Stanton Town Hall

31186 40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Board Chair Joyce Moorhouse called the meeting to order.  Others present included Vice Chair Dave Garner, Supervisor Vince Cockriel, Clerk Betts Top and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Joyce called to reveal any conflicts of interest.


None were heard.


Approval of Agenda:

 Item 2 – add “Know” to “Right to”


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the agenda

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Minutes of 7-17-07 Board Meeting


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the 7-17-07 board minutes as submitted

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Minutes of 7-23-07 Special Meeting


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the 7-23-07 board minutes as submitted

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Public Information – Right to Know


Dave stated that at any public meeting the audience definitely had the right to hear, and if they couldn’t hear to make it known to the chairman, and have it corrected.  That was why we had microphones, why we had public meetings, that’s why we had an audience out there.  He would like to get it on record that the board, not only approves, but mandates that all public meeting discussion were audible to the public. 


Joyce said all our meetings were public meetings, that meant they were the board’s meeting but the public had a right to hear what was being said. 


Vince said he agreed.


Joyce said we would then go on record as having agreed that our meetings were all public meetings and the citizenry had a right to hear what was said at those meetings. 


Treasurer’s Report


Ken Ebert reported the investments or the CD remained unchanged.  It would be maturing in October 2007.  It’s value was $70,342.13. 

Disbursements were $62,943.31

We had received the first check from the levy and that total was $86,202.22


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Building Permits

  1. George Modrak came forward of 32643 Cty 24 Blvd, Cannon Falls.  Mr. Modrak wanted a permit to put a 2 story addition on to the front of his house and also a deck. He resided in section 25.  22 x 25 feet would be the size of the addition and 19 x 23 feet was the deck size.  Setbacks would be met.  $101,000.00 cost of deck and addition.  He resided on 16 acres, and was zoned residential. Mr. Modrak presented site plans.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to grant Mr. Modrak a zoning certificate for his 2 story addition to his house along with a deck.

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Permit fee of  $ 191.00  was paid.


  1. Dave Roers of 30496 2nd Avenue, Randolph, MN, section 18, requested a permit for an addition onto his garage.  Size was 34 x 24 feet.  He would build it himself. Estimated cost was $10,000.00.  Mr. Roers presented his site plans.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to grant a zoning certificate to Dave Roers for an addition onto his garage.

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Permit fee of $ 100.00 was paid.


  1. Brian and Julie Hughes of 32415 Oxford Mill Rd, Cannon Falls came forward. They were requesting a front variance of 23 feet to build a detached garage, size would be 36 x 40 feet.  Value of $25,000.00. 


The Hughes explained that the steep hill they lived on had few places flat enough to build a detached garage.  Their house only had a one car single garage at present.  Their hardship was the topography of their land. 


The Hughes presented drawings and photos of their land and site plans along with 6 letters of support from their nearest neighbors.


Dave and Vince both stated they had gone and seen the site, and could understand why the Hughes wanted it there.


Dave added that it would not standout, it would fit right into the neighborhood.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to allow the 23 foot front variance.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


The Hughes requested a building permit for a detached garage size 36 x 40 feet with a cost of $25,000.00


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to grant a zoning permit to Brian Hughes to build a detached garage with a 23 foot front variance.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Permit fee paid $ 115.00


Clerk Report


Betts reported she needed permission to spend monies to publish the Hughes public hearing.  She had not requested permission at the July 2007 regular meeting


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion for the clerk to spend money to publish Hughes public hearing in the Beacon.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Betts reported she had applied for a HAVA grant.  This year they were requiring the board to pass a Resolution just to apply for the grant.


Joyce read aloud the resolution:


“The township board is hereby authorized to:


a)      Apply for a grant from the Office of the Secretary of State of Minnesota for Federal funds pursuant to Title II, Section 261 of the Help America  Vote Act for the sole purpose of improving access to polling places in this township for persons with disabilities;

b)      Enter into an agreement with the Office of the Secretary of State governing the receipt, expenditure, reimbursement and reporting of such a grant;

c)      Receive and account separately in a manner sufficient to meet generally accepted government accounting principles sufficient to pass federal audit; and

d)      Expend any sums received in the manner indicated in the grant application and agreement with the Office of the Secretary of State.


No further action by a town meeting is required for actions related to this grant. “


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to make the Resolution for the HAVA Grant

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Betts said the last item was that the clerk was going on vacation from September 1 to September 8 and that Cheryle Peters, the deputy clerk, would have her keys to the town hall and would be filling in for her.  Betts said she would email the Cheryle’s phone number to the board members. 


Joyce wanted to speak about information which had been sent to the clerk and her regarding the 2010 Census.  It involved a CD from the census bureau and the information was not to be shared with anyone except the two people responsible in the township.  It also involved a list of rules and regulations. She and Betts had agreed to do this project.   There would be a workshop for this for the LUCA program on the CD.  The workshop for training on September 6th would be in Rochester and Betts would be on vacation. Other locations would be Sept 17th in Wilmar, the 18th in  Appleton, on the 19th Slayton, MN.  The training session would be 5 hours.


Dave and Vince wanted to know more about the project.


Joyce read aloud the letter she received from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.

After reading it she asked if they should attend another training meeting, other than Rochester.


Betts said she should be the person to attend another meeting.


Joyce said then she would go to the one in Rochester. 


Dave said they usually choose the closest meeting.


Betts said she would just put in for her time and would attend one of the other meetings.


Road  Report


Pothole/Sinkhole on 311th Street

Dan stated the pothole had been filled with cement.


Tree and Brush Removal


Joyce felt this expense could be added into the levy.

She said she had received complaints from different people in the township saying that trees and brush should be removed.  She also felt it was important to put a Stop sign at 310th and 23rd Ave because there was so much brush there.  She had spoken with a person and they told her for $1,360.00 they would remove all the trees in the right-of-way on 310th St. She wanted to know what the other board members thought of this, and if she should get another bid.


Dave said he would not want to spend any money until after the levy was done.


Joyce added that it would take about 2 days and they would grind up everything and they would also treat tree stumps so they would not grow back.  She said there were other roads that needed work, such as Oxford Mill Road.  When the levy was looked at she would like this to be considered.  She had instructed Dan this past week to fill in some holes on the roads which appeared after all the rain we had. 


Discussion ensued regarding poor vision at 310th and the scout road curve due to the corn crop. Joyce said she would contact the farmer and see what could be done. 


Meetings Attended 


Dave reported attending the Cannon Falls meeting on July 16, Special meetings on July 23rd and on July 30, 2007


Vince reported along with attending the same meetings he also attended the Cannon Falls Ambassadors meeting on August 13th. 


Joyce reported attending the same meetings as Dave and Vince.  She added that she had called the county, John Schuler, and she met with him by the mortuary along with the current contractor who was doing work for the county this summer.  At their meeting the contractor measured  59th Ave Way along with 303rd and 304th.   This was done in regards to the paving of those roads.  He also measured the street widths and he said that they were wide enough, 59th being 22 feet wide, the others being 18 feet wide and none of them needed to be any wider than that.  He also said the contractors would have to come in and do a grading of the roads then they would be putting 2 surfaces on; the first would be 1.5 inches, then some sort of a final coat of another 1.5 inches for a total of 3 inches and that was what the county recommended.  She believed the company was called Rochester Sand and Gravel.  The county did get a bid from them and when they checked with the state the bid he got was too high to add on to the amount the County was allowed to have for this year.  John Schuler at the county recommended that Stanton would let them do it next year and then we would know it would be up to specifications. 


Dave asked what was the bid.


Joyce said the county would not tell her.  Rochester Sand and Gravel asked not to give out the bid because it would be bid on next year by other companies.  She met with them for an hour.  She also attended the Hwy 52 Project meeting at Cannon Falls City Hall.  It was again a discussion on the northern site, which was County 24, and the direction in which County Rd 24 would go.  There were 2 plans.  One would round 24 and go into the city and the other would go more at a straight angle.  The city had to decide which of the two designs they wanted to go with.  After deciding which one the city wanted then the north and south sites would be compared.  MN-DOT told Cannon Falls that if they could prove in their paperwork that a bridge over 52 at 24 was highly recommended or needed then the federal government would come through with probably 85% of the cost.  The other 15% of the cost of that overpass would fall on local government, which would be Cannon Falls and the County. 

Joyce also had called the township attorney the day of the meeting with Cannon Falls on Annexation (7-30-07) and he said it was alright to have the meeting but if all else failed we could say we needed to confer with our attorney before we made any decisions. He told Joyce that he was working with some townships who had gone into this (annexation) and had gotten themselves into trouble. She had previously asked Eric Hedke if there was some paperwork that could be followed and he had sent her a Local Improvement Guide.  In the guide it showed a process that could be followed for doing special assessments.  If any board members would like a copy she could forward a copy of it to the clerk and then the clerk could forward it to them.  Our attorney advised her that he could help if or when we wanted  help so that we didn’t get ourselves in trouble.   


Ad Hoc Committee Report


John Krantz reported that he had gotten a bunch of questions from people in Stanton Township to look over at the Ad Hoc committee meeting.  When he heard that the board was meeting with Cannon Falls he gave the board copies of the questions so that the board would have a reference of what they were going to be going over at the next Ad Hoc meeting, because the board’s special meeting was before the Ad Hoc meeting.  Since the annexation subject came up so quickly they had decided to change their focus from Townships to Annexation, and the pros and cons of it, and what direction they should have.  At the Ad Hoc meeting they started to go over the list of questions.  The meeting was also attended by Greater SW Holdings and their excavator.  There was dialog all during the meeting between everyone.  At the end of the meeting John asked if it would be possible for them to take copies of the questions and possibly answer the ones that the Ad Hoc members couldn’t answer. He found that the most interesting part of the evening was when they were told the developer was not going to be building any houses.  They (the developers) whole process was to just excavate with sewer, water and curb, then sell the lots and they’re gone.  So apparently when it came to ‘first time home owner homes’ no one would be controlling the building process.  They said there would be contracts for everybody regarding the turkey farm but if the developer was not even going to be onsite, or be the builder, he could not understand how they were going to control all this. He said the developer said they would sit down with Cannon Falls and try to answer some of the questions but he didn’t know if there was enough time with the way Cannon Falls was moving the whole (annexation) process ahead so fast.  But all they could do was try.   He added that as far as the Ad Hoc committee goes they were just trying to answer questions and anybody that had any more questions that they want answered, they could call, or email and add them to the list and Cheryle Peters would take care of it.  So the whole process now was for the committee to answer questions on Annexation. 


Mark Dubbels said he had a couple of statements.  When the Ad Hoc committee was set up it was for education and research only. So he, as chairman, and was absent at the last meeting, had no idea that there was a list being brought forward to go through or to be presented to you (the board).  It was in his estimation that the Ad Hoc committee was in no way shape or form ready to present the town board with anything, rough or in it’s final stages.  He was concerned that the Ad Hoc was being used in a different format than was originally set up.  He had received a letter stating that this list was an official Ad Hoc document presented to the town board.  Mark wanted to know how the board felt about this.  Did it concern them. 


Joyce said she didn’t feel the list of questions said anything about the Ad Hoc committee what so ever on it.  It was just a bunch of questions from different people and she felt John compiled them.  She received a copy of them, but they had not discussed them.  If they answered any of the questions it was not anything she used at that meeting (with Cannon Falls) and they were all aware of what the questions were.  She felt it was OK for the Ad Hoc committee to bring up and discuss some of the questions because they were probably all questions that we were all thinking about anyway. 


Vince stated that at the meeting with Cannon Falls we were coming up with lists of potential questions and the clerk was recording them, and John Krantz came up with questions and so it was no presentation.  He didn’t recall John mentioning the word Ad Hoc.


Dave said he did remember John saying he was from the Ad Hoc (when the list was presented.)


Joyce said she didn’t think it was that important, it was just a list of questions. 


It was announced that the next Ad Hoc Committee meeting would be September 4th at 7:00 PM, Tuesday.


Old Business


Fee for Copying

Betts stated that this was in regards to Clerks having to make copies for the public.  At the summer short course it was brought up to the clerks and it was recommended to charge .25 per copy for the first 100 copies then after that it would be actual cost.  That would include the clerk’s time, the paper and ink/toner involved.  She wanted to know if the board had thought about that in the last month and if they had made a decision. 


Vince felt it would be best to call other townships and bring back what they were charging.


Betts said she would and would put it on the agenda for next month.


Culvert Bids


Betts handed out sheets with the companies she contacted and the bids that were and were not returned to the supervisors from those companies.


Discussion ensued about the culvert bids.


Joyce read that Lametti and Sons bid was for $34,890.00

Mulvihill Excavating was for $9,970.00

Henry’s Excavating was for $5,750.00


Vince Cockriel made a motion to accept Henry’s Excavating bid for $5,750.00

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Dave asked what the guard rail situation was.


Betts replied that he (H & R Construction) told her he was pretty busy but that he would maybe be able to do it the first part of September.


Dave said he would like the guard rails up as soon as possible.


Betts said she would call him.


Poison Ivy Bids


Betts handed out sheets with the companies contacted and the bids that were returned to her.


Companies contacted were Ag Partners who said no because of insurance, Ides of Randolph who said no due to insurance, Central Valley of Northfield who’s bid was $780.00 and DuBar Tree Service of Cannon Falls who’s bid was $650.00


Discussion ensued regarding the Poison Ivy bids for poison ivy control on Sciota Trail. 


Joyce reminded the clerk to get a copy of the companies insurance.


Vince Cockriel made a motion to grant the bid to DuBar Tree Service for $650.00.

Dave Garner 2nd the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


 Annexation with Cannon Falls – Documents Received

Discussion ensued regarding items which were requested from Cannon Falls meeting on July 30.


Joyce read the list aloud along with response from Cannon Falls:


3 copies of Cannon Falls 2003 Comprehensive Plan – Cannon Falls did give 3 copies


If the city has been given a Plat, Stanton Twp would like 1 copy of the legal Plat by the developer.   Cannon Falls said it was N/A


1 copy of Traffic Design for Project.  Cannon Falls said it was  N/A


Sewer and water…did the city have to bring it to the developers property? =  yes or no?  Cannon Falls said the developers will be responsible for the cost.


1 copy of each Annexation Agreement with CF Twp.  Cannon Falls did send copies of a couple of agreements


Stanton twp needed to be notified of a date when the fire and police responsibility would be assumed by Cannon Falls.  Cannon Falls said at the point of when Annexation was final.


1 copy of developer Soil Test to assure the viability of the project.  Cannon Falls said N/A


1 copy of the purchase agreement or title to” right of way” by developer to connect to County 24.  Cannon Falls said that copy was given.


1 copy of the Legal Survey of Property which was recorded with the county.  Cannon Falls said it was N/A


3 copies of Cannon Falls Comprehensive plan dated just previous to the current 2003 one.  Cannon Falls did give 3 copies.


      1 copy of the 2 mile mapping done by Goodhue County.  No Response.


Total number of copies was 322 (pages)  @ .25 each.  For a total of $81.00.

The clerk paid for the copies out of her own money.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to have the clerk reimbursed for the $81.00 spent.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Vince said he wanted to comment that he did remember the Mayor saying that he would make copies available to the board members at no cost. 


Joyce wanted to discuss and remind everyone that right of ways were owned by all property owners in the township.  But that didn’t mean that anything could be done with them, because Stanton Township had an easement on all the right of ways.  Also, Right of Way has become an issue with her because the people requesting the annexation are claiming that they own the right of way, but we all own right of way in the township.  As far as taxes go residents were not taxed on the right of way property.  She verified that with the county. Everyone in the township owns the middle of the road and that’s called Right of Way and we are not taxed on it and you cannot use it for anything because Stanton Township has the easement.  As far as 315th Street goes, it is a street in Stanton Township.  Stanton has the easement for that.  There was a house back in behind there (315th St.) and we cannot give up our right of way or easement of the right of way to Cannon Falls because we would leave those people without a road in Stanton Township.  She said they (the developers) bought the right of way but that does not allow them to use it in any way they wish.  She felt the State would uphold those findings. 


Dave wanted to know when they (the board) wanted to try to do orderly annexation.


Joyce explained the processes Cannon Falls was going through regarding Annexation to the audience.  


Steve Emery mentioned setbacks from a feedlot (the turkey farm) and wouldn’t they (the developers) have to go to the county and request a variance. He read there was a 1 mile limit from city limits to a feedlot. 


Vince said in going through the (Cannon Falls) comprehensive plans he saw a lot of contradiction in what they said they wanted to do and what they were doing, that they expected Stanton to jump through a lot of hoops in a very short time. 


Dave asked if the other board members wanted to even talk to Cannon Falls about a possible Orderly Annexation.


Vince said if they want us to rush to meet the September 15 deadline, that was unreasonable.  We asked for basically 8 things and they came forth with 4.  Now we were a week and a half away from the deadline.  He would like to see significant input from the Ad Hoc Committee, he would like to see some public meetings on our side of the highway.  He just didn’t think that the time frame was there. 


Dave said do you (the board members) believe Cannon Falls is going to take the 120 acres.


Joyce replied do you believe Cannon Falls is going to take the 120 acres?


Dave said yes.


Joyce said yes too


Dave said then we should try to get something out of the deal. 


Joyce said no, if they really wanted an Orderly Annexation they would have come to us honestly when we wanted to meet with them last November.  They had never come to the table with only Orderly Annexation on their mind. 


Joyce asked Dave what he thought they would get out of Orderly Annexation


Dave said he would try to get a couple of things.  A standstill agreement saying they (Cannon Falls) would not annex anything for the next 12 months.  Then during those 12 months Cannon Falls and Stanton Township would negotiate a comprehensive orderly annexation (agreement) for the rest of the township, so we would know what’s going on. 

It could say if the land owner came forward (with petition) then this would be the corridor where there could be annexation.  It would just mean this was where the growth was going to happen.  An orderly annexation agreement would not mean something was to be annexed in.  You could protect every land owner because of that statement. If the land owner didn’t want to be annexed in you could stop it.  Anything was negotiable at that point.  We could use this as leverage to get Cannon Falls to sit down with us and negotiate in good faith a comprehensive orderly annexation to cover the next 20 years.  Something we didn’t have now.  Then every citizen would know if they were in or out of that annexation area.  If you didn’t have an agreement we would be going though this 120 acres every time and having this discussion every time.  He felt we should try to use this as leverage to try to get Cannon Falls to sit down with us.  We’re not giving up anything, they were going to take it anyway.  Dave continued saying if we don’t do something now the same thing will happen again with another 120 acres.


Vince said that what they (Cannon Falls) had done with the dual track was a tremendous show of bad faith.  It set the tone for everything they were going through tonight.  He agreed with Joyce if they had come to us 6 months ago it would be a different matter. 


Discussion and comments continued with audience input.


Dave asked if he could bring the discussion to a conclusion.


Joyce said she felt more time was needed to look at the paperwork.


Vince said if someone called for a vote he would have to vote against racing to an orderly annexation agreement at this time.  He felt it would be best for the community, in his mind, not having a chance to hold any public meetings and finding out what individual home owners that border this property, giving them a chance to be heard and speak as Cannon Falls was doing with their citizens. 


Dave asked would you like to try to get it done in the next month.


Vince said No.  He would try though, but to him there was an arbitrary date that needed to say…why the big rush?  He was willing to listen, and put his time in but he felt nothing was explained to him why they should be in a big hurry.  He understood the developers being in a hurry to get some things in order, but that’s their deal, not ours. 


Joyce added it they were going to call for a vote on it tonight she would have to say they (Cannon Falls) had set the course that they want to go.  She didn’t feel the developers were really sincere in what they were doing there.  They didn’t even have a plat yet, what they gave us was not a plat. 


Dave asked if she felt we owed Cannon Falls an answer.


Joyce said no, but if he wanted an answer she was not ready to make that decision yet. She wanted to read through and study this (Cannon Falls documents) and she had not had the time.


Vince added that there were still 4 items on their list that hadn’t been given to them yet.


Mark Dubbels stated that because he was at the meeting with Cannon Falls and did hear the Mayor say all documents would be made available to Stanton Board at no fee, so he would like some kind of motion from the board asking for the eighty some dollars of tax payer money back.  With the annexation by ordinance there still had to be a public hearing and we as residents could say our piece. 


Dave said the developers did come before the board with their concept and they talked about the density they wanted and we informed them we could not support that density, and that was it.


Mark continued saying that Annexation by Ordinance was a State Law process.  To finalize that process certain things and benchmarks had to be met.  He was not seeing that documentation.


Joyce said she spoke with the Mayor last week and he had told her if there were any documents she had not received she should contact him.  She advised the clerk to send the list of items not received to the Mayor. He would see that we got those documents.


Mark asked if he could see a motion to get our tax money back.


Joyce said she thought that Cannon Falls would provide them with all the documents as they knew they could not look at one document, they needed to have 3 because they individually needed to see them.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion that we request of Cannon Falls to return our $81.00 for the documents which they said they would provide us with. 

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Joyce asked the clerk to send the letter.


Dave told the clerk to make a copy for the mayor besides the city administrator.


Betts asked if she could quote from the minutes.


She was told yes.


Joyce said she told them they could not meet without holding a public meeting and so they needed 3 copies.


Dave said he still felt we should tell Cannon Falls that either we’re not going to consider or we would consider, or what.  He felt we owed it to Cannon Falls to say something to them, instead of leaving them hanging. 


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion that they were still considering on their request for Orderly Annexation and when they received all the documents that they had asked for, in which the Mayor had now promised we would receive, we would discuss the issue in the near future and entertain a motion at our next board meeting.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Road Paving

Joyce said she would continue to work on the process of getting the necessary information regarding the paving of 59th, 303rd and 304th streets.  She felt the next thing that had to be done was that they needed to come forward with some type of request. They had already presented a petition, but there was other paperwork that had to be done. When she got that they would discuss it at the next board meeting.  The county, she thought, let out bids after the first of the year. 


Dave said he still had reservations about bonding, he really didn’t want the township to go into debt. 


Joyce said the bond that they would get from the bank went back to each property owner and there was a way to do that where we would not be involved.  She stated she would have the document that the MAT attorney had sent to her, it was just a website.  She was told (the procedure) was the same for towns as it was for cities.


Some discussion ensued regarding assessments.


Levy for 2008


Joyce stated that the Levy discussion was done in May 2007. 

Joyce recapped the discussion from that meeting by reading aloud the minutes pertaining to the levy:

The Levy was explained by Ken as it was what the board was asking for from the citizens.

The Budget was how much and from wherever (fund) we were going to spend. 


Kens data showed $135,000.00 Levy for this past year.  $182,000.00 was the Levy for this year (2007).  $205,000.00 was the proposed Levy for 2008.  There was an error of $25,000.00 in the 2007 Levy. Last year the board voted on a $90,000.00 increase, that was not based on the $182,000.00.  MAT had advised the board to set aside the $25,000.00 (error).  The levy should have been $157,000.00 for 2007 and it would be increased by $90,000.00 for 2008.  We still had the overage of $25,000.00 because the clerk took a wrong figure when she sent the Levy into the county.  She had used the Budget figure to add on to instead of the Levy figure. If the $25,000.00 was added onto the 157,000.00 it came to $182,000.00   It was decided to put the $25,000.00 in escrow.  It was also decided to deduct that amount from the $90,000.00.  The board then agreed that the 2007 Levy was $182,000.00.  The first thing to be done was to deduct the $25,000.00 from the $182,000.00 so that it could be applied to the next year.  $90,000.00 minus $25,000.00 in escrow would mean they would be asking for a $65,000.00 increase. 

A lot of the increase was to replenish the building fund at $20,000.00 a year.  Then possibly they could build a maintenance shed in 3 years.  The 3 biggest needs were the blacktopping (for handicapped parking) at the new Town Hall parking lot, the maintenance building for the new town hall property, the equipment was getting worn down and the fund for that was down also.  The new bridge which was supposed to be put in in 2008 was also a factor.  The explanation of the requested $90,000.00 increase was explained:


Establish a Legal Fund:                                                      $ 20,000.00

Increase Road and Bridge:                                                       $ 20,000.00

Increase General Fund – Equipment:                                           $10,000.00

Put into Building Fund – for a new equipment shed:    $ 25,000.00

Equipment Replacement (subfund)                                              $ 10,000.00

Create Fixed Assets Fund- i.e. flagpoles etc.                               $  5,000.00


Total Increase                                                                           $ 90,000.00.


The levy increase for 2008 would be $65,000.00

The current levy for 2007 per fund was:


Ken reported:

Levy for General Fund was $50,000.00

Levy for Road and Bridge was $87,000.00

Levy for Fire Fund was $45,000.00

That added up to $182,000.00


It was proposed to have a sub fund for legal.

Discussion ensued about each fund. 



Legal fund:  reduce to $15,000.00

(sub category of General Fund)


Road and Bridge: leave at $87,000.00 or increase at $20,000.00

(2009 new bridge, plus previous sending had sometimes been as high as $ 103-$107,000.00 )


General Fund: leave the increase at $10,000.00


Create a Building Fund:  reduce to $5,000.00

( for Equipment Shed)


Equipment Replacement Fund: leave at $10,000.00 increase

(sub fund under Road and Bridge)


            Fixed Assets: leave at  $ 5,000.00

(sub fund under General for flag poles etc.)


The 2008 Levy would be when we would be able to take back the $25,000.00 in escrow.


We could not set a budget until the Levy had been set.


 Joyce finished the reading at this point.


Joyce asked the other board members if they had changed their minds at all.


Vince replied no, but he did feel it would be important to make the old town hall asbestos free early next year.  He recommended taking that money out of the building fund.


Dave felt there were two things to be voted on at the meeting about the Levy in September.

1. What to do about the $25,000.00

2. The $90,000.00 and to break it down

Between those two votes we could come up with the certified Levy. 


The 2008 Levy was being proposed at $222,000.00

That broke down to:


General Fund                $  75,000.00

Road and Bridge            $112,000.00

Fire Fund                     $  30,000.00

Building Fund               $   5,000.00


Vince felt it was important to lay out the things that were beyond the board’s control, like the $20,000.00 for the new bridge, there was no money in the building fund.  We were responsible to keep the roads safe, passable and maintained ..that was a number 1 job. 

Ken said if you looked at the “actuals chart” you can see the changes.  In the past we had money built up for cash replacement of equipment.  The levy then was never increased.  He felt they should be asking ‘how much was it going to take to keep us running’.  That money that was in reserve was not there now. 


Joyce said there isn’t anything that can keep running at the same levels, we were under increase costs just like everyone else. 


Ken noted the Levys since 1997: the general fund had stayed the same until 2005 and it was only the fire fund that was split out from it.


Vince said you couldn’t keep the levy the same when the receipts were going down and the claims were going up.  Also there was a lot more going on in the township now than 2 years ago.  He remembered when he would come to meetings just a few people were present and the meetings were much shorter, there was not much going on.  Now we had meetings until 11 PM…that all adds up.


Discussion ensued regarding the new Levy increase and the need for increases.


Joyce asked when they would receive the increases.


Ken said in 2008


Mark recommended having overhead pictures and handouts for the citizens attending the meeting in September. Also, having a slide saying what’s a budget, what’s a levy.  How to fix $25,000.00 error.  Then a second portion (of the meeting) for the new levy. 


Joyce said then on September 11, we will meet to discuss the Levy for 2008


Old Town Hall – Asbestos Issues


Vince read the report from Twell Environmental who had examined the old town hall for asbestos.

Power and water would be needed at the site for the work.

It was noted the old town hall did not have water.


Samples were taken from the roof, under the floor boards, under the benches, and the walls.  The township could save money by utilizing our own resources because things they (Twell) considered hazardous material were things like; paint, drain cleaner, window cleaner, lighter fluid, any of those type things were considered hazardous materials.  We could just load up any of those things and remove them ourselves. Total proposal was $3,933.00. 

Regarding the contents and structure of the building Vince said there were many who were interested in taking much of the inside structure. 


Joyce asked if Vince would speak about the topic at the meeting in September so that they could Levy for that work to be done.


Vince said yes he would.


Ken asked the board why the other company who examined the old town hall was not used to do the most recent examination.


Dave explained that the first company (Indigo)came in only to examine the air quality of the old town hall. 


Vince said in the first examination there was never any asbestos (physically) looked for or identified. 


Dave added the first study looked for air quality, for mold and bacteria.


Joyce asked if they (Twell) wanted to take the building down.


Vince said no.  They would just remove the siding on the east and west ends.


Discussion ensued about using different companies to do the actual removal.


Joyce called for any other business

None was heard. 


New Business


Planning Commission – adding new member.


Joyce said she had been thinking about the planning commission making decisions about the ordinance and she felt there could be a tie with 2 members voting one way and 2 voting the other way.  It also put a burden on them if one or two of them wanted to go on vacation.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to appoint John Krantz to the Planning Commission.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion. 


Joyce asked for any discussion.


Dave said he still did not see the need for a 5th member.  If they looked back at the past history all he saw was 4/0 votes.  He disagreed with Joyce.


Vince stated there was a lot more going on in the community right now than there ever had been.  To have an extra bit of experience from somebody in a different part of town, he liked a wide range of opinions. 


Joyce called for a vote


Motion passed 2/1 (Dave Garner voted no)


Joyce thanked John Krantz for accepting. 


Clearing The Roadside 


Dave said he didn’t want to spend anything until he found out what we were going to have next year. 


Joyce said it was our responsibility to keep the roads clear.  Possibly at the annual meeting we could say that each land owner was responsible for his roadside. 


The clerk was asked to put it on the agenda for the next meeting under Road Report.


Dave recommended each individual (board member) should go out and take a look and determine which roads were the worst, then come back with a list.  We should spend money on the most critical roads first. 


Joyce said it should be noted on the road trip to also inspect trees.


Joyce called for any other new business


John Miller pointed out on the minutes that it said the Hughes property (building) was shown as 86 x 40 feet and it should have been 36 x 40 feet.


It was on the Board Meeting minutes, not the Planning Commission minutes. 


Betts noted the error and said she would correct it. 


John also noted that for the permit the cost for Rick Schaefer was $18,000.00 and the permit fee was $118.00, it should have been $108.00.  Also, the numbering for permits there were two #5’s.


Betts said she would correct that, showing Rick Schaefer as #6.


Dave Garner made a motion to refund $10.00 to Rick Schaefer.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Upcoming Meetings


Joyce reported a meeting on August 22 at 10:00 AM, the Highway 52 project.

On September 4th was the Ad Hoc Committee meeting

On September 11 was the continuation of the Annual Town Meeting for the Levy.

On Monday September 10th was the Planning Commission meeting, note change in date.


Vince reported September 10th was the Ambassadors meeting.


Joyce added the 6th of September was the Cannon Falls Public Hearing on the Annexation by Ordinance at Cannon Falls City Hall.


Dave would be at the National Town Meeting in Washington DC from the 4th of September to the 7th of September.


The clerk was advised that in case of an emergency she should notify her deputy clerk that Dave would be absent during that time.


Betts reported she had received a flyer from GTS, Government Training Services, there would be training sessions in Rochester on September 26 on “Spotlight on Subdivisions” and “How to Avoid Drowning in Lake Shore Development” September 30th in Fergus Falls.  


Joyce added the “District Forum Meeting and Election” was Thursday August 23rd at the Cologne Community Center in Cologne, Carver County, MN.  Tentative agenda was Mr. Walters, District 4 director for Minnesota Association of Townships at 7:00 PM.

Also, there was an Open House on August 23rd for Henry Sorenson who served on the county public works coordinator, he served for 10 years.


Ken mentioned the MAT Annual Meeting November 15-17 in St. Cloud, MN




The clerk went through the mail with the board.


Betts advised the board that the ESS (Election Systems and Software) had notified her that their rates would be going up.


CAPX2020 – letter received regarding putting up power lines in the future from Minnesota into Wisconsin.  A small portion of Goodhue county would be involved. 


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to pay claims

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Claims were paid.


Dave Garner made a motion to adjourn

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Meeting Adjourned at 10:50 PM