David Garner called the meeting to order.  Others present included Supervisors Robert (Bob) Benson and Joyce Moorhouse, Treasurer Kenneth Ebert and Clerk Colleen Thompson.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


In reviewing the agenda, all Supervisors expressed no conflicts of interest.


Moved by Bob and seconded by Joyce to dispense with the reading of the February 21, 2006 Regular Board Minutes with each Supervisor having a copy of the same and to approve the minutes as written.  Motion carried.


Ken gave the Treasurer’s Report.  Current investments are $166,925.01 in the building fund and $126,128.50 in the road and bridge fund giving a total of current investments of $293,053.57.  Receipts for the month totaled $39,271.16 this total includes the $25,000. transferred from the general fund to the fire fund per the motion at the February Board Meeting allowing up to $25,500.00 to be moved.  Note:  $25,000.00 was actually moved by Treasurer Ken Ebert.  Total disbursed for the month totaled $65,873.57 giving an ending balance of $142,284.36. 


Joyce questioned the reason for the transfer of funds.  It was stated that the fire fund beginning balance was $19,400.73.  Anticipating a larger increase in fees from Randolph Fire Department, a motion was passed to transfer $25,500.00 but due to Randolph billing at less than anticipated we now have a fund balance of $18,904.73.  Ken stated funds can always be transferred back to the general fund if the Board requests.


It was moved by Bob, seconded by Joyce to approve the report as read.  Motion carried.


Neal Sjoquist, 11755 County 1 Blvd., Goodhue, MN appeared before the Board to request a building permit to put a 28’x 37.5’ addition onto the home he is purchasing at 5378 311th Street in Woodland Heights.  The estimated cost of the addition is $90,000.  All setbacks will be met.  A site plan and construction drawings were presented to the Board.


Lori and Kevin Raway, 5804 303rd Street Way, Cannon Falls, MN did not appear but did appear at the Planning Commission Meeting.  They plan to run a travel agency from their home as a home based business.  They will not have employees and no traffic.  This fits the description in the Ordinance of a home based business and no permit is needed.


Employee Kurtz had expressed to the Clerk to revisit the need to mount wheels or rollers to the snow plow because the “pads” currently on the plow are too small and dig into the road. 


Bob stated he had looked into the matter last year.  The wheels are expensive.  It was

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (March 21, 2006 cont.)


noted that Cannon Falls Township uses wheels on their snow plow.  Bob stated he would talk with David Pagel from Cannon Falls Township.


Dave made a motion to have Bob head up the investigation and to go with wheels or pads leaving the decision up to Bob.  Joyce seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


A complaint was received from Dan Lundell stating brush is intruding into the roadway and scratching cars at the Widman residence on Warsaw Trail.  He requested the township remove the brush. 


Dan will trim the brush hanging over/into the roadway.  Dan was instructed not to cut anything with a diameter of over 3 inches.  Dan will report back to the Board and they will determine if a letter needs to be sent to cut larger brush out of the road right of way.


Joyce stated she had one complaint during the Monday snow storm.  Colleen stated she also received a complaint.  It was noted that the Dept. of Transportation was telling people to stay off the roads and that our road maintenance people did a good job with the conditions they had to work with.  It was also noted that because of the wind and blowing snow they had to wait before going out on the roads due to safety concerns.


Colleen stated that she had picked up the t-brackets and post brackets from Goodhue County Public Works.  These are the last of their inventory and they will show us what they are fabricating for the job or else can give us the name of the vender.


Bob stated he would contact Northfield Township and see about the road reclaimer we have joint ownership in with them.


Dave reported that he had attended the Randolph Fire Dept. meeting and that they had reduced the amount of increase for services to a 5% increase per year.  He also attended the Cannon Falls Township Meeting on March 15, 2006 to discuss snow plowing the portion of 323rd Street in Cannon Falls Township.  They informed Dave that the road is a private drive and so therefore we will not plow that portion of road.  Dave also attended the Goodhue County Planning and Zoning Workshop.  He brought back a copy of their requirements for site plans and stated he would like to adopt the same policy.  (copies submitted to Clerk).


Joe brought up private driveways.  We do not currently have regulations on private drives and asked if Stanton should adopt regulation.  It was decided this topic should come up for discussion for inclusion into the new Ordinance.


Bob moved to by resolution adopt the Goodhue County Requirements for Submitted Site Plans for the Planning Commission use including the same site plan criteria.  Joyce seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (March 21, 2006 cont.)


The Clerk was instructed to make the needed changes, make copies and distribute.  The last item “Accessory Buildings” should be changed to “show the location of all existing...


Joe talked about the new building permit requirements in the building permit process at County and stated we should also consider the same for Planning Commission use.


Dave stated that he had attended Short Courses today in Rochester.


Bob reported that he had also attended Short Courses.  Discussions he attended were on open meeting laws and legislative updates on annexation pertaining to townships.  Also discussed were roads and sewers.


Joyce asked how often they stated sewers were to be pumped. 


Bob stated two to eight years depending on usage; the average is two to three years.


Joyce stated she had attended the Goodhue County Zoning Workshop.  She stated the State adopted zoning laws in 1972 and Goodhue County in 1979.  She stated she met the Goodhue County dept. heads.  Joyce also attended the Short Courses and stated there was record attendance. 


Ken stated he also attended Short Courses.  Discussions he attended included record retention.  He stated the need to have lap tops insured and also that HAVA was discussed.


Clerk Elect, Elizabeth Top stated she attended Short Courses going to the same sessions as Joyce.  She stated it was informative and that she has a lot to learn.


In old business, the Board discussed a building site for the construction of a new town hall.  Bob stated he would have the survey done in two weeks for the three acres of property at the northeast corner of 310th Street and 40th Avenue.  There are issues with road frontage and access.  Dave Garner stated the township could extend 40th Ave. 250’ to the north, making our own road and in this way have frontage.  Dave has talked with Lisa Hanni about the road issue and she agreed that building a road would work.  This would also give access to Bob’s back property. 


Dave moved to by resolution enter into a verbal contract with Bob Benson to purchase at $4,500 per acre, three acres from Bob Benson with Bob paying the legal costs.  Joyce seconded the motion.  Motion carried with Bob abstaining from the vote.


Dave then stated the township could possibly at a later date remove the buildings from the current site in Stanton and build an equipment shed on that site.  He stated that we have $162,000 for construction costs of a “no frills” building but stated we could take funds from the road and bridge fund for the construction of the road.   


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (March 21, 2006 cont.)


Ken stated Nininger Township has recently built a new hall and gave the Board Bob Rotty’s name and phone number (entered into Clerk’s records) as a contact.


Dave suggested not defining the type of building, stick built vs. a Morton or Manards building, to leave it up to the contractors in their sealed bids.  Dave stated that the main meeting hall could have vaulted ceilings.


Colleen reported that she had stopped at the Land Use Office and we will need a conditional use permit from County as a permitted use to build in an agriculture zone.


In talking about the bidding process, Dave stated we need to use the help from professionals to make sure we are correct in the process we use in drawing up specs we will use in calling for bids. Dave stated he wasn’t sure who to go to. 


Bob suggested Plano, a professional architect.


Joyce stated we should contact the building inspector from Goodhue County.


Bob stated it will be a commercial building and because of that there are guidelines out there for us to follow.


Bob will get the specs needed before calling for sealed bids.  The Clerk will then put out a call for bids in the paper calling for an all inclusive bid.


Dave proposed a special meeting in two weeks to discuss the land survey and building site and specs for a new town hall building.  Dave made a motion to hold a special meeting for the above stated purpose on Tuesday, April 4, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the Phillippo Scout Reservation.  Joyce seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Dave, using as a guide, P.C. guidelines obtained off the internet, made a draft of Planning Commission Guidelines to present to the Board and Planning Commission members.  He stated he would forward copies to the other Board members.  He stated it is State law to give a written notice for denial of a zoning request and we are not doing this.  He stated we need a paper trail, findings of fact and have listed votes taken. 


Joe stated he had reviewed the document, he is not opposed to it and stated it was good material.  He stated the Planning Commission could review it next month.


Colleen read the letter from attorney Tom Scott sent to the Board stating the direction they needed to take in dealing with the Land Use Draft Copy and Ordinance update.


Bob stated we should move quickly and go with the standards of the County Ordinance as stated by Tom Scott.  He stated the land use needs to work together with the Ordinance.

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (March 21, 2006 cont.)


Joyce stated we need to complete the land use plan.


Dave agreed stating it is a stand alone Ordinance.


Bob questioned if it was a good idea to change the land use plan without knowing the standards of the County.


Joyce stated Dean Johnson is consistent with the County Ordinance.


Dave proposed to at the April 4, 2006 Special Meeting review the Land Use Plan draft copy.  Dave moved to add Land Use Review to the April 4, 2006 Special Meeting agenda.  Three Planning Commission members stated they can attend.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Colleen gave a Nelson property update.  Colleen stated that a hearing would be held on April 18, 2006.  It is speculated that the Sentence to Serve Crew will be utilized in cleaning up the property.


John Anderson had asked to be on the agenda to talk about annexation concerns.  He did not appear.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Joyce to make the Cannon Falls Beacon the official township newspaper.  Motion carried.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Joyce to make the posting box at the old town hall the official posting place until replaced by the new town hall.  Motion carried.


Joyce made a motion, seconded by Bob to set the date, time and place of the 2007 Annual Meeting. Date: March 13, 2007; Time:  8:10 p.m.; Place:  New town hall. Motion carried.


Joyce made a motion, seconded by Bob to give a one time donation of $500.00 to the Randolph Historical Society as advised at the Annual Meeting.  Motion carried.


Discussion was had about services Stanton Township receives from Cannon Falls Pet Adoption.  Dave reminded the Board that the amount voted on at the Annual Meeting was advisory.  Joyce made a motion to make a one time $300.00 donation to Cannon Falls Pet Adoption, Joyce then amended her motion to donate $200.00 as a one time donation.  Bob seconded the motion.  The motion carried.


Joe asked Joyce if she would entertain including in her motion to with the donation make a request from the Board not to release feral cats into the township.  Joyce so moved, Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Colleen suggested to, in making the motion for mileage reimbursement, use the language

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (March 21, 2006 cont.)


used by County that would automatically change rates without Board action. 


Bob moved to authorize the treasurer, Kenneth Ebert to pay the mileage reimbursement as per the current listed Federal rate and to make changes to that rate without separate Board action but as the rate changes.  Motion was seconded by Dave.  Motion carried.


Dave made a motion to designate the First National Bank of Cannon Falls as the Township depository with the CD’s to be placed in the bank with the best interest rate.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Colleen asked that the levy totals be reported.  It was noted that it was voted at the Annual Meeting to raise the levy $22,000.  $2,000 is to be added for Road and Bridge. $20,000 is to be added for the Fire Fund.  This gives a total levy of $157,000.


Colleen reported the election results stating there were 88 voters with one absentee voter for a total of 89 voters.  Results for Supervisor:  Dave Garner – 64; John Krantz – 3; John Miller, Vince Cockriel and Mark Dubbels each received two.  The following each received one vote:  Allard Moorhouse, Randall Hoppe, Betts Top, Marc Slininger, and Jim Pagel.  Results for Clerk:  Elizabeth Top – 55; Colleen Thompson – 9; Mark Dubbels – 2.  Each of the following received one vote: Doug Felton, Rosie Schluter, Sherrie Vandenheuvel, Patti Blue, Julie Wilcox, and Lynda Boganrief.


Colleen reported on the town hall vote.  She stated she had talked to judge Ebert after the Annual Meeting and also the next day by phone and he expressed that he felt peoples votes that we knew were residents but were not on the Annual Meeting Roster should be counted.  He stated because the judges were rushed to finish the count this matter was not brought forward at the meeting.  Colleen stated she had recounted the votes tonight reported to the Board the totals she came up with stating if you look at what the judges first totaled the numbers match.  She stated this will not make a difference in the outcome of the votes but she would like to have the correct votes noted tonight. Colleen reported the votes as follows:  Question #1 – 84 votes yes, 9 no; Question #2 – 83 votes yes, 10 no; Question #3 – 59 yes, 22 no.


Dave stated to make the votes corrected as in tonight’s minutes.


Colleen reported on an election incident that was interred on the “incident log”. She reported she brought election returns to the County Auditors Office where they stated the incident would be turned over to the County Attorney.  A day later Colleen was contacted by the Auditor’s Office stating she, the judges and the offender would be called by the County Attorney in several weeks.


Dave directed all involved not to have any conversations among themselves about the incident.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (March 21, 2006 cont.)


Dave stated that he had talked to MAT lawyers today about the petition received at the Annual Meeting.  They advised that a petition is advisory and has no legal requirements.


Curt Ravoula stated he did not know there was a petition going around.  He stated the Clerk had announced voters needed to register and when the petition was given to his table the people handing it to them stated it was the attendance roster.  He signed what he thought was the roster but in actuality he signed the petition stating he would never have signed the petition if he had know that is what it was.


Dave stated it was also his observation that there was confusion as to what was being signed.


The petition was read by Joyce.  Joyce stated they would take it under advisement. 


Dave stated he did not think it had as many signatures as was noted stating he could pick out signatures of people that were not residents of Stanton Township.


Joyce stated “we heard the message”.


Colleen brought before the Board a billing from MBA for Group Life Insurance.  She stated T. Kurtz is listed as a participant and wanted clarified if Mr. Millard shouldn’t also be included.  Joyce made a motion, seconded by Bob to add Daniel Millard to the policy.  Motion carried.


Joyce stated there is some interest by several people for appointment to the Planning Commission.  Currently there is one vacancy with the terms of Paul Schluter and Joe Vandenheuvel coming to an end. 


Joe stated if reappointed to the Planning Commission he would accept.


Dave stated he heard a criticism from people appearing before the Planning Commission that Joe’s friends get better treatment than others, stating you must judge each issue independently, be fair and be open.


Joyce stated Joe did a good job.  He was fair and it’s not always easy making decisions.  Joyce thanked Joe for serving.


Bob also stated he felt Joe does a good job.


Paul stated that he would accept a reappointment stating he likes the job, is concerned about the township and wants to keep it fair.  He stated the Planning Commission needs to be unbiased.  Each case needs to be individual and unbiased.


Bob stated Paul’s done a great job.  Joyce and Dave thanked Paul for his service.

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (March 21, 2006 cont.)


Joyce stated that she knew Kevin Whitson was interested on sitting on the Planning Commission and stated a board member could serve.


Dave disagreed stating it would be intimidating and hard to avoid conflict.


Dave made a motion to nominate Paul Schluter for a three year reappointment to the Planning Commission.  Bob seconded the motion.  Joyce – nay. Motion carried.


Dave made a motion, seconded by Bob to nominate Joe Vandenheuvel for a three year reappointment to the Planning Commission.  Motion carried.


Dave Garner addressed Mr. John Krantz who had stated earlier that he had voiced his desire and submitted a written request to the Clerk stating his desire to be appointed to the Planning Commission.  Dave stated it was his personal opinion that Mr. Krantz could not be fair, could not treat people fair, that he has his own agenda, stating it is evident by the petition you wrote, you don’t understand the law and what the Planning Commission does and what the Board does and you would be a bad member to place on the Planning Commission.


Joyce asked Mr. Krantz to address the Board as to why he wants the appointment.


Mr. Krantz stated the whole idea is to do what the percentage of the people want.  He disagreed with Dave stating the petition was to see what the people want.


Bob stated at this point we should leave the Planning Commission at four members.  It was noted that Kevin Whitson and Dean Johnson also expressed interest in being appointed and we should ask them to address the Board.


Dave stated he was in favor of four members at this time stating there is no statutory requirement at to the number of members on the Planning Commission stating it is at the digression of the Board.


Joe stated he wanted to go on record opposed at setting the Planning Commission at four members, pointing out the possibility of tied votes.  He stated any odd number is favorable and stated he would volunteer to be un-appointed.


Dave stated he is not comfortable with Mr. Krantz and will not vote for him.


Joyce stated she would consider Mr. Krantz.  She stated it is the Planning Commission’s duty to help people to get to where they need to be and she stated she thought he could live up to that.


The Board will revisit the matter at the April meeting.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (March 21, 2006 cont.)


Dave made a motion, seconded by Joyce to appoint Bob as Board Chair.  Motion carried.

Dave made a motion, seconded by Bob to appoint Joyce as Vice Chair.  Motion carried.


Dave stated that P.C. member Mark Dubbels had requested earlier that the Clerk be made Clerk of the Planning Commission.  He stated that taking minutes interferes with acting upon issues.


Joyce stated it is asking a lot of the Clerk.


Dave made a motion to by resolution have the newly elected clerk act as P.C. Clerk for taking minutes starting at the next meeting.  Bob seconded the motion.  Joyce opposed.

Motion carried.


Ken pointed out that it was his understanding that resolutions needed to be unanimous. 


Dave made a motion, seconded by Joyce to pay $50.00 to the moderator.  Motion carried.


Colleen recommended we have Paul Schluter who sits on the Goodhue County Parks Committee make reports to the Board.  Colleen also stated it has been one year since Mr. Lindeman reported on the hospital and felt he should be invited for an update.


Bob stated he would attend the Board of Adjustments meeting for Mr. Logan’s variance request.


Colleen stated a new mailbox needs to be purchased as the one we have has a broken lock. 


Dave made a motion to have the new clerk purchase a new mail box.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Dan Millard will be asked to install the mailbox.


The claim for services by Resource Strategies to Curt Rauvola for work done regarding Burr Oaks was discussed.  Mr. Rauvola would like a more itemized billing.  Colleen stated she would contact Resource Strategies with that request.


The Clerk was directed to fill out the questionnaire from Mas Tec stating we do not require permits for utility work but to add a disclaimer.


Mail was disbursed.


Dave made a motion, seconded by Bob to pay claims.  Motion carried.


Bob made a motion to put out a notice for rock bids to be opened at the April 18, 2006 Town Board Meeting.  Joyce seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Joyce made a motion, seconded by Bob to adjourn.  Motion carried.