(note tape recorder malfunctioned – no tape recording of the minutes)


Board Chair, Bob Benson, called the meeting to order.  Others present included Supervisor Joyce Moorhouse, Supervisor Dave Garner, Clerk Betts Top and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert.


Meeting was called to order at 7:02 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Bob called to reveal any conflict of interest.

Bob said he may possibly.


The land deed for the new town hall property was presented.  The board members signed it.


Bob called for the Treasurers Report:


Ken stated:

Building Fund and Investments are all the same.

Building Fund as of April 31, 2006:  $166,925.07

Road and Bridge Fund: $126,128.50

Grand Total Investments: $293,053.57

Receipts: $434.86

Disbursements: $8,549.51


Bob asked if there were any questions or additions.


Dave asked about the CD’s.


Ken replied they were in 3 month investments, and we had $65,000 in the Road and Bridge Fund checking account.


Bob replied that would be enough.


Ken replied he could stretch out the current investments to get a better rate than the current 4.8%. 


Dave made a motion to approve the Treasurers report as read.


Joyce seconded the motion.


Motion passed - 3 ayes.


Minutes were reviewed from Regular Board Meeting of April 18, 2006


Dave noted grammatical changes on page 7 


Ken noted he never said any quote about a fee of $19.50

The $19.50 was removed and the grammatical error was corrected.


Dave made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected.


Joyce seconded the motion.


Minutes approved as corrected for Regular Board Meeting of April 18, 2006.- 3 ayes


Minutes were reviewed from Special Board Meeting of April 4, 2006


Dave made a motion to approve the minutes of the Special Board Meeting


Joyce seconded the motion.


Minutes were approved as written.- 3 ayes


Minutes of the Road Trip of April 18, 2006 were reviewed.


Changes were made to change “Goodwin” to “Goodhue”, “city repairs” to “county repairs”, and “remove paddle board” to “replace paddle board”.


Dave made a motion to accept the Road Trip minutes as corrected


Joyce seconded the motion.


Minutes were approved as corrected. – 3 ayes


Building Permits


  1. Tammy Affolter – 30741 Hwy 19 Blvd, Cannon Falls, MN 55009 Section 14, 17.57 acres, 36’ x 48’ pole barn, along with a 48’ x  6’ high porch on one side.  Cost of building is $36,000. Dave made a motion to give a zoning permit to Tammy Affolter, Bob seconded it, motion passed – 3 ayes.


  1. Reed Qualle – 5729 Cherry Lane, Cannon Falls, MN 55009 – for a garage Oxford Estates.  Size 36 x 32 feet.  Value $25,000.  Bob advised he may need a variance from the county.  Joyce made a motion to grant a permit to Mr. Qualle for a garage, Dave seconded it, motion passed – 3 ayes.


  1. John Hommes – 31942 Oxford Mill Rd., Cannon Falls, MN 55008- section 24, for a garage.  Size 24 x 28 feet.  Estimated cost $9,188.  Joyce made a motion to approve a permit to Mr. Hommes for a garage,  Dave seconded the motion, motion passed – 3 ayes.
  2. Larry Kuehn – 30340 Hwy 56 Blvd., Cannon Falls, MN 55009, section 17, 8.3 acres, -an addition on to his house.  Size 16 x 24 feet.  Estimated cost $25,000. Dave made a motion to grant a building permit to Larry Kuehn for addition to his house, Joyce seconded the motion, motion passed – 3 ayes.


  1. Chris Hanke representing Laura Stiles – 5947 Wildwood Lane., Cannon Falls, MN 55009, Oxford Estates, lots 5 & 6 for a shed.  Size 24 x 25 feet.  Estimated cost $ 25,000. 


Joyce made a motion to approve permit for a shed for Laura Stiles


Dave seconded the motion

Motion passed – 3 ayes.  


Mr. Hanke did not have his checkbook.  He was advised to mail the check and he would then receive the permit from the clerk. 


Bob requested any other building permits?

(None were requested)


Meetings Attended:


Dave replied that the board had attended the county meeting last night (5/15/06) to verify the Conditional Use Permit.  We will go get it on the 6th (June).


Public Before the Board:


1. Eileen Knudtson was called forward.  She resides at 6054 Wildwood Rd, Cannon Falls, MN.  She is filing a complaint against her neighbor. She presented a plat map, a letter she had composed and pictures. She complains that the neighbor has dangerous dogs and a blocked 33-foot proposed right-of-way.  She stated that the dogs are only restrained by an electric fence and when she comes out of her house the dogs charge her and it is very threatening.  She also mentioned that at least once a month Goodhue has power outages of electricity in which case the fence would do no good at all in restraining the dogs.  She also said the turn around by her property is there because it is a dead end road.  The neighbor has blocked the turn around with boat, camper and trailer parked on the property of the turn around.  Anyone driving down the road is now forced to use her driveway to turn around.  She showed MN statutes defining dangerous dogs, how they should be enclosed, licensed, registered and owner bonding requirements.  Also, interference use of public property.  She said she has grandchildren visiting her frequently and she fears for their safety. 


Bob stated if it is a turn-around parking it would not be permitted. 


Tom Kurtz noted that he had not been blocked from turning around while plowing during the winter. 


Dave stated the 33 ft strip of road would be permitted for parking.


Ms. Knudtson stated that he (the neighbor) was blocking the road from being used as a turn around.


Dave said we could request the turn around be opened, but only the county could help her with the dog problem as Stanton does not have any ordinances regarding dogs. 


Bob suggested the clerk write a letter to the neighbor informing them that the area is an emergency and public turn-around and he cannot block that turn-around by parking vehicles there.


Mrs. Knudtson thanked the board.


The clerk asked her the name or address of the neighbor and said she didn’t know either.


Dave advised the clerk she could call the Land Use at the county and they could help her get the name and address of the owner, or also checking with the registrar’s office.


2. Duane Turek came forward of 3313 310th Street, Cannon Falls, MN.  He complained about the condition of 310th street and the potholes on it. 


Dave explained that it has been raining for the past two weeks, which the road cannot be graded during that time.  He added that all the roads get graded; there is a set pattern that we go through. 


Mr. Turek complained that the potholes are getting bigger and wanted to know if we were going to put some gravel on the road. 


Joyce advised Mr. Turek that we will be talking to the road maintenance people tonight and we will address the issue. 


Road Report


Tom Kurtz came forward.


Bob stated he had been getting complaints about 58th Avenue.  The road was in need of gravel.


Tom said gravel was being put down.  It seemed to be good rock.


Joyce asked where else Tom had been.


Tom stated he had put some on the hill by McKinnley’s, Stanton Trail hill, 57th Avenue, up in the housing development, 59th Avenue, and Warsaw Trail.


Bob stated that was a good start.  He asked where will he (Tom) be tomorrow.


Tom stated they will be out of gravel by tomorrow but will be getting a crusher in by the end of the week or next week.


Tom and the board members discussed the Road Trip list.


Bob advised that we will be putting chloride on the higher traffic roads this year.


Dave came up with 9.7 miles of high traffic roads:

Sciota Trail – west, from the blacktop to the county line                    1.1 miles

Sciota Trail – east, down to Thompson’s driveway                                  1.6 miles

40th Avenue to corner                                                                          1.0 miles

Oxford Mill Road                                                                            1.3 miles

57th – County 24 to township line                                                         .9 miles

Warsaw Trail                                                                                          .6 miles

42nd Avenue by Tate’s (up the hill)                                                   .5 miles


This adds up to:                                                                                    9.7  miles


Also, Dave added ¼ mile on roads that butt into main highways would add 1.0 more miles.


Bob felt Stanton Trail should be added, from the tar up to the top of the hill.


Dave said we could trade Warsaw .6 and change it to Stanton Trail and with the butts we would be at 11.5 miles. 


Bob felt it was important to go with what we had so far, but if we dropped the major highway that would drop us back to 10 miles.


Dave said he counted 4 spots where gravel roads butted into major highways and with people coming on and off those intersections it is a safety factor.  People tend to slow down and speed up at these areas creating a washboard effect on that area of the road.  If we had to we  could cut back on Sciota Trail.  But maybe we do want to look at 11 miles.


Dave said Betts should have a quote from Ferrellgas.


Joyce asked Betts if she had the quote.


Betts said she did not bring it with her.


Dave said that was why it was sent to you, so we could discuss it tonight.


Bob said he thought this year’s quote was less than last year’s amount.


Betts said yes, it was about 2 cents less because she had called them.  It was 74 cents and last year it was 76 cents.


Dave said there was information there where it could be converted to dollars per mile. He did not want to spend money without seeing the quote in front of him.


Bob suggested not adjourning, but to extend the meeting.


Dave said this may be something we have to postpone until later.


Dave wanted to consider the 4 spots where the gravel roads meet major highways.


Bob said let’s table it for right now until we get the quote from the clerk.


Bob asked if there was anything else.


Tom answered that the wheels for the snowplow came in and he planned to have them installed.


Dave asked if they needed to be welded in.


Tom said yes


Dave said to make an appointment and have it done.


Joyce thanked Tom and he then left.


Dave advised the Chairman that the paddle board at the corner of 310th had to be corrected, it was too low. The arrow signs that were taken down, one of them has to be put back up because we have a T there.  But it has to be put back up to the north so we still have access to the field there.  This has to be done by our maintenance crew. 


Bob asked if there were any other road items.


No items were mentioned.


Old Business


Town Hall Update by Dave


Dave stated Steve Holt is here, but he would present a receipt.  He then showed the evaluation of the septic system to the other board members. (a set of plans and specifications was shown to the board supervisors)

Dave continued to explain that Steve also turned in the first bid on the septic system.  Because the bid is under $10,000 we do not have to do any more unless we want to, we don’t require multiple bids.  Dave felt it was a reasonable price.


Joyce said she thought it was a fair amount no matter who did it.


Bob added that he was well pleased with Steve’s work so far, and it is under $10,000.


Dave noted this work would not be done until after the building was in.


Joyce made a motion that we accept the bid from Holt Construction.  The bid is 5,457 dollars to do the specifications for the septic system. 


Bob seconded the motion


Motion passed – 3 ayes



Joyce asked if the bid should be signed, at which time Bob and Joyce and the clerk signed and dated the document.


Dave said that we did not have to put a culvert in for the driveway to the town hall as the county did calculations and it was not needed.  He said the water drainage was toward the east.  


The clerk asked the chairman if the signed bid from Mr. Holt was to be kept with the Township. 


Steve Holt asked that a copy be made and mailed to him.


At 830 PM Bob asked for a quick recess.

At 832 PM session reconvened.


Bob asked to allow a License to be renewed first.


Bob Schlekewy of 107 Tammar Lane, Cannon Falls, MN came forward to renew the Liquor License for the Cannon Falls Sportsman’s Club.


Bob made a resolution to approve the renewal of the liquor license for Cannon Falls Sportsman’s Club.


Joyce seconded it.


Bob said resolution has been made and seconded, all in favor say “aye”


Passed – 3 ayes.


Dave asked the Clerk come forward to present the bids for the new well for the Town Hall property.


The clerk presented the 5 bids for Well Construction to the board.


Discussion ensued regarding the bids.


Dave noted that because the bids were between the 10,000 and 50,000-dollar mark and because we have more than two bids and we’re not required to take the lowest bid, what we can do is to take the bid that is most advantageous to the township. 


Joyce noted the well depths varied quite a bit. 


Dave noted that Kimmes-Bauer Well bid was lower because his Well depth was not as deep as the other bids.


Joyce asked what if he has to go deeper.


Dave noted that he would change us 17 dollars more a foot.


Joyce asked if that would make it higher than Carlson’s bid.


Ken figured the additional charge to bring the Well depth up to 480 feet would be $1,360 dollars.  The total would be $13,193.


Dave noted that Carlson was offering a higher pump rating of 1.5 hp.  He said he would like to go with Carlson, he felt we would be getting a better value for the dollar. 


Bob also noted that Kimmes-Bauer was putting down 4 yards of cement, where as Carlson was putting down 7 yards. 


Joyce pointed out the increased power of the pump would be important for pressure washing and similar things.  Carlson also quoted out the 25 foot of steel casing.  Additional footage is 16 dollars a foot vs. 17 dollars a foot with Kimmes-Bauer.


Dave stated that with all the bids being considered he felt Carlson is the better dollar value for the township. 


Dave made a motion to accept the bid of Carlson Well Drilling for the well at $13,897.


Joyce seconded the motion.


Motion passed  - 3 ayes


Dave recommended that the clerk ask Carlson to put the well in as soon as possible. 

He also noted that the location and the site plan had been approved by the county.  He requested that if Carlson had any questions to let the Board members know and they could meet with him on the site.


Dave presented the blueprints by SMSQ out of Northfield.  The blueprints will be signed off officially next week. 


Dave explained and pointed out features of the building plans:

Front Entrance – double doors

Foundation Plan

Roof and rafter-structure plan

Internal layout-

            Office, bathroom, utility room, electrical, well entrance into the utility room, sink in  meeting room with counter top and cupboards above, clothes closet, air exchanger, side venting, light shelf shedding light up on to the ceiling, canned recessed lighting, fluorescent lighting,


Joyce asked what was the inside space of the meeting room or how many it would seat


Dave said he didn’t ask but he would come up upon the dimensions.

Dave continued with roof vents, lighting on each outside corners, and lighting of the front doors, a security light for the parking lot was discussed, vaulted ceiling, ceiling fan would be roughed in for future installation, sliding window in the Treasurer-Clerk room. 

Dave pointed out the importance of having exact blueprints for having bids.  He also pointed out that everything was commercial standards, ADA accessible.

On the electrical layout he pointed out all that was required per commercial code was one outlet per wall but that we will have more, along with one in the floor for presentations.  We would be pre-wiring the room for a sound system later.  Floor covering, high tech has a lot of pros and cons vs. plain cement.  Quarry tile would go in the entrance, commercial grade carpeting in the office, linoleum in the bathroom, and with siding it was recommended that we go with the 50-year cement type style.  It has to be painted but has a 50 year guarantee. Roof would be 25-year shingles. Electric heat was being proposed.  The office could be heated separately.

Dave said that ended his report.  He had 5 paper copies of the prints and a copy on CD. 


Joyce asked if this was the heated floor


Dave replied yes.


He also felt that electric was more efficient compared to propane because of the not so constant usage.


Steve asked about parking arrangement and slope.


Dave recommended having cement bumpers or railroad ties. 


Steve Holt mentioned a 6-inch elevation for the finished floor, that he could go out and mark the proposed elevation. He added that it is all set up now so that the drainage is going to go south and then east. 


Dave said that in order to get the Town Hall built this summer it is necessary in the next week or so to get a request out.  It will take 30 days to get the bids back in, then we have to evaluate them, then they have to be awarded and then it has to be put on their schedule.  He recommended taking the plans back with each of the board members and meeting again in 1 week from today to come up with a request for quote, then send that out and get quotes. 


Bob asked if there were any changes we had to make.


Dave answered we had to define what we want yet


Bob asked if Dave meant such as siding.


Dave replied yes we have to make that decision.  We also have to decide if there are any changes to this we want to make.  But we have to come up with a formal request that says “this is what you need”, things like the outdoor lighting, the whole site has to be written up as a Request For Quote. Everything else we may need besides just the building.  One contractor should do everything. 


Joyce asked if they had to make a decision about the siding.


Dave recommended we use the synthetic-cement style siding.


Joyce asked if that was included in the architect’s plans.


Dave replied it was already on the spec. sheet, but that we could set up the request as having options for example: Option A. Steel Siding vs. Option B. Vinyl Siding and then have separate side quotes.


Joyce asked if the architects ever recommend what they would put on as siding.


Dave said the company that built all the town homes as you drive into town in Northfield had this type of siding; we have the same architect firm.


Joyce asked about the floorings. 


Dave said this is what they recommended.  If we wanted something different we could make flooring options also. What has to be done next is we have to get the Request for Quote out in the next couple of weeks at the latest.  30 days out, and then we have to evaluate the quotes, then award the bid, then the contractor has to get it in his schedule to get it built.


Bob said let’s set up for the special meeting.


Joyce asked to meet a week from today.


Bob thought we should not adjourn; we should recess until next Tuesday night.


Dave said and then at that same time we can address the quote for the chloride.  If we want he can make a rough draft of the Request for Quote.


Joyce said Dave was the most qualified here to do that.


Bob added Dave was doing a great job.


Dave explained to be fair with all the contractors he would not give out any plans until we got a request for quote done.


Joyce said it had to be published in the paper first.


Bob stated it’s too late for this week isn’t it. 


Joyce said it’s too late to put the ad in the Beacon, so do we really want to be meeting next Tuesday, or next Monday?


Bob said next Monday he was busy.


Dave said he couldn’t do it on Monday.


Joyce said she wanted to get it done as soon as possible because if not it would be another week until it gets done. 


Dave said it only has to be posted two weeks.  We can go out for quotes before we publish it.  Anyone who comes in later will just have less time.  We might want to consider a special meeting just to open the quotes. 


Dave continued saying the bid has to be posted in the Beacon for two weeks. That we may want to have a special meeting just for the opening of the bids as the contractors may have questions.  It also should be kept in mind as to whether the bids are amendable or not, maybe we would have some change orders and we have to figure out how we are going to handle that.


Ken added that an ad could be put in next Tuesday, then have the meeting Tuesday night and then the ad would be published on Wednesday or Thursday for people to read.


Joyce asked Dave if he was directing the clerk to have it published.


Dave said no he wasn’t.  He wouldn’t do that until we were firm on what they were going to ask for.  If you go with a special meeting that’s going to be next week.  We don’t want to give partial information out.  We don’t want to advertise and all of a sudden have to change our minds.  He said he just didn’t have the verbiage to put the ad in the paper, that’s the problem.  He said he could probably work that up, but he was going to do what the county does with bids, but has not had the time to do it yet.


Joyce said she was sure when Dave got it done we would go ahead next week, if not then the week after. 


Bob asked do you want to have a special meeting or just a continuation.


Dave said he didn’t care.


Joyce said if we had a special meeting we could only discuss the one topic, if we continue this meeting then we can talk about several items.


Dave said you can have a special meeting and talk about several things; you just have to have them listed.  He said he had one more thing to bring up on the hall, but it would take a moment.  



Joyce asked if the Deed for the Land had been registered. 


The clerk replied that it had been done and paid the two fees.  She said that Mr.Burkhardt had been called and was doing the abstract now.  Abstract insurance was questionable.


Joyce stated that she didn’t feel insurance was needed as the land had been in one ownership for such a long period of time.


Joyce asked what it cost to register the deed.


Betts said it was about 45 dollars.  She had two things to pay for, they were both about 45 dollars each.  Mr. Burkhardt will bill us later for the abstract. 


Bob asked about the township mailbox keys.


Betts stated she had them both, and was wondering where the extra one should go.


Dave said to give it to the chairman, but that normally the extra one would go inside the building.


Bob asked for the extra key.


Joyce asked about the purchase of the fire extinguishers, first aid kids, slow moving vehicle sign.


Betts replied Dan had told her he had purchased them.


Dave brought up furnishing the new town hall.  He said Lakeville was having an auction of office furniture and felt a board member could go and see what was being offered.  He would like the board’s input on it.


Discussion ensued about the auction by the supervisors.


 Joyce said she had heard the County has surplus equipment.  Would the clerk call down there and find out.


Betts said she would call the county and find out.


Bob made a motion to give Dave authority to check out the furniture at the Lakeville Auction.


Joyce seconded the motion, adding if they’re in good condition.


Bob said all in favor of giving Dave the authority to purchase any good quality office furniture say aye –  3 ayes heard.


Bob asked the clerk about the chloride ads.


Betts told the board that there had been about 40 requests for chloride so far.


Joyce asked when requests were due by.


Betts replied May 25th. 


Bob asked if there was any other new business


Joyce mentioned that she had a call about what was being done about the old town hall. 


Betts said that person had called her and she had met him at the old town hall.  He was more interested in the maintenance building than the town hall.


Dave told Betts that nothing was going to be done with the old town hall until the new one was up.  No decision would be made until next year. 


Joyce said there was nothing wrong with someone going over to look at the building, it was a public building. 


Bob asked if there was any other new business.


Dean Johnson spoke before the board.  He said the county zoning office had sent a letter to Mrs. Carroll of Cannon Tackle business, asking her to apply for a conditional use permit.  If she applies on the schedule the county has set up she will come on to the county planning commission on June 19th.  The neighbors will get notices.  If the board had any interest in saying something to the Planning Commission about the heavy road usage he could let us know what  progress is being made. 


Joyce said she was sure if they were going to give her (Mrs. Carroll) a conditional use the board would be notified.  Anything that comes up in the township the clerk is notified. 


Paul Schluter spoke asking shouldn’t she (Mrs. Carroll) be getting a conditional use from the township.


Dave said he didn’t know what they were doing so he didn’t know.


Dean said he asked the lady at the zoning office about that and her answer was “well some times the county waits for the township and some times it doesn’t.”


Dave said he would like to bring up the vacancy for the Planning Commission.  He would like to consider Dean Johnson.  He had shown interest, goes to Planning Commission meetings and has experience.


Joyce stated she was against Dean Johnson being on the Planning Commission, only because when he was on the board before and they got into the discussion of the ordinances. He met with the person who was hired to do the ordinances and at one of the meetings he had stated that they had a private meeting and he got up and walked out of the meeting because the planner wouldn’t go along with what he wanted vs. what maybe the Planning Commission wanted. She felt that we can’t have anyone on the Planning Commission who is going to serve his own interests over that of the township because she thought that when you are on the Planning Commission or the Board you must represent the community at large and you must be open and represent all the people not your own personal interests.  She said we were getting into the ordinances again and she would not like to see the same thing happen.  She felt there were other people in the township who could serve and that they should have the opportunity.  Mr. Johnson had served and we should give other people a chance to serve. 


(Clerk’s Note: Mr. Dean K. Johnson’s response to the above statement can be read in the minutes of the Town Board Regular Meeting of 7-18-06)


Bob said he would like to thank Dean for all the work he’s done.  He said he had plans to talk to another person about the vacancy but didn’t get a chance to talk to him.


Joyce stated that she would like to see this item tabled until another month.


Dean said thank you for considering him.


Bob said it would be tabled for another month.


Dave brought the Planning Commission Policy version 2.0.  He passed out the updated policy.  This was the final draft being passed out to be approved.  He pointed out the form for making a paper trail.


Joyce said that was a very good idea because it gives their reasoning’s for their decisions.


Dave said he would leave it up to the rest of the board as to what they want to do with it.


Joyce asked the chairman if they could have a month to review the policy.


Betts asked the name of the policy.


Bob said it was called The Stanton Township Planning Commission Proposal Policy


Dave said that we have had communication from Dean Johnson on the Comprehensive Plan. Dean has sent us the results of the meeting we had with him.  What are missing are 3 figures that he did not make changes on, so you will see figures 1, 3, and 5 are missing.  He said he emailed Dean back and asked for the figures to make a complete document. Once we approve this as a draft, then it becomes a proposal, and then we, as a Board, have to decide if we want to take public hearings on this or wait and combine it with the ordinance.  The guidelines from the Association say it’s our choice.  He suggested that we progress and get this into the proposed stage, we do public hearings, and take intake from the public, we can put it on the web and let the people look at it, and then it will give us a very good handle for writing the legal document.


Bob said let’s go over this and then bring it up next month.


Joyce said lets put this on the agenda and we can make a decision at that time.  She added she wanted to thank Dave for doing this and putting this together for us.


Dave made a motion to put the bid notice in the newspaper to be published on the 23rd., Seconded and passed 3-0.


Upcoming Meetings:

Bob read courses being offered.


Dave announced there will be a meeting on Hwy 52 Interchange Project, Monday, May 22, 930-1130 AM at City Hall in Cannon Falls.


Joyce said she would attend, Bob said he was busy and Dave said he had to work.

Therefore no posting was necessary with only 1 board member going.


Joyce signed a bank card so that she could sign checks.


Mail to distribute:


Dave made a motion to distribute mail.


Joyce seconded the motion.


Betts announced classes being held.

Betts opened mail from Ken on software for Election Machine, bill was enclosed.


It was decided to put it on next month’s claims.


Claims :


Bob made a motion to pay claims.


Joyce seconded the motion.


All in favor say Aye – 3 ayes heard.


Dave suggested addressing the clerk’s claims.  He advised the clerk need only pick up mail once a week.  When getting pay sheets and receipts make sure it is noted what it is for. 


Ken said he needed addresses for some of the claims, like Althoffs, Synergy Graphics, Samuelson Surveying, Burkhardt, TCS Graphics, and Wanamingo Land. 


Dave informed the clerk that under statute she was not allowed to spend any money, permission had to come from the board.  Office supplies are allowed.  All correspondence should be through the township address and email is to be through the township website and mail address.


Ken advised Betts that when we get our payments from the state we don’t get a check we get a notification in the clerks email and the clerk is to then forward that to Ken. 



Checks were dispersed



Joyce made a motion was made to have a special board meeting on May 23rd, reason: to finish chloride of roads discussion and to discuss new town hall plans.


Bob seconded the motion.


Motion passed – 3 ayes.


Meeting adjourned at 10:22 PM