September 16, 2008

Stanton Town Hall

31186 40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Attending: Board Chair Dave Garner, Vice Chair Vince Cockriel, Bob Benson, Clerk Laura Pederson, Treasurer Ken Ebert.


Dave Garner called the meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Dave Garner called to reveal any conflicts of interest.

None were heard.


Approval of Agenda:

Dave Garner requested that New Business of Cannon Valley STEM School be moved before the

    “Treasurer’s Report”.

Vince Cockriel requested that Future Land Use be added under “Reports of Meetings Attended” and

     also Heavy Equipment School be added under “New Business”.

Bob Benson requested item to be added under roads.


Bob Benson made motion to approve meeting agenda

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion

Motion Passed 3/0


Approval of August 19, 2008 Minutes:

Bob Benson made motion to approve the minutes as written.

Vince Cockriel seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Building Permits:

1.      Joel Thorlund – not present


     2.  Tony Swenson – 5484-311th Street (Woodland Hts)

           PC: “Mark Dubbels made a motion to recommend to the town board that they call a meeting for a

           public hearing for a variance of 22 feet from the back property line and 7 feet from the side

           property line to Tony Swenson for a utility shed.”

           -Tony Swenson requested to build a 8 ft by 10 ft utility shed on the back corner of his property

           -Vinyl-sided “Menard” type shed with wooden base on skids

           -location chosen does not meet township’s residential setbacks (60’ front, 15’ sides, 30’ back)

           -only location possible due to septic system

           -historically the board has stated that if the shed is movable and non-permanent there should

             be no need for a public hearing.  If complaints are made, then MR. Swenson will be asked to’               

             to move the shed

           -This is not a permanent building so there is nothing in the ordinances that make it any

              different than a fish house, for example

           -Paul Schluter, Planning Commission member in audience, stated that the PC never discussed

               whether or not the shed would be movable

           -discussion ensued



          Cost $950

          Dave Garner made motion that as presented no action is required by the township with the

          caveat that no slab is put down.

          Bob Benson seconded the motion

          Motion passed 3/0


Second call made for Joel Thorlund.


New Business:

1.Cannon Valley STEM School

    Founding board members present:  Laura Geisler, Catherine McBride, and Karen Engler

    Visit informational

    Received charter from Mn Dept of Education in August

    Charter is from the Audubon of the North Woods

    Public Charter School: K to 8 (initially K to 6th grade)

    Planned opening Fall 2009

    STEM emphasis: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

    Looking to locate at Maltby Nature Preserve – probably not Fall 2009

    Awaiting Federal start-up grant

    Students from Northfield, Cannon Falls, and Randolph  (80-100 students in all)

    Saint Kate’s is currently building a STEM curriculum

    Maltby is a great location due to the Oxbow in the river


    Stanton Board desired communication between the school board and not only to the town board, but

    also to the citizens of Stanton township.


    Cannon Valley STEM Board needs meeting location for their next meeting, Tuesday,

    September, 23, 2008 at 7 PM.


    Bob Benson made motion to allow Cannon Valley STEM School, as a non-profit organization,

    to use the Stanton Town Hall for their next meeting on 09-23-2008.

    Dave Garner seconded the motion.

    Motion passed 3/0


    Town Board welcomed the communication and interface, but this does in no way constitute an

    endorsement of the school.

    As the process continues note that all procedure like public hearings and conditional uses must be



    Transportation will most likely be bussing from a central location.

    Plan is to have Maltby build a “platinum green” building and lease it from them.

    Anticipate national coverage.

    Fall 2009 opening will most likely occur at an existing empty school in Northfield for the

    first year only.






Treasurer’s Report

Ken Ebert reported:

Road and Bridge split last month so that monies could be available as needed.





Current Investments

$     99,668.90


Due 11/16/08 – 2.15%


$    104,367.96



$      78,472.86


Liquid Assets as of 7/15/08

$   166,290.26



Noted that township is paying for the Penfield culverts.  It is not part of the Penfield costs.


Vince Cockriel made motion to accept treasurer’s report.

Bob Benson seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Noted: Employee that works on the Planning commission and also the road crew creating issues with payroll due to PERA withholding only on road crew hours.  Not paid PC hours for this month until issue figured out.  Two checks will need to be reissued at this time.


Clerks Report:

1.Sand/Salt Mixture:  to be delivered by Anderson Trucking by 10-01-08.

   Scarcity of salt noted for 2009.  Bid price honored and will be delivered per agreement.

   Anderson also able to push mixture into the shed.  Quoted $100 per hour and believe will take

   5-6 hours to dump and push.  Possible to do quicker if more trucks running.


   Dave Garner made motion to approve $100 per hour for loader to push sand/salt mixture into the shed

   and to use 3 trucks when dumping.

   Bob Benson seconded the motion

   Motion passed 3/0


2. Election

    Primary election went well.  Anticipate larger turnout for general election.

    Primary had 56 voters.  Stanton has 736 registered voters at this time.

    Another training October 2 for head judge and clerk.


3. Thought Sharing

A-    Complaint from Chuck Rudemacher – unhappy that township is not mowing through the end of

September as reseeding of weeds taking place during this time.  Also voiced displeasure over the

Rock on  his road as he felt not graded in enough.

B-    Another complaint on need for grading on 310th due to large quantity of pot holes


4.Static IP Address

   Unable to speak with internet company as billing still in prior clerk’s name (Betts)

    Dave Garner requested pricing and information so that main township server could be moved

    from his home to the town hall sometime in the future.

    Currently paying $39.99 month for internet.   With addition of IP address, total cost $79.98 month


   Dave Garner also looking at a hosting company so that domain would be under the Stanton name.

   Company located in Dallas, Texas area.   Dave Garner to pursue.  International company so no

    security concerns.

   Billing date on Alltel changed to first on month so that we do not pay late every month.


5.Web Minutes

   -complaint emailed in regarding the prompt posting of the minutes on the web site

   -Dave Garner stated that he would take care of this


Road Report:

Tom Kurtz came forward.

1.Grader- grader has been fixed and returned from Zeigler.

     -everything fixed and same in under $20,000 estimate

     -unable to remove wing, so remains on at this time


2.Tree Trimming- needed down by Frog Creek.  Notify John Krantz of need.


3.Ditch Weeding-notify John Krantz that he may begin cutting back weeds at any time now.


4.Truck-DOT needed in November.  Tom Kurtz to schedule with Jim Welt.


5.Heavy Equipment School- Vince Cockriel shared information on upcoming school.

      -Cost $450 plus (TOTAL AT LEAST $1000).

      -2 phases

      -Tom Kurtz usually runs grader and we also have Dan, Vince, & Bob who can run if needed

      -John Krantz does the plow truck and Tom Kurtz does not foresee any reasons he could not run

          grader this year

      -school info filed with clerk

      -choose not to do training with John Krantz at this time


6.Penfield Signs-Mark Henry to fix and straighten the signs in Penfield area.


Reports of Meetings Attended

Dave Garner – STEM School (personal time)

Bob Benson – 0


Vince Cockriel- EDA meetings

   August 18, 2008:  Northmark Company gave proposal to Cannon Falls to purchase land currently

       leased by Midwest. 

   September 11, 2008:  Twin Cities Container has also given proposal to purchase this land plus the 60

       acres adjacent.  Midwest then requested 5-7 year lease.  Midwest desires to align leases on both


   September 15, 2008:  Discussed Twin Cities Container proposal.  Would allow Midwest to rent for

       a few years.

                        -Future Land Use Meetings

    August 28, 2008- Discussed public information meetings (not a public hearing) for September 25,

           2008 at 7 pm at Grandpa’s Garage and this will be posted in the Beacon.  Need 3 groups

           (City of Cannon Falls and Stanton/Cannon Falls Twps to split cost 3 ways for rental of building

           and beverages.

Dave Garner made motion that Stanton pays 1/3 of costs

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Vince shared maps with densities that Future Land Use to share at meeting.

Most land is east of the river at this time.

Requesting 50 foot “No Build Buffer Zone” on each side of the Little Cannon River for ecological and sightly reasons.  Vince Cockriel feels 300 feet would be better.


Wind & Water farms has been in discussion with Mayo Hospital System regarding the 70 acres

across from the turkey farm.  (located in CF township, but across from Stanton)


Paul Schluter – Highway 52/24 Meetings

   (next meeting 09-17-2008)

   -Open House in October.  Talk about putting in roundabouts on wither side of 52/24.  Roads to be

      turned back to the townships (one side each)


Old Business:

1.Brody Skahen-

   PC concerned over this property.

   GHC has been working on this.

   Contact GHC to see where the county is at on this issue.

   County has more expertise and resources at their disposal.

   Dave Garner volunteered to stop and visit the property.

   In the past the county ahs asked the township to be their eyes in the township.



   Troy to continue  handling this issue.

   Board not in favor of changing the assessments.


   Bond information to go to the county in October after all the monies have been received.

   Interest goes back to August 1, 2008


   Amount due based on 105% of bond, due to state law

   Dave Garner did apologize to Andy Sandstrom for misinformation on amounts given at last meeting.


   County Penfield invoice came in at $72,928.75 which is below estimate.  Extra monies will be

    returned proportionately to individual residents at the end of the bond period when district is


   Bond amount was based on given estimates.

   Treasurer advised to pay loan off with prepaid amounts as opposed to holding until final payment.


3.Carl Slifka

   20-30 feet between Slifka property and the township road was asked to be graded.

   Question:  Is this township road?

   Yes, township will grade the road but will not blacktop it.

   Remind of April 20, 2004 that permit given with the understanding that a turnaround be built for

      snowplows and emergency vehicles.

   No vehicles can be parked on this turnaround.

   Turnaround had not been built for the township as boats and campers parked on what appears to be

      a section of fill.

   Advised to respond to Mr. Slifka and remind of his agreement of building a turnaround.

Upcoming Meetings:

09-25-08: Future Land Use

09-23-2008: STEM School (Free for non-profits, $25 residents, $150 non-residents)

10-02-2008: Election Judge Training in Red Wing


Mail Distributed

Bob Benson made motion to open mail.

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Claims Paid

Dave Garner made motion to pay claims noting that invoices to GHS Public Works and Mark Henry will not be paid until next month as received after claims processed for this month.

Vince Cockriel seconded the month

Motion passed 3/0


Bob Benson made motion to adjourn meeting.

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0

Meeting adjourned 9:18 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Laura Pederson



Stanton Township Clerk