Chairman David Garner called the meeting to order.  Others present included Supervisor Robert (Bob) Benson, Clerk Colleen Thompson, and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.  Supervisor Heather Sharp was not present.  Also attending was Dean Johnson, Resource Strategies.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Conflicts of interest were called for with both Supervisors present stated having none.


Planner, Dean Johnson of Resource Strategies appeared before the Board to report the results of the surveys taken at the November 1, 2005 Town Meeting asking for strength and weakness concerns of the township.  It was reported that approximately 80 people attended and responded to the questioner.  Mr. Johnson stated he had talked with the Goodhue County Planner about the inconsistency between the township and the County plan, with our zoning being less restrictive, this being a liability. State law requires the township to be as restrictive and not less restrictive than County.


Dave Garner stated the inconsistency is addressed in our proposed Ordinance.


Mr. Johnson stated the need to, in drawing up our land use maps, is be consistent with the County.  He stated our Agricultural zone is consistent stating one dwelling per 160 acres but that our Rural Residential and Residential zones are inconsistent.  He stated needing the same basic land use as County.  Mr. Johnson stated an alternative would be to have a discussion with the County. Our need is to match the County, not have more density. He stated we should highlight what we want to keep and maybe in meeting with them, they would reconsider and follow our zoning in some areas, especially along the lake area where the land isn’t the best for farming and seems to be best suited for residential as we currently have it zoned.


Dave stated he does not want to reference the County Ordinance.


Mr. Johnson again stated that in completing our land use plan the need is that we can not be less restrictive or allow more density. 


Bob stated he thought that we had addressed meeting the County’s required 12 per section in our proposed Ordinance.


The Clerk stated the Board needs to review their proposed changes.


Mr. Johnson stated he had received all files from the County. The maps he handed out to us reflect and show us the conclusion he has come to. He stated that we as well as all towns have to change plans as the County makes changes.  At present the maps and explanation presented to the Board is an accurate representation of differences we currently have.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (January 17, 2006 cont.)


Bob suggested talking with the County.


Dave stated he prefers our zoning to theirs.


Mr. Johnson asked if it was the Board’s intent to put the project on hold until the County issues are resolved.  He stated in drawing up the long range plan, land use plan, and the Ordinance and in using our own terminology, the County has asked to be invited to our meetings and our presentations and has stated their willingness to work with us. He stated that major changes are needed to the 1998 plan, it is inconsistent with the County Plan, and if the Board is telling him to be inconsistent with the County Plan, it is not legal and he will not draw up a plan that is not legal, and he is done.


Bob stated “go with County Plan”.


Dave questioned Mr. Johnson about the contacts he had at County.  It was determined Mr. Johnson talked with Lisa Hanni and Nancy Spooner.  Scheduling a meeting with the County was discussed.  Dave stated “ours will look like County”. 


Mr. Johnson pointed out that County did show a little higher density in the Stanton town center.


Dave stated “proceed”.


Bob stated “go with County Ordinance”.


Dave stated “use the same language”.


Dean Johnson stated the township could get an opinion from our attorney Tom Scott about his suggestion of adopting County Ordinance by reference with more restrictions in the areas we wish.  He stated sections left out of our Ordinance may be determined as less restrictive.  He stated we could get a good comfort level from our attorney.  Mr. Johnson closed in saying he would draw up township maps to match those of Goodhue County and in doing this it fits 2/3rds to ¾ of people’s opinions obtained in the questioner.


Bob made a motion to bi-pass the reading of minutes tonight and to approve as written.  Dave seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Bob then made a motion to accept the minutes as written.  Dave seconded that motion, the motion carried.


Kenneth gave the Treasurer’s Report.  Current investments total $288,577.71.  Total receipts for the month total $65,870.62 and total disbursements for the month total $8,440.11.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave to approve as read.  Motion carried.


Larry Jensen, 33562 Co. Rd. 24 Blvd., Cannon Falls, MN appeared before the Board to

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (January 17, 2006 cont.)


request a building permit for a 50’x104’ agriculture building.  The location meets all

setbacks.  Estimated cost is $60,000.00.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave to grant a zoning permit.  Motion carried.


Bob reported on pricing for sand and salt from Hedberg Aggregates, Farmington, MN for a total of 140 yards sand with 10% salt mixed and delivered is $18.00 plus handling.  Discussion was had about the immediate need to fill the salt shed.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave and carried to purchase sand and salt from Headberg Aggregates and to schedule for immediate delivery.


Dave made a motion to in case there is a delay in obtaining sand and salt from Headberg as a back up plan go with Aggregate Industries, Welch, MN.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Dan stated we need T-brackets and mounts for installing signs. The Clerk will order 12 of each from the County.


Dave stated that the culvert on the inside corner of 330th Street and 58th Ave. Path is being collapsed by traffic “cutting” the corner.  He stated that in the spring, after the snowplow is no longer in use, three delineators will be placed on the inside corner and the culvert will be opened letting water flow thru.  The home owner agreed to place river rock in the ditch for drainage.


Dan will check the portion of 323rd Street belonging to Cannon Falls Township that they would like us to snowplow.  If Dan reports seeing no problem in turning the snowplow truck around on this dead end road the Board will consider their request to clear that portion of Cannon Falls Township road of snow.  This does not include grading.


Ken reported that three CD’s are due for renewal by the end of this week. Because the CD’s are for the building fund, Ken asked the Board for direction in the length of term they should be renewed for.  Dave stated 91 days to avoid penalty and loss of interest in the prospect of a new building being voted on and approved at the Annual meeting.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave to put $162,000.00 earmarked for the building fund into CD’s for a three month term limit.  Motion carried.


Board members had no outside meetings to report.


In old business, Bob made a motion seconded by Dave to accept the resignation given by Heather Sharp at the December 20, 2005 Board Meeting.  Motion carried.


Colleen asked if the Board was going to place the question of changing to November Town Board Elections on the ballot in March stating we are running close to the deadline for submitting the question to County.  Due to the State delaying until 2008 the need for townships to comply with the HAVA Act the Board took no action at this time.

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (January 17, 2006 cont.)


Supervisor Garner recognized Curt Rauvola and asked if he had a “deal” for the township.  Mr. Rauvola stated he had no deal, not knowing where he’s going with his need to move grain bins onto his own property. He asked the Board for direction.  The Board stated he needs to have a drawing showing where he intends to place the bins and to appear before the Planning Commission.


Dave stated that Mr. Rauvola has property adjacent to Hwy. 56 and the location would work for a new town hall and it was his hope that Mr. Rauvola would consider selling the parcel to the township and it was Mr. Garner’s hope that the cost may be better than what was presented to the Board by Mr. Lee.


Mr. Rauvola stated he had no opinion. Bob stated he may have property at the corner of Hwy. 19 and 40th Avenue; two to three acres valued at approximately $4,000.00 an acre market value.  He stated he would have an answer next month.


Dave stated the need to relocate due to mold in the old building, HAVA requirements and the need to meet the requirements or lose our polling place.  He stated Bob’s property is more centralized in the township.


Mr. and Mrs. James Dolezal owners of Frog Creek Pottery were in attendance as well as their neighbor Mr. Scott Kelly.


Bob addressed the Frog Creek Pottery concern and read the portion of township

Ordinance pertaining to home business as an accessory use.  He stated there is nothing in the Ordinance that states you can’t have a gathering for selling and likened it to a garage sale in which you invite your friends and neighbors to participate.


Dave stated that after thinking about the issue of an annual or semi annual sale he is under the opinion of having no problem with an annual or semi annual event stating off road parking is provided creating no “road hazards” he sees no violations. 


Mrs. Dolezal stated the Beacon incorrectly reported the number in attendance at the event. 


Mr. Kelly stated he lives on the road and he had no issues with the amount of traffic the event generated.


Dave stated he has searched the web for planning commission guidelines of responsibilities used by other cities and/or townships.  He stated they should contain length of term, responsibilities in the area of planning and zoning and in the findings of fact.  Dave will have a rough draft policy to review at the February meeting. 


Colleen has finished researching past records to determine when appointments were

made to the Planning Commission concerning Joe Vandenheuvel and Joyce Moorhouse. 

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (January 17, 2006 cont.)


Joe was appointed to replace Scott Bergemann on 12-29-1998.  Joyce was appointed to replace Dean Johnson on 4-20-1999.  The seats occupied by Paul Schluter and Joe will come up for appointment in March.


Colleen reported that filing for the March election closed at 5:00 p.m. today.  Dave Garner filed for Supervisor.  No one filed for the position of Clerk.


It was noted that there is still an opening on the Goodhue County Park Board for our (2nd) district.  Joyce Moorhouse stated she served eleven years and she has fulfilled her term. The opening is to replace her position.  She stated the Board meets once a month on the first Thursday, usually at 9:00 a.m.


Dave made a motion seconded by Bob and carried to grant Qwest a utility permit for installing equipment along Sciota Trail west of Hwy. 56.


Joyce Moorhouse stated she would like to be considered for the appointment of Supervisor.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave and granted to appoint Marilyn Hines as head election judge as well as Betty Pelkey and Phyllis Emery as judges for the town elections to be held on March 14, 2006.


Colleen spoke about her disappointment in the post cards required by statute, generated by County and sent out by the State in informing township residents of the change in polling place.  The address of the scout reservation was not completely given and the post card in general was very poorly done.  Colleen will contact the County to voice her disappointment.


Dave made a motion, seconded by Bob to approve the printed schedule of 2006 planning commission and town board meeting dates and times.  Motion carried.


Dave stated he had been contacted just prior to our meeting by a state employee from the Cannon Falls shop to ask if the township would be in favor of a turning lane off Hwy 19 west onto 40th Street north.  In discussing the issue, it was determined the township would also ask them to look into a turning lane from Hwy. 19 onto the Oxford Mill Road.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave and carried to ask the State for a turning lane.  


Colleen will put a general notice in the Cannon Falls Beacon legal section to run for a period of one week notifying residents to contact the Clerk if interested in being appointed to the position of Supervisor.


Bob made a motion to dispense with reading of minutes and having several extra copies at meetings for viewing and to post on the web page as soon as approved by the Board.  Dave stated he would like to receive the minutes sooner and post them quicker than

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (January 17, 2006 cont.)


currently done.  Colleen stated she did not agree to the practice of posting minutes before they are approved by the Board making them official.  She stated if corrections are needed they are only made to the official minute book.  The motion died for a lack of a seconded.


The Board reviewed the amount of money generated by building permits vs. planning

commission costs.  Dave made a motion to make no change to the cost of building

permits.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Ken handed out a working document to help in creating a proposed budget.  After considerable time spent Dave made a motion to approve the 2006 budget as amended.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


It was decided that a levy increase was needed for 2007.


The Board of Audit was postponed until the February 21, 2006 meeting.


Dispensing with the Clerk reading minutes each month was revisited.  Bob made a motion to approve minutes as written, dispensing from the Clerk reading the minutes at each meeting and having at least five (5) copies of the minutes at meetings for people to view.  Dave seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave and carried to view the mail. 


Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave and carried to pay claims.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave and carried to adjourn.