Board Chair Robert Benson called the meeting to order.  Other members present included Supervisors David W. McKeag and David Garner, Colleen Thompson, Clerk and Ken Ebert, Treasurer.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Colleen read the minutes of the September 16, 2003 Regular Board Meeting.  Dave McKeag made a motion, seconded by Dave Garner to approve the minutes as read. Motion carried.  Colleen then read the minutes of the September 29, 2003 Special Board Meeting.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to approve the minutes as read.  Motion carried.


Ken gave the Treasurer Report.  Currently there is a total of $75,004.54 in checking and $72,446.78 in savings for a checking and savings total of $147,451.32.  CD’s are unchanged at $227,658.36.  Current assets total $375,109.68.  We had income for the month of $902.63. This total includes $708.00 for building permits, $150.00 chloride payment and $44.63 interest.  Expenses this month totaled $4,300.21.  Dave McKeag made a motion, seconded by Dave Garner to approve the report as read.  Motion carried.


Kurt Emery, 884 Highway 19 Boulevard, Stanton, MN 55081, in section 31, appeared before the Board to request a building permit for a 16`x18` addition onto his existing home.  The estimated cost given is $10,000.00. Kurt showed a site plan showing all setbacks will be met.  Dave Garner made a motion to grant a permit for a 16`x18` home addition.  Dave McKeag seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Kurt stated that he had filled in the hole in the ditch at the intersection of 8th Ave and Hwy. 19 Boulevard with field rock to eliminate the ponding of water. Bob and Dave McKeag both commented that the job Kurt did looked very good. 


Tony & Judy Nobach, 4898 Scout Ridge Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009 did not appear before the Board.  A Public Hearing had been held by the Planning Commission on October 14, 2003.  Tony and Judy Nobach are requesting a Conditional Use Permit for a soy candle manufacturing and wholesale business.  The Planning Commission is recommending denial.  Bob stated he felt the business could not be considered agriculturally related.  Dave Garner agreed with that statement and also stated that the neighbors are against a commercial use in an agriculturally zoned area.  Bob made a motion to deny the request for a conditional use permit.  Dave McKeag seconded the motion.  Vote taken – Dave McKeag – eye, Bob – eye, Dave Garner – nay.  Motion carried.


Lester Lee, 33244 57th Avenue, Cannon Falls, MN 55009 did not appear.  Mr. Lee is in the process of building a shed and is in violation of setback requirements, not using setbacks he stated on his building permit application.  Mr. Lee had appeared before the Planning Commission on October 14, 2003 as requested by a letter sent to him by the Clerk.  Mr. Lee is requesting a Public Hearing for a 30-foot variance of front yard setbacks to finish construction of the pole shed he is in the process of building.  Because of a conflict, Mr. Lee requested that

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (October 21, 2003 cont.)


the hearing is held in December instead of November.  Dave Garner made a motion to have a letter sent to Mr. Lee requesting he sign a waiver to the 60-day rule due to his request to hold the meeting in December and that failure to return a signed waiver agreement will result in denial of his variance request.  Bob seconded the motion.  The motion carried.


Colleen reported that Myra Loven had spoken to her by phone to explain that she has gone to County about recognizing property she owns as having once had buildings and deeming the site buildable in the future by using the terms “replacement building”.  She will attend our December Board Meeting to make the same request at the township level.


Mr. Dave Vandergon representing Riverwood Church of Cannon Falls appeared before the Board to request permission to place a 4`x4` sign on land they purchased along Highway 19 Boulevard stating it is the future site of Riverwood Church. He stated that two weeks ago the County approved their request for a conditional use permit.  The permit is good for 12 months and must be renewed every year until they are ready to build.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to allow a sign on property owned by Riverwood Church.  Motion carried.  The Board reminded Mr. Vandergon to call Gopher One before digging. 


In Adam’s absence, Colleen reported that Adam has finished clearing the piles of sod, dirt and rock from the ditches on Sciota Trail, 20th Ave., and 23rd Ave.  He has dumped a large quantity of this debris in a field on Curt Raavola’s property located along 23rd Ave.


Bob reported that Pine Bend Paving Inc. has checked their work done on the Oxford Mill Road and have stated that no recycled materials were used.  They measured the thickness of the tar in several places at 1.5 inches, the final surface thickness of what they call two-inch thickness of tar applied.


Dave McKeag reported that he had checked out the overlay work Ron Davis had done to 59th Ave and he stated it looks good.  Dave Garner made a motion to, now that the Davis Road Project is finished, do normal maintenance and to take over all future maintenance and to officially accept that portion of 59th Ave as a township road. Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Colleen brought up the need to chloride portions of 2nd Ave., Sciota Trail and 310th  Street before Thanksgiving per the agreement reached with Hampton Hills last year to reimburse the township for chloride application to these roads due to the numerous cars going to and from their tree farm.  Her concern is the increase in chloride cost this year with our agreement last year being Hampton Hills would pay $30.00 per 100 feet.  The Board asked Colleen to send a letter to Hampton Hills stating the increase in cost and asking them to reimburse the township at the current cost.


Curt Raavola has smoothed out one of three field roads in which he has cement, large rocks, and dirt piled.  Bob will speak to him about smoothing out all field roads to which he has dumped these materials due to road safety issues in the township road-right-of-way.

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (October 21, 2003 cont.)


Colleen expressed the need for the Supervisors to draw up a Snow Plow Policy before it snows for liability reasons as advised by MAT at Short Courses. Dave Garner stated he would obtain a copy of another towns Snow Plow Policy to use as a guide to draw up a policy for Stanton Township. 


The definition of road maintenance was discussed.  Bob stated that road maintenance is the surface of the road, leave the road surface and it is called roadwork.


The Board met with Goodhue County Public Works on October 1, 2003 at the Cannon Falls City Hall.  They talked about the future expansion of Hwy. 52 and how it will change County Road #24 and also the possibility of 57th Ave being turned into a County Road ten to twelve years from now.  Also brought to County’s attention was their need to chloride portions of Sciota Trail and 23rd Ave Way due to the heavy traffic to the County Park.


All Board members except Dave McKeag will attend the MAT Annual Meeting being held at the Duluth Convention Center November 20 thru 22.


Colleen reported she has been in contact with Troy Gilchrist from MAT about the steps to take in pursuing an orderly annexation agreement with Cannon Falls.  Colleen will obtain a copy of the agreement Cannon Falls has with Cannon Falls Township to use as a guide in what we need to include in our request.  After we draw up our wants, we need to meet with the Cannon Falls Mayor to discuss our request.  We will need our lawyer to draw up the actual agreement.


Colleen did not yet contact Wheeling Township for a copy of their town hall blueprint.  Ken stated that a Mr. Kelly from Lester Builders of Red Wing has inquired about Stanton Township building a town hall.  It was decided to have Ken contact him and tell him we would like to follow the plans Lester did for Wheeling Township with some modification.


Dave Garner made a motion to obtain insurance coverage from MATIT without the crime coverage clause.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Dave Garner reported receiving complaints from nearby neighbors of work being done day and night at Al Moorhouse’s gravel pit. Dave Garner reported talking to the workers, they in turn contacted Mr. Kielmeyer and his agreement not to work the pit nights.  Also discussed was the problem with dust and a gate and fence wanted by neighbors.  Bob read the Ordinance requirements stating it requires not digging down but only digging into the hill.  Bob stated the issue is of Mr. Moorhouse not being in compliance with the Township Ordinance that needs to be addressed.  He asked the Clerk to send a letter to Mr. Moorhouse asking him to please furnish a plan, fence, gate etc., as required by ordinance (pg. 39).  Mr. Kielmeyer will be asked to water the road for dust control.  The Clerk will also check with County and their ordinance requirements.


Ken gave an update as to the status of projects he is working on.  He stated new checks have arrived to be used with CTAS.  He stated that Rob has drawn up levy recommendations in the

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (October 21, 2003 cont.)


past.  This is actually the Boards responsibility. 


Ken spoke about determining fund balances.  CTAS is fund accounting.  Quick Books has been used in the past and the funds were all lumped together. He has not yet been able to accurately determine what amounts should be used as fund balances.  Also, depreciation of township equipment had been done in the past, Mr. Larry Olson has told Ken depreciation should not be done. Ken will ask Rob to attend the November Board Meeting to help the Board determine figures for making a levy recommendation.


It was determined that Ken needs to average funds levied and funds used in past years and to use these figures to determine an estimated fund balance.  After averaging, use this figure for the fund balance to be inserted into the CTAS accounting system.


Bob reported that Mr. Tanner at 33048 57th Ave., Cannon Falls, MN has built a permanent shelter in the township road right-of-way.  Bob stopped and spoke to Mr. Tanner asking him to remove the shelter from the road right-of-way.


Bob also reported that he had stopped and talked to Ms. Wendy Carroll, 37420 Stanton Trail, Cannon Falls, MN asking her to remove the gate fencing she has in the township road right-of-way. 


Road mileage certification of total aggregate surface miles and total bituminous surface miles needs to be returned to the County by Friday, November 10, 2003.  Adam will be asked to clock the total miles of each and report back to the Clerk.


Mail was distributed.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to pay claims.  Motion carried.


Dave Garner made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to adjourn.