Note:  Meeting held at Phillippo Boy Scout Camp, 30654 32nd Avenue Way.


Board Chair, David Garner called the meeting to order.  Other members present included Supervisors Robert (Bob) Benson and Heather Sharp.  Also present, Treasurer, Kenneth Ebert and Clerk, Colleen Thompson.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Disclosures of interest were asked for.  All Supervisors stated having none.


Colleen read the minutes of the May 26, 2005 meeting.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Heather to accept with corrections.  Motion carried.


Ken gave the Treasurer’s Report.  Investments stayed the same at $162,449.21 in the Building Fund.  The Road and Bridge Fund increased to $126.128.50.  Ken negotiated 4.1% interest for CD’s located at Farmers Merchant Bank of Cannon Falls.  Current investments total $288,577.71.  We had receipts for the month of $664.35 and disbursements of $4,985.54.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Heather to accept the report as read.


Bruce Wiese, General Manager of Syngenta, 317 330th Street, Stanton, MN 55018 appeared before the Board to request building permits for three buildings.  Item A.  A 75x60x17 - 4500 square foot expansion to the 1997 building (warehouse) for the purpose of storage with an estimated cost of $290,300.00.  Item B.  A 140x70x20 – 9,800 square foot structure connected by a hallway to the current main building.  The building would house the field corn group and consist of two large rooms for shelling and treating corn. Estimated cost is $1,101,700.00.  Item C.  An equipment storage building, 60x160x16 pole shed to house combines, tractors and for storage.  Estimated cost is $166,200.00. Setbacks for all buildings will be met.


Bob made a motion to grant permits for Items A, B, & C.  Discussion:  All are agricultural related, no reason to delay Syngenta from moving forward.  The conditional use will be held separately at a later date pending on the Clerk locating paperwork.  It fits our land use, provides jobs and is an excellent neighbor.


Joe Vandenheuvel spoke to the recommendation of the Planning Commission stating the Ordinance states it falls under needing a conditional use permit and this needs to be looked at.  Joe stated he didn’t know if one is issued and that should be addressed now.


Mr. Wiese gave the Clerk a timeline of past building projects.


Dave Garner stating a conditional use if needed will be looked at after the Clerk reviews past documents, seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (June 21, 2005 cont.)


Tom Olson, 29823 20th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009 appeared before the Board to request a thirteen (13) foot front yard variance.  He stated he had measured from the middle of the road and there is forty-seven (47) feet to his existing garage.  A Public Hearing was held and no negative opinions were expressed.  Two (2) neighbors had written statements in favor of the proposed addition matching the existing garage.  Dave made a motion, seconded by Bob to grant a 13 foot variance for the purpose of an addition to an existing garage.  Motion carried.


Tom Olson asked for a permit to add a 22x14 addition to his existing garage to provide space for a handicapped accessible van.  Estimated cost is $10,000.00.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Heather to grant a permit.  Motion carried.


Stan Webb, 1993 300th Street Way, Cannon Falls, MN, Section 17, appeared before the Board to request a permit for a 24x24 replacement garage with an estimated cost of $11,500.00.  Setbacks will be met. Bob made a motion, seconded by Heather to grant a permit.  Motion carried.


Dean Johnson, 32875 Stanton Trail, Cannon Falls, MN 55009 appeared before the Board to request a permit to build a 9x20 shed for storage.  Setbacks will be met.  Estimated cost is $3,000.00.


Dave Pederson, Phillippo Boy Scout Camp Ranger appeared representing the camp located at 30654 32nd Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN.  Mr. Pederson is requesting building permits for two (2) 26x12.8 pool/shower house additions with a cost of up to $200,000.00.  Setbacks are met.  Dave made a motion, seconded by Heather to grant a permit.  Motion carried.


Mr. Dean R. Johnson, president, of Resource Strategies Corporation, 14001 Ridgedale Drive, Suite 300, Minnetonka, MN 55305 appeared before the Board to make a presentation of his business.  The firm was founded in 1991.  He has been working in Minnesota, working with planning professionals since 1977.  He stated he is not associated with RLK.  He exclusively works with public entities. He has worked with the townships of Wanamingo, Holden, Cherry Grove, Kenyon and Vasa in Goodhue County. He was first contacted by our attorney, Tom Scott stating our possible need for his services for a review of a proposed plat, named Burroak Acres.


Mr. Dean Johnson made the following assumptions.


  • The township currently requires 5 acre parcels in the proposed area.
  • To proceed, there is a need to match with County requirements.
  • PUD in shore land standards – If content to use County’s Ordinance with township’s own stated restrictions.
  • Would not recommend to have own PUD provisions.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (June 21, 2005 cont.)


  • Could do simple procedure, having County process and place our own restrictions.  Currently we are more restrictive.
  • Can’t give a good, quick fix.
  • Needs clear direction.
  • In reviewing our Ordinance, found inconsistencies.  We need to clean house with a fresh start.
  • Advocate alternatives.


Dave Garner stated the Planning Commission went through the existing Ordinance.  The Board went through the existing Ordinance and modified.  Dave stated he is satisfied with our Ordinance.  The need is to bring the Land Use up to date to reflect our current proposed Ordinance.


Dean Johnson stated our current Land Use Plan is not useful.


Dave Garner stated he feels we are more restrictive in areas and would like to be consistent with both of them. The Land Use is out of date and the need is to bring the Land Use to reflect our Ordinance which he is happy with.


Dean Johnson stated in the ball park of a non metro plan, what is useful to us dictates, in large, the project.  In the country, a small project can trigger requirements to meet minimum State requirements.  Starting from scratch he estimates $4,000.00 to $5,000.00. Needing to be consistent with County and to make our land use map, using information provided by us.  Concerning our Ordinance, he recommends his assistance in definitions and minimum statutory State requirements.


Dave stated he would like to get the Ordinance typed and the Land Use Plan drawn up.


Dean Johnson recommended spending time highlighting what is missed.


Dave stated the Board is comfortable with the changes made.


Heather suggested start from scratch.  Clean up the Ordinance.  We won’t use the old Land Use Plan as it is not in a condition to update.  She stated for townships that have stand alone Ordinances, if comfortable in administering, adopt by reference having no glaring inconsistencies. Heather stated Mr. David Hamilton, Administrator from Goodhue County was in attendance and asked him to speak on the issue of consistency.


Mr. Hamilton stated he was here to convey the County is willing to work with the township.  He stated the need for the townships and County to be consistent, speaking of the difficulty to work together with inconsistency.  He stated Dean Johnson has practical advice.  He stated County staff is willing to, in open cooperation and in the spirit of communication; work with the township because we are a high growth County.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (June 21, 2005 cont.)


Dave Garner suggested reviewing steps needed.  He stated Mr. Johnson is certainly capable.  We need to make sure we are comfortable with and accept changes and review for accuracy.


Heather recommended we move forward.


Dave stated Mr. Johnson has good credentials, we have made the initial contact, and we should move forward and spend the $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 for a new Land Use.  He recommended then having one (1) Public Meeting up front and one (1) Public Hearing at the end.


David Hamilton spoke of the County just completing GIS information that may be beneficial.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Heather to hire Dean Johnson, Resource Strategies Corporation to draw up a new Land Use Plan for Stanton Township.  Motion carried.


Mr. Johnson was asked to come back in July.  Mr. Johnson stated he will be on vacation.


Discussion continued concerning Burroak Acres.


Dave stated our attorney; Tom Scott reviewed the current Ordinance.  Also stating we currently allow for cluster development.  He suggested using the cluster development with an overlay zone creating a new zoning district, if we matched County overlay with our own restrictions.


The question was asked if clustering allows smaller lot size. 


Joanne Wood stated an overlay district is not an exclusive district.  So how cumbersome will this become?


Colleen was asked to read the directive given by Tom Scott.


Joanne spoke of the time frame for the new Land Use Plan.  She stated that based on the existing ordinance they would need to come to a Planning Commission Meeting for a request of change of zone.  Then have a public hearing.


Bob asked what does County require for lot size asking is it 1,000 feet?


Joanne stated the DNR has one (1) acre lot size in a shore land district and the proposal is geared towards DNR requirements.


Dean Johnson stated that what the County has is state standard.  He stated he is not convinced cluster development was useful and recommended we add to our Ordinance,

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (June 21, 2005 cont.)


making clear provision for shore land stating we can be restrictive to an extent.


Dave stated this proposal isn’t addressed in our Ordinance and using Curt as a test case, under existing Ordinance they have that right to ask for it.  The Clerk just read Tom Scott’s statement and it is his assumption they need to ask for an amendment to the existing Ordinance.  Dave asked about the cost to amend our existing Ordinance.


Mr. Johnson estimated 8-20 hr range of time at $110.00 per hour, recommending walking thru the plat process and attending one public hearing.


Joanne reviewed the steps to be taken:  To attend a Planning Commission Meeting, proposing a zoning amendment, have a public hearing granted by the Board. Hold a public hearing during a regularly scheduled Planning Commission Meeting, go to the following Board Meeting and request the change of zone.  Joanne stated she would contact the Clerk if they choose to pursue the project at this time and also spoke about the need to notify those living nearby the proposed area of rezone before the public hearing.


Joe Vandenheuvel, in regards to the Land Use Plan, asked if we hire Mr. Johnson as a consultant, can we eliminate our attorney. 


It was recommended to have the attorney review the plan.


Joe went on to speak of lake shore terminology in our Ordinance and that language hasn’t been applied and also about State law that protects water bodies and what is possibility of somebody along the river using new terminology to build.


The Board stated the river is designated as Wild and Scenic with its own restrictions.


Dean Johnson stated the underlying zoning district incorporates language to restrict to type of lake, such as only lots abutting lake.


Our Dean Johnson asked would this project trigger the possibility of PUD’s for the rest of the lake property.


Dean Johnson stated PUD in the County Ordinance is straight out of the State model. Our Community has two choices with shore land.  1.  Minimum of five (5) acres except for shore land.  2.  Whatever is more restrictive will apply.   He stated shore land never goes away.  The State in 1969 developed common standards to avoid spot zoning.


Dave stated if there is a proposal, and we act on the proposal, if we approve an overlay zone for them this would create it for all of Lake Byllesby so we can’t restrict by size.


Dean Johnson stated if against what the County has adopted you don’t have to go there.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (June 21, 2005 cont.)


Joanne stated, didn’t you say that the new Ordinance does not have a provision for PUD’s?


Heather stated it is not in, not having proper language.


Curt Rauvola asked if we were to wait, does that save us any cost.  We would still have to go thru public hearings.  If we get the zoning changed and sit on for five (5) years, will it go away?


Dean Johnson stated once you know the request is on the table, it must be addressed.


Dave stated if you wait for the new Ordinance and Comp plan it’s possible your language would not be addressed.


Our Dean Johnson stated his recollection is one (1) paragraph in the current Ordinance states if a cluster is developed, it must meet the criteria stated and does not think overlay would be proper.


Colleen will contact Joyce Sheets stating we have no need at this time for cleaning services.


Tom gave his road report.  All rock is on where needed.  Rock was delivered on Warsaw Trail.  Tom talked about the rough conditions on Warsaw Trail.  Colleen also stated she received complaints and contacted Warsaw Clerk, Joel Stenhaug about the condition of the road.  Tom stated he had done some of the mowing of ditches last Saturday.  He stated all chloride has been applied.


Colleen stated she had talked with Mr. Bob Goudy from Goodhue County Public Works Department regarding the bridge railings on 23rd Avenue.  Mr. Bob Goudy is still waiting for direction from the State.


Tom asked the Board to seriously look for a replacement stating not enough time to take care of his business and do road work and because of this he needs to work on roads on Saturdays and Sundays. 


Heather asked the time frame we should look at.  Tom replied as soon as possible.  He stated he would try to get ditches cut.


Bob thanked Tom for all the work he has done.


The Clerk was directed to look at previously submitted résumés.


Heather made a motion, if previous applicants don’t work out to put an ad in the paper advertising for the position.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (June 21, 2005 cont.)


Heather reported on the Goodhue County Planning Commission Advisory Meeting.  The County has an Interim Ordinance specifically addressing wild cats.  Heather stated this piggybacks to the need to utilize Dean Johnson for ordinance provisions.  Other topics involved a fifteen (15) acre sub division, spot zone, surrounded by residential, forty-seven (47) proposed units with separate septic discouraged due to proximity of Lake City.  They also reviewed the letter we sent concerning the rezone near Lake Byllesby.


Dave stated he had inspected the Meyer property a second time and O.K’d the position of the proposed building.


The Goodhue County clean up date was discussed as a way to dispose of our old computers, monitors, and the T.V. picked up in a ditch.  Dave stated he would check another source for their disposal.


Bob stated he will attend the upcoming Goodhue County Board of Adjustment Meeting in which a variance request for the Dibble/Freeberg proposed building site will be addressed as well as the Stanton United Methodist Church variance request.


Mr. Chuck Rademacher asked where the Dibble driveway is being placed.  Stating they only own one half of the abandoned road.  He stated he is not opposed to them building but the driveway needs to be five (5) feet off the property line.  He asked that Bob address this issue.


Upcoming meetings that members of the Board will attend are Short Courses in Rochester on Thursday, July 14, 2005. The District IV Meeting in Faribault on August 25, 2005.  No Board member expressed interest in attending the NATaT Annual Conference in Washington D.C.  Noted were the dates of November 17-19, 2005 for the MAT Conference and Annual Meeting.  As yet we have not been notified of a date and time for the proposed Randolph/Hampton Fire Dept. and Townships joint meeting.


Colleen stated she placed an order for the new posting box on June 2, 2005.  There is a six (6) to eight (8) week wait for delivery.


Because of the late hour, it was decided to recess tonight’s meeting instead of adjourn and to reconvene on Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. to address the agenda topics of Town Hall – Indigo Environmental and Town Hall – Planco, Building Plans.


Colleen stated she had sent in new paperwork and hopes to be able to access the Purchasing Venture web site for possibly purchasing office supplies at a discount.


Bob made a motion to amend the Ordinance to state front yard setbacks need to be measured from the center of the road.  Dave stated he was not comfortable doing so

without a public hearing.  Heather suggested an interim ordinance.  Dave again stated he

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (June 21, 2005 cont.)


was not comfortable changing the Ordinance without a public hearing.


Bob made a motion to change in the proposed ordinance update wording regarding front setbacks, inserting language to measure from the center of the road, in all zones to

measure from the center of the road ninety-nine (99) feet.  Heather seconded the motion.  Motion carries.


Discussion on the disclosure of interest was withdrawn at this time.


Heather stopped to talk to the person living at the old Hoppe place concerning a neighbor’s inquiry of a possible kennel being built and the rumor of numerous sled dogs.  In their conversation it was noted there is a fourteen (14) year old dog and two (2) Dobermans.  No sled dogs.  She does obedience shows.  Her immediate neighbor, Mrs. Jacobson stated having no problem with odor and no problem with barking.  The pavers delivered to the residence are for landscaping not a dog kennel. 


Joe Vandenheuvel in making a rebuttal to Heather’s statement at last months meeting expressed this was no attack on any one individual.  He expressed his displeasure of accusatory remarks and being talked down to.  He stated talk of doing away with the planning commission is evidence of Board ignorance and the planning commission finds it offensive.  He stated the Planning Commission recommended building permits being issued to Northrup King (Syngenta) contingent on them having a conditional use and that the Board issues building permits in error.  He expressed the need to operate the same in all matters, for one and all, using as an example Sandstrom and Rounds.  He stated he is not aware of a conditional use and can’t believe what is going on in the township.  He stated he drew a line in the sand when a Board member made a public attack taking exception to the letter dropped in area mailboxes.  In comparison of the township vs. County, he stated we have the right to be more restrictive.  He stated he has seen more divisiveness in the last four (4) months than in the last thirty (30) years.  He spoke of being steamrolled and does not like being lied to making note of Heather stating she was appointed to a County Board when in fact she had not.  Note:  In viewing the May 17, 2005 Town Board Minutes, Heather stated I have been asked and accepted an appointment to the Goodhue County Planning Commission. She was in fact appointed by County Commissioners to the Goodhue County Planning Commission on June 20, 2005.  He stated he was told that Stanton Township called the meeting with Cannon Falls on annexation.  He expressed his view of advisario annexation.  He stated he had three questions for Heather and he spoke of an infomercial Heather had been in which she gave testimony, a developer friend who she spoke for at a public meeting and a comment Heather made to a neighbor. 


In response Heather stated in 1997 her husband quit farming.  They purchased from an infomercial Carlton Sheets tapes on how to get into property with no money down.  They used this concept in Alaska; it was her husband’s job, in that he rented out houses as he


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (June 21, 2005 cont.)


was a stay at home dad. Regarding the metro developer, Heather stated he was a friend wanting to develop land in Eagan.  She spoke on his behalf at a public meeting stating that the area is highly desirable for Northwest employees. Concerning her statement about one acre lots Heather stated it was sarcasm.  The statement was taken out of context and that she will to be careful of statements she makes in the future.


Dave stated he knows nobody trying to get rid of the Planning Commission.


Paul Schluter submitted the following statement.  I have talked to many people about the direction of the township and encouraged them to come to township meetings.


I would estimates 80-90 percent of them want to keep the township as rural as possible and they do not want to liberalize the ordinances to allow more building.


I have owned property in Stanton since 1970.  At that time many people wanted to move to the country (they still do).


Stanton did not have a zoning ordinance then and developers were busy platting additions along CR 24 and with Woodland Heights, people were kidding about changing the name to Apple Valley South!


Then a zoning ordinance was passed and no new plats have been done since 1971 and we have had a more orderly building program.


There is always economic pressure to allow for more building sites, but we do not have to bow to that pressure.


Our township has been known to be more liberal in zoning than other townships in Goodhue County like our adjoining townships, Cannon Falls, Leon and Warsaw.  (I live within a mile of those townships).


I am not in favor of becoming more liberal than we are now in our ordinances or for encouraging any annexation.


I have been on the planning commission about ten years.  My goal is to continue to maintain a rural nature to the township and particularly the Little Cannon River Valley.


Like I said earlier, most of the area residents share this viewpoint.


Our new board member, Heather Sharp has indicated that she would like to protect this beautiful valley for all of us and our children.  And I hope the rest of the Board also shares this viewpoint.


Also, it would be encouraging to the community to include a few minutes for discussion

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (June 21, 2005 cont.)


from the residents at each board meeting.  And, like one of the old town board members

suggested, maybe someone could bring coffee and doughnuts too!


Heather invited anyone after we adjourn to talk to her in person if they would like.


Ken spoke about problems he has with his lap top.  He asked the Board’s permission to

spend money on an operating system.


Bob made a motion do what is needed to fix the computer.  Heather seconded the motion.  Carried.


A laptop for the Clerk to use during Board meetings was discussed.


Dave Garner stated there is a cost for lights and running fans during our meetings and asked Dave Pederson to give us a money figure.  Dave Pederson did not specify an amount. Bob made a motion to give Phillippo Boy Scout Camp $65.00 per meeting per month minimum for overhead costs.  Heather seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave to distribute mail.


Dave made a motion, seconded by Bob to pay claims.  Motion carried.


Dave made a motion to recess until Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. at the same location.  Heather seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Continuation of the June 21, 2005 Town Board Meeting.


Dave Garner called for the continuation of the June 21, 2005 Town Board Meeting. In attendance were Supervisors Garner, Benson and Sharp as well as Clerk Colleen Thompson and Treasurer Ken Ebert. Mark Dubbels was asked to attend for his expertise in the building trade.


Dave Pederson stated the quotes he received for their proposed additions came in lower than expected and they would be building the proposed staff shower addition.  The cost of the project will stay the same at $200,000.00.


Dave made a motion seconded by Heather and carried to pay the following claims.

            MAT – Short Courses - $35.00

            Phillippo Boy Scout Camp – 2 times @ $65.00 for a total of $165.00


Colleen gave a report on Indigo Environmental, what has been done and what will be done by them in determining any problems the current hall has with air quality.  The direction we proceed will be determined in the final report from Indigo Environmental expected to be ready for our July 19, 2005 meeting.


REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (June 21, 2005 cont.)


The Board reviewed the town hall plans drawn up by Planco Inc.  It was suggested to add a four foot gable over the door. Also, having windows match front to back and the need for a vent – air exchanger and including these items in our published notice for bids.


It was noted the plans call for minimum needed specs.


Water and sewer were discussed.  It was decided to include water and sewer in the same bid as the building.  If utilizing the current location a holding tank for sewer would be needed because of no place  Colleen is to check with County the distance needed between any sewer and water.


Bob will go to Planco for red line plans.


The following tentative time line was set.

·        June – Plans

·        July – Review /approve plans

·        August – call for bids

·        September – open bids

·        October – public hearing

·        November – bring to vote.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Heather to adjourn.  Carried.