April 15, 2008

31186 40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Attending:  Dave Garner, Chair, Vince Cockriel, Vice Chair, Bob Benson, Supervisor, Ken Ebert, Treasurer, Laura Pederson, Clerk


Meeting was called to order at 7:15 P.M. immediately following the Penfield Order Hearing.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Dave called to reveal any conflict of interest.

None were heard.


Approval of Agenda

Requested that the “Treasurers Report” be permanently moved to right before the “Clerk Report”

Bob made motion to approve the agenda

Vince seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Approval on 03-18-08 Minutes

No additions or corrections noted

Bob made motion to approve the minutes as written

Vince seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Building Permits

1.  Dave Lorentz – 4900 Scout Ridge Way (Spring Garden Nursery) Cannon Falls,  Section 14

          -requested a change of conditional use permit for non-retail business

          -building not used for the past 3 years

          -to be used by a light embroidery business, not a store front

          -current permit Ag or nursery

          -public hearing required: next regular meeting at 7:30 pm  (May 13, 2008)

           Bob made motion to grant a public hearing to modify a conditional use permit for a non-  

              retail permit.

           Vince seconded motion

           Motion passed 3/0

           Check made out to township for $175.00

2.  Dave Roers – 30496-2nd Avenue, Randolph , Section 18

      -requested a permit to put a second story onto his home

      -setbacks fine, as building up not out

      -estimated cost $15,000

      Vince made motion to give permit

      Bob seconded the motion

      Motion passed 3/0

      Check made out to township for $105.00

3.  Steven Emery – 1634-330th St, Dennison 55018, Section 31
            -requested a permit for a concrete manure storage structure

            -estimated cost $50,000

            -all setbacks met

            Vince made motion to grant requested permit

            Bob seconded the motion

            Motion passed 3/0

            Check made out to township for $140.00

4.   Jim & Lisa Donlezal- 32336-40th Avenue (Frog Creek Pottery), Cannon Falls, Sec. 26

-obtained permit 6 months ago to add-on a storage building, but found that

    this was too expensive at this time

-would like to add a temporary dry storage unit next to current building

-wants a metal shipping unit which would be on skids and put onto class 5 gravel

-40 feet long (north side of current bldg where proposed addition was to go

-not visible from road.  Will paint to match other buildings

-electrical: battery operated lighting

*denied by planning commission due to temporary storage units not being addressed

    by current ordinance

-estimated cost under $10,000

-temporary time frame is 5 years or less

-unit is movable with no foundation

Bob made motion to grant a zoning certificate for a temporary storage facility

Vince seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0

Check made out to township for $100.00


Public Before the Board

1.      Andy Schmidgall – 30896-56th Avenue Way

-concerned over lack of street sweeping

-this is a safety issue with children on bicycles


*sweeping has not necessarily been a part of road maintenance since the

   township has no curbs or gutter

*6 years ago streets were swept after an especially high use of sand that year

*Road inspection Tuesday, April 22, and the streets will be evaluated by

    the board at that time

*This needs to be evaluated on a year to year basis so as to not waste

    the tax payer dollars


Treasurers Report

Ken reports:

            Current Investments – CD- Road and Bridge                          $ 71,890.14

                07.26.08 comes due

            Receipts                                                                                   $  1,120.87

            Disbursements                                                                          $11,237.12

            Cash Available                                                                    $134,041.99

      Bob made motion to accept the treasurers report as written

      Vince seconded the motion

      Motion passed 3/0


      Additional discussion-

            -chair needs to sign bank signature cards

            -report on MDA-Dental-Medical Policy Info

                -need 2 people minimum to have policy for medical or dental

                -can continue personal policy when no longer on board

    -Ken to give Bob further information


Clerks Report

Laura reports-

1.      Request for Betts Top to appointed as deputy clerk

Dave made motion to accept Betts as deputy clerk

Bob seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


2.      Correspondence to Wendy Carroll

Wendy sent email to supervisors that she would be out about 4/18/08

Wendy’s property will be checked for compliance on road trip 4/22/08

Vince to send email response to clerk


3.      CTAS Clerk Training

Laura requests permission to attend CTAS training

Training May 1st at the State Auditors Office 9 AM – 1 PM

Dave made motion for Laura to attend training

Vince seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


4.      Signage for Town hall –MN/Dot

Letter received stating: “under current MN/Dot policy, township halls do not meet any of the qualified criteria as an eligible business, therefore we deny your request.”


     5.  Fireproof Safe & Keys

          Minute safe is now operational with key

          Clerk has one key and chair now has the extra key.

          Ken noted that another key is needed for the large 4-drawer safe.


     6.  Bill Nelson

          Bill phoned that he had received a torn envelope while out of town and he did

             not know its contents

          Clerk returned his call with a message 4 times with no response

          Permit remains unpaid and no good


7.      Record Retention

Received the “copy of adoption” for record retention

Guidelines also listed for transferring records to the historical society


8.      Public Hearing Fee

Fee changed to $175 on 03-20-07

Township has undercharged 4 times since change adopted


Road Reports

  1. Sign Inventory

In the next 4 years a sign inventory must be done while driving an SUV or pick-up.  This must be done by a person over 60 years of age to check the reflectivity of each sign.  This will be part of the sign replacement that Congress is funding.

Dave volunteered to check our township signs to see if criteria are met or if any individual sign is deficient.  A spreadsheet will be made of the results.


Bob made motion for Dave to check reflectivity of all township signs

Vince seconded the motion

Motion passed


  1. County Bituminous Bid

-Penfield and parking lot bid came in at  $86,452.43 plus an 8% county fee

-Bid must be signed and sent back

-Bid to change now that 59th Avenue will not be extended

-cost to be broken out for each road

-parking lot to be a separate bid (clerk will check into)


            *Penfield  $82,051.16 + town hall parking lot $4401.27


            Vince made motion to accept the bid less the extension past 303rd Street

            Bob seconded the motion

            Motion passed 3/0


     3.  Abandoned Items

           -5 bikes abandoned on Warsaw Trail about ¼ mile from 24

           -Tom or John asked to pick them up


           -Electronics that had been abandoned in township ditches and then stored in the

                equipment shed have been disposed of by Dave when his employer had a

                “free” disposal day


Ad Hoc


Meetings Attended

County Meeting at Zumbrota:  Bob and Vince attended

     -surveys and new permit forms to be sent out

     -request made that list be made of items that each township does NOT require permits for

     -preliminary list made at PC mtg: roofs, windows/doors, siding, interior remodeling,

            exterior maintenance

     -decision made to hold off on list of permits until survey received

Vince attended:

     -EDA - March 27, 2008

     -Future Land Use – April 7, 2008

     -EDA – April 14, 2008 at 7:30 am


Old Business

1. Salt Shed Plan

    -start outlining compliance plan on paper

    -state to start checking townships within a few years

    -estimate $100,000 to move equipment shed

    -plan to move equipment shed and salt shed at same time

    -blacktop planned for under shed

    -maintain $20,000 per year in building fund to meet goal

    -Vince will get some specs and dimensions from a similar shed from his work


2. Asbestos Removal Bids

-2 bids received


1-     Envirotech - $2750.00

2-     Twell - $3933.00


    Dave made motion to accept Envirotech bid.

    Bob seconded the motion.

    Motion passed 3/0


    Envirotech to be contacted with authorization to begin work.  Dave or John to be contact for

    questions or information.


3.Rock Quotes



1-Hernke - $9.50 per ton delivered on town roads

                  $9.50 per ton delivered to residences

                  $7.20 quarry pit


2-Solberg - $10.05 per ton on town roads

                   $12.65 per ton residential

                    $6.15 quarry pit


3-Kielmeyer Const - $9.60 per ton town roads

                                 $13.50 per cubic yard residential

                                   $6.50 quarry pit


4-Castle Rock Materials - $8.00 per ton roads

                                          $8.00 per ton residential

0        quarry


     Dave made motion to go with the lowest bid of Castle Rock Materials from Randolph

     Vince seconded the motion

     Motion passed 3/0


     *After road inspection Castle Rock will be told where we want the rock and Tom will

       spread it.


4. Chloride Bids

2 bids


1-Dust Control – $0.69/gallon

     -furnish & apply

     -about 34,000 gal  ($23,460)


2. Ferrelgas of Hastings- $0.73/gallon

      -also does private driveways for $0.78/gallon

*request for 32nd Avenue Way (Boy Scout Driveway)


Dave made motion to accept low bid of Dust Control out of Savage for $0.69/gallon

Vince seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


**roads to be discussed at next board meeting after t he inspection**


5.  Sand/Salt Bids

-no sand/salt bids put out at this time as Dave told clerk to put it on hold

-current thought is that the sooner the better it will be

-clerk will put out for bids

-10% salt at 200 cubic yards

-delivery before October 1st, 2008



New Business

1.1000 Friends of Minnesota


      -speaker unable to attend this evening

      -May 15, 2008, is deadline to apply

      -1000 Friends is a multi-year grant opportunity to assist small, fast growing communities

      -Stanton already has a comprehensive plan in place

      -Might be appropriate for Future Land Use committee

      -Information to be shared Thursday, April 24th @ the Future Land Use meeting to is if city

           has any interest

2.Variance Recordings

 -County states that any time a property owner has a variance they need to personally record

   it on their deed for a cost of $46.00     


     -Do this for the property owner getting a variance or encourage them to do it themselves?

     -For their own protection the property owner with the variance should go to the county and

        register the variance. 

     -Township will include this information as part of its variance process.

3.List of Permit Items

-Already addressed.  Waiting until surveys from county arrive.

4.Open House

      -Saturday, June 21st, 2008 from 1-3 pm


Upcoming Meetings

April 22, 2008 – 10 to Noon: Board of Appeals & Equalization

   *Dave & Vince are certified.  Recommend keeping 2 supervisors certified. 

     Certification good for 2 years.

April 22, 2008 - Noon to ? : Road Trip Inspection

April 24, 2008 – 7 PM: Future Land Use Meeting



Dave made motion to distribute the mail.

Bob seconded the motion  Motion Passed 3/0.


1-Goodhue County Volunteers

    ie-Civil War Enactment  -given to Vince

2-New Names & Signature for MAT

3-Fax:  MN-NIGP Gov’t Purchasing Information



Dave made motion to pay claims.

Vince seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Ken has come u p with a grid (tool) to be used when paying claims

-to be used to keep ledger entries separate and accurate

-Excel Energy continues to send 2 separate invoices.  Ken to follow up.

-3 claims were inadvertently missed last month (Mark Dubbels moderator fee, CV Pet donation,

      and Randolph Historical Society donation)

-Dave’s expenses were: water filters, computer back-up system, & rubberized floor mats at entry


Bob made motion to adjourn meeting at 9:20 pm.

Dave seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0




Respectfully submitted,

Laura Pederson




Stanton Township Clerk