Board Chair, David Garner called the meeting to order.  Others present included Supervisor Robert (Bob) Benson, Clerk Colleen Thompson and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Conflicts of interest were called for with both Supervisors present stating none.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave and carried to approve the minutes as written.


Kari Brown, representing T-Mobile, 8000 W. 78th Street, Suite 400, Edina, MN appeared before the Board to request co-locating equipment on the existing Verizon Tower and ground equipment to be placed inside the fenced area located on 320th Street, Joel Fox property. 


Dave stated that this is a permitted use on the conditional use that Verizon has and made a motion to approve a zoning permit to T-Mobile for co-location of equipment by T-Mobile on the tower belonging to Verizon and also the placement of supporting equipment within the fenced area at the site on 320th Street.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


John and Paul Hogan, 5444 Hwy. 19 Blvd., Cannon Falls, MN 55009 appeared before the Board to request a 16`x35` garage addition to their existing structure.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave to grant a zoning permit.  Motion carried.


Dave reported the sand and salt purchased from Hedberg Aggregate had been delivered and pushed into the salt shed.


In discussion of snowplowing the portion of 323rd Street within Cannon Falls Township, but accessed by Stanton Township roads, David Pagel, who was in attendance of our meeting and also the Cannon Falls Township road maintenance person stated that the portion of road we were discussing was not a certified Cannon Falls Township road according to Cannon Falls Township maps.


Dave will attend the next Cannon Falls Township meeting of March 15, 2006 at 8:00 p.m. at their town hall to discuss with their Board the status of this road as the initial request had come from their Supervisor, Keith Smiley.


Colleen reported that she had talked with County about chip seal for a small portion of 59th Avenue.  Their response was that they had no projects scheduled in close proximity to our township and we would need to wait several years until they are back in our area to be cost effective.  Colleen also reported talking to them about paving the small section of 323rd Street off CR 24 and their willingness to help us with specs and obtaining quotes for the project.  Dave made a motion to work with the County Public Works Department for specs needed in paving a portion of 323rd Street.  Bob seconded the motion.  Carried.

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (February 21, 2006 cont.)


Colleen stated that she was not able to reach anybody using the number given to her by Dave to discuss turning lanes on Hwy. 19 and 40th Avenue.


Dave addressed the complaint received by e-mail from Diane Pagel concerning semis using Oxford Mill Road and Stanton Trail stating that we can not regulate who can travel on a public road except in the event of road weight limits in the spring.


Kenneth gave the Treasurer’s Report.  Building Fund balance is $166,925.07.  Road and Bridge Fund balance is $126,128.50.  Total investments are $293,053.57.  Receipts for the month totaled $172,056.90 and disbursements for the month totaled $171,027.92. $166,925.07 of the receipt and disbursement totals is the building fund amount taken from three CD’s and placed into three short term CD’s in anticipation of use towards the building of a new town hall. Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave to approve the report as read.  Motion carried.


Dave reported on attending a meeting in Zumbrota immediately before tonight’s meetings concerning the Hwy 52 Corridor project.  Preliminary funding for CR 24 study and mapping is to be finalized by 2007.  Proposed timeline for CR 24 interchange is 2015.  Other timelines are 52 & 47 interchange 2011, 52 & 42 interchange between 2015 and 2023.  There is talk of a possible air cargo facility near Coats that may play into current timelines.  Oronoco project is scheduled to start April 1, 2006.


Dave stated we will change the order of the agenda and allow Heather Sharp to give her presentation at this time.  Dave stated for the record this is an informational presentation, not a public hearing and stated no comments will be taken after the presentation.


A constituent asked by stating “this is not a formal request?”  Dave again clarified this was an informational presentation only.


Heather Sharp stated her purpose of the presentation was to gather input from the community.  She stated she had made up a questionnaire for her use only.  She stated her reasons for marketing her property.  She also stated that due to 911 and the mandates put on the local fire departments will warrant a property tax increase. This increase will be put on the Stanton Township residents.  To help with the tax burden, Heather stated Stanton Township needs to grow. 


Heather spoke of being approached by eight different developers for various types of developments.  She stated she decided on the concept of an alternative healthy living and alternative lifestyle living campus that would include an integrative medicine clinic, walking and biking path, wheelchair paths that can also be used by blind pedestrians, fire rings, labyrinth, cross country ski trails and a community garden in the meadow.  Heather presented her vision to the community using a slide presentation. Heather ended her presentation and stated she has a web site people can view for information and asked those in attendance to fill out her questionnaire stating their remarks will determine the

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (February 21, 2006 cont.)


direction she will go with her plans.


A break was taken at this time giving people a chance to pick up the questionnaires and move to the back of the room to talk with Heather. 


The Board meeting resumed with Dave asking Bob about the town hall plans.  Bob stated the cost is being worked up and he would have the information for the annual meeting.  Dave clarified that we need an estimate of costs to be presented at the annual meeting and the need for copies for passing out to constituents.  Bob stated he will have that information with explanations.


Dave asked both Bob Benson and Joyce Moorhouse for their land proposals for property to be used as a possible town hall site. 


Bob stated three acres located at the “curve” on 40th and 310th Street stating an existing field road as the access point to the piece north of the triangle belonging to Summit Golf Club.  He stated three acres at a cost of $4,500 per acre would include surveying and the legal paperwork.  Joyce stated a cost of $1,200 per acre on property she owns off from 310th Street.


Dave thanked both for their proposals.


The Board deferred the Planning Commission Guidelines Draft to the March 21, 2006 Town Board Meeting.


Colleen stated she talked to Goodhue County Public Works and was given a cost of $5.00 for t-brackets.  It was stated we also need post brackets.  Dave made a motion, seconded by Bob to purchase t-brackets and post brackets from the County.  Motion carried.


Ken stated the need to transfer $25,500 from the general fund to the fire fund to pay tonight’s fire department bills. This is due to the increase of rates by both fire departments.  Bob made a motion to by resolution transfer $25,500 from the General Fund to the Fire Fund to enable the township to pay our current bills. Dave seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Using the most recent information available, the Board worked on a proposed levy for the annual meeting.  It was stated there has been no increase for nine years and due to anticipated increased costs of approximately $31,000.00 we need to propose an increased levy. It was determined the Randolph Fire Department bill will go up $15,000.  The Cannon Falls Fire Department bill is anticipated to go up $18,000.  The total fuel costs for 2005 was $3,162.68 and it was decided to increase the amount currently budged for fuel by $2,000.  Bob made a motion to by resolution propose a $35,000 increase in levy for 2007.  Dave seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (February 21, 2006 cont.)


Colleen clarified that Ken has the proposed budget figures for the annual meeting.


James Pagel, road maintenance person for Cannon Falls Township was in attendance and asked the Board what was our percent of increase in this year’s bill received from the Cannon Valley Rural Fire Association.  It was determined approximately 10%.


Colleen read the following resolution.


Resolution Declaring Vacancy in the Position of Supervisor


WHEREAS, Under Minn. Stat. 351.02 a vacancy occurs upon the happening of any of the following before the term has expired:  incumbent dies, resigns, is removed, ceases to be a town resident ….and

WHEREAS, Supervisor Sharp has resigned her position as Supervisor of Stanton Township and

WHEREAS, the Board accepted Supervisor Sharp’s resignation at the January 17, 2006 Town Board Meeting, and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the town board of Stanton Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota does hereby declare a vacancy in the position of Supervisor.


The following three persons stated their desire to be considered for appointment to the position by making the following statements.


Joyce Moorhouse stated she has always been interested in Stanton Township government.  She was readily available to attend meetings.  She currently sits on the Stanton Township Planning Commission and has been on the Cannon Falls Hospital Board and the Goodhue County Park Board.


John Miller stated he would do what is best for the Township.  He has served as Supervisor in Leon Township and has always had an interest in politics.


Mark Dubbels stated he would like the opportunity to serve.  He has been involved for the last 4-5 years in township government sitting on the Stanton Township Planning Commission.  He has been involved in the town hall plans.  He would uphold the township Ordinance in serving the community.


Dave thanked all three and asked Bob to make a statement.


Bob stated he knew all three and all were good candidates, to pick one he made a motion to appoint Joyce Moorhouse to the position of Supervisor for a one year term. Dave declined comment at this time. Colleen stated Joyce is very knowledgeable about township law and she believed Joyce would be fair in her decision making. Colleen stated she did not know John well enough to be able to vote for him and stated she could not


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (February 21, 2006 cont.)


vote for Mark due to his statement to the Board at an earlier meeting that if they acted favorably on an anticipated proposal he would be the Boards “worst nightmare”.  Colleen seconded the motion to appoint Joyce.


Dave called for discussion and stated he was in favor of appointing Mark stating his knowledge would be useful.  He went on to state this is a one year appointment until the next election at which time the position will be on the ballot for the remaining year in the term.  He voiced his dissent.  Motion carried.


Joyce stated she will accept the appointment and was given a Certificate of Appointment.


Colleen stated she was contacted by John Anderson who would like to be on next month’s agenda to talk about annexation.


Steve Emery asked questions of the Board in wanting to build another barn for 450 animal units.


Dave made a motion, seconded by Bob to draw up a check for four people to attend Spring Short Courses in Rochester on March 21, 2006.  Motion carried.


Mark Dubbels requested the Clerk take minutes at Planning Commission meetings stating other townships have the Clerk take P.C. minutes.


The Board held the Board of Audit.  Finding all books in order, Dave made a motion to approve the audit as presented by the Treasurer.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Colleen stated we need the voting booth and voting box moved to the Scout Reservation before the Annual Election.  Bob will contact Don and take care of moving the voting booths.


Ken stated his appreciation of the help he receives from his wife in helping him in his position as Treasurer.


Bob made a motion to pay claims, seconded by Dave.  Motion carried.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave to open mail.  Motion carried.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave to adjourn.  Carried.