Stanton Town Hall

31186 40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Board Chair, Bob Benson, called the meeting to order.  Others present included Vice Chair Joyce Moorhouse, Supervisor Dave Garner, Clerk Betts Top and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Bob called to reveal any conflict of interest.

None was heard.


Approval of Minutes from 2-20-07


Dave requested the following be changed or added to minutes:


By Treasurer Reports:

Under Ken reports add “Receipts of $112.17”


Next page: under Joyce made a motion to have a public hearing for Craig Scott add

“ March 12, 2007”


Page 5

Meetings Attended, where it says Joyce also reported she had taken the clerk to Red Wing…add the date with that (February 8, 2007)


By Notice for Special Meetings.  It should be added: “This information came from MAT website.”


Page 9. 

After thank you Mark Dubbels… go down 3-4 paragraphs. It says “Dave felt there was no expenditures”….add “The board agreed.”


Page 10

Above where he (Dave) made a motion to do the Board of Audit, it should say “remembered it was at the discretion of the board as to when it could be released to the public.”


Page 11

Where it says Bob Benson made a motion to make a levy increase… add “at the Annual Meeting” 


Dave Garner made a motion to accept the minutes of 2/20/07 as corrected.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Treasurer’s Report


Ken spoke saying current investments were 1 CD in the Road and Bridge fund. $67,474.47 and matures in April 25, 2007.


Receipts last month $15,157.20. 

Disbursements $37,901.08

Ending Balance as of end of February:

General  $28,347.91

Road and Bridge $86,060.34

Fire $ 23,785.25

Building $4,358.78


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as written

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Building Permits


1.      Craig Scott of 12250 Cobblestone Lane, Rosemount, MN., requesting a variance to build a shed came forward.  Estimated size 90 feet x 120 feet.  Estimated cost $200,000.00.  Variance was for 8,400 sq. ft. from allowed 2,400 sq ft. per Stanton Ordinance.   Craig brought drawings of his land and site for his shed.


The Public Hearing was held March 12, 2007 at the Planning Commission meeting.


The board viewed Mr. Scott’s map and drawings and reviewed the Planning Commission minutes from the public hearing.


Discussion ensued regarding building front and back, building height, setbacks, foundation, other pole buildings in the township and location of the building on the property.


Craig said his setbacks would be 100 feet.


Joyce asked Craig to mark his 100’ setbacks on his site plan.


Craig did.


Joyce did not agree with the hardship. She felt the hardship was created by himself.


Dave said oversized buildings had been approved behind the funeral home.  They had a hardship to get everything under cover. Dave asked what kind of building it was going to be.


Craig stated it would not be a pole building.  It would be built by Rechtzigel Construction.  It would match the home, be masonry, and a foundation with 4 foot perimeter built of brick or block


Discussion ensued about location of the shed by the woods, flatness of the area, drainage into the woods, height of 27 feet, 60 foot width in one area and 30 foot in another. 


Dave said they had done the exact same thing in the past, all things considered he felt he would vote for the variance. 


Joyce said people didn’t like to see other people’s “stuff” outside, and she would like to see Mr. Scott meet the 100 foot setbacks, then she could approve it.


Bob said he would like to see people’s things in buildings. 


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the variance for 8,400 sq. ft

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Discussion began about getting a building permit.


Bob mentioned that our setbacks were 15 feet and the county was 100 feet.


Craig said that he was going to stick with 100 foot setbacks.


Dave Garner made a motion to approve a building permit for the building with 

The 100 foot side setback as a condition.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion


Joyce asked the size and cost of the building.


Craig answered $200,000.00   The size was120 ft long and 90 ft. wide.


Motion passed 3/0


 2. Wendy Carroll


Wendy Carroll came forward.


Wendy said she would not have her deal done by April 1st.  She was in contact with the bank, working with builders and she was moving forward. 


Joyce asked if she had any plans. 


Wendy said she had drawings but no plans yet.  The bank had asked her for year end taxes and she just did an extension on theirs.  She had been to look at buildings and checked into renting buildings also.  She had gotten bids from two builders.  When she had her year end taxes she would be going to the bank again.  She had spoken to them about the loan and how it would be set up. 


Dave asked if she came back next month would she have a more definite answer for us.


Wendy said if her taxes got done, possibly.  She was moving forward. She would not be purchasing land if she was going to rent. 


Joyce said the agreement that she signed said by April 1st she would have written proof to the town board that she would have a signed purchase agreement and an approved building permit for a new location for her business.


Wendy agreed, but said it was all taking a lot more time than what she thought it would take.


Dave said he said he understood the hardship for Wendy Carroll, and he would like to see this continued to the next meeting of April 17th.  Then she could come back with the requirements.


Wendy said she may not have the land bought or the building permit because she may rent. 


Dave said that was fine, but when she came back on the 17th she could tell the board if she was going to build or rent and give us some firm information on when she was going to be vacating the current premises.


Joyce said she felt we could give her one 30 day extension to make up her mind.  If on May 1st  Wendy did not have some building plans and decided what she was going to do then at that time she needed to stop what she was doing, because that was the agreement.


Wendy said she was shooting for the October moving time and she was trying to make up her mind.  The building would take 90 days to put up. She was working on making a decision now. 


Dave Garner made a motion to table the topic until the April 17th meeting when she has more information.

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 2/1

Joyce Moorhouse voted No  


Wendy said she would come back in April.


Richard Samuelson, county commissioner, stood and introduced himself.  He stated he was just visiting the township meeting. 


Scott Arenson, county administrator, stood and introduced himself.  He stated he wanted to get out and introduce himself.  He oversaw county operations and oversaw the county budget. 


Clerk’s Report


Betts reported that Mr. Maltby came to the planning commission meeting last week and wanted to come to the next Planning Commission meeting in April and do a presentation.  She wanted to know if it was to be published in the Beacon.


Dave replied that it was not necessary in his opinion.  He said he had talked to a MAT attorney regarding presentations.  The attorney suggested we make a statement and have anyone doing a presentation agree to this before allowing them to go forward.  There should be no mention of specific dates during the presentation as that could constitute an agreement and we should stop the presentation or remind the presenter of the agreement.


Dave read:  “The board understands that you are giving a presentation for background and information only.  You are not asking for any action or approval from the township at this time.”


Dave continued saying this would protect us from anyone coming back and saying we agreed to anything.


The clerk asked if this could be an oral agreement. 


Dave said that would be OK.  It would then be in the minutes and on the CD of the meeting.  The statement would apply before the Planning Commission or the Town Board. 


The clerk said she would have it typed up and advise the planning commission that the board would like Mr. Maltby to agree to it. 


Joe Vandenheuvel asked about the presentation being presented to the Town Board instead.  But he really would like to see the presentation limited to 20 minutes.  Then afterwards there could be time for questions. 


Joyce felt presentations could be held before the meetings.


Bob said he heard Mr. Maltby state that if the board members could be at the Planning Commission meeting for the presentation then they wouldn’t have to do it twice.


Bob asked the clerk to contact Mr. Maltby and request the presentation be held to 20 minutes.


Betts said she would get a letter in the mail to Mr. Maltby and advise him.


Joyce requested that the clerk pull the Conditional Use for Maltby Nature Preserve and make sure the planning commission had a copy of it.


The clerk said she would.


Betts requested that the township purchase a coffee maker, she had found a stainless steel one for about $40.00


Joyce said she thought we should have one.


Bob said it wouldn’t hurt anything to have a coffee pot.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to purchase a coffee pot

Bob Benson seconded the motion




Dave felt there was no need for one.


Mark Dubbels spoke stating that if the town hall needs things that we request donations first before purchasing things. 


Motion passed 2/1

Dave Garner voted no


The clerk said she would put up a list on the bulletin board of things needed for the town hall. 


Colleen Meyer spoke saying she would like to donate 100 Styrofoam cups to the town hall


Bob thanked her.

End of Clerk’s Report


Bob called Vince Cockriel to come forward.


Vince Cockriel came forward to speak.


The subject of the Ad Hoc committee was addressed.


Vince spoke regarding the number of members should not be limited, but to have as many people as possible. 


Discussion ensued regarding the Ad Hoc members coming from different zoned areas, having equal representation from each.  The list of persons already signed up was also examined. 


Dave asked the chair if they wanted to get into discussing some guidelines.


Bob said yes.


Dave said he had to give the AD Hoc committee some guidelines to go after.

Then let them do their job.  This would give them some direction. 

He said this was not all inclusive, just something he had come up with.

Much of it came from another town which had incorporated, Columbus .


The board proceeded to read Dave’s handout.


It was then read aloud by Joyce:


“An AD HOC Committee: “















More discussion about the committee setup continued.


Dean Johnson wanted to know if the committee was considering that the township do nothing.


Dave said that would be one option of the pros and cons of Annexation.  If he wanted to add in the Pros and Cons to remain a township he would have no problem with that. 


Bob said he would like to stipulate that anyone who had signed up should be on the committee and anyone that wanted to can come to a meeting and put down their name could be on the committee too.  


Mark reminded everyone that the reason he wanted equal representation would be so that no one group would have overriding power.


Joyce felt 90 days allowed for additions would be good, then afterward there would be no more people taken.


Dave Garner made a motion to form an AD HOC committee starting with the 16 people already signed up and allow people to sign up for the next 90 days.  The charter of the committee would be attached, with the addition of Pros/Cons of remaining a township, along with Pros and Cons of Annexation and of Incorporation.  This would take effect immediately and the first meeting would be the first Tuesday of April, April 3, 2007 at the Stanton Town Hall at 7:00 PM.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Road Report


Dan came forward.  He said they had used the carbide blade with all the ice and it worked well.  He was cleaning equipment at this time.

Bob reminded him snow may still come.


Dave felt when the frost was out of the ground would be a good time to do some grading.


Bob reported that on 40th Avenue he was called because the culvert was closed shut.  He called Mr. Rotor out of Zumbrota and he came up and took about an hour to get the water moving through. 


Dave spoke about water going across 310th street in several places. 


Joyce felt when we blocked roads that we should notify the Sheriff’s department. 


Dave said he did not think that was policy for a township road, he would like to see that in policy.


Joyce said she would find it.


Dan said in doing work in Waterford Township when the roads are icy they called the sheriff’s department.


Joyce said if there were 911 calls then they would know there was a problem with that road.


Bob said we made decisions like that on a case-by-case basis.


Discussion ensued about culverts on 310th. 


Bob told Dan on 40th Ave. there were some trees that need to be taken out by the culvert.  Also to do some burning of trees already downed. 


Dave added that the blacktop on Sciota trail was breaking up.  He felt as soon as it got decent he would like some cold patch put on.  If it kept breaking out it might have to be done by a contractor.


Joyce told Dan that there was a mattress in the ditch on 310th St. that should be removed.


Dan said he would get it.


Dan left the meeting at this time.


Town Hall Rental Contract


The clerk presented the contract she had worked on presented by Ken, and also the contract that MAT had forwarded to her.  She wanted the Board’s opinion on which she should use, or what they would like merged into the current proposed contract.


Dave Garner made a motion to table the Town Hall Rental agreement until the next meeting

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Levy Reporting Error


Betts reported she had, last summer, known of the 22,000 dollar increase in the levy.  At that time she could not find a levy folder and going back through the minutes she had taken the budget figure and added that to the $22,000.00 for a Levy Increase total.  22 thousand and the $160,000.00 came up to $182,000.00.  She mentioned sending the Levy forms to the county at that amount, nothing was said and she sent them in at that amount.  This is about $25,000.00 over what it should have been.  She had called the county and they said it couldn’t be changed, but that what she needed to do was to bring it up at the next board meeting and decide what the board wanted to do.  They felt we could take that amount off the current Levy we were working on now.


Dave spoke saying he had talked to the MAT attorney and explained to him what had happened and he pointed out a couple of things.  First that we were going to be collecting $25,000.00 that we were not legally entitled to but we couldn’t stop it from happening.  What he suggested was that we take that $25,000.00 and not only reduce the 2008 request by that amount but during this 2007 year and put it into a separate account and leave it there and not spend it.  Have the treasurer create a separate account at the bank and leave it in there.  Then if we decide to reduce the budget and the Levy by $25,000.00 next year, which we should do to bring it back in line, then next year we can take this money out and we’d have it legally. 


Ken asked which of the 3 draws we should take the money from.  The first one being in July, the second in December and the third in January.


Discussion ensued about the draws. 


Dave asked what the check amounts were when Ken got them. 


More discussion ensued regarding which draw to use.


Ken reported last July we got $ 62,794.00, next in December we got $59,845.00 , in January we got $1,593.00. 


Dave Garner made a motion to take $25,000.00 off the income we got from property taxes and put it into a special account for the overage that we charged the township this year. Then to have it in two separate payments, one in July and one in December 2007, 50% in each of the $25,000.00 in each one.

Bob Benson seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Ken wanted to know when that would be cashed in.


Dave said that would be part of the 2008 levy that would be discussed and voted on in September, 2007.


Annual Meeting Moderator


Dave Garner made a motion that we pay Mark Dubbels $50.00 moderator pay.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0



Old Business


Budget Approval 2007


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the Budget as stated from the 2007 Annual Meeting with no changes.

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Levy - September Agenda

Set for the second Tuesday in September 11, 2007


Betts asked if she had to change the Planning Commission meeting to Monday September 10th and publish the meeting and changes.


Bob said yes.


Official Newspaper


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to have the Beacon be the official newspaper of the township

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Official Posting Place


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to make the Town Hall the official posting place.

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


2008 Township Annual Meeting March 11, 2008 at 8:10 PM


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to set the 2008 Annual Meeting on March 11, 2008 at 8:10 PM at the Stanton Township Hall.

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Election Results – Board of Canvass


Betts asked Bob to sign the Board of Canvass.

Bob said he would.


Randolph Historical Society Donation

Dave Garner made a motion to donate $400.00 per their request to the Randolph Historical Society Donation.


Joyce said she thought they requested $500.00


Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.


Discussion ensued about the Randolph Historical Society’s request.


Joyce withdrew her second.


Bob said there’s been a motion to donate $400.00 to the Randolph Historical Society


Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 2/1

Joyce Moorhouse voted no


Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley


The clerk read a letter to the Pet Adoption requesting their presence at the next Annual Meeting to the board for approval. 


The letter read:

“ Dear Pet Adoption,


I am writing to request that next year you come to our Annual Meeting and explain and answer question regarding the feral cat problem and situation in our area.  Several members of our voting audience were against donating funds as they felt the feral cat problem was worsening.   Our next annual meeting is March 11, 2008 at 8:10 pm at Stanton Town Hall.  Hopefully at that time our audience can communicate with you better regarding your work and goals.


Please feel free to call if you have any questions.



Elizabeth Top

Stanton Township Clerk “


Bob called for any other Old Business


Ken reported we would be getting new checks soon.  He was still doing research on that.


Mark Dubbles asked what had happened to Brody Skahen.


Bob asked the clerk to send Mr. Brody another letter.


Betts said she would include a copy of the minutes when his dad had attended.


New Business


Board of Appeals & Equalization Notice


Betts said she needed to publish the notice for two weeks.


Joyce made a motion that the Board of Appeal and Equalization notice be published the date being set for April 24th at 10:00 AM.

Dave Garner seconded the motion Motion passed 3/0


Road Trip – Time and Date


Dave Garner made a motion to do the Road Trip, spring inspection, after the Board of Appeals & Equalization on April 24, 2007. 

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Dave said someone needed to be designated to go out and find out about getting a flag pole.  Someone had to do research on how much it would cost.


Bob suggested putting it by our sign.


Dave suggested we needed information on what kind of flag pole, size, if we needed a contractor, how much it would cost, if we needed a permit, we needed someone to do that. 


Joyce said she would do it.


Dave said every year we try to review the Planning Commission expenses vs. the fee we get for building permits.  He felt we needed to do that now and decide if we needed to reduce the Planning Commission expenses or increase the building permit fees.  Dave reported the total received from building permits was $3,339.30.  Total payment for the year was $4,011.69.  The clerk’s costs were not broken out for doing the Planning Commission minutes, mailings, publications, etc.   Dave added he would like the clerk from now on to note on her time sheet her hours for work for the Planning Commission and have that added into the Planning Commission costs. 


Discussion ensued regarding Planning Commission hours, meetings and fees. 


Joe Vandenheuvel brought up the matter of working with 4 planning commission members. Both the ordinance and the Planning Commission manual state 5 Planning Commission members. If the board wanted 4 he would like to see the Ordinance and the Planning Commission Manual changed.  


Discussion ensued regarding building permit fees and public hearing fees in other areas vs. what Stanton Township charges.  It was decided that Stanton’s fees were below other areas.


Dave said he wanted to keep our fees as low as possible, to the point where they balance out with each other.


Betts said she could break out her Planning Commission costs.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to increase Public Hearing fees to $175.00, which would be $25.00 more and to increase building Permit fees to $100.00 for the first $10,000.00 in value and $1.00 for each additional $1,000.00 in value.

Bob Benson seconded the motion.




Dave felt that was a little steep.  The Public hearing fee of $175.00 was reasonable.  The fee for the building permit he would go along with a base fee of $100, but he would like to keep the fee at .50 (cents) per $1,000.  Doubling the fee was overkill. 


Ken gave an example of a $200,000.00 building would increase from $145.00 to $290.00 for a permit. 


Motion passed 2/1

Dave Garner voted no


The clerk was asked to make up new sheets for permit fees and public hearing fees.


Bob asked for any other new business.


Dave asked which Planning Commission member was due for reconsideration.


Bob called Mark Dubbels to the front.


Bob asked Mark if he would like to continue on the Planning Commission


Mark said yes he would.


Joyce asked how many years had he served.


Mark said 5.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to appoint Mark Dubbels to another 3 year term on the Planning Commission

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Bob Benson made a motion to nominate Joyce Moorhouse as Chair for 2007 starting in April.

Dave Garner seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Bob Benson nominated Dave Garner as Vice-Chair for 2007 to take over in April.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Town Hall Floors


Betts spoke about cleaning the town hall meeting area floors.  She had some help but she was not sure what level of cleanliness the board would like.   Dave had come in and applied some wax to some areas of the floor and buffed them with a buffer. New buffers were very expensive so she didn’t think about buffing the floors herself.  She wanted to know if the board wanted to hire a cleaning service or what. 


Dave said he was not happy with the way the Service Master wax was wearing.  He had applied some sealer in the corner area and hit it with a power buffer and it shinned up again.  He did the same by the front entrance, it was stained and now the stain was gone.

The key was you cannot just mop it with a mop, you need a power scrubber-brush. 

He had attended an auction and gotten a buffer.  Dave explained the 1.5 HP Power Floor Buffer.  He made sure it worked.  He said he would donate the cleaning solution he purchased and the buffing pad. 


The scrubber was $145.00 without the tax.


Mark said he would donate his $50.00 moderator check toward the buffer.


Bob said he would donate his meeting money from the Board of Canvass

Dave also donated his pay from the Board of Canvass meeting.

Betts said she wanted to clarify the Board of Canvass meeting.  Was it considered a Board Meeting. 


Joyce said yes, and there should be minutes on it also.


Discussion ensued regarding 21 padded chairs for $3.75 each for the town hall which Dave had also purchased at auction.


Dave said the total was $254.59.  He would donate 50 dollars which would make his claim for everything $204.59.  The claim or actual dollars spent will be reduced by donations from Bob, Joyce, Betts, and Dave.


Discussion continued about how to donate money to the Floor Polisher and Chairs.  After all contributions the claim from Dave came to $50.00


Bob Benson made a motion to pay Dave Garner $50.00 for the floor polisher and chairs.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 2/0

Dave Garner abstained.


Discussion ensued regarding Vince Cockriel attending the Spring Short Course in Rochester. It was decided he would get reimbursed for the training fee but that was all because he was not sworn in.


Dave Garner made a motion to pay Vince Cockriel $35.00 reimbursement for his Short Course Training.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Upcoming Meetings


Highway 52 Meeting Cannon Falls City Hall, Cannon Falls, MN

March 21, 2007

5:00 PM-7:00 PM


Thursday March 29, 2007 

Goodhue Land Use Management

Jury Assembly Room  1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Red Wing, MN


Township Get Aquainted Meeting

Mill Street Tavern

630-800 PM

March 29, 2007,


Thursday March 29, 2007

Goodhue County Association of Townships

Zumbrota VFW – 7:30 PM

Zumbrota, MN



Meetings Attended

Joyce attended a Highway 52 meeting in February.  Now they will be having a meeting March 21, 5-7 PM at Cannon Falls City Hall where they will have visuals and discussion on the final two sites for the project.  She also said the league of Women Voters on March 29th was having a meeting at First English Lutheran Church 7-830 PM discussing MPCA.




Bob Benson made a motion to open mail

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


The mail was reviewed.




Dave Garner made a motion to pay claims

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Ken mentioned reviewing the gross time cards for payroll.  At Rochester training it was suggested they be initialed as we do the claims.  He mentioned having 2 sets of claims.  The first set was the normal one $3,898.58 minus a mis-billing of $25.78 from Campbell Knutson, these have to be initialed.  Ken also called REA, Goodhue Electric, regarding getting our bill after our claims period had closed.  They can FAX the bill to the clerk before this period.  Ken felt the fax was better.  Ken had recently received two bills on Monday and had done a second claims because of those two bills. 


Claims were paid.


Dave Garner made a motion to accept last months claims as original  with corrections on the paperwork.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Joyce wanted it to go on record to thank Bob Benson for his service on the Board, for selling his land to the township for the town hall and he was appreciated for being a great board member. She said it was a pleasure to serve with him.


Bob said thank you and said it was a quite a privilege and an honor. 


Dave said Bob was instrumental in getting the town hall built, and he donated a lot of his time which he never got compensated for and he wanted to thank him for being a great mentor.


Bob made mention that currently Northfield Township had the reclaimer for the roads. 


Dave also mentioned the Chairman of the Board was the Road Supervisor. 


Dave Garner made a motion to adjourn

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Meeting adjourned at 10:19  PM