David McKeag, Vice Chair called the meeting to order.  Other members present included

Supervisor Dave Garner, Clerk, Colleen Thompson, and Treasurer, Ken Ebert.  Bob Benson was absent.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Colleen read the minutes of the January 20, 2004 Regular Board Meeting.  Dave Garner made a motion to accept the minutes with a correction changing the wording “fee owner” to landowner.  Dave McKeag seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Ken gave the Treasurer Report, stating this is our first CTAS generated report. General fund receipts for the month totaled $278.23 and disbursements totaled $2,353.64.  Road and Bridge Fund receipts totaled $90.00 and disbursements totaled $1,072.29.  Ending balance of all funds as of January 31, 2004 is $225,958.04. Current investments total $282,913.75. Dave Garner made a motion to tentatively accept the report as read.  Dave McKeag seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Lowell (Dick) Daniels, 2501 325th St., Dennison, MN 55018 in Section 28 appeared before the Board requesting their approval/acknowledgement that a document from the Land Use Management Department of Goodhue County stating a parcel of his property is build-able under the grandfather clause is also deemed build-able by the Town Board.  Dave Garner and David McKeag both agreed it appears build-able under the grandfather clause.


Ken Ebert submitted a check in the amount of $150.00 from Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church for their upcoming Public Hearing for two variance requests that will be held on Monday, March 08, 2004. 


Joyce Moorhouse, 2763 310th Street, Cannon Falls, MN 55009, Section 16 did not appear.  The Board had made a motion at the January 20, 2004 Town Board Meeting in which the Moorhouse’s did not appear, referring the Moorhouse’s back to the February 17, 2004 Town Board Meeting to give them an opportunity to present complete documentation to the Board of their proposed building request. Dave Garner made a motion due to Joyce Moorhouse again not appearing and due to needing to meet the 60-day rule, to deny a building permit for lack of documentation by the Moorhouse’s.  Dave McKeag seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Joe Vandenheuvel, PC Chair brought before the Board the question of does a variance follow land or the person.  Dave Garner stated it goes with the land.  Joe stated he didn’t agree that was always true.  Dave Garner will check with Tom Scott.


Greg Magnuson, representing Maltby’s Nature Preserve, appeared before the Board asking for verification that the current Conditional Use Permit from the Township recognize camping as recreational use.  He stated that the County is reluctant to issue a septic permit for showers and toilets for camping, as they do not recognize camping facilities as a recreational use.  Greg also stated they had planned on doing the project in conjunction with the on site residence.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (February 17, 2004 cont.)


Dave Garner stated temporary tent camping was permitted.


Mr. Magnuson stated his request was for Stanton Township to recognize that camping is acceptable with Stanton Land Use under our Ordinance.


Dave Garner stated it was always his understanding and made a motion to have the Clerk write a letter to Goodhue County Land Use stating that the Maltby Preserve is within the guidelines and definition of our guidelines and we encourage Goodhue County Land Use to recognize this to insure they get septic installed. Dave McKeag seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


A motion was made by Dave McKeag, seconded by Dave Garner to reimburse Roland Spillman $53.50. Due to inside remodel only, a permit is not needed from the Township.  Motion carried.


Jerry Willenbring, Ron Waltz, Paul Jenson, Lori Reinardy, Rita Cox, Ryan Nelson and Fred Dierking appeared before the Board to ask why 57th Avenue Court is not included in the Oak Leaf Estates plat that was approved in 1971.


The road is now and always has been recognized by the Township as a private road off from a private road. 


The group questioned what would need to be done for the road to receive maintenance by the Township.


Dave Garner replied the road must be brought up to current Township standards before the Township will accept the road.  This would require a tarred surface.


The fact that Oxford Hills and Oxford Estates currently have graveled roads was noted and the question was asked about the road being grand fathered in as a gravel road.  It was stated by the Board that there is not a grandfather clause concerning roads.  It is recognized as a development and current standards require tarred surface roads.


Fred Dierking asked if the road could be upgraded and assessments made.  The Clerk will look into the procedure they would need to follow.


Adam reported on the “sign class” he attended on February 10, 2004.  He obtained literature on the correct height and distance from the surface of the road they need to be placed.  Adam also brought a flyer about the correct materials to use for rural mailboxes.  Colleen will look into getting a quantity of these flyers to pass out with building permits for new construction.  Adam stated that we are in need of several new road signs:  One for Wildwood Rd. and another for County 24 Blvd. Also needed is a “Slow Children Playing” sign.


Adam acknowledged that he knew there were complaints about the lack of snowplowing during the 12” snowfall. 


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (February 17, 2004 cont.)


When we have large snowfalls, the Board instructed Adam to clear all the roads thru the center, making them passable and then to come back over them again to wing out the ditches. The Board stressed the importance of clearing the roads during the early morning hours and the need to be done before people leave for work.


Joe reported that the next Planning Commission meeting would be held Monday, March 8, 2004 due to the Annual Meeting on March 9, 2004.  They will hold two Public Hearings for variance requests, one for Carl & Carol Slifka and another for Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church.


 Joe spoke about the tower owned by Great River Energy and how they used adverse condemnation to obtain the land the tower is located on. Joe stated he did not agree with the Judge’s ruling, as towers are not an essential service. Great River Energy must compensate the landowner fair market value and is currently disputing the amount awarded.  Because of these unresolved issues Joe felt we should not act on the request for Nextel to place equipment on the existing tower including their building permit request until the fee owner is determined. 


Dave Garner stated we should wait until we see official documentation and made a motion to table discussion until Nextel reapplies for a building permit.  Dave McKeag seconded the motion. Motion carried.


We are waiting to receive a sample agreement from the City of Cannon Falls pertaining to Orderly Annexation.  Each annexation request will be looked at as a separate issue.


Dave and Dave both reported on the Joint Powers Board Meeting between the City of Cannon Falls, Cannon Falls Township and Stanton Township.  Both agreed we will not participate, each stating it would be a bad deal allowing another entity to make decisions on what will happen in our township.  Both agreed it would not happen.  It was agreed to meet once or twice a year with this group for informational meetings only.


Dave Garner attended the Goodhue County Association of Township’s Meeting.  Steve Sviggum was a speaker.  Dave reported that the County presentation was very good.


A meeting with Warsaw Township was held at their town hall on February 11, 2004. The purpose of the meeting was to reach an agreement in sharing road maintenance on Warsaw Trail and also 35th Avenue.  All Stanton Township supervisors attended. Saturday, March 6, 2004 was tentatively set as the date for the Supervisors to inspect Warsaw Trail and 35th Avenue before signing the agreement.


Dave McKeag made a motion to appoint Phyllis Emery, Marilyn Hines and Betty Pelkey as election judges for the Township Election.  Dave Garner seconded the motion.  Motion carried.




REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (February 17, 2004 cont.)


Colleen explained the Planning Commission Operational Guideline and the reason John Dooley, MAT Attorney, stated we need the guideline in place.  Dave McKeag recommended tabling any action on the issue until a full Board is in attendance. 


It was noted that Short Courses would be Wednesday, March 17, 2004 in Owatonna at the Ramada Inn.  Ken asked if his wife could attend in his place.  Dave Garner replied if she pays her way.



Board of Audit


Before the Board of Audit was held, John Miller questioned the legality of holding it without a full Board in attendance.  Colleen looked up Statute 366.20 in the 1999 law book and verified that a quorum for the Board of Audit should be the same as for the Board of Supervisors. 


Ken presented the Stanton Township Treasurer’s Report and General Ledger for 2003.


The Board reviewed the ledger and randomly picked several claims to review.


Dave McKeag made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and General Ledger presented. 

Dave Garner seconded the motion.  Motion carried.





Mail was distributed.


Dave Garner made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to pay claims.  Motion carried.


Dave Garner made a motion to adjourn.  Dave McKeag seconded the motion.  Motion carried.