Stanton Town Hall

31186 40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Board Chair Joyce Moorhouse called the meeting to order.  Others present included Vice Chair Dave Garner, Supervisor Vince Cockriel, Clerk Betts Top and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Joyce called to reveal any conflicts of interest.


None were heard.


Approve Agenda

Joyce requested removing Budget Approval.

Dave Requested adding Chair and Vice-Chair Appointments under New Business

Dave Garner made a motion to approve the agenda as corrected

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Approve Board Minutes of 2-19-08

Dave requested on page 3, under Dave Wenker change “section 130” to “section 25”

Also, page 4 after ‘Vince asked what date it was’ it should read “January 11th” instead of 19th.

Page 7…where it said “a 7% increase”, it should be added “per year”, and change “Dave attended the county meeting” to “Vince attended the county meeting.”


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to approve the 2-19-08 Board minutes with corrections.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Approve Minutes of Board of Canvass 3-11-08

Dave Garner made a motion to approve the Board of Canvass minutes

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Approve Minutes of Special Meeting – MN-DOT 3-14-08

Joyce mentioned at that meeting the state told them there would be no cost to Stanton Township at this time.

Dave also noted that the two maps presented at the meeting were now posted on the bulletin board at the town hall.

Vince Cockriel made a motion to approve the minutes of the Special Meeting of 3-14-08

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Treasurer’s Report

Ken reported:





Current Investments CD –Road & Bridge

$   71,890.14



$   20,043.57



$   25,242.99


Liquid Assets as of 3/18/08

$ 144,158.24



Dave Garner made a motion to accept the report as submitted

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Ken reported the current policy with MAT was “Silver Level”.  He asked the board if they wanted to change it.


Dave Garner made a motion to stay at the Silver Level of Life Insurance

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Ken asked did the board want to expand this ability, such as dental or other insurances that were available through MBA.  They would have to pay in advance to the treasury.  While they were on the board the check had to come from the treasury.  After they left the board (position) they could continue on their own as long as they wanted. They would then make their payments directly to MBA.  This was at group rates.


Joyce felt it should be saved until next month when the new officers were present.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to table the subject until the April board meeting

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


The clerk said she would add it to the April agenda.


This ended the Treasurer’s Report


Building Permits

  1. Matt Fimmen 32399 Cty 24 Blvd, Cannon Falls, MN section 25.  Addition of a deck onto back of house.  Size 16 x 30 feet.  Cost was $7-8,000.00

Matt came forward.  Matt presented plans to the board.


Dave Garner made a motion to approve zoning for Matt Fimmen and proposed 30’ x 16’ porch.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Matt was given a permit to fill out.

Matt gave a site plan to the clerk and paid the treasurer $100.00 permit fee by check.


  1. Phillippo Scout Reservation, 30654 32nd Ave Way, Cannon Falls, MN

Remodeling.  Cost $15,000.00

Laura Pederson came forward as a representative.  She told the board they were remodeling the basement of a camper cabin, adding a bathroom and 2 showers.


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the Zoning certificate as “no zoning required.”

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


  1. Dave Wenker of 5834 325th Street, Cannon Falls, MN Oxford Estates, section 25.  Variance request/Public Hearing for a garage/shop.

Dave Wenker came forward and said he wanted to build a detached garage 8 feet from the lot line in his back yard. He needed a 7 foot variance. His neighbors had come to the Public Hearing and did not have a problem with what he wanted to do. 

The board looked at the site plan.

Vince asked Dave Wenker if the temporary shed would be gone after building the new garage. 

Mr. Wenker said yes.

Vince asked within what time limit would it be gone?

Mr. Wenker said the garage would be in the same place, so it would be gone after the garage was built.  He presented photos of how his back yard looked currently.

The clerk kept the pictures for the record.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to approve the 7 foot variance for Dave Wenker’s garage/shop.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.


Discussion ensued regarding another shed’s location and where the garage would be built in relation to it.  Also, there would be no driveway back to the garage/shop. 


Dave Wenker pointed out where sewer and septic were on his site plan. 


Motion passed 3/0


The clerk had the board sign the Variance request forms.


Dave Wenker requested a permit at this time for his 30’ x 36’garage. Cost $9,000.00


Dave Garner made a motion to approve a zoning certificate

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Dave Wenker wrote out a check for $100.00 for his permit


  1.  Ryan Rounds of 30149 59th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN Section 13.

Ryan Rounds came forward.  


Dave said we had asked Ryan to come before the board.  Dave continued saying they had a complaint regarding an unauthorized building.  They had been trying to get Ryan to come in to clarify it.  When we got a complaint about an unauthorized building we were not accusing them, we just wanted to clarify it by asking them to come in.  

Dave said we had received documentation from Ryan showing he had two building permits for outbuildings.


Ryan said he had gone to the county.


Joyce recapped explaining the county had seen two buildings on his property but needed to justify where the permits were.  After we wrote Mr. Rounds and he didn’t come in more and more letters were sent.  It looked like Ryan wasn’t in compliance with the township.  Then the county corresponded with us saying one of the buildings was not (finally) inspected and one of the buildings had changed uses, from Horses (agriculture) to personal storage.


Dave added as far as use went that was up to the county.


Joyce said they wanted to apologize about the reporting in the paper (Beacon) because they did not put that in there. 


Joyce read the correspondence from the county-


 “A zoning permit was issued in 1998 to a previous owner for a shed for horses.  Mr. Rounds needs to submit a building permit application for a change of use for that structure.  When/if approved, that permit would effectively allow for the current use as a personal storage structure rather than be limited to the use for agricultural purposes as the original zoning approved allowed.  Mr. Rounds should be contacting you (or someone else at the Township) for the Township Zoning Approval of the change-of-use building permit.”


Dave said we had no issues with the zoning down there (at Rounds). 


Discussion ensued as the two permits were reviewed.  One from Jeff Reinhardt in 1998 for a pole building approved for horses (zoned Agricultural). That was the one that had to be changed to “storage”. Ryan just needed a permit from us, which would not cost anything, for a change of use. 


Joyce requested Ryan fill out a zoning certificate and the clerk would sign it.

It would say Stanton had no issue with the zoning for the 1998 building.


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the ‘change of use’ as no zoning was required from the township to personal storage use.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.


Discussion ensued regarding zoning changes.

Ryan said he had contacted the county for a final inspection, (of the second building) but that they never came out.  Then in 2002 his permit expired. They had never done the final paperwork as he saw it.


The board requested they deal with one building at a time.


Motion passed 3/0


Joyce read another portion of the correspondence from the county:


“Mr. Rounds was in the (county) office this afternoon.  As far as we determined, he has three areas of concern with the County relative to his property: 

  1. Assessor’s Office – Property Use and Value Considerations;
  2. Zoning – Land Use/Home Occupation Concerns; and
  3. Building Code – Use of Structure/Building Permit Concerns.”


Ryan showed on an aerial map of his property which buildings were of concern.


It was decided both buildings did have permits.

It was decided that the township did not have a problem with the second pole building, built in 2001.  Also it had no zoning issue with Mr. Rounds at this time.


Paul Schluter, a planning commission member, spoke and said the original house and garage were built by Duane Holt.  After that Mr. Reinhardt built the first poll building and used it for horses. 


Joyce said regarding the pole building that Mr. Rounds built in 2001, as far as the town board was concerned they had no issue with that permit. 


The clerk was advised to mail Mr. Rounds a copy of the minutes. 


The board thanked Mr. Rounds for coming in.


Clerk’s Report

1.Permission to Publish Board of Appeals and Equalization Notice – 2 weeks, April 22, 2008 at the town hall from 10:00 AM to Noon.


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the publication

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


2. Reimbursement from Cannon Falls for Copying Expenses – Mayor Weibel

Betts reported she had received a check for $41.00 from Mayor Weibel for the cost of copying expenses from last years meeting on Annexation. 


3.Water Filters – Town Hall

Betts said we needed new water filters. Each one had lasted about 5 months.  She had done research and found they ran $20 to $25 dollars each.  One website sold them in a case of 8 filters for $20.75 each and shipping was included.  Should she order these?


Vince Cockriel made a motion to purchase the filters (8 pack)

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


4. Resolution – Retention of Records Procedure

Betts said she was told she could not throw any files away, no matter how old they were, until the township had a Record Retention Policy in effect.

MAT recommended the current Minnesota Historical Society Retention of Records procedure.  Betts presented the board with the “Notification of Adoption of Township General Retention Schedule” policy.  (marked Exhibit A)

After this schedule was approved and mailed and returned signed by the Minnesota Historical Society, then she could remove records that were expired.  She also had to, by recommendation of MAT, ask for a resolution to be passed by the board to adopt the Minnesota Townships General Records Retention Schedule, which she had with her tonight.

(marked Exhibit B)  Betts handed out the 12 page document for Record Retention which listed all document categories, where they should be located, how long they should be kept and if they needed to be archived. 


Ken, having attended a meeting that day where record retention was addressed for claims, wanted to know what this list said about Claims.


Joyce replied it said 6 years.


Ken replied that is what he was also told.


Joyce read the resolution aloud to the board (see Exhibit A and Exhibit B)


Discussion ensued regarding documents that could be removed being offered to the Randolph Area Historical Society before they were destroyed.  It would be wise to check and see if any documents should not be offered to Randolph due to information possibly being private, confidential or not for public viewing. Also, having something added to the end of the resolution regarding privacy.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to adopt the Minnesota Township General Records Retention Schedule and the Resolution as was read.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.

Motion passed 2/1  Dave Garner voted nay


Vince requested the chair direct the clerk to call and see if there were records that should not be offered to the Randolph Historical Society. 


The board decided that before anything would be destroyed it would be brought to their attention for review. 


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion, having passed the resolution of the Retention of the Townships Records, that before any of the records be disposed of that those records be brought before the board for discussion and approval.

Dave Garner seconded the motion.


Discussion ensued regarding the motion, if Randolph even wanted our documents and if it was legal to give any documents to the Historical Society. 


Motion passed 3/0



Public Before the Board


Jim Pagel came forward.  He handed out some copies to the board of documents, permits and previous minutes with highlights and notations of certain motions, agreements and rulings regarding Wendy Carroll and her Home Occupation Business for Cannon Tackle.  He said he was concerned with this on-going issue of the business not being moved yet.  It had been about 20 months since she had been to the county and received an extension to find a place for her business to be moved.  He felt the township should act and give a date for the business (to be moved). He felt it was setting a precedent. Her building permits were not based on a business, but on an agricultural use.  Also, the temporary structures that were now there, storage and trailers, the county’s fine print said those had to be moved also.  He felt the township should say “sorry, your time is up.”  Everything she had done he felt was in total violation.  The county had not stepped in yet but he felt they were close to involving the county attorney.  He wanted to bring his case to the township.  He felt the township should look into it more and remind her that her time was up in October 2007.  It was past the deadline that the county and township had agreed upon. 


Joyce asked Jim what was his biggest issue with this.


Jim said it’s every day all day… the semi’s and trucks.  Chloriding all the road did help.


Dean Johnson asked what more did the township need, it was outright breaking the law.


Jim said he wanted a more prompt resolution to the whole thing.  If we were going to set a deadline, let’s set a deadline.  Wendy had previously said the best time for her to move would be March, and now she was coming into a really busy season.  Truck after truck was delivering to her home. 


Joyce said she and the board were very disappointed that she did not move more swiftly to find a new location.  She did purchase land in Dennison.  Joyce had spoken with Randy Rechtzigel and asked him if he was about done with Wendy’s building.  He told Joyce that he would be done with it but Wendy did not get the water and sewer in as she was supposed to last fall.  Joyce, since then, had noticed in the newspaper an ad for bids to be received April 3rd for the water and sewer to be done in Dennison for Cannon Tackle.  How much longer it would take after that they did not know.  Joyce did not feel the township roads were meant to have this excess of trucks and semi’s going by. 


 It was recalled that the last extension given to Wendy was March 31st 2008 and it had been given at the December 2007 meeting.  


Jim felt there should be some type of enforcement against the business.


Dave felt they could not take any action until after the date that had been given to her.


Joyce suggested the clerk could send Wendy a reminder of the fact that she was nearing her expiration time.  That she needed to plan to move or cease operation and have her buildings be gone.


Vince agreed, he understood about the sewer and water but he could see no reason why she couldn’t be moving her trailers.


Discussion ensued regarding penalty fees for each day each violation occurred, for failure to comply.  It was felt a letter would be appropriate.  Possibly bringing in the township attorney also.


Vince wanted the letter to state that we knew she didn’t have sewer and water hooked up till after the first part of April but in the mean time she should be moving the rest of her operations. She should start the moving process.  We understood she couldn’t fully move at this time.


Dave recommended also putting in that we assumed the date of March 31st, 2008, that she would cease operation in Stanton Township per our agreement. 


The clerk said she would send her a letter. 

The clerk was requested to check the ordinance for fines and fees to be applied, and to let her (Wendy) know that the ordinance did call for penalties. 


Jim thanked the board and left at this time.


Joyce called for any other public comment.

None was heard.


Road Report

Tom came forward.

Joyce asked Tom if he forsaw any expense needs for equipment for 2008 or 2009?


Discussion ensued about possible leaks in the mower and that it should be checked.  Annual truck inspection and keeping records of inspections was requested.  The road trip and Tom attending that was confirmed, the possibility of John filling Tom’s space if Tom was busy.  The culvert replacement on 59th and 303rd which was Stanton’s responsibility.  Possibly Mark Henry could meet the board at the site to see what needed to be done as he had done previous culvert replacements.  There was enough salt and sand to make it through to spring.  It should be filled one more time before moving.  Mixing the remaining mixture with the incoming loads.  Salt and Sand mixtures should be a 10% salt premix.  Previously Hedberg had delivered the mix.  Chloride would be put on all the roads, after the roads had been graded.  Roadsides should be trimmed before the 4th of July.  John needed to be certified to grade roads, schooling by University of Minnesota might offer classes. 


Ad Hoc Report

John Krantz reported that the findings should be finalized at this next meeting, or possibly the next two meetings. The next meeting would be April 1st, 2008. 


Reports of Meetings Attended

The supervisors and clerk attended the following meetings:

March 3 – Meet the Candidates, March 11 – Annual Town Meeting, March 11 – Board of Canvass, March 14 – MN-DOT Hwy 52 Special Meeting, March 18 – MAT Spring Short Course in Rochester along with the newly elected clerk Laura Pederson and Treasurer Ken Ebert. Ken also attended the Annual Meeting.  Vince reported he attended the Future Land Use meeting on February 26th. 


Ken reported at his meeting (MAT Spring Course) he learned that there would be election training for the clerk at the Ramada Inn July 17th in Rochester, a resolution to accept gifts, showing the board would accept the gift and what it was for,  also posting meetings for 3 days with 1 extra day allowed for posting, and another day allowed for the actual event – this equaled 5 days.  Next Ken reported MAT was looking for history of all townships and dates they were organized.  He learned that in 4 years there would be a state mandate for all road signs to be replaced. Lastly, the amount (of money) in reserve, (for townships) should be 35% to 50% of the total operating expense or a minimum of 5 months. 


Old Business

1. Moderator Pay

Dave Garner made a motion to pay Annual Meeting Moderator Mark Dubbels $50.00

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


2. Official Newspaper

Dave Garner made a motion to have the Cannon Falls Beacon be the official newspaper
Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


3. Official Posting Place

Dave Garner made a motion that the official posting place would be the township hall
Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


4. 2009 Annual Meeting

Dave Garner made a motion the annual meeting for 2009 be March 10, at the town hall and begin at 8:10 PM.
Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


5. Board of Canvass

Vince Cockriel made a motion to approve the results
Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


6. Randolph Area Historical Society Donation

Vince Cockriel made a motion to approve a donation to the Randolph Area Historical Society for $500.00
Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


7. Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley Donation

Vince Cockriel made a motion to donate $250.00 to the Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley
Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


8. Town Hall Open House Date

Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to have the Town Hall Open House Saturday, June 21st , 2008 from 1-3 PM with notice that the town board would be available to discuss and answer any questions from the public.
Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


9. Compensation for Transition of New Clerk

Dave Garner made a motion to compensate the old clerk for time spent training in the new clerk at the present clerk wages.
Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


10. Asbestos  Removal – Old Town Hall

Dave said he would like to get it removed this summer, but would like a second bid from Enviro Tech in Minneapolis.

The clerk was advised to contact EnviroTech for a second bid and to add the item to the April Agenda. 

Joyce said she believed under State Statute the board could sell township owned property in an open bid process.

Dave said he felt the maintenance shed should be moved here first and then he would be in favor of doing it all at one time. 

Vince suggested the clerk contact Twell and make sure their bid was still valid.


11. Resolution on 59th Avenue Way

Troy Gilchrist, (township attorney) had sent two documents to the township for proceeding with the altering of 59th Avenue Way into a township road.  See attached Exhibit C  “Order Setting Forth Initial Description and Setting Hearing Date for Proposed Alteration of 59th Avenue Way”

Joyce read aloud the Order from Troy.

It was decided the date for the hearing would be at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 starting at 59th Avenue Way and then continuing the meeting at the Town Hall, 31186 40th Avenue Way. 


Dave Garner made a motion to adopt the resolution

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Joyce, as Chair, signed the document along with the clerk. 


The clerk was advised to send notice to the three residents on 59th Avenue Way listed,

and also to publish the Order in the legal section of the Beacon.


Next, in Troy’s correspondence, was the Waiver of Damages.  This document needed to be signed by the owners Sandstrom and Rounds.  Note this document was attached as Exhibit D. 


It was decided the Waiver needed to be done after the Public Hearing on April 15th.


New Business

1. Spring Road Trip

Dave Garner made a motion to have the road trip on April 22, 2008 at noon.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


2. Bids for rock

Dave Garner made a motion to go out for Rock bids with the same requirements as last year, determining after the road trip where it would be needed.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.



The clerk was advised to publish in the paper if going out for bids for two weeks.  If the township requested quotes, then it did not have to be published. 

It was decided quotes would be done by the clerk for the rock.


Motion passed 3/0


3. Bids for Chloride

Discussion: it was decided to do 27 miles of chloride and go out for bids 

Dave mentioned an area by Mr. Emery’s that he requested not to be chlorided; from the bridge to Gustafson’s driveway. 

The clerk noted she would mark that area on the chloride map.

The clerk was instructed to publish in the Beacon and Red Wing newspapers for 2 publishing’s along with sending letters to previous chloride companies we used.


Dave Garner made a motion to go out for chloride bids for 27 miles of roads

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


4. Bids for Salt/Sand Mixture

Discussion regarding how many yards the current salt shed held.  From past deliveries it was estimated about 180 yards.


Dave Garner made a motion to advertise for 200 yards of 10% salt/sand mixture with delivery required in Stanton before October 1st. 2008.


Discussion about getting the mix into the shed, to be decided later.  The clerk was requested to put the ad in the two newspapers. 


Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


As for equipment needed to put the salt/sand mix in the salt shed it was decided to contact Henry or Hernke for that job later.


Dave requested that “Sign Inventory” be put on the agenda for the April board meeting.


5. Chair and Vice Chair Appointments

Dave Garner nominated Vince Cockriel for Vice Chair for the coming year.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.

Motion passed 2/0  Vince abstained.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to appoint Dave Garner as Chair for the coming year.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 2/0  Dave abstained.


Joyce called for any other new business


Ken noted the board thanking the two board members who were leaving for their services.


Vince and Dave said they wanted to thank them (Joyce and Betts) for their work and service to the township.


Joyce replied it was a fun experience for her to serve and to be the first female chair of Stanton Township, which was an accomplishment.  She wished Bob, (incoming supervisor) good luck and speed in the next year, knowing he will enjoy it as much as she had.


Betts thanked her incoming clerk Laura (Pederson) and said it had been an unbelievable experience for her as a citizen who didn’t know anything about politics, township government, or even the difference between a setback and a resolution….she had learned so much and now had so much respect for township clerks.  It was a labor of love and she wouldn’t trade her two years for anything.


Dave added Betts was very instrumental in getting the town hall built.

Joyce wanted it to go on record to thank Betts because every clerk had to not only take over all the (normal) duties but also all the other things that came along in building the new town hall.


 Dave said he wanted to speak about moving the equipment shed to the new town hall.  He felt it would have to happen before the State came and told us we had to move the salt shed.  We needed to keep them (the maintenance shed and salt shed) together.  A lined, insulated, 54’ x 80’ x 16’ building could easily be $70,000.00.  By the time we added the floor, bathroom, shower, floor drains and heating we could be talking $80,000.00 to $90,000.00.  Then moving the salt shed, and having blacktop beneath that, we could then be talking about $100,000.00.  Currently the budget was set with having $10,000.00 (in the building fund).  Next year another $10,000.00 would bring it to $20,000.00 for the Building Fund. We should be aware that we would be looking at a $100,000.00 bill and get it done, the sooner the better.  It could be three years, but we should leave that money alone and try to save in other areas.


Joyce recommended getting an estimate on the property over in Stanton, possibly it would be 30-40 thousand dollars once the asbestos was removed.  That could help a lot in moving the maintenance shed project along.


Dave agreed as they got close to having enough building money they could look at that option, maybe borrowing, short term, from the Road and Bridge fund. 


Vince added we needed to drive it home to the electorates (for the 2010 Levy) that it was a Federal Mandated topic.

Dave added that having a plan in place and showing the State that plan, then they might be more likely to get an extension from them.

All agreed it would be important to have a plan in place to do this.


Upcoming Meetings

1. Goodhue County Association of Townships March 27, 2008 at 7:00 PM Zumbrota VFW

2. April 22, 10:00 AM Board of Appeals and Equalization Stanton Town Hall

3. Order/Hearing 59th Ave Way April 18, 2008 to begin at 59th Ave Way at 6:00 PM

4. Land Use Meeting April 7th, 2008 at Cannon Falls City Hall at 7:00 PM



Dave Garner made a motion to distribute the mail

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0

Betts said she had received a letter from Troy Gilchrist stating he had been made partner.  His fees had risen and rates were now $155.00 per hour for townships.



Dave Garner made a motion to pay claims

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Claims were paid.

Betts advised Ken that Laura would be leaving mail and correspondence on his desk at the town hall and she would email him when it was ready to be picked up.


The clerk was requested to call AJ Electric and make sure the meter was setup and running and we were currently receiving benefits of the off-peak service we had installed.


Ken noted Laura had to come to the bank and sign the signature card.


The clerk was asked to call the State and advise them the stop sign needed replacing on Hwy 19 and 40th Avenue.



Vince Cockriel made a motion to adjourn

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Meeting adjourned at 9:44 PM


Minutes respectfully submitted by

Elizabeth (Betts) Top

Stanton Township Clerk