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Board Chair, Robert Benson called the meeting to order.  Other members present included Supervisor David W. McKeag, and David Garner.  Clerk Colleen Thompson and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Colleen read the minutes of the July 15, 2003 Town Board Meeting.  A motion was made by Dave Garner, seconded by Dave McKeag to approve the minutes as read.  Motion carried.


Ken gave the Treasurer Report.  Currently there is a total of $20,162.82 in checking, $72,356.06 is in savings for a checking and savings total of $92,518.88.  CD’s total $227.658.36.  Total assets are $320,177.24.  Income for the month totaled $676.44.  Expenses totaled $35,294.35.  Dave Garner made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to approve the report as read.  Motion carried.


Dave McKeag at this time thanked the Board for the flowers, prayers and visits given during his recent surgery and recovery.


Steve and Jackie VanGuilder, 31100 County Road 25 Boulevard, Cannon Falls, MN appeared before the Board to request a building permit for a home and a separate permit for a shed to be built on a 40 acre parcel in Section 35.  Estimated cost of the house is $250,000.00.  Estimated cost of the stick built shed will be $40,000.00.  All setbacks will be met. Dave Garner made a motion, seconded by Bob to grant permits.  Motion carried.


Daryl Banitt, 5368 312th Street Path, Cannon Falls, Mn in Section 24 would like to build a 12x15 four-season porch to replace an existing deck on his current home.  All setbacks will be met.  Estimated cost of the replacement/addition is $9,000.00.  Dave Garner made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to grant a permit.  Motion carried.


Dave Vandergon, 5294 312th Street Path, Cannon Falls, Mn. in Section 24 would like to build a three-season porch and deck to his existing home.  All setbacks will be met.  Estimated cost of the addition is $16,600.00.  Dave Garner made a motion, seconded by Bob to grant a building permit.  Motion carried.


Wendell Maltby, 949 Sciota Trail, Randolph, Mn. in section 7 stated that he had recently moved one building site location from section 18 to section 7 at the County level.  He stated he is now before the Board to request a permit to build a house for the Executive Director of the Maltby Family Preserve to live in. Bob asked if this building would be on the tax roles.  Wendell Maltby stated they currently pay taxes on the site.  Wendell stated the building would be 1176 square feet and have an estimated cost of $120,000.00.  All setbacks will be met.  Northfield Construction will build the structure with Lamberts of Northfield supplying the material at cost.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to grant a permit.  Motion carried.


Ray Wynne, 920 W. Park Street, Cannon Falls, MN appeared before the Board to request a

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (August 19, 2003 cont.)


building permit on property he owns off from County Road 24 Blvd. in section 25.  The new home construction is estimated to cost $200,000.00.  Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave McKeag to grant a permit.  Motion carried.


Adam gave the Board a report of road maintenance he has done in the past month including brush removal at John Widman’s on Warsaw Trail and also on 57th Ave.  He has removed the brush pile at the end of 303rd Street.  He fixed the split arrow sign at Sciota Trail and 23rd Ave and will be contacting Gopher One before installing a split arrow sign at Sciota Trail and 20th Ave. 


Colleen was contacted by a Goodhue County Sheriff Deputy and asked to put up a dead-end sign on Cherry Lane.  There is a dead-end sign in the area and the Board decided not to install a dead-end sign in a new location, but to leave the dead end sign as is.


Roads needing grading were discussed with Adam.  Due to the extremely dry weather, some roads have gone without grading for a long time.  57th Ave and Sciota Trail east are two of the roads needing grading at this time.


Chloride was discussed.  Colleen reported being contacted by Jim McBride, Oxford Mill Road and Jim and Diane Pagel, Stanton Trail requesting another application of chloride.  Dave McKeag also expressed his desire to have another application of chloride in front of his home on 330th Street.  The Clerk will contact Ferrellgas and ask them to apply chloride to Sciota Trail west and also to 2nd Ave. before they remove their chloride equipment for the year.  Hampton Hills Tree Farm will pay for the chloride application to these roads per their prior agreement.


It was noted that the 90 -day probationary time period for Adam is over next month.  Colleen was asked to include this to next month’s agenda.


Colleen had each Board member sign a letter addressed to Ron Davis stating the need for the overlay of 59th Street to be applied.  The letter gives Mr. Davis until October 1, 2003 to submit to the Board a copy of a contract stating the date this project will be finished.  If the Board does not receive such, they will contract the work done and assess the cost to Davis’s taxes.


Bob reported talking to Joel of Pine Bend Paving stating the Town Boards concern of the thickness of overlay they applied to a portion of Oxford Mill Road.  Joel explained that 2” overlay refers to the thickness as it is applied but that it would actually be less thickness after rolling.  Bob expressed concern of the road breaking up in the areas they applied mesh to.  Joel will visit the site and call Bob.


Bob reported that Raavola is dumping large cement chunks and large rocks into the ditches along 23rd Ave. Way.  The concern is that this is in the township road right-of-way.  Bob will contact Curt Raavola telling him the need to remove this debris from the ditches.  Colleen asked Bob to also talk to Mr. Raavola about removing the portion of an irrigator from the 23rd Ave. ditch.  This has been sitting in the ditch for over a year.

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (August 19, 2003 cont.)


Wendy Carroll has not been home when Bob has stopped to talk with her about removing her gate fences from the ditch right-of-way.  Colleen will make contact with her again to express the need for her to relocate her fencing.


It was reported that the Planning Commission would hold two public hearings in September.  Ryan Rounds postponed the hearing scheduled for August and it will now be in September.  The request is for a trailer home as a second dwelling.  Jay Halberg is requesting a variance hearing to build a shed 800 square feet over the maximum currently allowed by town ordinance.


Dave Garner reported that he attended the Randolph Fire Department meeting on August 7, 2003.  Dave reported stating our case as to the market value we believe should be used when calculating cost of fire protection billed to the township.


Colleen reported that she attended the Hazard Mitigation Plan Meeting in Red Wing on August 13, 2003.  The hazard identification work sheet summary was evaluated and risks were shown by graft stating high to low risk.  Assets of each township were discussed.  Also discussed were flood plains as risks.  The next meeting will be held September 10, 2003.


Bob attended the Board of Adjustment meeting on July 28, 2003 in Red Wing.  It was reported that Allard Moorhouse was allowed one building site and denied another from being moved from Section 15 to Section 22.  Gary Robinson was permitted to move a building site in section 21.  The Maltby Partnership was allowed to move a building site from section 18 to section 7.  Brad Schiell had his request tabled allowing him time to draw up a plat of the area he owns and would like to sell for several building sites.


Dave McKeag and Bob visited the Wheeling Township Town Hall on Wednesday, August 13, 2003.  It is a Lester Building with a 64x48 shop and 48x26 town hall including office, utility, and bathroom.  The hall will seat about 60 people. 


David Garner reported Ravenna Township is in the process of building a new town hall.  It is a Walters Building.


It was reported that upcoming meetings include the following:

   August 25, 2003 – Goodhue County Board of Adjustments – Steve VanGuilder

   August 28, 2003 – District Meeting in St. Peter, MN

   November 20-22, 2003 – MN Assoc. of Townships Annual Meeting – Duluth Convention



Colleen still needs to gather information about orderly annexation procedures.


It was determined that a snowplow policy needs to be in place by the October Board Meeting.



Dave Garner made a motion, seconded by Bob to fill out the application to join the Property,

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING (August 19, 2003 cont.)


Auto & Liability (PAL) self-insurance program being offered under the MN Assoc. of Townships Insurance and Bond Trust.  The motion carried.


Dave Garner brought to discussion the compensation Planning Commission members receive at $40.00 per meeting and due to the excellent job the Planning Commission does making the

Board’s job easier, and the fact that the Planning Commission holds all public hearings it is his desire to make their pay level the same as the Town Boards at $50.00 per meeting.


Ken questioned if changing the pay would need to be done at the Reorganization Meeting in March.


Dave Garner made the motion to compensate the Planning Commission at the same level as Town Board members subject to the Clerk’s verification that we can raise pay at this point and if not to table the action to the Reorganization Meeting in March.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Ken asked the Board to verify pay procedures for Adam when attending meetings and classes.  It was stated that he is paid by the hour and hourly is how his pay should be determined.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Dave MeKeag to pay claims.  Motion carried.


Mail was distributed


Dave McKeag made a motion, seconded by Bob to adjourn.  Motion carried.