Stanton Town Hall

31186 40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Board Chair Joyce Moorhouse called the meeting to order.  Others present included Vice Chair Dave Garner, Supervisor Vince Cockriel, Clerk Betts Top and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.  Deputy clerk Cheryle Peters was also present in the audience.


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Joyce called to reveal any conflicts of interest.


None were heard.


Approval of Agenda

Vince Cockriel made a motion to approve the agenda

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Approval of Minutes 9-18-07 Board Meeting

Dave requested that the resolution date and place be filled in.

Dave Garner made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Approval of Minutes from Fall Road Trip 10-3-07

Dave Garner made a motion to approve as submitted

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Treasurer’s Report

Ken reported:





Current Investments CD –Road & Bridge

$   70,342.13

Matures 10-26-07


$        157.39



$     5,055.02


Liquid Assets as of 8/31/07

$  118,515.69



Dave Garner made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as submitted.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Ken mentioned that the electric bill (Goodhue County REA) billing cycle was on the 16th of each month.  Many times we did not get the bill until after our meeting.  Some times we did receive a late penalty.  He talked to REA and their suggestion was to: 1. do a monthly estimate payment or 2. do a Budget payment.  Other townships did this type of payment.  He recommended the Budget Plan paying about $105.00 a month.  He needed the board’s permission to set up a Budget Plan. 


Vince Cockriel made a motion to authorize the treasurer to set up a monthly Budget Plan and readdress the subject next year if necessary.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Building Permits

  1. Catherine Thompson of 33721 57th Ave, Cannon Falls, MN Section 36.  Replacement Garage


Catherine was called forward but was not present at the time.


  1. James Dolezal of 32336 40th Ave Way, Cannon Falls, Section 26 – permit for 2 separate  additions onto his current building was called forward.  Mr. Dolezal wanted to build 2 additions onto each end of his current building.  Each addition would be 12’ x 40’.  The current building was 24 x 40 feet.  Estimated cost was $24,000.00.  All setbacks would be met.  The project would be done in 2 separate stages.  He felt it would be done within 1 year, starting possibly this fall. He presented site plans to the board.    Setbacks were met.

Vince Cockriel made a motion to issue a zoning certificate to James Dolezal for 2 additions to his current building.

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0

Permit fee of $114.00 was paid.


  1. Ray Wynne of 32895 County 24, Cannon Falls, Section 25 came forward. Permit for a 10 x 16 foot shed.  Cost would be $2,867.00.  All setbacks were met.


Dave Garner made a motion to issue a zoning certificate to Ray Wynne for a 10 x 16 foot shed.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0

Permit fee of $100.00 was paid


Catherine Thompson appeared at this time.

She was requesting a permit for a replacement garage 32 x 24 x 10 feet.  Estimated cost was $12,400.00.  Catherine presented site plans. 

All setbacks were met. 


Vince Cockriel made a motion to issue a zoning certificate to Catherine Thompson for a 32 x 24 x 10 foot replacement garage.

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0

Permit fee of $102.00 was paid. 


4.   Kevin Raway – request a public hearing for 59th, 303rd, and 304th street paving.

Joyce stated Mr. Raway was out of town and she was representing him and his request.  She had spoken with the township’s attorney and he recommended drawing up paperwork for the project.  It would be best to have the public hearing in December to give time to process the paperwork, i.e. getting 100% of resident signatures on the roads being paved.  He (Mr. Raway) should also, at the same time, ask to be a designated area. This would protect the township in the future if they decided to resurface it or whatever.  This needed to be done by January 2008.


Discussion ensued regarding the process of the project.

Dave Garner made a motion to proceed with the paving of 59th, 303rd, 304th streets and have our attorney draw up paperwork and schedule a Public Hearing for December in front of the Board. Also to designate the area as separate, and to have the attorney draw up the paperwork for the project.


It was decided Kevin Raway would be responsible for getting all the signatures of all the residents on the legal documentation from the township’s attorney.


Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Discussion ensued regarding how far down the paving could possibly go, which might include the private property of the Rounds residence and the Sandstrom residence. 


The clerk was requested to contact the two residences (Rounds and Sandstroms) and inform them of the project and include a copy of the minutes to them.  Ask them if they wanted to be included in the project and advise them it would be at their own cost. 


Joyce asked, when they had the Public Hearing, would it be necessary to have the township’s attorney present?


Dave replied he would prefer it.


The clerk would contact our attorney to be present at the December meeting and public hearing.


Greater Southwest Holdings – Conditional Use Logging


Dave said he had received an email from GSW Holdings stating they wanted to do some selective logging.  The township needed to sign off on this before the county would issue a conditional use permit.  He responded back to them that they should appear before the board. 


Vince Cockriel made a motion to table the issue until Greater Southwest Holdings appeared before the board.

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


The clerk was advised to put the issue on the November 20th board agenda and to also notify GSW Holdings.


Clerk Report

1. Bridge on 330th St.

Betts reported she had spoken to the County regarding the (replacement) bridge on 330th street.  They had informed her that it was still on the list for 2009.  John Schueller had said the township would probably need to hire a consultant to see what needed to be done.  After the bridge plan was done then a right of way would need to be done.  She would be talking to Jim (Klevan) at the county next week to get more precise information on what was needed. 


Discussion ensued regarding what the township was responsible for in replacing the bridge.


The clerk was requested to ask the county what the cost was, if it had changed or could change.




2. Guardrails on 310th St.

Betts reported that she had spoken with H & R Construction and they said due to the rain this week they were not able to do the guardrails but planned on doing them next week.


3. 2008 Levies from County

Betts reported she had received a file from the county which compiled the levies from all the townships for 2008.  It had also listed the 2007 levies and so she had made a chart comparing them.  She passed out copies to each board member. 


4. Culvert Excavation on 310th St.

Betts reported that she had talked with the (Soil and Water Conservation Dept.) County and they would be out in the next week or two to take a closer look at the culvert situation by the Boy Scout Camp and the culvert drainage conditions there.  They advised not doing anything until next June or July 2008.  He wanted to know how often did it over flow.


Joyce replied every time Prairie Creek over flowed.  Usually 1-2 times a year.


Dave added they always had drainage problems going through there.  


Betts also wanted to know over the past years how often it was a problem.


Dave said it was a constant problem.


Betts said she would inform the county of that information.


5. AutoMark – 2008 Elections

Betts reported that the AutoMark usage had been put off for 2 more years and would not be required in the March township elections. 


On another topic she added that Mark Henry had examined the two areas where the township wanted the two culverts replaced.  He recommended that the board needed to make a motion to make the clerk the temporary agent to close the roads while work was being done.  Each culvert would take about 1 day.


Joyce asked that the subject be moved under the Road Report.


Road  Report

1. Road Grading – Tom’s Sked.

Betts reported she had spoken with Tom and he was waiting for some decent weather.  He told her he would try to get started on the grading this weekend, and more the following weekend, although in the past it had been done at the end of October.  He said he would call her if he could not get to it.


2. Bid for 2 Culvert Replacements

Joyce read aloud the bids from Mark Henry.  One was for the centerline culvert on 35th Avenue, 40 foot long with a 24 inch diameter at a price of $1,500.00.  The other was for a centerline culvert on Stanton Trail, 52 feet long with a 24 inch diameter at a price of $1,950.00.  She noted that Mark recommended that the township needed to have a temporary agent to notify the county and schools of the temporary road closings.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to authorize both culverts be replaced and that the chair authorize the clerk to handle the road closings. 

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


3. Town Hall and 323rd Rock

Betts reported that Hernke’s had applied rock to the places where the county had done blacktopping; the town hall parking lot and on 323rd Street.  The cost was $ 1,904.72.  Mr. Hernke was very prompt in getting this done. 


4. Sealcoating 2008 – Request from County

Betts presented a letter from Greg Isakson, the county engineer, asking if the township wanted to partner with the county for 2008. 


Dave felt we should mention our project to them ( 59th, 303th and 304th streets).


Betts said she would contact John Schueller and advise him.


Dave wanted to interject that we needed to contact the county for the new Town Hall permit update.  The one we had currently was temporary.


Betts said she would contact the county.


Ad Hoc Committee Report

Betts said Mark had called and could not make the meeting tonight.

Their next meeting was Monday, November 5th, 2007.


Meetings Attended 

Vince reported he had attended the regular board meeting (9-18-07) and the road trip on October 3rd.  He also attended the Cannon Falls meeting


Joyce reported she attended the same board and road trip meetings, along with the Hwy. 52 meeting.

At the last meeting she attended they did decide to go with the southern route with a bridge over County 24.  The moratorium over there would probably now be lifted for building. 

There would be an Open House on the 24th of October, 5-7 pm would be the evening hours.


Dave reported he also had attended the Board Road Trip and the Cannon Falls meeting.


Ken reported he had attended the CAPX 20/20 meeting in Northfield.   There were 4 different corridors they were working on.  The one affecting us would be SE from Twin Cities to Rochester/LaCrosse.  They were working on getting Certification of Need study.  Preferred routing would be along corridors like Highway 52.  The several things that could affect us were shown on a map indicating lines going over Lake Byllesby and the corner of the township by Hwy 52.  Nothing had been determined yet.  2009 was the date for routing design.  2010-2015 was when construction was planned to begin. 



Old Business

1. Annexation Meetings

Betts reported she had spoken with Mayor Weibel and he was interested in meeting with Cannon Falls Township and Stanton Township.  She had corresponded with Keith Smiley and he said he agreed to the meetings. 


Dave felt it was a good time to take advantage of this opportunity to send a representative to Cannon Falls.  He preferred sending 1 board member and 1 planning commission member and possibly the clerk to take minutes and verify everything.  He was comfortable sending Vince Cockriel and Mark Dubbels of the Planning Commission. 


Joyce said she felt it was a good time to enter into discussion with Cannon Falls, possibly rotating board members for different meetings as it would probably be a long term thing. 


Dave said it was a whole process that needed to be followed with many meetings and public hearings. 


Joyce referred back to a list of 16 questions she had for the city from 2006.  She felt some of the questions were still pertinent. 


Vince felt it was good to keep the lines of communication open without rushing into anything.  He wanted to have as much township input as possible. 


Dave felt it was important to put the 120 acres by ordinance behind us and now approach Cannon Falls with an open mind and clean slate.  He also felt it was important to work with Cannon Falls Township and at the same time arrange to have Cannon Falls Township, Cannon Falls City and Stanton Township at one meeting.  To have all 3 parties sit down at one table.   He preferred we respond in a positive motion to Mayor Weibel and the City of Cannon Falls. 


Discussion ensued about possible ways of setting up meetings and involving Cannon Falls Township.


Dave Garner made a motion to have Vince Cockriel and Mark Dubbels of the Planning Commission be the township representatives for discussions with Cannon Falls. (or Mark could assign another commission member)

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.


Vince said he would be willing to go and represent the township.


Discussion ensued regarding process and direction of future meetings regarding orderly annexation.


Motion passed 2/1  (Vince Cockriel abstained) 


Joyce called for any other comments.


Betts wanted to pass along that Mayor Weibel told her Thursdays were not good nights for meetings.


Joyce said our representative would contact Keith Smiley about meetings and then they would notify the clerk to contact the Mayor and send him a letter about meetings in the near future. 


Betts said until she heard from Vince she would not do anything.


Vince wanted to say for the record that he appreciated all the input, mailings, emails, and notices made by the town people, that the board had nothing to do with or were privy to, because all their work helped make him, as a board member, get a feel for what our citizens were worrying about and what they were thinking. 


Joyce adding that their goal was to give everyone a voice. 


Dave said it was better to come from the citizens and he congratulated them also. 


Joyce said she had had some contact with the people of the Cannon River Watershed Partnership and they did look into these types of properties because there were people who were willing to put up money to purchase them for permanent parks and land preserves.  That may still be going forward, she didn’t know for sure. 


Budget and Cuts


Betts explained the topic was a carry over from last months meeting.


Ken gave out some budget reports to the board members.  He said the reports showed the amounts spent and budgeted so far.  These reports could help them decide where we should go up and where we should go down. 


Ken was asked to give them another report for next month.


The clerk was advised to put “Budgets and Cuts” on the November board agenda.


Joyce called for any other Old Business

None was heard.


New Business

1. Resolution from Cannon Valley Communications

Scott Johnson of Cannon Valley Communications and John Sonnek of BEVCOMM came forward.

Scott explained back in 1998 Stanton had signed a resolution to grant a cable franchise to Dakota Cable and they purchased Dakota Cable in 2000.  The franchise ran 15 years and expired in the year 2013.  They had signed a purchase agreement with BEVCOMM last August 2007 to transfer control for all of Cannon Valley Communications.  There was an approval part in the original franchise stating that for them to transfer the franchise to anybody they needed to have the townships approval.  He had sent a resolution in September to the township which needed to be approved.


John Sonnek said that in taking over the operations of Cannon Valley that they would be keeping the same employees and current customers. In the next year there would be no drastic changes in rates. 


Dave Garner moved to suspend the reading of the resolution as they had copies of it and to pass the resolution.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion 

Resolution passed 3/0


The chair and clerk signed the resolution.


The clerk notarized the resolution and it was numbered 2007-06.  A copy was kept for the township.


Upcoming Meetings

1. October 24, 2007 was the Cannon Falls Open House for the Hwy 52 Project.


2. MAT Annual Meeting on November 15-17th,   2007 in St. Cloud.

Betts said registration should be done individually and the township would be billed if payment was not included.  She reported she would not be attending.


Joyce also reported she would not be attending due to a previous commitment.


Vince said he had a previous commitment also and would be out of town.


Cheryle Peters, deputy clerk, was in the audience and was asked if she would like to attend. 


Discussion ensued about the Annual Meeting and also having Cheryle Peters attend.


Dave Garner made a motion to have the Deputy Clerk attend if she wanted and her expenses would be paid as the Clerk would not be attending.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Cheryle was advised that she should make a decision by November 5th to get the township discount.


Dave Garner made a motion to distribute the Mail

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Betts reported that the only mail she had gotten was from the electric company from usage at the old town hall and equipment shed.  She had told them we still wanted service over there.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to pay claims

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Claims were paid.


Betts was advised to put the topic of “Open House” on the November board agenda.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to adjourn

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Meeting adjourned at 9:26 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Top


Stanton Township Clerk