Note:  Meeting scheduled to be held at the Phillippo Boy Scout Camp, 30654 32nd Ave. Way was locked out. The chair-Dave Garner asked the group of shareholders present to cancel the meeting or move it to the Stanton Township Hall with notice of moved meeting posted.   The Shareholders requested the meeting be moved.


Board Present:  David Garner, Chairman; Heather Sharp, Supervisor, Ken Ebert, Treasurer, Joyce Moorhouse, Deputy Clerk.


David Garner called the meeting to order at the Stanton Township Hall at approximately 7:25 PM.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Garner, in light of the Clerk having surgery, moved to place Joyce Moorhouse as Deputy Clerk as requested by Clerk Colleen Thompson.  Sharp seconded the motion.  Motion carried 2-0.


Disclosures of interest were asked for; the supervisors had none.


Joyce Moorhouse read the minutes of the August 16, 2005 Town Board Meeting.  Sharp moved to approve the minutes. Garner seconded.  The minutes were approved 2-0.


Ken Ebert gave the Treasure’s Report.  Building Fund $162,449.21; Road and Bridge Fund $126,128.50; giving total investments of $288,577.71.  Receipts for the month totaled $348.09.  Disbursements for the month totaled $3,788.11.   We have an ending cash balance of $120,972.02.  Sharp made a motion to approve the Treasure’s Report.  Seconded by Garner.  Passed 2-0.




Rob Tate, 4325 CR 24 Blvd., Cannon Falls, MN 55009  requested a building permit for a 36’ Grain Bin.

The setbacks are slightly over the 60’ requirement.  Being met, Garner made the motion to approve, seconded by Sharp.  Passed 2-0.  Permit granted Mr. Tate paid the $62.50 to the township.


Frank and Patty Otto Variance Request.

Garner stated the Planning Commission minutes weren’t received so he would have to table the issue without the minutes, though three commission members were present.

The Ottos wavered the 60 Day Rule and did provide additional information.

Heather Sharp will make an on-site survey of the situation.  Dave Garner will do a drive by  of the property.

Garner made a motion to table the issue.  Sharp seconded the motion. Motion passed 2-0.


Jim Baszuro Variance Request.

With no Planning Commission Minutes, Dave Garner asked Mr. Baszuro to waiver the 60 Day Rule.

Jim Baszuro stated he was denied at the Planning Commission due to lack of a hardship. Jim asked if the Board would use the same guide lines as the Planning Commission.  Dave Garner said, “Yes, the Township Board uses the same guide lines.”

“At this point,” Jim Baszuro said, “I would drop the issue at this point”.   He had checked with Goodhue County and the parcel does lie in Stanton Township.  The Town line is on the back of his property line.  He will move the house back 10’ from what was requested.    Jim requested  a permit for the home.   He provided his site plan and building plans with an estimated cost of $275,000.00.

Sharp made the motion to approve the building permit for Mr. Buszuro.  Garner seconded the motion. Motion passed 2-0.






Dave Garner reported he attended the Randolph/Hampton Fire Dept. Meeting on Sept. 9, 2005.  Half the fire service comes from Randolph and half from Cannon Falls for township fire protection.  The protect for 2005 was: Randolph/ Hampton  $15,725.00  and Cannon Falls $8,135.00.  Garner state the 2006 proposal was at $30,722.00 from Randolph/Hampton Fire Dept. and the gave a second proposal at $19,400.00 for 2006.  Dave asked them to check the evaluation.  R/H said they couldn't get this information out of Goodhue County.  Heather asked Ken Ebert, Treasure, to provide these figures.   Dave stated he will deal with Cannon Falls Fire Dept. when he finds out what the true evaluations will be.

Dave stated he was preparing the township for the upcoming big increases.  The next meeting is the 3rd Monday of October at 8 PM for the Randolph/Hampton Fire Dept.   With Cannon Falls we are good through 2006.  The next 3 Years Contract is for 2007-2009.


No other meetings were attended.


Old Business:


The board scheduled a 7:30 PM, October 22, 2005 Conditional Use Permit Public Hearing for Syngenta.


Curt Ravola is not pursuing a PUD - Shoreline Zone at this time.


New Business:


The LAND USE UPDATE input meeting is tentatively set for November 1, 2005 at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM to be held at the Boy Scout Reservation.  Dean Johnson, planner, will be facilitating the meeting.  This will be for public in-put planning.


Robert Benson, not present, requested to table the Road Maintenance Position until he would be present.

The other board members agreed.


Ken Ebert, Treasure, stated the government has recommended a 48.5 cent mileage reimbursement.  Both Garner and Sharp decided to keep mileage reimbursement at 40.5 cents through the end of 2005.



Kevin Millage at 23rd Ave. stated 323rd Street had 15-18 cars just in the morning and wants it black topped.  59th Ave. has been tarred and with the replot he stated, “We knew this was coming two years ago, but we weren’t invited back by Goodhue County.  We did speak out at that time about the replot.  Now the good citizens of Stanton Township have to pay for this; get holding the bag”

Dave Garner stated the tarring of 323 Street has been on the agenda to do.

Mr. Millage also asked, “Will  Stanton Twp  plow rest of 323rd Street next to the replot?”

Dave Garner said the township need to determine how far 323rd goes.  We will plow up to our boarder with CF Twp if it isn’t a private road.

Jim Regenscheid stated 60th Ave. Way is in Cannon Falls Township. He wants to know if Stanton will plow up to the line as CF does not plow 60th Ave. Way and he does it so they can get out.

Mr. Millage requested a call back on the issues.


Garner made a motion to pay claims.  Sharp seconded the motion.  Passed 2-0.


Mail was called for.


Heather Sharp made a motion to adjourn.  David Garner seconded the motion. Passed 2-0.


Respectfully Submitted by Deputy Clerk,