Phillippo Scout Reservation

30654 32nd Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Board Chair, Bob Benson, called the meeting to order.  Others present included Supervisor Joyce Moorhouse, Supervisor Dave Garner, Clerk Betts Top and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Bob called to reveal any conflict of interest.


None was heard.


Minutes of September 19, 2006 meeting were reviewed.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to accept the minutes of the September 19th meeting.

Bob Benson seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Minutes of the On-Site Meeting October 3, 2006 were reviewed.


Dave Garner made a motion to accept the minutes of 10-3-06 On-Site Meeting.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Treasurer’s Report

Ken reported current CD investments in the Building Fund at $ 105,398.92.  They will come due on the 29th of October, 2006.

Road and Bridge Fund at $ 67,474.47 

Grand Total investments $ 172,873.39

Receipts last month were $ 294.78

Disbursements were $ 22,699.05 as of the end of September.


Dave Garner made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Building Permits


  1.  Ty Bergan – came forward with his permit.  He presented a corrected plan of his addition.  He resides at 5881 324th St., Cannon Falls.  Requesting a replacement of his current deck with an addition.  Dimensions will be 16 x 16 feet.  Cost $12,500.00.


Dave Garner made a motion to approve the permit for the addition to the house replacing the deck.

Bob Benson seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0



  1. Holden’s Foundation Seeds.  Jared Tanke, a company representative, came forward.  

Holden’s is requesting a Conditional Use Permit. 


Dave explained he was at the Public Hearing and reported on the hearing. 


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to allow a permit for Conditional Use for Holden’s Foundation Seeds.

Dave Garner seconded the motion.


Discussion ensued about any special conditions in the future.


The board agreed that they wanted Holden’s to continue their focus.  That an amendment would be a “Condition to maintain the agriculture practices that they are now engaged in.”


The board supervisors then voted with the attached amendment:


Conditional Used permit passed 3/0


  1. Holden’s Foundation Seeds.  Jared Tanke, requesting a permit for Variance.


Dave explained, having attended the public hearing for Holden’s variance request, that justification was due to routing of personal, cross contamination, dressing up and dressing down for different areas and present location of drain field.  He felt the variance made sense and was justified.


Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to allow the 40 foot Variance for Holden’s Foundation Seeds.

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


The clerk told Mr. Tanke that she would drop off the paper work for both permits within the week.


Clerk’s Report


Betts requested a Legal Notice to be published in the Beacon for the Public Accuracy Test and the need to spend money.

Joyce Moorhouse made a motion to spend money to publish a Public Accuracy Test notice in the Cannon Falls Beacon

Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0




Betts reported she had received a letter from the State stating that we had not been awarded the Road Safety Improvement grant, but that in checking their website it showed we did receive it.  She had called to get it cleared up and was waiting for a call back from the state.


Betts said Steve Norstad had questions about how the new Town Hall was to be keyed.


Steve Norstad came forward and asked the supervisors how they wanted keys and locks to be assigned for the new town hall.  The areas in question were; front doors, clerk/treasurers room, mechanical room and a master key.


Discussion ensued about the keys and locks


It was decided to have :

5 separate keys for the clerk and treasurer’s room

9 separate front door/ mechanical room keys

2 master keys


Steve said he would have the keys and locks done.


Road Report

Dan came forward.  He reported that the chloride was holding well for the roads on where it was applied. 


Dave said it was OK to do Sciota Trail, just like we did last year and have the chloride applied after grading.  Probably after November 1st.  Dan should contact the clerk and she will make arrangements with Ferrell to apply the chloride with Dan present to show them where to apply.  It would be the same area done last year for the tree farm.


Bob reminded Dan to do any roads that are rough, to keep the crown on them. 


Dan mentioned that 4-5 yards of crushed rock was missing from the pile at the old town hall. He thought he would mention it.  Dan mentioned using Duane’s Tree Service to take down larger trees.


Joyce said that if Dan wanted to get an estimate the board could maybe look at it.


Bob asked Mr. Spillman, in the audience, if he wanted the Boxelder Trees by his mailbox.


Mr. Spillman said he didn’t care about them.


It was decided that no Fall Road Inspection was necessary.  Also that Stanton probably had sufficient salt and sand for the winter. 


Old Business


Berggren property was discussed.  It seemed that there was not an additional amount or accumulation of material being collected.  The clerk could close the file.


The On-site inspection was discussed and the choices that were made by the supervisors.


Dave Garner made a motion to accept the following 6 choices to the new Town Hall :

Windows – color Forest Green

Windows Trim – color Hartford Green

Shingles – color Chateau Green

Siding – color Antique Parchment

Fascia – color Antique Parchment

Soffit – color Antique Parchment


Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion Passed 3/0


Dave spoke of the Change Order with Cannon Construction to change from standard 3 tab shingles to Architect Shingles.


Joyce made a motion to upgrade the shingles for the new Town Hall to Architect shingles, which carried a 30 year warrantee and what is being used now more than the old type shingles.


Bob asked if there was further discussion.


Dave asked the cost of the shingle upgrade.


Bob answered $224.00.   His reasoning was that he felt the more solid shingles would be better against the wind in the location up on the hill of the new town hall as there wasn’t any protection from the weather.


Motion passed 2/1   Bob Benson and Joyce Moorhouse voted for, Dave Garner voted against.


The subject of Ide’s setbacks was brought up.


Joyce said he was at about 97 feet on her tape. 


The clerk was advised to contact the county and see if he was meeting the County’s setbacks.  If not the county had better means to deal any setback problems.


Bob asked if there was any other old business.

None was heard.


 New Business


Meetings Attended:  The clerk advised the change of date for the Cannon Falls Annexation meeting.  The meeting was rescheduled for November 9th, at Cannon Falls City Hall at 6:00 PM.  The clerk handed copies of a letter to the supervisors that she had received in the mail entailing the upcoming meeting with Cannon Falls.


Discussion ensued regarding the upcoming meeting was only about discussion of annexation and that nothing had been proposed or annexed. 


The clerk was asked to Post the meeting.


Joyce reported she attended a Hwy 52 meeting.  A 2-mile stretch of Hwy 52 was discussed with pros and cons of different sections.  She mentioned a Public Meeting on October 23rd at City Hall around 5:00 PM for the project. 


All supervisors attended an On-Site Town Hall inspection on October 5th, 2006.


Upcoming Meetings:


The MAT Annual Conference was discussed.  All board members plan to attend except Joyce.  The meeting is in Duluth, November 16-18th. 


Ken spoke about funds for claims.  He said we have 2 CDs that will come due on October 29.  To pay claims from the building fund we need an additional $11,842.89.  He had transferred $65,000 from savings to checking to pay claims tonight. 


Discussion ensued about the options that would be best to follow.


Dave Garner made a motion to allow both CDs to expire and put that money in the Building Fund.  We would transfer $12,000.00 from the General Fund to the Building Fund effective immediately. 


Bob Benson seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0



Dave Garner made a motion to distribute mail

Seconded by Joyce Moorhouse

Motion passed 3/0


Betts distributed mail to the board.  She also asked if the Board wanted to be included in Goodhue County’s 2007 Sealcoating and Bituminous Paving Projects.


Discussion ensued about possible areas that might need work.


Bob mentioned 325th street.


Joyce mentioned the parking lot for the Town Hall.


Dave said about 150 yards on 325th .


The clerk said she would contact the county for a form to list our needs.


Dave Garner made a motion to pay claims

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion

Motion passed 3/0


Claims were paid.


Mark Dubbles joined the meeting and asked if the clerk had mentioned John Pernic’s new structure?  It was close to the edge of the road.


Dave asked if it was movable.


Mark replied it didn’t look moveable to him and it did have a roof on it. It didn’t matter what the size was, or what the cost of it was, it was a matter of meeting the setbacks for the township.  There was also a safety standpoint too, even for temporary structures.


Joyce recommended that the clerk write a letter to Mr. Pernic stating that his structure had to meet the township’s setbacks of 100 feet.  He would have to move his shed.


Dave Garner made a motion to adjourn.

Joyce Moorhouse seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Meeting adjourned 8:41 PM


Respectfully submitted,


Elizabeth Top