so he can bring some equipment in off of sciota trail instead of off Hwy 56.  Dave felt for safety reasons it would be better to enter the field off of Sciota trail rather than 56.  He wanted to put the road about halfway in where the pavement ends and where the old railroad tracks used to be.  He wants a road that would go both ways so he can go from one field to another field.  Dave said it there was no grade involved, and there were no culvert.  Dan would be using crushed rock the same as we have on our roads.  Dave said he saw nothing in our Ordinance to say no.  He did not see any drainage issue either.  


Joyce would like it entered into the minutes that Dan Lee was going to put in a field road in so that he does not have to come in off Hwy 56.  The board members did not see any problem with that and did not see any need for a culvert.


Vince stated that Doug Feldman had called and regarding the purchased property down by Emery’s, he was requesting what needed to be done to have 2 different  entry points on to that piece of property for his equipment also.  Vince said he was going to pound a couple of markers in the area and the board on their road trip can check it.  Mr. Feldman said he would take care of all drainage issues and gravel. 


Joyce mentioned that when she drove around to look at the flood area where Doug Duncan lives on the corner, and that area flooded and the fellow who farms that wanted to repair the field there and he wanted to know if the board would object to him driving in or repairing in the ditch area there.  Some of the field washed into the ditch and he would like to put it back in his field.  Did the board feel that was OK.


Dave asked if there was a culvert down there.


Joyce said there was a culvert over further by the driveway.


Dave said he felt he should be able to recover his land. 


Joyce said she would call Betts with the name and phone number of the person.


Betts brought up the subject of the proceedings for Vacation of a Cartway.  She asked what had to be done.


Dave told Betts that for a public hearing she will have to do the usual things.


Joyce said the county knows the people that need to be notified. 


Rock Bids


Betts read the requested bids for rock: 10,000 cubic yards, more or less, 3/4 inch crushed quarry rock, 8-10% binder


Kilmeyer quoted - $10.52/yard  township delivered or $8.42/ton

Hernke quoted - $10.40/ yard township delivered or $8.00/ton


Dave Garner made a motion to get the township rock from Hernke at $10.40/yard delivered.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Dave made mention that he had requested the Clerk to get the rock bid and chloride bid, to go out and request it since they were under $50,000.00 we didn’t have to have sealed bids.  Sealed bids would have put us off another month. 


Joyce requested that Betts add Anderson to her list for rock bids next year.


Chloride Bids


Betts said she had sent out 3 requests for chloride.  One to Ferrellgas, one to Mr. Louis Schmidt, and one to Dust Coating. 

Ferrellgas was $ .745 per gallon or $2,344.00 per mile and that was for calcium chloride.

Mr. Schmidt had called and said he no longer did Chloride.

Dust Coating was $ .64 per gallon which was about $2,027.00 per mile but that was for magnesium chloride.


The county is using Dust Coating for their contract this summer on their roads, but they would charge Stanton more than if we just dealt directly with Dust Coating ourselves. 


Betts said she tried to call Ferrellgas back to see if they could quote her on magnesium chloride but they had not returned her call. 


Dave asked if all the bids were applied rates.


Betts said yes they were.


Dave felt it was important to find out if Ferrellgas used magnesium chloride and to get a quote on it. 


Vince said many larger government agencies were going with magnesium chloride, it was less corrosive and better for the environment. 


Dave said we needed a minimum of two bids for the same product. 


Vince Cockriel made a motion to have the clerk contact Ferrellgas and get a quote for magnesium chloride. 

Dave Garner seconded the motion


Dave wanted to discuss how many miles would be covered this year.


Joyce asked all in favor say aye.

Motion passed 3/0


Joyce asked if we were going to do the same amount (of chloride) as last year.


Dave said yes, we should do the same as last year.  He felt the roads held up much better through out the year with chloride on them. 


Joyce wanted to know what was the mileage last year.


Betts reported 10.7 was the trial amount. 


Dave Garner made a motion to cover the same amount as we did last year

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Permission To Publish


Betts wanted to put the chloride ad in the paper.


Dave felt we should charge the citizens the same amount as last year for anything over 150 feet. 


It was agreed to use the last Friday in May as the cut off date for chloride requests.  The middle of May was when the crushed rock usually went down. 


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to allow the clerk to put an ad in the Beacon for Chloride applications.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Update for PC Manual


Betts handed out PC Manual Update suggestions from Dave for the board to review.


Dave said it was requested to revise the PC Manual.  Section six states a minimum of 3 members. 


Vince asked if the request was made by the Planning Commission.


Joyce said it was a request made by Dave.  Joyce said she felt it should be four.


Dave said we could have 4 or 5 members, it doesn’t say anything against a number it is a general statement saying you will have a minimum of three.  If we go with a minimum statement of 3 then we don’t have to change anything again.


Mark Dabbles, Planning Commission Chair in the audience, said he would like to see it at 5. 


Paul Schluter, Planning Commission member, said he would like to see it at 5 also.


Joyce agreed she would like to see a 5 member board.  The more people on the commission the wider view we would have.


Vince said he agreed that having as much citizen involvement as possible was good and that he thought 5 was a good number. 


Dave said this was not a discussion about amount of members, it was a discussion about language in the Planning Commission Manual.


Joyce said the language is changing the numbers that are needed.


Dave said not necessarily, it’s saying that we can go down to 3 without changing the manual or it could go up to 20. 


Vince suggested starting at 5 and going up to 20.  He felt three was too small.


Joyce said she was not interested in changing the manual at all.  She would like to see the township have 5.  Joyce asked if there was a motion to change the manual.


Dave Garner made a motion to amend the Planning Commission Manual to reflect the language he submitted.


Joyce asked for a second to the motion


None was heard,


Joyce said the motion was dropped for lack of a second.


AD HOC Committee Report


Mark spoke and reviewed with the board what happened at the first meeting.  Mark passed out minutes/notes from the first meeting to the supervisors.  He said they would be meeting on the first Tuesday of the month at the town hall.  John Krantz was vice chair and Cheryle Peters was secretary.


Joyce said she was at the first meeting and was pleased with all the input.


Mark asked for use of some equipment at the town hall such as the laptop computer and overhead projector.  Mark asked if there was high speed internet at the town hall.


Dave said he thought it had not come out this far yet.


Joyce said she had it and Mark said he did also.


Dave asked Betts to look into getting DSL to the town hall.


Dave Garner made a motion for the clerk  to look into getting prices for DSL internet connection.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Bill Nelson came forward of 32881 10th Avenue, Dennison MN.


Bill said he was told he had to come back through the board for application on his building permits. 


Joyce asked for which buildings.


Bill answered the two buildings he had at the farm.


Joyce asked Bill if he went to the Planning Commission.


Bill said he had been working out of state and his brother went in in February.


Joyce said she thought there was a ruling by the Planning Commission.  She told Bill he had an outstanding bill with the Township.  Did he realize that?


Bill answered yes.


Joyce asked if he had paid it.  Could he pay it tonight.


Bill answered not tonight.  He would as soon as he could.


Joyce told Bill he would have to go to the Planning Commission and get their approval.

Their next meeting would be the 8th of May.  They would then forward their recommendation to the Board.


Dave informed Bill he would need to know the setbacks,  where they are going to go,  and a site plan. 


Bill thanked the board and left at this time.

Upcoming Meetings


Betts said she had no meetings listed.


Dave Garner made a motion to open the mail.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Mail was disbursed. 


Joyce asked the clerk to make a list of the county bridge report for our road check and to give a copy from the county to Vince and her.


Dave Garner made a motion to pay claims

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Ken brought to the boards attention of a need to issue an unemployment check.


Dave made a motion to pay the claim from the State of Minnesota for unemployment compensation.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Ken announced that claims came to $4,745.54


Claims were paid.


Betts asked about the Brody Skahen letter.


Dave said we have sent letters and have gotten no response.  We should have the clerk contact the County, Lisa Hanni’s office, and have an inspector come and inspect the Skahen property.   


Joyce said to send a letter to the county.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to Adjourn

Dave Garner  seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Meeting adjourned at 10:53 PM