David W. McKeag acting as Board Chair called the meeting to order.  Other members present included Supervisor David Garner, Clerk Colleen Thompson and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.  Robert Benson was absent.


The pledge to the flag was recited.


Colleen read the minutes of the October 19, 2004 meeting.  Dave Garner made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to accept the minutes as read.  Motion carried. 


Ken read the Treasurer Report.  Investments stayed the same with $160,573.57 in the Building Fund, $124,543.27 in the Road and Bridge Fund giving total investments of $285,116.84.  Cash Control Statement, ending balances:  General Fund $88,402.68, Road and Bridge Fund $24,146.47, Fire Fund $98.00 and Building Fund $2,244.00 for an ending balance of $114,891.15.  We had receipts for the month of $271.74 and disbursements of $4,248.23.  Dave Garner made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to accept the report as read.  Motion carried.


David Lorentz, Spring Garden Nursery, 4900 Scout Ridge Road, Cannon Falls, MN in Section 14 of Stanton Township appeared before the Board.  Mr. Lorentz would like to build an 18-hole miniature golf course at the nursery site.  He stated he has a display of nursery stock in a 3-hole mini course and people spoke of interest in mini golf.  Mr. Lorentz stated the business would be run by the Nursery.  It would not be a big part of the operation.  He would hire one extra part time person.  Dave Garner made a motion to schedule a public hearing to be held by the Planning Commission on December 14, 2004 at 7:30 p.m. for the request of a conditional use permit.  Dave McKeag seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Colleen stated that Mr. Jim Hanson, 1687 310th Street in Section 20, has not appeared before the Board to obtain a building permit for his 26x26 replacement garage he is building.  Dave Garner stated he would stop and talk with him


Colleen stated two meetings have now gone by since she invited the Davis’ by phone to attend a meeting for the purpose of signing the Road Maintenance Agreement of 59th Avenue.  Dave Garner directed the Clerk to send a second notice by mail, including the agreement, asking for their signatures. 


Colleen stated the 57th Avenue street sign sitting in the hall needs to be installed as we are liable in emergency situations and signage is missing.  Dave Garner stated it is not his job to install street signs. 


Colleen reported no chloride will be applied to Sciota Trail West or to 2nd Avenue.   Due to cloudy weather this fall the product has solidified.


The upcoming MAT Convention will be held in Saint Cloud from November 18 thru 20. 

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (November 16, 2004 cont.)


Colleen, Dave Garner and Ken will be attending.


Paul Schluter questioned who was doing tree removal on Stanton Trail.  It was stated tree trimming is not being done for the township but is being done for the utility company.


Dave Garner asked the Clerk if she had sent a letter to the Randolph Fire Department.  Colleen stated no.  Dave stated he wants a letter sent including the property valuation in the Randolph School District for consideration when they work on their next year’s budget.


Dave McKeag stated the Township’s outhouse has been removed.


John Beckman, representing Country Side Implement of Cannon Falls presented a quote for a new John Deere 6220 tractor and John Deere 641 loader.  List price $69,137.  Government Discount $-4,138. Trade in value of the Ford 345C tractor $-23,799.  Selling price:  $41,200. An 85`` bucket w/out holes is included. Mr. Beckman stated to add rear fender extensions the cost is $287.00 each.  The front fenders are included in the quote as well as two telescoping rear view mirrors.  Optional is the back-up arm and strobe light. He stated the list price of a self leveling loader is $1,000.00.  The loader has parking stands and there is a quick change on the bucket.


George Burch, a Trustee of the Stanton United Methodist Church appeared before the Board with Bud Gustafson to propose the sharing and togetherness in a new town hall.  He stated the church’s need to be handicap accessible and the high cost involved to become so.  George stated he and Bud have property that could be used for expansion to the south of the church. He stated the possibility of joining together, having a joint building/community center with the chapel being separate.  George stated financially they can not renovate and upgrade.  Dave Garner stated he saw an upside to the proposal and asked if they would be donating land. He stated the sharing of a well and septic could be worked out. Dave McKeag stated we would need to look into the legality of a joint building with a church.  Bud stated he saw nothing wrong with attaching the building onto the church.  Dave Garner stated he would not like it attached but we could possibly separate it with a breezeway and stated the need to refer to our lawyer.  Bud stated he would be willing to donate additional needed land south of the church.  Dave McKeag and Dave Garner both stated it looks like a good idea.  George stated it would save both costs giving the township the building they need and solving parking limitations for both.  Dave Garner stated he liked the location giving enough space for them to work with.  The proposal has not been brought before the Church Council and we will be updated as to their response to the proposal.


Mike Pedersen appeared before the Board.  He stated he had appeared approximately one year ago with a proposal to plat property he owns off from CR 24 between 59th Avenue and 324th Street Way.  He stated it was preliminarily approved by the Township and County.  Time has lapsed for the County and he will need to work with them on the final

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (November 16, 2004 cont.)


plat.  He asked if he needed to go before the Township Board again.  Dave Garner stated he did not think so.


Wendell Maltby, representing the Maltby Nature Preserve appeared before the Board.  He stated that Allard Moorhouse, on the Board at the time his Conditional Use was approved

had added the condition of dust control on Sciota Trail which was agreed to.  He stated he had sent in for 150` of chloride in front of his own driveway and had contacted the Clerk

when it was not applied. He reported that the Clerk stated that it may have gotten applied

to the footage applied to Sciota Trail for Garner and Slininger.  Dave Garner stated he didn’t think so.  He stated yes, dust control is part of his Conditional Use.  He stated dust control by Maltby’s mailbox should not be affected as to where his house is and should have been applied for the Nature Reserve and possibly due to lack of communications was not extended past Maltby’s driveway.  Wendell asked why he should pay for what everybody else gets free.  Dave Garner stated because he had made this agreement as a condition of his Conditional Use Permit.  500` was applied, this is more than what was “free”.  Maltby again stated it was of no benefit at the Maltby mailbox. Mr. Maltby then asked about a dead tree in the ditch along Sciota Trail and asked if the Township will remove it.  Dave Garner stated “No”.


John Miller, asked the Clerk to see the paperwork pertaining to Ross Rounds business, stating a Conditional Use should have been applied for.  The Clerk responded that the Rounds’ had gone thru the proper procedure and their paperwork is in the file.


Colleen stated she had talked with Lisa in the Land Use Office and ordered another County Ordinance Book.


Dave Garner stated grading is needed on 20th Ave, Sciota Trail W. and 4th Ave Way and directed the Clerk to contact Tom to do so by the weekend and then made the recommendation to look for someone else to fill the position if the roads are not graded by the weekend and that the Clerk was to contact Tom about the proposed recommendation.


Colleen reported she had sent Fred Dierking a letter asking him to remove his cars from the Township right of way by November 30, 2004 and also a letter to Dan Benham stating the conditions he must meet before being allowed in Township equipment as a back-up snow plow driver.  Dave Garner stated he would talk about the letter later. Colleen stated she had reviewed the contents of the letter with Bob before sending it, to which he agreed and that the copy of the letter Dave had was not for discussion but was for his files.


Mail was distributed.


Dave Garner made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to pay bills.  Motion carried.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (November 16, 2004 cont.)


Dave Garner reported he placed locks on the diesel fuel barrel and stated where the keys could be found.  He also stated the satellite needs to be moved inside for winter.


Dave Garner made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to adjourn.