Board Chair, David Garner called the Special Meeting to order.Others present included Supervisors Robert Benson and Heather Sharp and Clerk, Colleen Thompson.


Mark Dubbels was invited to attend due to his background in building inspections.


Dave stated a request was made to change the location of meetings due to an air quality complaint.It was stated we know of three people who have complained of symptoms after attending meetings in this building.We need to have it checked out and to move the meetings until we know what is causing this.


The Stanton Airport was considered but was determined not to be large enough.


Bob stated the Scout Camp has stated we may use their facility for meetings and at no charge.


Dave stated we do not need to meet in the township.He stated a drawback with the scout camp is that it is not on a paved road.


Colleen stated the County has used the scout camp in the past for boundary commission meetings and saw no issues with the site.


Heather stated she was in favor of meeting at the scout camp.


Mark Dubbels stated it would meet all requirements and would be a good venue for Public Hearings for the Ordinance update.


Dave asked about cost for the use of the building, asking what did the County pay.He stated he didnít mind paying for use, stating the township can pay cost of cleaning, and electric.We should not make ourselves a burden.We need to pay the overhead costs; the township should bear what is fair.


Mark Dubbels stated the cost of rent for training sessions at $140.00 per meeting.He thought $50. to $70 would be adequate and encouraged paying overhead costs.


Dave Garner stated there will be people, an element to put pressure on, opposing replacement.We need proof, we need to show reasoning.


Bob agreed.


Colleen stated we need to do a scientific study.


Mark stated this is not cheap and estimated a cost of $1,000.00.


Heather stated she was not familiar with steps that have already been taken and asked to

SPECIAL MEETING (May 26, 2005 cont.)


be brought up to date on the established building fund.


It was stated that there is over $160.000.00 in the building fund earmarked for new construction.These monies were approved at various Annual Meetings.


Dave stated we need someone to get out, do a survey, and evaluate the problem.


Mark stated air quality testing is different than tactile testing in which you can do mold tests as well as other avenues of testing.Mark suggested contacting a company called Indigo Environmental to see if they provide this service, if not Mark stated he will provide us with another name.Mark also offered to help read the results of the tests.


Bob made a motion to temporarily move the Planning Commission and Town Board meetings to the Phillippo Boy Scout Camp until further notice.Heather seconded the motion.Motion carried.


Heather made a motion to pay up to $75.00 per meeting to the scout camp to cover overhead expenses.Bob seconded the motion.Motion carried.


Bob made a motion to do testing of air quality and any other testing that needs to be done.Dave seconded the motion.†† Motion carried.


Colleen will contact Indigo Environmental for a proposal for type, cost and date work can be done.


Dave asked Bob the status of the new town building plans, stating we need blueprints and specifications and these need to go out to others for bids.


Heather stated we need a full package deal, utilizing a General Contractor; she encouraged a complete package deal including water and sewer.Heather also asked about including demolition in the bid.


Bob stated he was working with Seas from Northfield.


Mark suggested obtaining a proposal from Planco, Eagan MN, knowing his has worked with other townships.


Dave stated we need to set a time-line to place the issue on the fall election ballot.







SPECIAL MEETING (May 26, 2005 cont.)


The Board proposed the following timeline.

  • June-July††††††††††††††††††††† Write specs.
  • August††††††††††††††††††††††††† Ask for quotes
  • September††††††††††††††††††† Review quotes
  • October†††††††††††††††††††††† Public Meeting
  • November††††††††††††††††††† Place on ballot



Colleen stated we need to be aware that a ballot question needs to be reviewed by our lawyer and submitted to the County before it may be placed on the ballot.


Bob stated we need to do mailings to the constituents.


Dave made a motion to, on dual tract contact Planco Inc. of Eagan, MN for plans for a new town hall building.Heather seconded the motion.Motion carried.


Dave asked Bob to take the lead, stating we need a sketch of the building to be built slab on grade, with footings, in floor heat utilizing propane or natural gas boiler, windows at a minimum of 48x48, a double front door entry and 36` side/back.


Heather asked about air conditioning.


Mark stated there are several ways to air condition the building.


Dave stated we should not address air conditioning at this time but later as an improvement.Dave expressed a plan with no extras and that commercial code will dictate some requirements such as electric.


Colleen had the Board review and sign the letter to be sent to Nancy Spooner-Mueller, Goodhue County Planner, concerning Countyís change of zone request of established parcels in the Lake Byllesby West Plat.


Bob made a motion, seconded by Heather to Adjourn.