Board Chair, Bob Benson, called the meeting to order.  Others present included Supervisor Joyce Moorhouse, Supervisor Dave Garner, Clerk Betts Top and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Bob called to reveal any conflict of interest.

Bob said he probably will, depending on property issues at meeting.


Minutes were reviewed from March 21, 2006 meeting

Dave made a motion to accept minutes as written.

Joyce seconded motion.  Motion carried.

Minutes from March 21, 2006 meeting approved unanimously.


Minutes were reviewed from April 4, 2006 Special meeting

Dave requested changes in the minutes:

Joyce motioned the changes be accepted as corrected

Motion carried.


Building Permits

Steve Richter residing at 33208 58th Ave. Path, Cannon Falls, MN 55009 appeared before the Board to request a building permit for a 30 x 40 foot garage. Section 36.  Cost $10,000.  Setbacks met. Dave made a motion to grant a building permit, Joyce seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Randal Hoppe residing at 30403 Hwy 56 Blvd., Cannon Falls, MN 55009, parcel number 41-017-0904, appeared before the Board to request a building permit for a 36 x 48 foot pole building.  Cost $27,000.

Joyce made a motion to approve building permit.  It was seconded by Dave.

Motion carried.


Marlene Wilson residing at 32845 35th Ave., Stanton, MN requested a previously approved building permit be extended.  Dave made a motion to extend the zoning request.  Joyce seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Clerk noted on permit to extend for 6 months and signed.


Bob requested any other building permits?

(None were requested)


Treasurers Report

Investments in the Building Fund: $ 166, 925.07

Road and Bridge: $126,128.50

Total Investments: $ 293, 053.57

Receipts: Last month $162.43

Disbursements: $5, 584.76

Bob asked if there were any corrections or additions?

(none heard)

Dave made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report

Joyce seconded the motion

Motion carried



Reports of Meetings Attended

Bob stated he attended a Board of Adjustments meeting for John Hogan for a garage variance. 

Dave stated he attended:

3/29 - Cannon Falls Fire Department meeting

3/30 – County Meeting

4/7 – Goodhue Planning and Public Works Dept.

4/11 – Northfield Architect Meeting

4/12 – County  to apply for Conditional Use




Bob called Bill Nelson to come forward.

Bill Nelson of Stanton came forward.  He stated  he just wanted to get those building straightened out.  The one building to replace the building that was burned down. He had the go-ahead on that at the time to replace that building, the other one out by the road was intended to go to the Antique Power Show by Steve Bauers. Hopefully it will still go up there.  He would like to have or if nothing else a temporary permit for that and if Steve is too busy this year to place it and he’ll comply with the county as far as what they want to do. The original intention for that building was to go to Steve Bauers Antique show.  The other building, as he said, is an exact duplicate of the one burned down.  And he had permission at the time.

Mr. Nelson was asked if he had it (the permit) here.

Bill stated he didn’t have it.  He said it was 1990.

Dave said that one was null and void due to duration and time if nothing had been done with it.

Bill stated he had had discussions from time to time and he was pretty much stone-walled on that, so he would like to get it ironed out now. 

Bob said the board had a couple of questions for him.  We did a road tour today.  Did you dig across that township  road across from your building? 

Bill stated yes

Bob stated you don’t dig across a township road without a permit.

Bill stated he wasn’t aware of that. 

Bob told him tomorrow morning our maintenance person is going come out and fill in 6 feet on each side of that hole.

Bill stated that would be fine. It was an emergency.

Bob stated there is never an emergency when it comes to a township road.

Dave noted it had been opened for quite awhile.

Bill stated he dug it for the emergency, for a heat line for a furnace and then it (the ground) froze, and it kind of ended moving the dirt.

Bob reiterated that you can never go across a township road without a permit.

Bill said he apologized for that.

Dave stated that several years ago that whole property was turned over to the county. 

Bill said I’ve been talking to someone and that’s being resolved now

Dave said if the county determines that the building can stay there then we will go along with it.  But we’re having the county handle the whole thing. This will be part of their handling of it.

Bill said he got the impression it was the other way around, that he had to come back to us.  He said he wanted us to know that over the years he has approached the planning commission and the town board on various configurations many times and it’s been tabled, it’s been put off , so it’s not that he hadn’t wanted to resolve it.  So he just wanted us to know that.  He thought a lot of the people here that attend the meetings on a regular basis will remember that too. He said it’s been tabled,  he had tried to get it taken care of and he’d been rebuffed.


Dave said he recommends that we go along with whatever the county does, they are more into the loop than we are about what’s being cleaned up and what’s not.  He said he thought  we should let the county be the best judge of what’s to happen.  We will have our clerk call and talk to Lisa at the Land Use department and tell Lisa that whatever they decide we will go along with.

Bill stated he just wanted it recorded that he has attempted to take care of the buildings on many different occasions over the years and nothing has come through for him, and it’s not because he hasn’t attempted to take care of this. He’d appreciate that being recorded.

He said he’d be available, and who was going to come? Was he (the township maintenance person) going to haul some fresh rock.

Bob said Dan is going to take care of it tomorrow morning.

Dave said he is not going to bring in any fresh rock, he is going to take your dirt and fill in the shoulders 6feet out from the road and he’ll take whatever dirt necessary from around your area. 

Bill replied OK.   


Mark Dubbles asked if the filling of the road sides was going to be billed back to the landowner?  If the landowner creates a hazard in a public right-of-way the land owner should be responsible for any monies to repair that type of area.

Bob stated we will make a motion of that. 

Bill stated he wasn’t aware of that  and that he apologized for that. 

Bob told Bill he would have to pay for the time to have this road work done, that we can’t leave it (the sides of the road) open any longer.

Bill stated he did get digging permits from the utilities.

( short conversation continued about the weather, rain, and when digging could occur by Dan)

At this time Bill Nelson left the meeting.

Bob made a motion that whatever time it takes Dan to fix the road the township will bill Bill Nelson for that. 

Dave seconded the motion

Motion was passed.

Dave advised Dan to let the clerk know how long it took to do the work.


Road Report

Bob called maintenance personnel Dan Millard and Tom Kurtz to come forward.

Dave noted the trash by the township hall need to be removed.  Also other stuff by the salt shed. The roads are in pretty good shape. He reminded both that we need to keep a 4 % crown to keep the water running off and remove any wind rows on the sides of the roads.  He reminded them to do the Boy Scout road also when they are doing 310th street, to come up to the gate. 

Bob said if they would call ahead the Boy Scout people could remove the barrels too.


There was a brief discussion about putting up the new mailbox at the township hall.


Joyce asked that when the maintenance people did the Boy Scout road that they show that separately incase we have to show proof of that. 


Dan stated the road had been dug up over by Bill Nelson’s since the first snowfall.  He thought Bill had a permit. 

Bob told him if he ever sees a township road dug up be sure to check with the clerk to make sure there is a permit for it.


Wheels for the snowplow vehicle. 

Bob suggested we get a new set of wheels

Dave made a motion to purchase a set of wheels for the snowplow

Bob advised the clerk to get the book for the snowplow and order wheels to match our model and type tractor.  We need the whole mounting bracket before the wheel.


Purchase of Equipment

Fire Extinguishers – 3 DOT approved

First Aid Kits – 3 DOT approved

Slow Moving Vehicle sign – 1

We have accounts at Triangle and John Deere in Cannon Falls

Dave made a motion to purchase above equipment

Joyce seconded the motion

Motion passed.


Steve Emery residing at 1634 330th St. Dennison, MN 55018 came forward, requested a permit for a free stall barn.  Dimensions 252 feet x 62 feet.  Cost $250.000. 

Dave made a motion to approve zoning permit for Steve Emery.  Also approve  the contingency on the engineering plans on the manure storage to go with the building.

Bob seconded the motion

Motion passed.




Randolph Fire Department

A representative from the Randolph Fire Dept presented a contract for service to the board.

Dave made a motion to accept the contract from Randolph Fire Department.  It’s a 3 year contract. 

Joyce seconded the motion.

Motion carried.


Joyce made a motion to have the clerk send the Randolph Fire Dept. a thank you for services they have provided.

Dave seconded it.

Motion carried.


Steve Holt came forward to speak about sewer design.

We would like Steve to design our septic.  He is to bill us for the design and doing a perk test.  The design will later go out for bids. 


Sealed Bids - Gravel

Bob requested the sealed bids on the crushed rock be opened.

2 bids were received, 1 from Hernke, 1 from Kielmeyer

Hernke quoted rock delivered at $7.67 per ton (including ag. tax), insurance form included.

Kielmeyer quoted rock delivered at $10.15 per cubic yard, insurance form included

Mark asked what was the conversion from cubic yard to ton?

It was calculated that 1.3 cu yard of crushed rock = 1 ton and that the cost per ton would be $7.80 from Kielmeyer.

Joyce made a motion to accept the lowest bid of Mr. Hernke

Dave seconded the motion.

Motion passed unanimously.


Township Building Update

Dave updated the board on his trip to the county.  He said according to the environmental health people the well has to be moved on our plans from the east side to the west side, reason being future expansion of adding the machine shed and salt shed.  They approved the location of the septic system on contingency of the perk test.  He also submitted the conditional use permit and they waived the 300 dollar filing fee as that is waived for townships. 

May 15 be advised of the County Planning Commission public meeting where we will have our hearing for the conditional use.  He stated we should all plan on attending that meeting.  A posting needs to be done for that. 

June 6 be advised is the date for the County Board Meeting, at which time they will either accept or deny conditional use.  Joyce asked if there was a time and Dave replied we will get a time later.  Dave stated we should also have a representative there.

Dave added that once we get the Conditional Use permit then we can apply for the building permit, which may take 2-3 weeks.


Steve Holt came forward to explain site work and road work for the new township property. 

Dave noted that 2 different budgets would be used therefore 2 different plans.

 Steve had requested the bids be awarded as one if his bid is accepted.

Dave explained that the 1.) purchase of the culvert can be done cheaper through the township so we would purchase that.  Also that 2.) we would supply the rock.  His bids are contingent on those 2 things.


Dave the read the bid:

Site Prep- cut, fill and compact for 40 x 48 feet building and parking lot            $4,500.00

Road Extension – build and compact, grade crushed for 24 x 250 feet            $2,900.00


Bob noted because it was under $10,000 we could award it.

Dave made a motion to award Steve Holt Construction the contract for prep work on the site and the road.

Bob seconded the motion. 

Motion passed unanimously.


Bids were passed to the clerk for filing. (note: proof of insurance was needed from Holt)


At this time Bob Benson stepped down as chair due conflict of interest.


Joyce Moorhouse became chairperson.


Dave made a motion purchasing land – description of  250 feet x 522.72 feet at $4,500.00 per acre, this parcel is (more or less), 3 acres, totaling $13,500.00 from Bob Benson, in the SW corner of North ½ of NW ¼ of section 123, township 112, range 18.  The property has been staked out.

Joe questioned the fact that the land measures a little bit less than 3 acres.  He advised adding “more or less” to the description.

Joyce repeated the motion adding “more or less” to the 3 acres.

Motion passed - 2 ayes.

Joyce asked if we needed a purchase agreement

Joe said no, assuming that Bob does a quick claim over.  Joe advised having an abstract drawn up and it will change your abstract as well for that parcel, also making sure it’s all one parcel for tax statements. 

Dave suggested we have the clerk go down and get this registered and finalized at the county.


Joyce stated she thought we do need a quick claim deed from Bob, done at an attorney’s. 


Joe stated it had to be done with Bob and with a representative of the township.


Joyce stated Betts could go representing the township and meet with Bob and the attorney.

If it needs a supervisor signature Joyce said she could come down later and sign.

Then the quick claim deed and the survey could be taken to the Abstract Office at the county and filed and recorded.


Ken stated there might be a fee for filing, plus tax on amount of property purchased valued, and that claims should be done in advance so he can have them ready.

Dave made a motion to approve the checks to make this purchase at this meeting when their due the treasure can issue those checks.  This way we won’t have to wait until next month to get this process going.  Basically we know what the fees are going to be or approximately.  When you get the final fees the treasurer can fill out the amounts .

Joyce seconded the motion

Motion passed – 2 ayes

Ken asked if Bob could sign the checks, or would it be a conflict of interest?

Dave stated the vice chair, Joyce, could sign for them.

Ken replied that we then needed to get Joyce’s name on the bank records.

Joyce stated the first step here is to make sure the taxes are all paid up on the property and have a receipt for that.

Bob replied he knew that.

Ken advised he needed a copy of the minutes from tonight to take to the bank due to the new Patriot Act, showing Joyce as a Board Member. 

Dave asked if someone submitted a claim for the money so we can pay you?

Bob said it would be OK if it was on next months claims.  He also mentioned the resurveying fee of $100.00 for Samuelson Surveying, he had a copy of the bill and would copy it for the clerk. 

Joyce asked if there were any other questions pertaining to the property.

Ken said yes, his question was about the money pertaining to the property.

Dave requested that Bob be brought back into the meeting as the purchase part of the discussion was over. 

Bob was brought back into the meeting as Chair at 9:08 p.m.


Ken advised we have 3 CD’s , 1 of them expires on 4/29/06, the other on 4/29/06 the other at 5/01/06. Do you want to take the CD expiring on 4/29 and put it into checking?  

Bob said to take one and put in checking.  Dave agreed.

Bob thought the bigger one should be put in checking.  Put the other 100 (thousand dollars worth of CDs) and put it into a 3 month CD and see what we get.

Bob said (talking to Ken) take the $62, 373 and put it in checking, then take the 51 and 52 (thousand dollar CD’s) and put them into a CD together.


Dave made a resolution that we move 1 CD (12-15-17 investment ID) let that expire and move it into the checking account.  Move the other two CD’s over into a 3 month CD, or to where we will get the best interest, including Instant Interest accounts.

Bob agreed with the resolution.


Dave spoke about a company called SMSQ Architects in Northfield.  He spoke with them about plans/blueprints for our building. Dave said the company will get back with us the first part of next month.  SMSQ is taking our current drawings and modifying them, trying to keep costs down. 


Joe Vandenheuvel  asked about appointment to the Planning Commission.  Has anything been done about that yet?  Stanton Proposed Policy Manual, has anyone read this? 

The board members said they had a copy of it. 

Joe further asked if the Planning Commission should go ahead and read and tweak it and then bring it to them?

Bob replied that would be fine.


Joe stated it could put the commission in a bind if they had a public hearing according to the policy manual.  The policy requires for anything to pass on a public hearing with the planning commission there has to be 3 accenting votes. With only 4 people it could put us in a bind. 

Joyce noted she would like to appoint John Krantz. 

Mark noted that Dean Johnson was very interested in township meetings and law.

Bob stated the Board would make up their minds by next month.

Dave stated he attended the Cannon Falls Rural Fire Department Association meeting.  We are on a 5 year contract, through 2007.  In 2006 we paid $8,985.00 it’s going to go up 3%.  I asked them what is going to happen with the new Fire Hall.  The city, they told him, is obligated now to build the Fire Hall.  Dave stated this may mean our 2008-2012 contracts may not be as high as expected.  Money will still come in for our fire fund. 


Questions on Mileage Claims

Do not get paid for Townboard meetings and Planning Commission meetings.

The rest, out of town, of meetings being in regards to town business will get mileage.

Remember:  “To Conduct Township Business”

This information should also be written down on the time sheets from the members.

Back to back meetings.  If it’s “adjourned” it’s the and end of a meeting, and another can begin. 


Any other new business? 


Future Meetings were discussed:

5/15/06 Goodhue Planning Commission – 1st step in getting our Conditional Use Permit

6/6/06 Goodhue County Board meeting – Conditional Use Permit finalized


Dave made a motion to distribute mail

Joyce seconded it

Motion passed.


Distribute Mail

The clerk went through the mail with the Board

Board Members need retraining find out when the next training meeting is.

Chloride Application Program – need to put ad in paper for chloride

CF City Report – file

Bank Statements – give to Ken (also any government ones)

T Mobile relocate tower, no permit required.  File under T-Mobile

Send letters to both bidders of gravel (“sorry, but we accepted a lower bid”)

Apply for HAVA grant – clerk does


Dave asked to reopen the Road Report

Bob said OK.

Dave said he was doing a lot of research about our road situation and he also started looking at a new soy solution for dust control.  He had contacted the zoning company in Minnesota It’s been very successful(the soy solution) but costs about $7,000 per mile at 18 foot strip down the center. Dave also stated he called Ferrell Gas and they quoted him a cost of $2,250 to do a mile with Chloride.  He noted that the roads we traveled on today on the Road Trip were in very good condition where Chloride had been applied over several years.  He recommended that we take a look at high traffic roads in our township, put down a strip of calcium chloride and see if it helps those roads.   This might be one way to counteract the costs of fuel/grater costs, lower maintenance costs,  and save on crushed rock fees.

Bob added accidents are also cut down when the dust is cut down.

Joyce made a motion that we do chloride testing on the high traffic roads.

Bob seconded the motion.

Dave recommended we define “high traffic roads” and also decide how many miles are to be covered. 

Joyce restated the motion that we do chloride testing on 10, give or take, miles of roads to be determined by the board.

Motion seconded.

Motion Passed.

Dave noted that because this will probably be over $10,000 we will have to get bids. 



Checks were disbursed.


Meeting adjourned 10:20 p.m.