The meeting was held May 23, 2006 at the Phillippo Scout Reservation, 30654 32nd Ave. Way, Cannon Falls, MN

The meeting was posted at the Old Town Hall on May 17, 2006

The meeting was posted via email and 4 residents of the township were advised on May 18th, 2006.


Chairman Bob Benson called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Vice Chair Joyce Moorhouse was present along with Supervisor Dave Garner and clerk Betts Top.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Dave asked the chairman if there could be a reading of the posting


Joyce asked the chairman to call for a conflict of interest

Betts read the posting

Bob asked if there was any conflict of interest.

None were heard

Dave told the chairman that the last two items on the agenda were not valid for the meeting. 

Dave asked that the items be removed

The items were removed.

Bob asked if there was a motion to approve the agenda with the items 1. Chloride Treatment and 2.Town Hall Construction Bid Process

Joyce said she would.

Dave seconded the motion


Motion passed -  3 ayes


Item 1. Chloride Treatment


Bob stated chloride was 74 cents a gallon this year and 76 cents a gallon last year.

At this price the approximate cost of road coverage is $2,300 at 18 foot wide. We could spread it 9, 12, or 18 feet wide. 

Dave stated that if we read this correctly it should be $2,344.32 for an 18 foot wide, and we should maintain the 18-foot wide. 

Bob agreed.

Joyce asked if anyone knew what we usually put on for the people who request it. How many miles does it amount to.

Bob stated that was hard to figure. 

Dave stated if Ken was here we could see how much we paid last year and then go backwards but he had no idea.

Bob thought possibly it was 6500.

Joyce asked 6500 dollars.

Bob say yes.

Dave suggested picking out the 10 miles that was voted on before; we’ll cover a lot of the same area which people request anyway. 

Joyce asked if at the annual meeting was a certain amount set aside for chloride treatment.

Bob said no, it comes out of the Roads & Bridge fund.

The clerk asked if it was a one time treatment.

Bob replied yes.

Bob said let’s start with Sciota Trail.

1. Sciota Trail – west of the blacktop (from Hwy 56)                                   = 1.1 miles

2. Sciota Trail – east around the lake                                                                        = 1.6 miles

            including the section of 23rd  Ave.

3. 310th  from 56 to 19 (including 40th street)                                                   = 2.7 miles

4. 40th Ave. down (south) from 19  to the corner where it turns east                      = 1.0 miles

5. Oxford Mill Road – from end of pavement to County 24                                = 1.3 miles

6. Stanton Trail – from end of pavement to top of hill including to                   = 1.6 miles

            the business.

Dave noted that this did not include anything for the area behind the funeral

home as all those houses back there request it.  


7. 57th Ave.- from County 24 to the end of the township                             = .9 miles


Dave requested we add a ¼ mile section next to the blacktop on:

Warsaw Trail, 30th Avenue, 320th Avenue, Goodhue Avenue and 330th.


Any place we have a heavily traveled road coming on to the blacktop at least get the braking area covered with chloride to reduce the dust cloud coming off and onto the road.

Bob thought we might be looking at about $30,000

Bob though that adding 2 miles on to general coverage would be about right.

Dave added we don’t have to go ¼ mile, we could go 150 feet.  Even 200 feet times 5 spots would be 1,000 feet.  That’s a half-mile.

Joyce said she figured that the total would be 10.2, plus ½ mile for all the intersections would be a grand total of 10.7 miles. 

Joyce said we are looking at safety here and that is very important.

Dave agreed and added that we also save money on rock and maintenance and even fuel.  We could recover some of the cost.  People inside and outside the township passing through will appreciate it.

Joyce made a motion that we accept this.

Bob seconded the motion

Bob said a motion has been made and seconded to go ahead and do 10.7 miles of gravel road with chloride, plus the personal requests of 150 feet.  All in favor say aye.

Motion passed – 3 ayes.


Dave made a motion to approve the Ferrellgas Bid.

Joyce seconded the motion

Bob said a motion has been made and seconded to accept the Ferrellgas Bid.

Dave asked to have a discussion first.  Dave noted that because this was over the $10,000 limit we are supposed to have more than one bid.  He said he did get a bid from EDC, Inc. ( Environmental Dust Control) of Currie, MN.  They quoted him over the phone over $7,000 a mile.  At that point he quit talking to them because it was so high.  So he did solicit a second bid but they never actually sent it to him. He wanted that on the record.


Joyce said she thought Ferrellgas did a good job, and their price was lower this year than last.


Dave said they come out with their own equipment and spread the chloride.


Joyce asked if this was the price as supplied.


Dave said yes.


Bob said all in favor say aye


Motion passed – 3 ayes.


Dave said for the Maltby Nature Preserve Conditional Use they get billed for a certain amount of feet each year.  He just wanted to make sure the clerk is aware of that and look in the past records to see what was done. 

Betts said OK.


Joyce asked if the Scout Reservation ever asks for their drive to be done.


Bob said no.


Dave asked if the clerk got all the roads down.


Betts replied she needed clarification on # 4.


Dave answered it was 40th Ave. from highway 19 to the bend 1.0 miles.


Dave said it needed to be typed up and relayed to the maintenance man when he goes out and does the roads with Ferrellgas.  Tom knows all the roads and he can arrange it with Ferrellgas as soon as he gets the list. 



Item 2 Town Hall Construction


Bob asked Dave what he had on the town bid.


Dave replied he had the prints with him if the other board members wanted to look at them.  He said he wrote up a draft proposal request for quotes.  He asked Betts if she put in the notice for bids. 

Betts replied, no, she said she thought it had to be approved.


Dave said this was why we are having the special meeting, because we thought it was supposed to be in the paper this week.  That’s what we talked about.


Bob said it’s on the tape.


Betts said it went by her, she was sorry.


Dave said he sent it to her and she was supposed to contact the other board members.


Betts replied she did, she dropped it by their houses and told them to look it over and we’ll have to have it approved. 


Dave replied that it was approval by email back to you, because it had to be in this week’s paper. 


Joyce asked if it was too late for the Beacon.

Dave said yes.


Joyce asked how about the County paper?  We could put it in the county paper.


Dave said it still doesn’t cover the people we want it to cover.


Bob added that a lot of people in Stanton Township get the Red Wing paper.


Betts said if the email had said please post this in the Beacon she would have done it.


Dave replied that’s what we talked about at the meeting, he was sure it was.


Betts replied at the meeting we didn’t have anything to put in the Beacon, and then when she got the bid in the email she thought it had to be approved.


Dave said he didn’t want to argue.


Betts said she was only trying to explain why she didn’t do it.


Joyce made a motion that we put it in the Red Wing paper, and we can do that tomorrow.


Betts said OK


Joyce added and then next week post it in the Cannon Falls Beacon.


Betts said this exact bid, right?


Dave replied no, that we had to extend the time, that we needed to let them have time to evaluate.  He said he wanted to open bids at next months meeting.


Bob stated we’ll have to have a special meeting.


Dave stated we’ll have to modify that to reflect that.


Joyce stated that this was not that big of a deal, that they can still get it done if they want to by the 20th.  Don’t people know about building this new town hall.


Bob replied a lot of people do. 


Dave said he would not want to put a sealed bid out in less than 30 days. 


Bob stated that the contractors had lots of people to deal with and that it takes time to figure a bid.


Dave agreed, it takes time to do all that.


Joyce suggested at this time changing the dates on the bid ad. 

A discussion ensued about what date would be available.


Bob said lets go with the 27th.


Joyce said we will just have to have a special meeting.


Dave said OK.  Then change June 20th to June 27th.  Make it 7:00 PM because it’s the only thing on the agenda. 


Joyce asked Betts to read the corrected ad


Betts read:  “ The township of Stanton is accepting sealed bids for construction of a new township hall.  Detailed information and bid specifications for request for quote is available from the township clerk. Both paper and Digital information and form of the RFQ are available.  A $20.00 fee will apply to the paper request to cover the township cost. Digital information is at www.stantontownship.org\hall.  All parties are encouraged to apply.  Sealed bids are due to the township by 1:00 PM June 27th 2006.  All bids must be marked ‘township hall’.  The sealed bids will be opened at the board meeting…

 (Betts asked should she put down Special Board Meeting.


Joyce said yes. 



Betts continued: ) 

at 7:00 PM on June 27th 2006.  Township clerk may be contacted at 507-263-0579, email at clerk@stantontownship.org, or by mail at Stanton Township 32912 8th Ave Way, Dennison, MN 55018.  Stanton Township reserves the right to reject any and all Bids and to award the Contract in the best interests of the Township.”


Dave added the 20 dollar fee will apply, we should not have to furnish a copy to them. If they want a copy they are up on the website and can download them as .pdf formats.  If they actually want a construction this size he thought the last time we had copies made they were like 15.00 per copy.  So he figured 20 dollars would cover the cost. 


Bob said he had 5 copies made for $13.00 dollars. 


Dave added we could reduce that to a different fee.


Bob said he thought $20.00 was fine.


Dave said there is like 6-7 pages we have to copy here now. 


Betts asked if this was her responsibility, right.  To have them copied and sell them out.


Dave answered if they come requesting a paper one that would be up to you, you are the contact person.


Betts asked where would she go to have it copied.


Dave replied any place you want.


Bob asked if there was a place in Cannon.


Betts replied the Beacon.


Dave said you can go to Northfield, go to Kinkos.


Joyce made a motion that we approve this notice and that we have the Clerk publish it in the Red Wing Republican Eagle, tomorrow or Thursday, which ever is convenient, and also have it in the Cannon Falls Beacon for two weeks. 


Bob suggested running the Republican Eagle add for a week. 


Dave said it has to go in the Beacon though because that is our official paper.


Bob seconded the motion.


Bob said motion has been made and seconded to put this bid in the Red Wing paper for a week and the Cannon Falls Beacon for 2 weeks.


All in favor say Aye.


Motion passed – 3 ayes.


Dave said he would send her an electronic copy she didn’t have to type it again


Betts said thank you.


Joyce asked Betts to put on the Agenda for next month that we will have a special meeting. 


Betts said OK.


Dave said we have to have paperwork to go out that tells the bidders what to do. 

Dave gave the board members the Request for Quote handouts.


(Page 2 of handout,)

Dave continued in explaining the handouts, if they want a preconstruction meeting he recommends that one of the board members and the clerk get together with the prospective bidder, the clerk will take minutes, identify the bidder or contractor as “Bidder A” or “Contractor A”, and type them up and any questions answered to the bidder would be distributed to all bidders. In other words we can’t give information to one without giving it to all.  So if they come in and ask questions, we don’t have to tell their name cause that wouldn’t be fair. The clerk would then publish those minutes and publish them to all the bidders.


Joyce reconfirmed that would be the same with each other bidder, B, C and D?


Dave said yes.  If it’s a general question about paperwork or when something is due, then the clerk can answer that and there is no need to contact a board member.  But if it’s about the construction or some of the options we are going to talk about then it’s a board decision and one of the board representatives should be there to answer their question.  If they requested the paper then we would have their address.  If they got it off the web he would try to keep a FAQ posted, and put new information in there so they could get access to it.   The Project Manager would be Betts, all questions go to her. 


I-4 Rejections of Quotes

Dave said we can reject bids


I-5 Incurring Costs

Dave explained that we will not pay someone to do a bid.


I-6 Bid Information (Page 3.)

Dave said that needs to be changed to the 27th  at 7:00 PM, he then explained Updates are OK.  We can accept them as long as they are marked “Updated Town Hall” and we would take the most recent dated one. 


II-1 Work Location

Dave explained this is our legal description.


Betts asked “Sealed bids are due to the township by 1:00 PM on the 27th” …or can someone walk in at 7:00 PM with a bid.  Do you want to keep that 1:00 PM in there.


Dave answered we could change it to 7, but he didn’t want someone coming in at   the last minute and taking the clerks time up when we’re trying to get the meeting going. 


Betts said lets keep the 1:00 PM.  Does that mean in the mail or in my hand.


Dave told Betts to go check the mail just before you come.


Joyce asked why not make it 5:00 PM.  She felt at the end of a work day it would be easy for them to drop the bid off. 


Bob agreed to make it 5:00 PM.


Dave said we need to update the bid notice to read 5:00 PM also.


II-2 Tasks (page 4.)

Dave said this was pretty self-explanatory.


II-5 General Requirements

Dave said that all change orders must be approved by the board or the representative.  For example if the board says “Bob you are authorized to make changes and you can be our representative”.  It has to be authorized by the board who our representative is.  It has to be in writing, no verbal contracting. 


Part III – Quote Format


Dave explained the “Notes” are just for information.  He welcomed any input from the other board members.  This is just informational, not in the changing of doing something.


Bob asked if we could add something.


Dave replied you can add anything you want. 


Bob said we need to add our Notice Box on to this.


Dave said that would come under “These plans here are to be followed with the following additions:”  (page 5.) This is just notes on informational type of thing.


Joyce questioned” # 1 Building Permit obtained by the township.”  What is the date of  June 6th.


Dave replied June 6th we get our Conditional Use permit from the county.

June 7th we apply for the building permit.


Joyce asked what time the meeting was.


Dave replied he didn’t know. 


Bob said it was in the morning.  He thought it was 10.


Dave said we haven’t been notified yet.  We’ll get the building permit, we’ve done the site prep., put in there please inspect site prior to bidding.   Regarding #5 -We’ve marked the 4 corners, we’ve marked the top of the slab, if you look on the prints that’s the 00 grade.  The contractor is responsible for final marking.  Regarding # 6 – the well by


Carlson should be completed before we go through this whole process. The septic system will be completed afterwards.  We don’t need colors, textures, etc. for bidding, we don’t need that for bidding, we can pick colors later. 


Bob said he would ask that they send bids of  steel and cement.


Dave said that is next, but is there any more information that you want to pass to them, 


Bob said we have everything covered right here.


(Page 5.)

Dave said the construction plans will be followed, with the following additions.  He said he came up with the following.

#1 Electrical must be underground.

#2 Water main to come on the NE corner of the building.

#3 Electric service not less than 200 amp service, because if we build an additional building it is going to be tapped off of there.

#4 Parking lot lamp, a security lamp installed on the south side, from Dusk to Dawn timer.

Bob said we could contact REA and see what they say because they usually install it.


Dave asked if they wanted him to take it out of there, if so it becomes our responsibility, if it stays it’s his responsibility. 


Joyce said it would be nice to check with REA to see if they would do it or if the contractor does it.


Bob suggested we leave it for now.


Dave added that if REA does it, it is not going to add any cost to them but then the contractor will have to coordinate it.  The idea is to have them responsible for it. He added that item # 4 also said the light would be put on the south side of the parking lot with a dusk to dawn switch.

 #5 Dave explained that when they scale it up if we ever decide to put in air conditioning we don’t have to place all the vents. 

#6 Dave explained the bollards which protect the wellheads would be increased to 3, as the plans only showed 2. 

#7 Dave explained all doors and signage to be for a commercial grade building, mainly because the doors have to be able to open at any time from the inside to go out.  Also have Exit signs. The emergency lighting should be commercially grade also.  He questioned if we needed an emergency flood light.  He said he didn’t know the commercial code.


Bob said he didn’t know either, but the electrician should know.


Joyce suggested that it should be included in their quote and at that time we could check for it and ask them.


Dave said we cannot be asking questions on a quote like that.


Joyce then suggested that we add another item


Dave said yes we could, emergency lighting to be supplied.


Bob said if needed.


Dave said who should decide if it’s needed or not..


Bob said the electrician.


Dave replied then it’s got to be in there normally.


Bob agreed if it’s needed then it’s got to be there.  He added he felt it would be needed.


#8 Dave continued with connect the water supply inside the building. 

#9 Dave spoke about the water filter. He wanted a 2 stage carbon type.  He said it was necessary to take some of the iron and smell out of the water. 

#10 Dave continued with 1 outside electrical outlet, water tight, on each outside wall. 

#11 Dave said we need prewired analog phone line wired into office area.  Minimum of 6 in the office area only.  This will keep public from using our phones.

#12 Audio system. Dave explained we probably will have a system some day so we will have prewiring done in the meeting area including speakers. 

#13. Audio Amp. Dave said again some day we may have one, it will be wired and put in the office area where we have control over it.

Dave said now we can add any need items.


Bob said we should add “mount new notice box supplied by township to south side of building, east side of doors.”  Added as item # 14.


Joyce asked about a flag pole.


Dave thought we could put that up by ourselves, a maintenance man could do that.


Bob agreed that we could put that up ourselves to help cut costs.


Dave asked if we wanted to get a quote on steel siding.


Bob said he thought we should have a quote on vinyl and steel siding. 


Joyce asked if Bob was saying they should give us various quotes on siding.


Bob said yes.


Dave added Item 15 “Quote on siding to include Steel and Vinyl .”

Dave said cement is already listed.

Dave added “as well as hardboard” or what ever they call it, they have the legal name for it.

Dave said Request for Quote would be posted on our website.


Betts asked wouldn’t most contractors be printing their plans off on large paper.


Dave said in his opinion yes. He then pointed out that we have to offer the free electronic download to justify having a fee of doing the paper copy.  If the public wanted copies of the prints we would be obligated to go out and make a copy. If they want a copy then the fee is $20.00 or they can go to the website and download a copy for free.


Betts asked if the website file could be taken to a copy place like Kinko’s and they would blow them up into the big sheets.


Dave answered it’s in PDF format so they can do what they want with it.  It’s the exact same file, it came from the architects on a CD.  Dave noted on the front of the building the location of the posting box could be in between the two windows, it would be easy to see as you drove in.


Bob and Joyce agreed.


Dave said # 15 should be stated Hard Planked siding.

Dave pointed out to Betts that nothing would be changed on the plans our list was only for clarification. 

Dave and Joyce talked about the service window and making sure a sill was added for people to write on.

The supervisors proceeded to look at and discuss the blue prints for the town hall.


(note: tape recorder failed to function at this point in meeting- about 2 minutes)


Dave asked if there were any other additions.


Bob stated that he thought things were very well covered.


Joyce asked if emergency lighting was shown on the plans


Dave answered only general lighting.  Emergency lighting is separate.


Joyce asked if we needed to specify that.


Bob said if it was supposed to be there, if it’s the law, it would be there


Dave said the building inspector would also not let it go if it’s needed.


Joyce said it would be important incase there was a storm.


Dave informed the clerk that we would already have the building permit. 


Joyce made a motion that we approve the Request for Quote with corrections.


Bob seconded the motion


Motion passed - 3 ayes.


Dave said that because he had the original he would make copies.  He would do the corrections, remove the word “Draft” and post it on the website and send a copy to Betts.


Joyce had one question: When the people have a question on the plans, and they have called Betts and she does not know the answer can she just take the question and get back to them. 


Dave said she has a choice.  If she doesn’t know she can get a hold of one of the board members to get clarification. 


Joyce interjected if Betts and I got together and didn’t know the answer to a question should we consult the other board members.


Dave answered if you consult the other board members it would be a special meeting. If we meet with a contractor the clerk should be present and take notes and publish them. 


Bob said if it does get where 1 person can’t answer, we can call an emergency meeting to answer that question.


Dave said the architect does not want a lot of calls from contractors, a few calls would be OK.  If the architect gets pestered by too many contractors we are going to get a bill for it.

Betts asked about the people downloading the plans from the website, how would they get any updates.


Dave informed her that the RFQ states to contact the clerk for updates on page 1 of the RFQ.  We could post a FAQ on the website too.  It they have requested paper copies then they should get paper updates too. That’s part of the 20 dollar expense.


Betts said she would go to Red Wing and put the ad in the Red Wing paper tomorrow.

She asked if the ad should be run for 5 days, and bill Stanton Township.


Bob said yes.


Joyce made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.


Dave seconded the motion


Motion passed – 3 ayes.



Meeting adjourned at 8:34 PM