Stanton Town Hall

31186 40th Avenue Way, Cannon Falls, MN 55009


Board Chair, Joyce Moorhouse, called the meeting to order.  Others present included Vice Chair Dave Garner, Supervisor Vince Cockriel, and Clerk Betts Top


Meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M.


Topic for Discussion:     Orderly Annexation


Vince said he felt that because Cannon Falls was running two types of annexation concurrently that a lot was out of our hands as far as having meetings or a series of meetings to find out what was on our residents minds. 


Joyce said Cannon Falls did not have to ask us if they want Annexation by Ordinance. People had been asking her if we had a plat of what these people wanted to do.  How the roads were going to look.  


Dave said that was really immaterial because we had nothing to say about that.  All that’s going to be put before us is ‘will we allow 140 acres to be annexed into Cannon Falls’.  The only thing he felt we should be talking about was that parcel of land (cartway) and if there was any concessions we could get from the city.  The development itself was up to the city and how they connect to route 24. 


Joyce asked was the property really connected to 24, and did they really have an access there.


Dave said according to the city the answer is yes.


Vince said that’s something as a board we should see.  If they want us to go down the orderly annexation road they should give us some answers. 


Joyce said in her mind, because they really hadn’t come forward with a plan, if they did not have proper access there could be a problem.  The mayor had told her that in 3-5 years it could be expected, per home, 5 cars per day on the road.  That’s close to 900 cars a day entering and exiting on 315th street which is in Stanton Township.  Plus we have our cartway there as well.

How they connect to the city is very important.  If they did not go forward with this development were they just asking for annexation to increase the value of their land.  This was a question she felt the city should answer.  How serious were these people (developers). 


Vince felt there were many pieces of the puzzle that were not being shared with them.

His issue was that if the development did occur and there were 180 houses sitting there potentially ready to burst at the seams…where would that burst towards.  The west?  The south?

They must have some sort of a grand scheme out there.


Dave said if we can get an orderly annexation agreement with them, long term, then we can focus where the road should be.  But we’re not going to get that for this development.  He didn’t know what kind of leverage we were going to have.

Vince said the only benefit of orderly annexation was to be brought to the table as an equal partner. If they didn’t want to do that then why would be sign off on an orderly annexation agreement.


Dave said we should be talking to Cannon Falls to get an orderly annexation for the next 20 years.  If we allow annexation by ordinance this time that sets a precedence and says basically we didn’t want to do anything. Then they could keep taking 120 acres a year per land owner. It’s not good for planning or anything. We should try to get into a long term agreement with Cannon Falls.  The only leverage we have right now is 120 acres, we can say lets talk about orderly annexation, we’ll pass on this one but in the next 6-9 months, we want an Orderly Annexation Agreement or no annexation will take place. For example we could say ‘we’ll take 6 months and come up with an orderly annexation agreement between Cannon Falls City and Stanton Township on how we want growth to happen’. 


Joyce said we could say annexation by ordinance is only if the land owner and city agree.  She felt saying this parcel and that parcel could be annexed into the city in so many years.  Would a landowner like to know that in 5 or 10 years their house was going to be annexed into the city.


Dave said it would not say it had to be annexed.  It means that at this time frame these areas could be annexed. 


Joyce said but you are agreeing to let them annex it.  Then where are you going to stop it.


Dave said at the Little Cannon River.  He continued saying that we could draw a line down the Little Cannon River and we could defend the west and they could get the east.  He felt that was reality.  Cannon Falls growth would be around the interchange, to the south  and into Cannon Falls Township and Stanton Township. He felt we should defend the most area we could. 


Joyce asked wouldn’t it be wise to hear what they (residents) have to say.


Dave said he didn’t want to have this discussion in front of the city, he wanted to talk about what they were going to talk about at the upcoming meeting with the city next week.  How we want to approach it. 


Vince said he was not in favor of throwing in the towel on the 120 acres, or any other 120 for that matter.  He felt an orderly annexation agreement was just as important now as it would be in 10 years from now.  The city running both tracks (Orderly Annexation & Annexation by Ordinance) discredits them because first of all they never did give us correspondence.  At no time have they asked or set a meeting date with regards to Orderly Annexation talks.  We haven’t been invited to one single meeting that they stuck to. 


 Joyce said we were not pushing for any type of annexation so why would we be the ones to set up a meeting.  But a meeting has been set now, for the benefit of the record, for July 31st, at 6:30 PM at Stanton Town Hall with the City of Cannon Falls. 


Vince said as far as things we should be talking about one of the big things was performance standards.  Because east of town, the development on 25, is the biggest embarrassment to the whole of Goodhue County.  Someone didn’t get a performance bond to get those roads rebuilt. 


Dave said they were going to take the 120 acres and we should get something for it.  If we didn’t do anything we get nothing.  We should concentrate on what we think we can negotiate for them to hold faith and say ‘look, we got orderly annexation, we didn’t take their land’.  Now there are no homes (to deal with) but maybe we can do a long term thing so people can plan for it.  The owners of the land will know in the next 20 years they will not be an annexation issue or they will be an annexation issue.  Just because you have an agreement in place saying this land is eligible for annexation doesn’t mean it has to be annexed.  They have to go through the same process.  It allows everyone to know what’s going on.  If we  point them where we want them to go and maybe protect 95% of the township.  He understands people will be upset, but these were the facts of life.  Right now Cannon Falls thinks the annexation area is Oxford Mill Rd east.  That is what the long term maps show.  He would like to get that modified to say the Little Cannon River, and everything west of that would be protected.  He would just as soon not have any annexation, but in reality they are not going to go away.


Joyce said from what she had seen of the city of Cannon Falls they would not be willing to agree with you no matter what you offer them.  She was disappointed that they ( Cannon Falls) did not start at the north, next to the city.  


Dave said by ordinance the land owner has to petition.  SW Holdings petitioned to be annexed in.  He didn’t think any homeowners would petition to get their homes annexed in. 


Joyce said if we were considering any one else’s properties we would need to have them come and discuss their issues and how they felt about it before we would make any agreement with Cannon Falls. 


Dave said that was why he was saying we could get this done in the next 6-12 months.  We could get Cannon Falls to agree, in their time frame, that we have to come up with this in an agreement.  Get us and the city to look at exactly what’s going on.  We could have a couple of public meetings to discuss it and come up with a solution.  Meanwhile that would protect everyone else from being annexed in because they’ll be bound to try to get an Orderly Annexation Agreement.  He felt we should look long term and agree to an orderly annexation of the 140 acres, but in exchange for us to sign that off we would say ‘you have to give no annexation in the next’ ….and then name a time frame.  During that time we would negotiate an Orderly Annexation and that’s when we would come back and they would send a representative and we’ll send you (a board member) and you all can negotiate out…what’s the city going to take or could take, not have to take.  You could put anything in that long term agreement.  For the meeting coming up we have a very specific task and seeing that we don’t have any leverage the only thing we have is Orderly Annexation, for them to be able to say “we didn’t take their land”.  In order to do that we should try to get something from them. 


Vince  said there were some common sense things that hadn’t been brought in, like a buffer zone between the turkey farm and the potential development.  That makes sense as a good businessman. 


Dave said he agreed 100% but wouldn’t that be up to Cannon Falls if they decided to annex in?


Vince said that’s something they should be working on right now.  Everything he’s seen and heard they tried to get the cartway abandoned just so they could use that land.  As a city planner he would say ‘look there’s already a 30 foot buffer, ¼ mile long, let’s just come into this community and try to land as softly as possible.’  Put that buffer in there, it would make the homes more valuable, and it would make the turkey farm owner feel like he’s not being walked on.  He felt they (the planners) didn’t plan on having 180 houses on that property and keep them running out on to 24 for too long. 


Joyce said we needed to discuss after meeting with them to see what their proposing.  She didn’t really know where they wanted to go with Orderly Annexation, except to get the whole piece. For the benefit of who?...Greater Southwest Holdings.  It’s hard to discuss what we might or might not do until we’ve actually heard what they had to say. 


Vince felt Cannon Falls could have said ‘they had been approached by Greater SW Holdings, they thought it was a pretty good idea for the city, there’s people clamoring for more houses and more people in the schools, etc., what do you folks (Stanton Township) think?’  “Can you put together a public meeting and see what your landowners around there really think of it?”  We understand we can take 120 (acres) with or without Orderly Annexation.  Then we could have a public meeting with the residents.  But right now we’re going somewhat cold footed.  


Dave said we should, in the time frame, not accept any annexation until we have Orderly Annexation.  Then we could try to negotiate something in there.


Joyce said at one time she had asked the mayor or Kathleen Miller in an email if they would prepare an agenda as to how they wanted the meeting to go and we could ask our clerk to have them  prepare an agenda so we know what is going to take place at the meeting.   


Dave said they’re (Cannon Falls) going to come in and say what they want and we are going to say what we want and hopefully we will come to an agreement.  We should have an idea what our bottom line is.  We should figure out what we really want to do.

We should try to get something, even if it’s an agreement that they have to negotiate in the future.


Joyce said the land they (Cannon Falls) had taken from Cannon Falls Township, there was an agreement that they would get the taxes and Cannon Falls Township has yet to get the taxes. 


Vince felt it was a precedence setting situation right now.  He wanted to know the long term plan for the inlets and outlets of that land and any other property coming in the future.  That is what Cannon Falls should be sharing because it effects everyone in this room and the township for the rest of our lives.  He felt it should come real soon and be laid out.  Secondly he really felt there should be some sort of buffer zone along the piece of property that would not force that person out of business.  If you look at all their (Cannon Falls) other attempts to develop it’s pathetic, we don’t want the same thing to happen west of the highway (52).  Getting lots of kids to go to school east of 52, wouldn’t it be smarter to do something with that project out on 19 where the kids could just walk to school.  That’s just another project that sits empty.   


Dave said he didn’t see anything wrong with asking for every one of the things Vince mentioned. 

Dave asked Joyce what did she want that she thought she could actually get.


Joyce said she was anxious to hear what they had to say first.  She needed to hear what they had to say and where they planned to go with the project and annexing this land, and how it effects Stanton Township.  Then she would be willing to discuss it with them. 


Dave said there is going to be a time crunch on this thing.


Joyce said she didn’t think 30 days of being able to think about this and being able to come up with what our plan might be after hearing what they had to say.  They better put all their cards on the table because there is nothing she dislikes worse than people who are dishonest about what their intent is.  What she doesn’t like to hear is that if they say ‘we want to take this group of homes in the next five years and then I as a home owner would be very upset about my home being annexed and I could see that I would be hit with city water and city sewer and curb and gutter, and whatever else.


Dave said we could get them to agree that the landowner has to petition or agree before annexation takes place. 


Joyce said that was a very good point. 


Dave said we could do that in the long term orderly annexation.  We could negotiate that.  We could say: “you (resident) don’t want to get in, then we can protect you.”  But we have to get to that point.  His personal feeling was to try to get them (Cannon Falls) to walk into some long term stuff.  So then we could protect the land owners.  Long term we had to decide what we want to defend.  If it ever comes before a law judge, he sees urban or about to become urban, and that’s going to be right around that interchange. 


Joyce said it would be nice if they were developing the bare land that was still left. 


Dave asked wouldn’t that be something we could negotiate into orderly annexation long term.

How could we get Cannon Falls to come to the table and negotiate long term orderly annexation.  He thought it would be to the benefit of Stanton Township to have that in place.


Joyce said one of the things that would be logical would be that if we were doing an Orderly Annexation, this 142 acres, if that was allowed to be annexed through Orderly Annexation to the city then the agreement would be until all those lots were sold and built on, if not they could not ask for any further annexation. 


Dave said that would be nice but he didn’t think they would ever agree to that.


Joyce said then it’s just a land grab.


Vince said he didn’t think it was unreasonable to ask for some sort of percentage, like on other development east in the city.  An administrative law judge would look at that as being reasonable. 


Dave agreed with Vince that asking for a certain percentage would be reasonable.


Joyce asked to open the discussion to audience members.


Rick Banks felt by offering 50, 75, or 100% you would be holding the home buyer hostage and it’s a blank check for the developer because he can put any price on a lot.   

He felt setting a boundary like the Little Cannon River as our west boundary, 24 as our east boundary, then it’s just how far you go south.  Also say ‘all property has to touch the city and set some natural boundaries.’ 


Merry Sawdey said she lived in Woodland Heights and owned property on both sides of the river.  Her land on the other side of the river (east) was a floodplain.  She had talked to the developer and he said that the 120 acres  being annexed is not in the floodplain, and the rest of the property is beyond the bluff and in the floodplain.  In the city 20 year plan there was a road that went from county 19 to county 24 and right now it looked like that road would be built just for this development. Then you could have a back exit, or another way out.  Her concern was that because of the flood plain and the bluffs it was an area that was pretty volatile.  It would take a substantial piece of engineering to be able to have a bridge that wouldn’t get in trouble. 


Dave said he didn’t think that bridge would ever get built because the DNR would have a lot to say about it.  It was also going to be very expensive and he didn’t think Cannon Falls could afford it. 


Joyce said 5 million dollars it would cost.


Dave added that’s the minimum.


Merry said that the planner said the road/bridge was already being planned for and that was why they included it in their plans.  Through her talks with the developers they gave her the impression that they did not want to alienate people and maybe we (Stanton) could talk to them and possibly get something written into the agreement rather than expecting the city to do it for us.


Vince said at the previous meeting with Cannon Falls he attended the developer insisted on running two tracks (for annexation) so he felt Merry was getting caught in the middle of two different stories. Vince continued saying we were wanting the developer to work with us too but in the same token the process was getting rushed along because of the request of the developer.


Joyce asked Merry if she understood her that of the 142 acres only 120 was actually usable, and the other 23 or so acres would be unusable?


Merry replied yes.


John Krantz stated if 70% of the homes were built and sold that would be a reasonable amount to ask for and that is what Eric Hedtke (MAT attorney) had said.


Dave said he didn’t remember that, that the percentage was a negotiation.


Carol Leffingwell said she would like to ask for some kind of DNR study and the impact on the Little Cannon River.


Joyce replied that they said that is going to be a requirement.  They have to do an EAW (an environmental assessment worksheet) that gives the general public 30 days to give comment to, that you could comment and say you thought it was an environmental issue. 


Dave agreed saying they have to do that, they have no choice. 


Jack Lucking said what were they going to do with the traffic.  All that traffic could not go out on 24.  Who in the world would want to build ( a subdivision) right next to a turkey farm.  How many developers are in bankruptcy now?  What was the real picture,  what are they really after.  Just to annex this land so that other people can get their land annexed? He felt there was a lot of hidden agenda. 


John Krantz stated that the Ad Hoc committee had started a list of questions regarding the annexation process.  He was wondering if he could give the board some copies.


Joyce said yes she would take a copy.  ( see list end of minutes)


Paul Schluter said the traffic issue was only one outlet on to Cty 24.  He said the city council members he had spoken to said they wanted Orderly Annexation, so he felt we should be able to negotiate some of these things. 


Vince stated that with Orderly Annexation that meant Orderly and that meant there should be a process, and right now there had been no process.  He felt we were governed by the people and should be soliciting input from everybody in the township.  He said to go to Cannon Falls and in 1-2 weeks decide on something without getting feedback from our citizens was an unfair request from Cannon Falls. 


Joyce agreed and asked Dave if he agreed.


Dave said yes.


Vince said that Cannon Falls knows we have an Ad Hoc committee who is discussing annexation and for them to come forward and say we have to quick sign off on this otherwise we are going to do this (annexation by ordinance  ) with no regard to the hard work that the Ad Hoc committee has put in so far was really disappointing to him. 


Dave said that’s exactly what they were doing.  He felt they were going to get it one way or another and that we should mitigate the circumstances as much as we could.  We could only say ‘if you (cannon Falls) want orderly annexation then we need our reinsurance by doing all “this” stuff.’  Did we want to protect the rest of the township by doing a long range one (agreement).  Did we want to try to tie that in to this (upcoming) annexation or wait for the next one. There was no doubt in his mind there will be another one.  Cannon Falls was going to come here and we’re going to say ‘we need a traffic study plan’.  ‘Because you are going to be accessing 24 this was going to affect our township.’  ‘We need to know what your plan is.’  His feeling was we should get everything we want and have them show us everything that is going on, then if they would agree to something like “the next 6-12 months we have to negotiate an orderly annexation’ , we could talk to our citizens, our Ad Hoc committee, we could set up meetings every 2 weeks with Cannon Falls, sending one of us in there to negotiate what our citizens want.  At the same time we could say, for example, a 20 year agreement, saying if you don’t want your land annexed it won’t get annexed, because we would have an Orderly Annexation Agreement in place.  If a resident did want their land in (annexed) then they could petition.  They (Cannon Falls) couldn’t come up Oxford Mill Road, for example, because we could have negotiated that out.

And take all that tax base because we had negotiated that out.  We need to make a list of what we want before we sign off on any agreement. 


Vince said the Ad Hoc committee was heading in that direction and had they had another 3 weeks we could have had a list of what our citizens were concerned about.


Dave felt that if we push them off for another 3 weeks or a month they are going to tell us to go away.  We should show them this list and give them a week to 10 days to get it ready for us.  If they couldn’t get it ready for us we could say no to them.  We have nothing to lose.  But if we say we need a month for a public hearing and another month after that they are going to throw up their hands and walk.


Vince said he didn’t think 3 weeks was too long, and he wasn’t going to be pushed. Our taxpayers deserve some input, they deserve some consideration from us.  He understood they could take the 120 (acres) and if they want to do that they can do that, but what they want was to take the 120 and have us sign off on some Orderly Annexation.  We don’t have to give them both. Three weeks, or even 3 months is ridiculous.


Joyce said she would agree with Vince and also add that even if they think they’re going to get this all done quickly they still have this 30 day period, and it has to be posted for a certain length of time and so this is like already 2 months out before they would get any, from the EAW, information back from that.   If we came with a very strong set of requirements for Orderly Annexation she was sure Cannon Falls would want to drag their feet and think about that for some time. 


Jack said he didn’t think we should sign off on something real quick before we had a chance to talk about it. 


Discussion ensued regarding the rule for Annexing 120 acres.


Dave said the 120 acre rule was per calendar year, per landowner.  That was state law. 


Vince said the road was a big issue, they wouldn’t be able to develop that area with what they’ve got at this point.  We have to funnel all this out of Stanton Township some way, some how.  He would like to see something saying: ‘here is what we would do with the traffic problem’.  Very soon there has to be a road built somewhere, somehow.  We don’t want what they (Cannon Falls) have on the south east of town on Rt. 25.  Regarding the place across from the schools he heard the Mayor wanted early entry level homes and the minimum there was $350.000.00 homes. 


Joyce asked where was the guarantee for the lower income homes on the 140 acres.  She would like to see the developers plan because their road plan had to be approved by the county and the State Department of Transportation.  They couldn’t just put in a road and come out. They had to have their plan approved.  Stanton had  315th street and that was a private driveway for access to the property owners there.  She added that it was sad that the land which was asking to be annexed did not have roots directly into Cannon Falls.  They’re going to have to access Cannon Falls through Stanton Township, or the county road.  In other developments that were next to Cannon Falls, they had streets directly into the city.  Now they would have to go through a township or our township.


Vince said the traffic burden was being put on us. 


Jack asked where were all these cars going to go?  Were they going to cross over on 24?  Let’s do the development when there is a decent road  so you could get people across. 


Betts said she wanted to ask the board what did they think the pros and cons would be of doing something like they did down in Rochester, where several townships came together and proposed a united front before the city of Rochester.  They did a 25 year plan and it was supposed to have been very successful. 


Dave felt we could engage Cannon Falls Township because their land was going to be taken up too when the interchange went in. He wanted a list of what they had talked about.


Joyce stated she had written down a list of things:

1. They can take 120 acres annexation by ordinance and the other acres they could annex that in one year. 

2. View and discuss Cannon Falls long term plan

3. Some sort of a buffer zone between the Peterson Turkey farm and the development.

4. Some performance standards, guarantees from the developer

5. We wanted to know if they would develop say 70% before they could move toward any other annexation is maybe like a 15 year time period or something.

6. No Leap Frog development. 

7. That Cannon Falls would not hide any of their agenda from us.

8. That a traffic study be done.

9. get them to agree that the landowner has to petition or agree before annexation takes place


Dave said if Cannon Falls would agree to negotiate a long term orderly annexation part of that being a ‘stand still agreement’ until this long term orderly annexation would take effect. So we would be protecting the rest of the citizenry. 


Joyce wanted to know if they (Cannon Falls) really had the developers plan, and not shown it to the rest of us. 


Rick suggested that we tell them that they not ask for any more annexation until they have reached an orderly annexation with Stanton Township.


Dave said did you mean we wouldn’t be willing to negotiate until our Ad Hoc study is done?


Rick said correct.


Dave continued saying did we want to try to tie that into this property (annexation) or wait until the next one.  He didn’t think Cannon Falls would go into a long term Orderly Annexation unless they had something to gain from it.


Heather Sharp asked regarding the ‘stand-still agreement” what in our mind would be a reasonable amount of time?


Joyce said she had written down “will not ask for any more annexation until the Ad Hoc committee had finished their study.”  Probably they would be done early next summer or spring. 


Dave said it would be 6-12 months. 


Vince said before he signed off on anything, to him, having them say that they won’t have any more annexations for 8 more months isn’t going to happen anyway so we haven’t gained anything there and number 2. he doesn’t trust them right now and he really thought they had to show us something, showing the fact that they won’t entertain more annexations for another 6-8 months probably wouldn’t happen either, so they have given us nothing. 


Joyce said they can only take 120 acres per year.


Vince said yes, but that’s per landowner.


Dave said but during this time we can negotiate a long term orderly annexation which can take effect at the end of that time.  That is the goal, to get an orderly annexation so we can say that anything you want, anything you’ll agree to, at that point we can keep annexation to a certain area.  If we don’t get to that point with negotiating in, with structure and such, they’re going to basically put it on the back burner and not talk to us.
Every annexation they’ve done, they (Cannon Falls city) had come in at the last minute and said ‘here’s our plan…sign off on it’.  That’s just like they’re doing this time.  If we can get them to agree and say ‘OK, we know you’re going to expand let’s do an Orderly Annexation and we’ll sit down and negotiate.’  Do you want to try and do it now or do you want to approach them later?


Vince said we need to sit down with them and say ‘here’s what we think is important’. 

Dave said all he is saying was that in the next 6-12 months we have to come up with an Orderly Annexation Agreement.  It’s a very easy statement.  If we have a deadline at the end, that pushes everything forward.  Having a deadline says we have to get it done.


Joyce asked if what she was hearing was ‘if we enter into an Orderly Annexation, if we agree to discuss Orderly Annexation, that at a certain point and time we have to have it done and signed’. 


Dave said if you don’t give it a goal at the end it could be a 10 year project.  He was thinking that we should at least have something on paper in one year, then go through the hearing process, and then maybe 18 months from now we come up with an agreement.  He thought this would be more reasonable.  He would like the public to look at it, poke holes and then go back and renegotiate.  But if we didn’t get started we would never get there. 


Joyce said it would depend upon how agreeable and how willing Cannon Falls was to enter into such an agreement.


Dave said that was his whole point.  When you have a cut off date things get done a lot quicker. 


Vince felt there should be a list of a few things that are a “given”, saying ‘what can we depend on Cannon Falls?’, ‘Do you think there should be some sort of a line into Stanton Township that is not crossable…yes or no?’ If they say ‘no’ then we know that’s an issue we’re not going to be able to win.


Dave said isn’t that all in the Orderly Annexation argument?  Right now he was trying to figure out how he could get Cannon Falls to agree to do an orderly annexation over the next 6-12-18 months and during that time we had a stand still agreement, if they’ll agree to it,  and in that process you want a process laid out.  If they agree with that, we’re not giving up anything, but what we gave up was 12 acres, but we got them to agree that lets negotiate on something.  It doesn’t stop you from discussing every one of the points we’ve talked about.


Vince said in your scenario he did see the guarantees that he was looking for, he agreed yes we should be talking but he didn’t see how entering in to the process gave us anything once the dust cleared. 


Joyce said we don’t know what they’re thinking so she couldn’t come to any agreement with Dave on this point. 


Dave said he wanted to get the process started, they may say no, but then we’ll at least know where we stand. 


An audience member asked if the board was going to come back and talk to the residents or would they make a decision on their own?  Were the landowners going to be asked?


Dave said with Orderly Annexation you can negotiate that in.  He thought if we could tack that on to the 120 acres it would be a non-starter.  The short term agreement is what we have right now. 


Joyce said next week is where we’ll start.  Then if we have to have another special meeting to further identify exactly what we want, then we’ll know.  They already have sewer and water across the highway, so that’s not an issue.  It seemed to her a lot of things were coming together at the same time.  She heard at a meeting in Cannon Falls that people should have a right to do what they want with their property, as long as it didn’t interfere with the rights of their neighbors.  A lot of times people forget about that. 


Joyce asked for any other input.

None was heard.


Joyce thanked the audience for coming.


Dave felt at the meetings with Cannon Falls it would be best to have the Chair do the talking.


It was decided that if anything else came up it should be passed to Betts to keep the list current for everyone. 


Dave felt it would be important to get another meeting set up with Cannon Falls if they didn’t have answers as soon as possible.  That will tell us if they’re really serious.  We could ask them when they could have this information for us.  Then in a week or 10 days when they had this information, we could discuss that.  He didn’t want Cannon Falls to point the finger at us and say ‘we had to go with Annexation by Ordinance because Stanton Township wouldn’t go fast enough.’ 


Mark Dubbels joined the meeting.


Joyce filled Mark in on the July 31st meeting time and place and shared the list of requests. 


Mark questioned the sense of urgency with this land.


Vince said once this piece of land is annexed into the city it increases in market value.  There was something going on out there, a grand scheme, that we haven’t had privy to. 


Dave felt it was important to set up a time frame, then there would be forward movement.


Rosie brought forward two maps from the website of Cannon Falls.  One map showed all the 11 annexed parcels and the other map showed transportation and how many cars were traveling. 


Vince Cockriel made a motion to adjourn

Dave Garner seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3/0


Meeting adjourned at 8:16 PM


Attachment from the Ad Hoc Committee follows:

Questions to be Answered

Environmental impact study needs to be completed before any annexation

Water shed study needs to be complete

Traffic study needs to be complete

The access road needs to be built; and who is going to build this road?????

Dose the developer have the finances to complete this project?

What guarantee does Cannon Falls have that the developer will not just sell the property after he gets annexation?

Is the city taking into consideration sewer and water overload with new Hospital, care center, industrial park and the other development already in the works?

How will the starter homes be affordable with all the new assessments?

Why have the past developments in Cannon Falls Failed?

Has Cannon Falls held up there end of the deal on past annexation agreements? Maybe you should get with Cannon Falls Township and find out what has happened with them.

What availability of low income housing is there in the city right now?

Increase of homes will overload Police and Fire department.

How will the people afford the homes; jobs need to be here first

Possibility of developer leaving property in Stanton with larger parcels of property and fewer homes

Possible Demands for orderly Annexation

Stanton receives the taxes for 2 years when the land is annexed; property is divided into residential lots and taxed accordingly.

Developers will pay for all roads, bridges, sewer, water and all assessments related to the project and the assessments for any other resident affected by this project.

Construction regulated

Percentage of homes must be presold before more construction can continue.

Make a deal for no more annexation for a designated period of time.