Board Chair, Bob Benson, called the meeting to order.  Others present included Supervisor Joyce Moorhouse, Supervisor Dave Garner, Clerk Betts Top and Treasurer Kenneth Ebert. Tom Kurtz was also present.


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Bob called to reveal any conflict of interest.


None was heard.


Minutes of  May 16, 2006 meeting:  corrections, page 9 , change “Steve asked” to “Steve Holt asked”, page 10 “Bob said let’s set up” change to “Bob said let’s set up for the Special Meeting”, page 16, “Motion made by” change to “Motion made by Joyce”,  change “Motion Seconded by” to “Motion seconded by Bob”,  page 11, change “Dave got it done he”  to “Dave got it done we”, page 15, add “ Dave made a motion to put the bid notice in the newspaper to be published on the 23rd., Seconded and passed., page 13, change “what was being done about the new town hall” to what was being done about the old town hall”, also on page 13 change “Joyce said she had heard the County has auctions”, to “Joyce said she had heard the County has surplus equipment.”.


Joyce made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected.


Dave seconded the motion.


Dean Johnson asked the chairman if he could call attention to an item on page 14.  The information that is contained there although it accurately says what Joyce said, is not correct and he would ask the opportunity to correct it.  He could do that by sending the board a letter which could be included with the minutes or we could do something about it now. 


Joyce replied he needed to send a letter.


Bob said he should send a letter to get it straightened out.


Dean Johnson asked if that would be made a part of the minutes then.


Bob replied yes it would be in the minutes. 


Bob said all in favor of accepting the minutes as corrected say aye.


Passed 3 ayes.



Dave requested that regarding the 2nd bid from the soy bean people, he did not have their name and address at the time, and he would like that information inserted.  In the sentence “ He said he did get a bid from the soy bean people”, insert the company name to read “He said he did get a bid from EDC, Inc. ( Environmental Dust Control) of Currie, MN”. 


Bob asked if there were any other corrections.


Dave made a motion to approve the minutes with the additions.


Joyce seconded the motion


Motion passed 3-0.


Treasure’s Report


Ken stated current investments:


Building Fund:               $105,398.92

Road and Bridge Fund:            $128,786.00

Total Investments:                  $234,184.92


Receipts last month:             $64,290.52


Total Dispersed                        $32,110.94


Dave made a motion to approve Treasurer’s Report


Joyce seconded the motion


Motion passed 3-0


Building Permits:


  1. Brett Gustafson. Delbert and Brett Gustafson came forward.   Permit to build a house. Section 27.  20 acres. House size: 1,560 square feet.  Cost: $200,000.  All setbacks will be met.

Dave made a motion to approve the zoning for Brett Gustafson, but it will have to be done under Delbert’s name because he is still the original owner.

Bob seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3-0


  1. Jeff Haugen.  Permit to build a storage shed, 12’ x 20’, 8 ft high walls, with attached carport 10’ x 20’.  On skids, non-permanent structure.  It will be on skids because it is temporary storage.  30 feet from the back, 15 from sides for setbacks.

Cost $2,300.00

Dave asked if the land had been surveyed.


Jeff answered yes.


Bob made a motion to grant a permit to Jeff Haugen.

Joyce seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3-0


  1. Chuck Radamacher – permit to build a porch on side of house.  Chuck presented a site plan.  All setbacks will be met.  Value $7,000.

Dave made a motion to grant permit for porch to Chuck Radamacher.

Bob seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3-0


  1. Todd Smith – permit to add a stall to current garage.  Cost $5,000.  Todd presented his plan.  Setbacks will be met.  1 acre in Woodland Heights.  Todd was advised the county may ask him for a variance, their setback is still 100 feet. 

Joyce made a motion to approve the request for the permit.

Dave seconded the motion

Motion passed 3-0


  1. Tom Meyers came forward. He is putting a new roof on his house and would like to extend the roof on the current house to overhang the current porch.  Section 17, zoned residential.  He resides at 29831 20th Avenue Way.  The name of the property owner is Barbara Robbins, his wife.  Size of the current porch is 14 ft wide and sticks out 10 feet.  Estimated cost for the overhang is about $1,500.00. 

Tom will fill out the permit for his wife Barb.


Clerk asked if we needed the wife’s signature.


Joyce said he can put her name/his name at the top of the permit.


Joyce made a motion to approve the roof over the deck.

Bob seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3-0


Bob asked if there were any other building permits.


None were heard.


Clerk Report

Follow up on Knudtson complaint.  Betts had contacted Ms. Knudtson and she said there had been no more parking in the turn-around area by her home. 


Follow up on Hamp complaint.  Ms. Hamp was smelling pollution at night during the winter from an outdoor woodburning furnace.  Betts advised her, by way of a letter, where she could call and who to contact when this happens again in the future. 


Follow up on used equipment at Goodhue County.  Betts called the county and they advised her they do have auctions.  They have them about twice a year and notice is posted on the internet.  There may be another auction this fall.


Follow up on guardrail on 23rd Ave Way.  It was noted on the road trip that one was needed.  She had called the county several times and no one returned her calls.  Finally she called MN DOT and they were very helpful.  We could buy a guardrail kit and do it ourselves. The cost of the kit would be about $3,000.  The other company she spoke with, which the state does use and where she got their address originally, the cost would be about $5,000. 


Joyce asked installed.


Betts replied, yes, installed.  That company was H & R Contractors.  She had an email from the state that showed that company as being one of the top construction companies that they use. 


Dave said on the same topic he had talked to Greg Isakson yesterday at the Hwy 52 Bypass meeting.  Apparently the state had contacted him. Greg was aware we needed a guardrail.  Greg said for us to give him a call and he would help us out.  The county could come out and actually do it for us, or they’ll make sure we get a good contractor that they work with.   Dave said he had told Betts that today, and that he had sent her an email.


Betts replied that she did get the email, and she did send the bridge number to Mr. Isakson. 


Dave continued saying he just needed the bridge number, as he had the specs on it. This way we can get some help from the county. He suggested we go with the county.  He would rather use a contractor that the county uses. 


Betts asked if we should try to get the county to do it.


Dave said we should wait until Greg Isakson comes back and he will inform us what he thinks and what the county can do for us, or he may direct us to their preferred vendor.  He felt the state recommended vendor was a little higher up on the pecking order and we might be better off working locally. 


Betts said that was all she had to report.


Public Before the Board


Beth Banitt was not present.


Tom Meyers came back before the board to submit his application he had filled out.


Tom said he did not have Steve Ripley’s license number.  Mr. Ripley would submit the plans.


Betts asked if she should fill in the amount on the permit for $1,500.


Bob explained to the clerk to put down $5,000 just to be safe, as it was the same $50.00 fee up to $10,000 for cost.


Tom asked if he was to pay $50.00 now


Dave explained that’s the township fee and the county would have another fee.


Tom asked what was the county charge for.


Dave answered for the building permit.


Tom said he didn’t bring a check with him.


Betts said she could hold the permit for him and he could mail a check. 

(she gave him the township address)



Road Report


Bob called Tom Kurtz to come forward. 


Tom said that they had run out of chloride.  It should continue on Monday.


Dave said he thought they had a tanker 


Tom replied they could not locate the tanker at the moment, but Monday they would probably start the chloride again. 


(clerk’s conversation with Mr. Meyers over recorded conversations with the board and Tom)


Joyce asked have he done any of our roads so far. 


Tom answered they had done Sciota Trail to the west , 1 side of Sciota Trail the other way, tomorrow they would finish off the other side of that, then they would come down 310th street, and 40th. 


Dave said Tom was working basically North to South.  He said Tom had been grading the roads and they looked nice. 


Tom said on the narrower roads, like down by Thompson’s, they were putting down a middle strip, otherwise there would be a lot of overlap of chloride. 


Dave agreed that we didn’t want that.  We wanted 18 feet on the main roads. 


Bob asked Tom if there was anything else


Tom said on the complaint from last month on the rough road, he felt people were going too fast.  People were passing him going 40-50 miles an hour even while he was grading.


Dave asked if Tom had his light flashing


Tom said yes.


Dave said some people who have moved out to this area expect to drive on gravel as they did on blacktop. 


Tom said he discovered putting the chloride down on the wet roads actually soaked in better than on the dry roads. 


Old Business


Bob brought up the bill for Bill Nelson and the road repair.


Dave interjected the Guardrail project; he would rather have it contracted out then to have our maintenance people do it.


Bob agreed.


Betts handed out copies of a Road Repair bill from claims to the board members.

She explained there were two things to bill Mr. Nelson for; the time of the driver and equipment and the cost of the rock that was applied.


Bob said the rock and labor would probably be about $65.00


Joyce added we had to double his (the driver’s) hours (pay) for the use of the equipment


(Bob and Betts discussed and wrote down how the bill should be broken down)


Tom asked Betts for the list of chloride applications needed.  He asked if Bill Nelson was on the current list.


Betts replied no, he wasn’t on the list.  If he would have called her or written she could have added him to the list.


Dave added if he doesn’t apply for it, he doesn’t get it.


Joyce said tell him to call the clerk and straighten it out.


Betts said it’s too late she had already printed off all the chloride reports for Tom


Joyce added then they have to call the county if they still want it.


Dave added we advertise for it and if he doesn’t apply for it we assume he doesn’t want it.


Bob asked if Dave had any questions


Dave replied at the meeting of the Planning Commission Joe Vandenheuvel complained about a sink hole on 311th street, at the corner of  312th street.  He had gone and looked at it, it was down some off the pavement.  He didn’t think of that as a sink hole and he also didn’t think it was worth putting crushed rock in it.  Unless Joe is seeing something that he is not seeing he did not think it was a sinkhole.  He will ask Joe to show it to him next time.  For the record he said it was about an inch deep.  It’s from where people are cutting the corner and not a sinkhole. 


Bob said he knew there had been a couple of sinkholes down there a couple of other times. The only way to get around that is to blacktop the corners too.


Dave said he just wanted it in the Road Report for the record that he had checked it out.


Tom left the meeting.


Bob asked about the Town Hall Update.


Dave asked Betts if she had any information.


Betts said she had one company drop off the list.  At the moment she showed it to be 17 companies.  She had mailed out 10 sets of plans.


Dave stated just because they had sets of plans, they may still decide not to bid.


Betts said she had received one bid.


Dave stated that the company who had sent in their bid may want to update it. If after we send updates out they wanted to change it, we would accept the most recently dated one.


Betts asked about a form she had received (from the county) about new polling places and the fact that the form said there had to be a resolution for the new polling place.  She wanted to know if she should put that on a future agenda.


Dave said we could do it now or do it later. 

(copies of the document were handed out to the supervisors)


Dave said he would like to wait until after the bids were opened and when their proposal could be done, and we could talk to the contractor before we do anything official.


Joyce stated the document said  “changes cannot be made less than 90 days before the next election or any time between the state and general primaries.”  The primary is in September, right.


Dave said we probably won’t be in the new town hall so we’ll probably be holding both elections at this location.  Until we open the bids and talk to the contractor let’s just table this.


Bob agreed.


Town Hall Interior Needs:


Dave said he had gone to the Lakeville Auction. The auction person allowed him to bid with a number for the township and then submit a claim.  He paid $3.00 for 1 file cabinet,

18 stackable chairs at $3.00 each, 9 rolling chairs at $4.00 each, a 12 foot conference table at $22.00, 2 big white boards at $12.50 each, large desk and credenza and chair for $155.00. 


Ken stated the total purchase was $287.50.


Dave stated it was all stored in his garage.



Bob stated next item is the Stanton Township Planning Commission Proposal Policy

(Supervisors brought out copies of policy to examine)


Bob asked if any one had anything to add or change in it.


Dave wanted to reiterate that the policy had gone through the Planning Commission; their changes are incorporated into this draft. 


Bob stated that when he went through it, it sounded all right to him.  


Joyce asked if there were any large changes at the meeting.


Dave answered just some wording changes.  There were two stages to approve this.  First is the main proposal , the last couple of pages are not part of the manual.  The policy manual is what we’re looking at now, and then later we will talk about the last 3 pages as a separate item. 


Joyce resolved to adopt the Policy Manual for the Stanton Township Planning Commission, the draft that was given in May 2006.

Dave seconded the resolution

Resolution passed  3-0


Dave said we would get copies made and give to the Planning Commission next meeting.


Bob said yes, it sounded good.


Dave said the last 3 pages are the clarification of exactly what is the accepting criteria for a Variance, Conditional Use, etc.   This was taken from the proposed ordinance that we were working on awhile ago.  This is what is needed to either approve or disapprove a Conditional Use or Variance.  There is also a form on another page which will track a Conditional Use, Variance, or Public Hearing type of thing. Basically the clerk would give the form a number, the planning commission would fill it out with reasons why they approved or disapproved something so we would have a paper trail.   He recommended that we incorporate this same sequence all the way up through the Board. Then we can find things more easily.


Bob said that was a good idea.


Dave recommended we adopt that procedure, and have the clerk start assigning numbers.


Joyce said she didn’t see on the form is where it states it’s a Conditional Use or a Variance.  She would like that on the form, following the request number it should say “for a Variance” or “for a Conditional Use”. 


Dave agreed. He had tried to keep the form as generic as possible, but we could have a spot in there to check for Conditional Use or Variance.


Bob asked if this was taken out of our ordinance.


Dave said yes, the proposed ordinance.  He felt these last 3 pages should be separate.


Joyce said she moved that we resolve to add the last 3 pages with the addition to the signature page informing whether it’s a Conditional Use or a Variance, for both the Planning Commission and the Board.

Dave seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3-0


Dave told Betts she would be assigning the numbers, he would be sending her electronic copies with the “Draft” removed. 


Comprehensive Plan


Bob asked if there were any updates on it.


Dave said this one is the final update.  The next stage is to take the Comprehensive Plan  before the public.  If this is what the board has agreed to, then this is what we want to take before the public.  Then we can instruct the Planning Commission to hold public hearings. We’re at the stage now where this changes from Draft to Proposal.  Right now it is a draft until we make a resolution to make it a proposal.  He has read through it and is happy with the changes that were made. 


Bob said we should move forward and go with a public hearing on the Comprehensive Plan Draft. 


Dave said do you, Mr. Chairman, want to pursue the comprehensive plan through the public hearing and then come back and go to the ordinance separately, two different tracts?


Bob said yes, that would be the way to do it.


Dave made a motion to move the Comprehensive Plan from Draft status to Proposal status, and instruct the Planning Commission to hold public hearings on the Comprehensive Plan. 


Dave explained he would have copies made up for Betts to give out to the public, and a digital copy would also be put up on the website for the public.


Betts asked if she could put a copy at the library.


Bob said yes.


Dave made a motion to move the Comprehensive Plan from Draft to Proposal status.

Joyce seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3-0


Dave said it would be up to the Planning Commission to schedule the public hearing.  He had told them that this was on it’s way to them.  But they couldn’t take any action until the Board did.

Dave addressed the two Planning Commission members present, Paul Schluter and John Miller, asking them if they could do a public hearing next month. 


Paul mentioned publishing the notice of a public hearing.


Dave said the next Planning Commission meeting was 3 weeks out, we would have time to publish it.  But we need to have you say you can take it on your agenda.


Paul said there was not much on the agenda at this point.


Bob said the second Tuesday of July would be the 11th.


Dave added that if there is a lot of input we might want to have 2-3 public hearings.


Dave made a motion to direct the Planning Commission to hold a public hearing July 11th at 7:30 PM on the 2006 Comprehensive Plan for Stanton Township.

Bob seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3-0


Dave said it should be noted that if a lot of people show up and it’s getting late the Planning Commission can say we will hold another meeting next month.


Joyce asked if Dean Johnson, the planner, was going to be at that meeting


Dave answered no.


Betts asked if she should post this meeting.


Joyce said it has to be in the paper right away.


Bob said to get it in there for next week.


Bob asked if there was any other old business.

None was heard.


New Business


Ms. Carroll-Conditional Use Permit in error by the clerk.


Betts passed out copies of what she had gotten in the mail from the county along with the follow up correspondence. 


Betts explained she had tried to take care of the problem as best as she could, but wanted to bring the Board up-to-date on the mistake that she had made and what she had done to correct it. She had received a letter in the mail from the county and drew some bad assumptions that it hadn’t been signed by someone, so she tried to correct it by signing it and then it came back to her about a week later saying that there were still things that hadn’t been done yet.  She said at the Planning Commission meeting the topic came up about a Tackle Supply business, it started to ring a bell with her and so she told them she had signed a Conditional Use permit that she thought had been started by the township.  When she did check her records, too late, she found there was no record of Ms. Carroll having been to any of our township meetings for the past 3 years.  She said she called Ms. Carroll and asked her if she had ever been to our meetings and Ms. Carroll said no, she hadn’t, that she had gone to the county to get her permit.  Betts said she told Ms. Carroll that she had already contacted the county, which she had, and that she told the county, also in a letter, that her signature was signed in error.  Because Ms. Carroll seemed to be vague as to what was going on she followed up within the same hour a letter to her stating she cannot attend the meeting (county) with that permit because it is not valid.  She told Ms. Carroll the first thing she had to do is start at our level, starting with a Planning Commission meeting in July, and then had to follow up with coming to our Board meeting for her permit.  She said that she hoped what she had done would put a stop to her signature being on a form.  She said she certainly did learn a lesson.  She apologized.


Meetings Attended


Dave said he had met with the county on June 6th for our Conditional Use permit. He was also at the county on the 7th to start the Building Permit process and getting an address for the new town hall.


Joyce said she attended the May 6th meeting for the County Commissioners.  Also on May 22nd attended the Minnesota Highway Cannon Falls Intersection Study. The project for the steering committee was held from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. 21 people attended.   They were laying the ground work for the freeway turning it into an expressway to eliminate the lights.  The south boundary is at 327th Avenue and it will come up as far north as Hwy 19.  They’re deciding on where the intersection is going to be.  When they did the stop lights it was only a temporary fix. The intersection of 24 and 52 is still in the top 200 problem areas in the state of Minnesota.  This project is a steering committee project to see what the needs are for this area.  They are taking a section of people across the area and seeing how this intersection will affect Cannon Falls, like the county, the townships, Cannon Falls City, the hospital, all those people who might have an interest in where this interchange might be are included in the project.  It’s going to be carried out in 3 phases.  The first phase is to find an alternate route. The second phase will be the environmental impact, and the third phase will be the final municipal mapping of the consent. They want to bring all the people together so that everyone is of one consensus.  Then when they go to ask for funding for this project there will be no disagreements.  If there are disagreements the state will not support the project.  It’s going to be done over a number of years. They have a whole program of what the tasks will be.  The second one is to establish the project framework, the third is the data collection, the fourth is to analyze the data and confirm issues, goals, problems and needs.  The phase task 4 is supposed to be in the middle of July through August.  Then the next task 6 will identify the initial alternatives which will be in early September.  September goes on into November when they will bring it out to the general public again for information from the shareholders of the resulting alternative development process.  That goes on into January of 2007, and February where they will screen all the alternates and prepare the preliminary layouts.  A lot of work has to be done on the layouts, this area is quite long.  By February of 2008 they will again have a general public informational meeting and screen for preliminary layouts.  This should all end by September 2008.  Once the project is all formulated they will move to get the money and proceed with the project. 


Dave said he was at the open meeting the previous night, as a private citizen.  He talked to them about the moratorium going around the area. The area that they are looking at will not extend into Stanton Township.  They will start at our border and go east.  So we will not be involved in a moratorium. 


Betts said she attended a half day meeting up in St. Cloud for Election Training.  It was very well organized, extremely informative and she came back with 200-300 pages of

information to read.  She had also picked up the Disability Election machine from the county, which is about a $6,000 machine.  It is now stored in a controlled environment in her home.  Now all she has to do is get her judges trained this summer.


Bob stated he was down to the Board of Adjustments but Randall Hoppe didn’t show up.  He needed a 20 foot variance from the county.  He said he spoke in favor of the variance and they approved the 20 foot variance.  The county had gone out and looked at the variance requested and agreed it would be best for someone under his circumstances.  It was for a pole shed. 


CD Investments

Ken explained we had a CD that expires in 6/23/06.  It’s got a little over $63,000 in it right now. It is at 2.97%.  If  we just let it renew it would go in at about 1 % or a bit more at a 24 month.  He talked to the bank and we could get about 5% for 9 months.  They said if we increased it up to $100,000.00 they would give it to us for 5.5%.  But if you take a look at where we’re sitting with money, and this is all in Road and Bridge, our Road and Bridge in the checking account is now $14,582.66.  It seemed to him we had to cash that CD in.


Dave said next month we’ll probably have the chloride bill coming in.  We haven’t paid the rock yet.


Ken said the rock is out of there if you pay it tonight.  Last year the chloride came in about $10,000


Dave said he would expect the chloride this year to be close to $30,000.  He would suggest we cash it in.


Bob agreed with cashing it in also.


Dave said he would recommend we have the treasurer cash it in and put it in the Road and Bridge fund for expenditures.


Bob asked what we had in saving at First National Bank


Ken answered we had about $105,000. 


Bob asked if that was in CDs.


Ken said it was in checking and pure savings.


Bob suggested looking at an Instant Savings.


Ken stated it would have to be put in for more months.


Bob asked what about a plain savings account.


Joyce suggested just for one month let’s put it in savings.  Then next month we can see where we’re at and then maybe apply for another CD.


Joyce asked if we needed a motion for that.


Ken said he just needed instructions. We have $39,000 in checking for the building.


Dave said the only thing he knew that was coming up was the well for $13,000.  He thought the Building fund was OK the way it was.


Bob instructed Ken to cash it in and put it in the savings.


Dave spoke about how the treasurer and clerk are paid.  He thought they were hourly employees.  Ken informed him that the Clerk and Treasurer get paid $50.00 per meeting.


Joyce said she thought they always got paid so much for meetings such as tonight’s.  Any work they do is by the hour.


Ken said he was taught meetings like this we get $50.  Planning Commission when they have their meetings and those are $50.  When Betts had her half-day session that would be $50.00.  If it’s a full day, it’s $100.00.  If the Planning Commission were to attend those same meetings, a half a day would be $40.00 and a whole day meeting would be $80.00.  The two of us (Treasurer and Clerk) are paid by the hour. 


Betts said she had gone back through the Claims and all Colleen’s meetings showed $50.00.  


Ken requested that when Betts is doing claims to make it clear what type of meeting everyone is attending.  He said there were 6 categories within payroll.  If the supervisors ever decided to do an analysis on how much we are spending on, for example on half day meetings, or whole day meetings, then we would have that information.  The CTAS can do this. 


Joyce said if we ever wanted an analysis we would contact him.  She thanked Ken.


Bob told Betts on Claims she needs to be sure to write down what charges were for, and to be sure to have an address.


Dave said we have to know what the purchase is for.  If we have an account there we should use that account.


Betts asked if she should remind the employees of that.


Dave and Bob said yes.


Dave added that if they don’t turn a receipt in they wouldn’t get paid.


Bob asked if we had a charge account at Behrens.


Ken replied yes we did.


Betts asked if we had an account at Althoffs.


Bob said we should check that out.


Betts said she would call and find out.


Bid Process for Special Board Meeting


Dave said he tried to get a hold of Tom Scott today, but he was busy.  He wanted to get a 

legal opinion from him to find out exactly what we had to go through during the Bid opening process.  What things we have to look and have that in a form so that when we open them we go through step A to Z, for everybody, read them as they’re supposed to be, what has to be in the bid and if not how they’re to be disqualified. We may have one company that wants to make sure that everybody else gets disqualified, or that’s what it sounds like, it’s a bonding thing.  There may be some questions about bonding and Betts has the legal opinion of what exactly it has to be. 


Joyce said we would have that by the meeting next week.


Dave said yes, and Betts may want to address the bonding issue.


Betts mentioned that she had heard that the bids were opened by the supervisors.


Dave said he was sure the Clerk reads them.


Betts asked if there was a process or procedure of how she is to do this?


Dave said he would have that all down for her.


Bob said he remembered that Colleen had opened bids and read them.


Dave said he would get the proper procedure down so that we follow it.  He would talk to Tom Scott.


Bob asked if the Special Meeting was published for next Tuesday.


Betts replied it was posted in the paper.


Dave asked if we needed a motion for the Special Meeting.


Dave made a motion to have a special meeting June 27th, 2006 at 7:00 PM.  For the Special Meeting we would be opening bids and discussing the township hall. 

Bob seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3-0


Bob asked if there was any other new business

None was heard.


Joyce made a motion to distribute the mail

Bob seconded the motion

Motion passed 3-0


Distribute Mail

Betts passed out forms from the County for Township Information, she asked how these new forms were to be used. 


Joyce stated that if someone comes before the planning commission this is the form to be filled out.


Bob added for Variances and Conditional Use.


Dave made a resolution to adopt the form for all Variances and Conditional Use, change in zones and plats.  We would make copies and give them to the Planning Commission

Joyce seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3-0


Dave asked Betts to get copies made and give to the Planning Commission.  They will start the process and it will then go to the board.


Betts said she would.


Betts asked the board about emails she gets from the county.  She is not sure when to forward them and when not to.  She said she tries to scan them and if she sees something that she thinks involves the township she will send it to them.  She asked if she should continue to do this. Should she just use her own judgment?


Bob said yes.


Summer short course sign up sheets were passed out by the Clerk.


Betts noted that the sign up had to be in by June 30th. It would give them a break of $10.00 each.


Most board members showed interest in the Rochester location on July 13th.


Dave said they would set a time and drive down together.


Ken stated he had to work.


Betts advised 2 people needed to get certified for Board of Appeals.


Joyce said she would sign up for that workshop.


Bob said he would decide later about what courses he was interested in.


Betts said she would call him and register what courses he wanted to sign up for.


Betts found the phone bill for the township in with the mail instead of with the Claims.


Dave made a motion to add the phone bills to the claims list and get signatures next week.

Betts said the bill was $71.24

Joyce seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3-0


Dave made a motion to pay claims

Joyce seconded the motion

Motion passed 3-0


Ken said Claims amounted to  $50,196.45


The Clerk and Chairman proceeded to sign the claims checks.


Joyce made a motion to adjourn

Bob seconded the motion

Motion passed 3-0


Meeting adjourned at 10:02 PM